Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan getting beaten up in the jail. Bihaan screams and gets much hurt. Inspector scolds Bihaan. Bihaan recalls Thapki’s words on anger control. He starts counting and recalls the best things of his life. He recalls spending time with Bau ji, family and Thapki. Thapki comes there and gets shocked seeing inspector beating Bihaan. She requests him to leave Bihaan. Inspector pushes Bihaan. Thapki cries seeing his state.

Ranjha mera ranjha……plays…………Bihaan is positive to get justice. She cries. He says like I get anger, you get tears, I will teach you a magic, whenever you get teary eyed, you also count till 10, think of me, you will not cry then, you will get anger. She says stop it, I don’t like all this happening with you. He says we have our innocence

proof, don’t cry, tomorrow you can present the proof in court, everyone will know then that I m innocent, Maa will also know it. Thapki recalls Vasundara’s words. Bihaan asks Thapki will she also wait for tomorrow. She nods and cries. She leaves.

Shraddha checks DVD and says it means Thapki was saying right, Bihaan really did not do anything, its good I have seen Thapki with this DVD and changed it when she went to call everyone. FB shows Shraddha damaging a DVD and swapping with original one. She says if Bihaan gets saved, then Thapki will become star for Pandey family again, sorry Thapki, I won’t let you come close to Vasundara and Dhruv, sorry Bihaan your innocence proof is finished. She tries to break the DVD. Dhruv comes there and she gets tensed. He asks what are you doing in darkness.

He switches on the lights and asks about the DVD. She says yes. He asks what is it. she says our marriage DVD. She says I will keep this, we will see it later. Thapki goes to pray and cries. Suman hears Thapki. Thapki says Bihaan has trust on me that I will save him in court tomorrow, but I don’t have that DVD, I don’t know what to do in such less time, show me some way. Suman asks her to trust herself and have some food first. Thapki refuses and says even Bihaan did not have food in lockup. Suman says I can see Bihaan in your eyes, you are not doing this just for truth, you are doing this for Bihaan. Thapki says no, I would have done this for anyone. Suman says no, you have forgot food and sleep, just to prove Bihaan’s innocence, your and Bihaan relation is such that you both can do anything for each other, I will get some food for you. Thapki recalls Suman’s words.

Thapki goes to Bau ji and cries. She says how will I prove Bihaan innocent, I lost, I don’t have any evidence, I could not fulfill his expectations. She gets some video and checks a doctor giving medicines to Bau ji. She thinks who has sent this MMS. The man calls her and asks did you see video, that doctor was sent by me, he has given poison to your Bau ji, not medicine, your Bau ji will die in few hours. She gets shocked. He asks will you call any doctor now, your Bau ji will die. She asks who are you, why are you doing this. He asks her to give that DVD to him, he will give antidote to save Bau ji. She gets shocked.

The man says you have just half an hour, think you want proof or Bau ji’s death. Thapki is surrounded by the goons. Vasundara tells Bihaan that there was nothing in the DVD. He asks what, why did Thapki not tell this to me, where is Thapki.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. anu

    so emotional scene miss it as No light here
    thank u amena
    now may thapki realise her love by suman words

    hey sag hows u Are u ok? i know u enjoy a lot in That cold weather
    r u fine or U suffer from.cold
    be fine always
    i m here to pray that u never feel hot in this summer
    only cool cool

    • ash

      Hey anu this ‘cool weather’ is for sag or me. Because yesterday, I also replied to you as same as about cool weather. Anyways I will share your wish with sag. You know anu here also no light. Me too miss today s episode. I dont know where is sag living, same cool weather, rainy day….

    • sag

      Here I missed whole episode….

      I hope suman bhabhi’s words work like magic on thapki….

      If talking about weather, only two types of weather affects me lot one is thahaan realization n another is thahaan separation ;-).

  2. Thapki

    Reading here so cant comment on goofs and blunders but Whattt the hell yar, except thapki everyone think that there is something special between her nd bihaan..
    Thapki is feeling less cares only about budha party not young people or even her partner either druv or bihaan.
    Boring epi ill just watch thahaan scene rest of the epi is so boring to even comment about it …

    • sag

      Wow aaj to suman bhabi no jo kaha superb… I hope thapki samaj jai……

      Nd in case of shraddha I agree with roshni, for dhruv she is doing tricks like SRK of darr movie.

      Centre fresh nai Mintos. Centre fresh to vo hai zooban pe rakhe lagam

    • sag

      Actually guys I have too much work load, and with addition to work I have to attend marriage of my cousin sister. Even for few days I m unable to do quick comments nd reply so please don’t worry enjoy tpk track nd comments of Roshni thapki santhosh nimisha sumera and all other tpk fans….

      But but I will come here at least one’s in a day….

  3. Completely a emotionally packed episode.Thankyou suman bhabhi for saying such a thoughtful words to Thapki….oh!mahanathma you should tried rethink all the sweet and sour moments in your life and the way Bihaan has to support and care you.Bihaan…..iam helpless to say something about to see after the first part of the episode.THAHAAN FOREVER.really excited for to watch tomorrow.Manish…what a performance yaar…you have a bright future in the acting field not only the telly but also the movie industry.All Manish fans are eagerly waiting to see you in the big screen…which willbe happen soon.

  4. I stopped watching it when shraddha was saved by Thapki. .. After this I will not read the updates..
    Another serial started well.. but utterly screwed up…
    Bye bye TPK..

  5. Tintu mon

    @ Roshni u asked know Y is Balwinder’s bro. also called Balwinder
    But ,actually its not Balwinder & Balwinder its Balwinder & Balvinder
    It differs in spelling one its “W”& other its”V”


  6. Santhosh

    Totally very good episode. ……
    Today I am totally positive mood…….

    Wa …..wa….. bihaan acting amazing …..
    MG I appreciate your acting…..

    Expecially suman and thapki scene superb ……

    Suman bhabi thank you so much…….you try to open the heart less thapki eyes……..

    Shraddha bhabij you try your all evil plan destroy the thahaan but climax win only thahaan. ……..

  7. vinlora

    For the first time Dhruv ne ek sahi kaam kiya hai sahi time pe entry maarke. …nw im sure that suman bhabhi yi hai jo shraddha se asli CD badal kar uski shaadi ki CD rakh dethi hai….thahaan scene was emotional and acting of manyasa is awesome. …oye moti budhdhi thapki bihaan ke liye itna feel kar rahi hai …yahi pyaar hai mahan aatma. ..sabko samaz mein aa raha hai bas tumhe kyun samaz mein nahi aa raha hai…????ab tho suman babhi ne bhi kehe diya hai. …ab tho sochlo us baare mein….lagta hai thahaan love story bahuth jaldi shuru honewali hai. …

    • Santhosh

      agar wo culprit panday parivar ka member nahi huva tho shru hotha hai thahaan love track. ……
      Verna another 2-3 months yahi drama dekh na padega yaarrr. ……!!!!!!!!

    • Roshni

      I hope druv dosnt destroy the cd thinkin “uh… ye chudel ke saat shadi ka video! This is funeral video”

      • Bea

        You know what, I am beginning to think that it might actually be Dhruv and not Suman /Preeti who will find that DVD after all. I really don’t want it to be him because it would diminish some of my hatred towards him but I feel the writers may wanna redeem him in our eyes for the harsh words he has said to Bihaan in the recent past. Thus they may make him discover and bring the DVD to court. I really don’t want it to be him though.

      • vinlora

        Hmm yes Bea I agree with ur words …it may happen…Dhruv may find CD and may produce in the court…..chances are there….

  8. Lovely(helly)??

    Actually Manish is an amazing talented actor.
    Thahaan scenes are awesome. But this pandey family drama is joyful than the disney serial “Best of luck Nikki”drama.????

    • Aparna12 appu

      So u also watch best of luck Nikki ri8 it was my fav much difference in aditi compared to dolly

      • Lovely(helly)??

        Ya.I loved that serial from its beginning. Are ha.Aditi character is not matching her and she was best as Dolly Singh.

    • OMG Best of luck Nikki when I was in Bangladesh I used to love this show a lot especially Nikki she is so cute and yes previous Aditi was in that show as dolly , when I saw TPK first episode I was like dolly is here? 😛 I ws more excited seeing dolly than Thapki 😛

  9. Srimanages

    Hi my dears Thahaanians….I’m at outstation celebrating my children’s birthday …in Genting Highlands…one of famous place in Malaysia….I couldnt get my 4G line properly here …service is bad so I’m not able to watch properly 2day’s episode…a lot of breaking line…well thanx Amena…ur updates help me to noe wat happen 2day even though I couldnt watch fully…Siva may I noe which part of Malaysia u r from?I’m staying in Shah Alam…Santhosh all of us will remains as good frens even though this series ended…Languages is not a barrier…as wat Kana said v need sense of humour of friendship only…I’ll miss all ur comments for this two days…vil b catch up with all of u on Fri….till then sayournara…..Tc….

  10. Santhosh

    Coming to the episode. ….

    Aaj muje tho thapk ki baal ko kisi chuva ne kaat jaisa lag tha tha…….!!!!

    Muje tho poorani air style hi achha tha……..

    Another one
    thapki saris achansk gayab hogayi…….!!
    Phir wahi poorani kapde pehan ke goom rahi ho. ………..!!

    Ha muje abb samaj mai aaya kyo ki…………..
    Sari pehan ke running nahi karsakthi na iss liye na…….!!!!!!!!!????????
    Kohi bi drss pehano lekin bihaan ko bachana……..

    • vinlora

      Hey even I thought same yaar….sarees se achaanak salwar kyun…..aaj kal bahuth bhagam bhagh aur jasoosi ke kaam bahuth kar rahi hai na thapki tho sarees pehne tho bahuth problem hogi… isliye salwar hi bahuth comfortable hai usko. …aur santhosh tumne ek baath sahi kahi saree pehne ya salwar bas bihaan ko bachana…iske saath mein ek baath add karthi hun…bihaan ko bachane ke saath saath uske liye apne feelings bhi realise karna wo bhi jaldi. ….

      • Roshni

        Bihaan n thapki r the only ppl on tv hu keeps reusing their onscreen wardrobe. Tpk ka budget kum padgaye kya?!i get it tht she has to run arnd n al now.. but common yaar… salwrs arent this borin.she luked much better inthe druv dayz. Thse anarkalis r…. yawn yawn yawn

  11. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    As always thahaan saves the day for TPK, like besides thahaan there is really nothing in this show I can’t wait for thahaan love confession that’s why reading updates only when thahaan will confess love that time I will start watching TPK besides that reading updates is enough for me and I would love to watch this episode for thahaan scenes but sadly tomorrow I m super busy 🙁 but I may not have extra lessons tomorrow if that’s the case then I can watch 😛

  12. Good episode MA thapki ki brain work nahi hogi :-*
    kyunki bauji ko hospital leke chalo…waha MBBS padkar kuch log he uska naam he “doctor “usse us burqewale se zyada janti he aur burqewale ki bat sunkar tumhe laga he ki sirf uske pas uska solution he wah lawyer thapki ko itna nahi janta aur bechari bihaan ko sazha mangwane ke liye ja rahi he “thapki buddu ki”:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Nasreen(Tamil chennai)

    hai guys. … shradhha.. do u have brain… or. u have masala… Hmmm… see…. U always get fail by your worst plan..
    Today episode is so good to read…Always suman help and save thapki… I like suman character …
    yes… frnds.. suman saves thapki today… but… full story line sari illainalum… yedhachum oru sila scene than annaiku full episode ah run pannudhu…
    I missing thahaan scenes…
    Hey kana enna deae thoongitiya… sari na thonga poren… G♥♥D NIGHT ALL…

    • Kana

      Intha thapki irukke athuku pechu than thikki thikki varumnu partha moolaiyum thikki thikki than velai seiyum pola irukku,suman bhabhi avlo solliche athuda reaction ah pathiya eppavum pola glycerine mazhaiya polinchitu poittu

    • Kana

      Ada ennama nee thider thidernu kanama poirra!! Thalaivar enkira porupu unaku konjamachum irukka? Eppa pathalum veladu thanam konjam kooda payame illa.
      Apuram nethu oru channel la dheena padam (ajith movie) at the sane time indira serialum pochu oru pakkam ajith innoru pakkam manish ippidiye mathi mathi pathanaa rendukum idaila etho oru vishayam othu pona mathiri oru feeling 🙂

    • Kana

      Intha thapkiku pechu than thikki thkki varumnu partha moolaiyum thikki thikki than velai seiyum pola irukke,suman bhabhi avlo solliche athuda reaction ah pathiya!! Eppavum pola glycerine mazhaiya polinchitu poittu 🙁
      Itha kaddikidu intha bihaan innum ennenna paadellam pada vendi iruko therila

  14. Adithi

    I’m not a regular commenter here but regular viewer of thapki.. Still I thought to comment today.. The story is really too slow and boring.. I like thaan but such a slow process is not tolerable.. I wish this bauji killer drama ends soon..

  15. Suman bhabhi u r great only u trust on thapki nd bihaan nd make her realise her felling for bihaan …for this bhabhi lop u ?????

  16. Santhosh

    I am a big fan of KD. …..

    Aaj bada jatka mila muje……….
    my another favourite couple love track ARADYAN break up with marriage. ……
    I am totally disappointing ……..

    Another one SWASAN ka alag drama…..

  17. Roshni

    Hey guys. Well… i saw the episode aftr readin a few of the comments on thahaan performance hre. Thapki J i thnk u shud see the episode. Yeh i hav bloopers… how can thse writers evr disappoint us on tht one?!?bt this episode ws worth watchin jus for the visuals.

    But first thing first. No hard work shud go unnoticed . So 1st i wana sing praises for manishs and jigyasas performance. And
    manish… damn… how did this guy even knw he cud act?! To b honest the first tym i saw him i never xpectd such acting calibre. N small screen is often laden with mediocre actors.

    I think in order to make audience empathise with a character…the actor shud involve his body into the scene as
    much as possible. Like how wen a normal person cries… the eyes get red…face may get flushed … voice starts quivering etc etc
    And manish really nailed it in todays episode…as alwys. His voice alwys compliments his emotion (n he has a really gud voice in my opinion). Wen hes in pain..his voice really carries that emotion acros to the viewers. If u pay atentn… his emotions r wel depictd thru his speech… wen he talks to vasu ( a lil submissiv) … wen he has concealed pain etc. Thats ofcourse beside the obvious physical expression. N i felt he ws holdin the ropes real tight or sumthn…his palm lukd red to me. I thnk the writers hit the jackpot wen they cast this guy. So if my some miracle MG reads our posts then kudos. If by the same miracle the writersread the post then “pls dont think this as an encouragement to beat him up or make him cry further. I thnk the rains hv returnd…so no need for bihaan tears. ”
    As for jigyasa … she did a great job today. Both of them looked real gud even with the rona dhona. Usually i dont find her acting that touchin (except wen the sad version of thap thap thapki music plays)…. she may b talentd…but lacks consistency. Often her eyes hav tears..but the rest of her face seems to b on holiday. I mean… eyes:no redness… face luks pretty normal (may b its difficult to emote with layers of make up?). We al cry….n v al hav seen the mirror while doin so (not on a regular basis ofcourse)…. wen u cry..the face jus participates inthe whole process.evr noticed how wen hritik roshan cries, a vein on his forhead bcoms prominent as though it wants to pop its way out due to the overwhelming sorrow on his face?!.?. Bt today she ws gud.i hope thse 2 get paired togthr in future as wel

    Hmm with a lil mor perfection i thnk MG cn try fr movies.atlest i hop he gets an award nxt yr too. Hard to get into bollywood without the “gene” ticket.

    BOTTOM LINE: i hav no idea wat nonsense is goin on in this serial but i just watchd 2 ppl perform a great scene n im happy… like a kid hu got a balloon. Im thrilled now… til it pops tmrw due to further script blunders n drags. Gud job MG!

    • Thapki

      Hey i watched online only thahaan part it was better than i expected even though bars were moving and expanding while thapki was holding them but only bcz of manish i felt good and watched it twice.
      i reckon you manish did fantabulous job ,like now a days tv actors dont perform well but he is an undiscovered gem..i really believe he is here to stay and will go a long way….his awsome❤❤❤❤
      Ps i didnt even look at thapki


  19. Roshni

    Omg…lukin at my own comment on MG , im jus thinkin “ye ladki kitna bolti hai yaar”???? i shud lev some for othrs to coment as wel. I thnk wrote a whole chaptr on a scene.
    I liked suman thapki scene too. At tyms i feel they giv her brain a vacatn…but wen shes nice..shes the sweetest babhi on colors. Hmm… im noticin a pattern here ‘the lesser the educational qualification…. the better the person is” .bihaan …… bauji suman…. tht old pal Pan…… may b dadi ma …ofcourse …gulabo…rampyari???.
    As for bloopers:

    1) imagine goin to a coffee shop n hearin they dnt knw to make coffee. Expensive
    CCTV surveillance footages stored in a
    deserted room with no cctv coverage….. computers r left on…no password…. n bonus – a guard whoz legs hav gone so numb frm sitting tht he goes off to
    investigate the sound of a glass breaking in
    an obvious residential area… oh with the door unlocked!

    2) i dont thnk shradda had written “pole 22” etc on dvd with fake handwritin. This shud mak thapki search for the dvd in shraddas els is their rival in PN. Btw.. shes smarter than thapki yet sometyms they potray her as an idiot

    3) police aparently hav no role in crime investigation.

    4)thapki dosnt make copies of dvd?

    5) ?dosnt seem like she wil show mms to druv n ask him to track down the number ( a few mesmerising luks n ths guy will fal on
    her feet)

    6) last hearin in court is tmrw. Judge had askd the police to investigate furthr bt e neva saw them in PN. Tmrw r they gona
    present pav bhaji to the judge?

    7) burkha man is now doctor.. this guy says hes injectd bauj with poison. As though this poison works on remote control! If hes injectd it then game over… baujis gona get
    affected. Monitors will beep…evrybdy wil knw and thapki can show the mms
    8) lol… burkha man has “antidote”…. as
    though its an antivirus softwr tht thapki
    can load nytym n al wil b fine. Thapki
    better alert some gud drs ( unless her fav rats had crackd a hole inthe syringe n poison had oozed out?)
    9) rich home nurse or nythn?!

    Thts wat i noticed aftr fast forwardin the episode. Nywy… gud first scene!

    • Thapki

      You can write book on manish goplani but he deserves this 😉
      Hey i want to add 1point jail bars were so soft as foam, moving here and there ??

      • Roshni

        lol i didnt see tht…. i ws so distracted by MGs gud luks even while hes cryin ;-P ;-P.haha. Good eye guys… thapki tintu sam etc etc.

        wel…thapki madam is superwoman….even iron bars melt like candy in her hands… she shud hav squeezed her way in and given him a jadoo ki jhappi (hug). besides…if bihaan can move into the cow shed for her….she shud pak her bags n shift to jail with him.
        btw…bihaan didnt thnk of the day he met bauji (in tht countdown).

    • santhosh

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha. ….
      Point no 8 it’s superb yaarrr. ..

      Hai roshni aap ek kaam karo apni saari bloopers ko ek karke cvs ko bej do…… thabi tho wo sudar sakthe hain……

      aap kannada janthe ho…..!!!!!!!!??

      Aap kaise janthe ho main ladki hoo……!!!!!?????
      Aur kisliye poocha……!!!!???

      Reply karo baadh main mera details …….

      • Roshni

        hahha santhosh…that book will be longer than the indian constitution.
        Hindi mathadvaga easya gothakte hudugana hudugina antha.girls say hamari…ayi…etc etc. ;-P bcoz of the name i had a slight doubt inthe beginin. sadyekku personal info ella bidi. amele ondu fake id maadi ethara details ella discus maad bodhu.

      • vinlora

        Hi santhosh aapke sawal ke liye mein javab dhoon. ..? Meine bhi guess kiya hai ki aap ladki ho…..kaise pata hai??? Aapke hindi se….

    • Tintu mon

      @ Roshni Tintu mon is just my fake name & its the name of a comic character in Kerala

  20. Thahaan

    Episode was emotional . I feel sorry for thahaan …want suman and preeti to do something..enough hate for shraddha and that man … Hope bauji stay alive and bihaan out of the jail ..please thapki try to do something !!

  21. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    If I hv tym I watch…like tap/bhi scenes Druv is cute…story neither here or der…so I read drags…occasionaly…

  22. Kana

    Intha thapkiyananda swamigal irukare avar mutrum thuranthavar,avarukku intha kadhal kalyanathila ellam entha edupaadum illa,avarukku therinthathellam neethi,nermai,niyayam maddum than
    Vaalkaiya eppidi vaalanumnu rompaaa alaga,theliva solli kuduparu keddukonga urupadruvenga 🙂

  23. Tintu mon

    ( This start when Bihan got justice & came bak to his family) Thapki is sitting alone in her room & recalling the moment s she spended with Bihaan & suman bhabhi’s words
    Suddenly Bihan enters
    Thapki gets up an moves towards him she comes close 2 him & holds his hands
    T:Bihan mujhe tumse 1 baat poochna hain
    B: kya hua chuk chuk gaadi… Poocho??!!!
    T: hamari beech ke ye rishtey kya hain??
    B: rishtey?? ?
    T: ha rishtey
    Bihaan in mind ” mone manassil laddu potti”
    B: mujhe nahi pata . tum hi bathao??!
    ( as if he wanted 2 hear it from her itself)
    T: hum ek dusre se care karthi hain protect karthi ho,tease karthe dhe,aur jhagad dhe bhi hain ; yeh sab ek hi rishtey ki sign hain
    B:??kis rishtey??
    T: bhai – bhahan ke rishtey!!
    B: plingggg…????????

    Sorry if any mistake i’ m a non- hindi speaker??.

    • Roshni

      haha..gud one.i had a feelin u wud say tht. lollll. yeh…. i bet bihaan wud b hidin from her on raksha bandan.

      • Tintu mon

        @ Roshni R u a Keralite ??
        Bcoz malayalam is one of the toughest language in India
        Even somtyms i felt it tough (uff exams) but u manage it easily not only mal. But also other south Indian languages?

      • vinlora

        Wo director bhi na….thahaan kis angle se bhai behen lagte hai usko???? Bhai behen ke beech itne romantic eyelocks hote hai kya????

      • Roshni

        Vinlora…. he had said tht abt MG and jig. Aparently its hard to shoot romantic scenes with them coz off screen (acordin to him) they seem like bro n sis. Wen i herd tht i ws like -?huh?!! Lol… imagine the direction killin the make-believe of his own show?

  24. Sam

    Hay, guys, reading all your comments made my day superb. Excellent analyzing. Yes, the Jail bar was really soft. Hahhaha . Nevertheless, i just loved bihaan acting. He puts tears in my eyes. But blind tapki can’t see his love. Thank you suman babhi for understanding and using your moti budi. Tapki common yaar bihaan ko jail jahnay say bachahow.

    Bihaan we love you sooooooooooooo much.
    Awesome actor.

    And Yes, comment number 8 is very funny: antitode antivirus. hahahahhahaha

  25. Aiman fatma

    Yaar kitna bekar sa episode hai abhi is episode ko kuchh zyada hi khichh RHA hai bore ho gai hun main ye ghatia scene dekh dekh kr……

  26. Aiman fatma

    Aur ye police ko kuchh kaam dgaam nhi bad kisi me bhi kehne par kisi bhi vaqt aur bina kisi proof ke pahuchh jati hai

  27. Anisha

    All the scenes of Thahaan that came to bihaan while getting beaten thapki was in sarees. Bihaan gets mesmerized when she wears sarees. 😉

  28. Tiara tara

    Hi frnds and sweet thahaanians. I really cried, seeing bihaans get beaten up by police. So much rude in it. But the acting of Manish was real. I like it. But i still feel very sad. Wow suman bhabhi did a good job. I loved it. But why shraddha doing this. She only need dhruv’s love. How she can be so heartless. Everybody know that innocence people should not get punished. Then why she doing such mean mistake. She is devil. Plz writer ji dont dragg this much. Plz reveal the truth soon. Love u thahaans. All the best for MANISH.

  29. sag

    of course ash it’s for U. here may b some confusion. m I right anu ???

    Nd I m from Gujarat n here dermi cool nd cinthol season is running… 🙂

    • sag

      no no it’s not like that 🙂 only two
      types of weather affects me lot one
      is thahaan realization n another is
      thahaan separation ;-).

  30. Santhosh

    Latest news. …..
    Goons were chasing thapki bcos she gave them fake dvd..
    And then dhruv came to save thapki with original dvd..
    I dnt knw how he found dvd..

    • Roshni

      wr do u get al thse news. wel… im sure the writers wana create a sorta love traingle. unless shradda is outa the equation… druv cant exactly chase aftr thapki. but may be bihaan may start feeling a little insecure and perhaps he may feel they r a better pair as per qualifictyions etc n who knws….he may take a bak seat in romance.
      bea… i do like the idea of druv helpin out. imean poor guy….hes done nothin wrong. he ws jus a victim of circumstances. and wel…as for marryin shradda… i really dont think a perosn with druvs personality wud hav waited for the girl to come ridin on a white horse and save him from marryin shradda… ridiculous script!i hope he stands up for his brothr. but then ofcource…. Triangle. hmmm.
      Renu.(thnx for compliment)…….tintu (hmmm sensible deduction)…..etc ……im not workin ryt now. i did finish my basic education… i can eithr choose to work or study further…. ryt now sort of brek tym !!!!! 😉 bt i hv my hands ful with certain other workz
      and as for languages….travel… frens from different places… sorta a job requirement too ….. media….. etc etc etc and i do pick up languages quickly.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.