Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki taking help from Shraddha to keep Dhruv away her date with Bihaan. Shraddha dresses her Thapki and leaves. Dhruv rushes for home and is angry. Bihaan knocks the door. Thapki opens the door and he gets surprised seeing the decorations. She asks him to come, and they cut the cake. Ranjhana……….plays…………. They feed the cake to each other. Bihaan and Thapki dance on a romantic song Itni si baat hai………… They hug and smile. They close eyes and hold each other.

Dhruv is on the way. Bihaan says Thapki, this is the best day of my life, no one has done this for me, its special day for me, I will always remember this. Thapki says you know Bihaan, this life’s every day will get special for me, you are with me, thanks for your love and support, shall

we have food now. He feeds her food. Dhruv comes there and stares at them angrily.

Bihaan says Dhruv, come, see the surprise by Thapki, she arranged everything in this room. Thapki says this room has our many memories, would there be any better place for our date. Bihaan says no, and gifts her diamond earrings. She smiles. He says its small gift from my side. Dhruv recalls he also gifted earrings to Thapki. She asks Bihaan to make her wear the beautiful earrings. Bihaan makes her wear the earrings. They smile. Dhruv recalls how Thapki has throw earrings on him.

Bihaan says Ghazab, it looks like these earrings are made for you. She says don’t know, but you are made for me. He says and you are made on me. He gets his friend’s call and goes out to talk. Thapki says I told you Dhruv, you will be helpless now. She asks him to have Bihaan and her love relation cake. She leaves. Dhruv gets angry.

Later, Dhruv comes to Thapki. She asks what happened, could you not lose, did you come to blackmail me with this DVD. He says you said I will be helpless, how will I trouble you, this is that DVD by which I threatened you. He breaks the DVD and says I realize my mistake, forgive me, now nothing wrong will happen. She asks whats this new drama now. He says its true, I accept your and my fate’s decision, you are just made for Bihaan. She says whatever you did with me, I can’t do anything than hating you. He says fine, there is one way to make you believe me, tell my truth to Bihaan, I will call Bihaan. He calls out Bihaan to come there.

Bihaan comes and asks what happened, you here. Dhruv says yes, Thapki wants to tell you something about yours and her marriage. Thapki says I wanted to tell Bihaan to take her to kuldevi temple after marriage as she had kept a mannat. Bihaan agrees and goes as Bau ji calls him. Thapki tells Dhruv that she did not wish to break Bihaan’s trust on him, but she can’t trust him. He says I will show you by becoming your friend, not enemy. He turns and smiles. He leaves.

Shraddha tells Thapki that Dhruv is behaving opposite. Thapki says he apologized and said he realized his mistake. Shraddha says I doubt, he will do something. Thapki says he can’t make me and Bihaan away. Its morning, everyone talk about playing a game. Preeti asks for her standard of her game. Dhruv suggests dumb charades. Dadi asks for Bihaan and Thapki.

Bihaan joins them and asks her to make a team. They make the teams. Dadi says this is injustice, as Thapki’s team has less members. Dhruv says I won’t go there, I don’t want groom and bride to lose. Bihaan asks him to come. Dhruv sits with Thapki and says sorry, I did not wish to come between you guys. She asks him to focus on game. Preeti says Bihaan and Thapki are awesome couple, so we will play this game in awesome way. She says whoever comes here will choose an alphabet and choose a difficult word, the person has do acting and team has to guess that work, Vasundara is coming first. Vasundara chooses a word and acts. Bau jii guesses right. Preeti’s team gets one point. Bihaan says this is called husband and wife’s tuning.

Dadi says husband and wife should have friendship. Thapki goes from her team and chooses alphabet B. Suman says Bihaan will say it. Sanjay says yes, their tuning is not less. Thapki acts for her team. Preeti asks Bihaan what happened to his tuning. Dhruv guesses and messages Bihaan. Preeti’s team starts counting. Bihaan checks Dhruv’s message and says B for Bihaan Pandey. They all clap. Suman says Bihaan and Thapki know each other well. Bihaan looks at Dhruv. Thapki smiles seeing Bihaan.

Thapki goes to meet Dhruv and Bihaan sees her, thinking whom is Thapki meeting at this time in night. He sees Dhruv with Thapki.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. plz don’t break thahaan

  2. I’m not watching this show from so many days… I’m really very irritated…

    If anything good happens with thahaan then I will continue to watch….

    Until that bye to this stupid show

    1. not fair yaarr ub……

    2. u r right this show is not good anymore until bye to this stupid show
      and i also dont watch this show?

  3. Nice episode….
    Dhruv is now started new way of manipulation….smile sweetly and kill tightly… ??….
    Dhruv is playing with…
    Sad precap why she is going to meet Dhruv at night in middle of road.
    Bihaan’s feelings

    1. Nice episode….
      Dhruv is now started newway of manipulation….smile sweetly and kill tightly…….
      Dhruv is playing with Bihaan’s feelings??
      Stupid Thapki why she is going to meet Dhruv at night in the middle of road.

  4. Vasa chaha jo bhi kaho.i like this track because thapki itni sarmili ha ki engagement hona ka bad usne love confection kiya and ab date.

  5. Manyasa29

    Waah kya episode tha☺??
    Itne time ke baad kuch achcha dekhne ko mila …..
    Dhruv ka angry face dekh ke bada maza aaya?
    I am happy ki at least thapki dhruv ki baaton me toh nahi aayi………I thought ki is baar bhi she will become mahan aatma??
    And why bihaan couldn’t guess that??
    Mai toh ‘B’ sunn ke hi samaj gayi ki yeh bihaan hi hoga….i don’t know why are showing bihaan as buddhu nowadays….kuch bhi shak nahi ho raha usko dhruv pe??
    But I the precap was confusing….I hope yeh dhruv kuch gadbad na kare ab !!!!

    1. Ise achha hota ki precap vasu ek darabna sapna hota ya bihan ka sapna ya dhruv ka sapna ya phir thapki ka par bas ye ek sapna ho and also vo jiska bhi sapna ho usme dhruv ko mar de


      B for Bihaan ???aur B for Buddu???…….

      D for Dhruv ???aur D for Dayana ???…..

      T for Thapki??? aur T for Tension ki ???

    3. Manyasa29

      @pihoo…..sapna toh thik hai but agar sach me dhruv mar jaaye…toh bohot zyada achcha hoga….agar aisa hua…toh woh episode mai dus baar dekhungi fir hi mann ko shaanti milegi…!!!

      @santhosh….yeh kya dosth…tumne toh dhruv ka gender hi change kar diya….daayan bana diya usse???
      Waise D for DRACULA kaisa rahega ????

      1. SANTHOSH

        wo sapola??? tho kisi ladies??? se kum nahi hai na iss liye❗❗❗❗

  6. hyyy frndzzz-roshini..santhosh..vinlo darlin…thapki…maham nd luvleen..etc..etc hw r u all..??nd thnk u amena for fast updates…

    1. Luvleen

      Hey welcome back buddy!

  7. waah thapki yaarr kya suprise diya hai tumne….dhruv to volcano k tarah hgya..kabhi b phat skta pata nhi bihaan ko kya missunderstanding hogi..??maan gye aaj vasundhra aur krishnkanth k pyaar ko..kya baat hai budhaape me b pyaar jaari young hokar b sonch sonch kr pyaar krt


      ????thumne tho vasu ki jodi krishnakanth banadiya…. ???? phir balvindar ka kya hoga sumeera.????….??????

      1. aawww sryy sryyy..santhosh yaarr bhool gyi mai…balwindar..aur dosth thode aansu hamare thapki k bidaai k liye b rakho..saare mat bahaado..

      2. Fir balvindar poonam ka pati ban jayega !!!!!!! Simple??

      3. ek baar vasu aur krishnakanth ki jodi ko imagine kro yaarr..hahaha lol pihoo.. haa yaarr vinlo shi kha ye tpk me ye sb drama dekh dekh ke mera dimaag kharab horaha hai yaar..pata nhi kitne din se bihaan ki shaadi horahi hai..aur kitne din karega bihaan shaadi…sbko shaadi ke side effects

      4. srry santhosh bhool gyi…CVS KI JAI HO…

      5. Lightsabre

        ?????wats happenin???? Vasu and krishnakant? Is tht thapkis dads name??? R u guys tryin to make thapki n druv siblings????? lol. Btw.. il come bak aftr seein episode or readin update. Aur… sumera???!!! Chamatkaar hua. Sumeras bak????.hi to evrybdy else.

    2. Vinlora

      Swapping drama dekhthe dekhthe SUMERA ne bhi yahan swapping kardiya. ..Vasu aur Krishnakaant ji …..???? kya effect hai serial ka ???


      risthon ka khoon chal raha hai tpk mai ????

  8. Bakwaas

  9. Hi evry1!! Mere ghr abhi 13th se colors chnl aa rha h n me episodes bhi dekh pa rahi…
    I ws wondering ki jo balloons dhruv ne use kiye the apne n thpki k so called ‘date’ k liye apni room decorate karne k liye, kya thpki ne bhi wahi balloons use kiye bihaan k room decorate krne k liye…. :-p aur sach me kya pandey nivasiya Olympics ki taiyaariya kr rhe ?? Har dusre – tisre din koi na koi nayi games hi khelte rhte h… aur wo game bhi kaisa tha… bihaan apna naam bhi guess nahi kr saka, jab thpki ne ‘B’ choose kiya to maine socha bihaan bolega ‘are wah! Tumne B 4 Bihaan Pandey chuna..’ par wo to itna dumb nikla…


      kithna medals milego tpk ko Olympic games mai ⭐⭐⭐⭐….❗❗❗❓❓❓❓

  10. What the hell
    Dhruv is a good actor why they make dhruv as a negtive charactr
    And thapki she dosnt know the value of love
    I hate the serial
    Sorry if it hurt any one


      CVs ki JAI HO?????


    hare yaarrrrrrrrrr???…
    sochatha aaj ke episode mai thahaan 100 maarenge, lekin cvs ne aakri minutes mai dikhadiya wahi paagal pan 90 pe out kardiya thahaan ko??????……

    again irritating precap……

    sapola??? ka naya plan kya hai cvs???? ji……❗❗❓❓
    mai serial dekh raha hoo tho abi tak thahaan ???ke beech kohi misunderstanding nahi huva, agar aisa huva mere liye serial katham❌❌❌❌…..
    sachcha pyaar ke liye kitni bi bakwas dikhahiye mai dekhne ke liye thayyar hoo agar a cvs ne pyaar kohi ek din ke liye bi alag?÷? kiya na a serial dekh ke kya faida…. THAHAAN?❤ …THAHAAN?❤ THAHAAN?❤…one and only THAHAAN?❤ forever…… ???I?U

    1. Manyasa29

      Tum emoji ka use superb karte ho dosth…..
      I just laugh while reading ur comments….?????
      And yeh kya !! CV’s ko bandar ke emoji se represent kiya time??

      1. Manyasa29

        Tumne*(not time).

    2. Lightsabre

      Lol… ye vinlo se kya questioning kar rahe ho. Mein ne abhi abhi kuch scenes fast fwd karke dekhi. I havnt been readin ful update or seein episldes… so im a bit confused. Y was shradda in thapkis clothes? And in yesrdys episode i saw dru settin a hotel room on fire? And then wattt?? Kitne log marr gaye???? wudnt police b catchin him for tht??! And i saw a scene wr druv barges into thahaans bedroom. Aise bina lock karke ek couple ke room mein koi khusta hai kya? And bihaan didnt mind druv comin in like tht while they wr romancin?? Oh god. Ye kaisa serial hai yaar.???

      URGENT… NEED FOR ORGAN DONATION. KOI cv ko BRAIN donate karlo plsssss!!! 2 din ke episode mein 3-4 scenes hi mein ne fast fwd karke dekhe hai… aur vo bhi bakwas. “Hey ram ji ki” as vasu says. Ye writers ne zaroor IIN mein padayi kiya hoga!

      1. Luvleen

        Lol exactly! Actually wouldn’t you feel weird if your bro In law stood right infront n you n your husband continue your date…especially its so obvious with Dhruv’s face that he isn’t happy…is Bihaan blind?! Wouldn’t you question what’s wrong? Argh so frustrating ?

      2. Lightsabre

        Yeh lol. Bihaan n thapki went bak to romancin.???lol.
        bihaan : “hey brother + my wifes ex-bf …. u jus kickd open our bedrm door n barged in while v wr romancin. No issues , bro! Hapns in evry home at nyt. Oh!Did u need somethin? Help ur self while v get busy flirtin n ignorin ur bitter teary stare! “


    [email protected]…. answer to me…dosth, yesterday tpk page per thumne tho thapki ki position pe kade hokar thumari mann ki baath batha diya….

    aaj mai pooch raha hoo ki agar thum ek baar shraddha ki position pe kade hokar utthar dhe muje….. thum kya karthi thi……!!!!!?????

    1. gud qus…answer it vinlo..with ur weapons..

    2. Vinlora

      @ SANTHOSH
      Well…..first of all I don’t want to be in shraddha’s place bcoz more than Dhruv s love she wants his money power status etc .at any cost….but I believe in love and trust in a relation. …maanthi hun ki duniya mein survive karne ke liye money ki bahuth zaroorath hai lekin sirf paise aur status ke liye uss Dhruv jaise psycho ke saath rehena. .????na re baba na?? jo insaan apni biwi ko chodke doosre ke biwi ke peeche padta hai tho mera kya kaam uske zindagi mein. …’.Go to hell ‘ keheke ek thappad lagaake tata bye bye ???

      1. SANTHOSH

        bass ek thappad…..????
        thum tho thapki se bi badi mahaan aatma nikli dosth ????
        agar mai unke biwi ho thi tho uska anke ???keechke gali ki kuttho??? ko kilatha tha

  13. tamil ponnunga-juggu(4)

    Super. ….Dhruv ipa. Namma nenacha madhiri bihaan mind ah maatha pakran….thahaan piriya matanga. …namma seriel mudiyarudhukulla pirinjutom..m…..thirimbi vanga kana.ash.kums.goms .reji…shobi..odiyaanga….na colg join pannita.adha konjam busy inime lll be regular nambunga pa……

    Chellangala…..unga thangachi koopduthu…vanga minals…

    1. Vamma juggu, nee ponadhu pathame TPS. Ponnugalai enge kootitu pone. Naanga 4,5 perthaan irukom. Vandhadhudhaan vandhe, varum podhu 4 nalla vaarthai solikittu varakoodadhu? Varum podhe piriyardhai pathi pesare. Dhurv.ku aduthalpol unnaku nalla manasu. Vaazhga!

      1. Ash nee ava kooda pesatha,naama ethana thadava koopidom ethachum pathil sonnalaa??? Ippa ava koopidda naama povanuma??? Ithula kokka thongachinu setiment ah touch panna pakiral nampiratha usara iru 🙂

      2. Pona potam kana, chinna ponnu. Namma 2 kutti 1. Oruthi vandhutta, reji enge kaanom. Namma sangathula vere nalukku naal aal kurainjikite varudhu. Vandhavangalai viduvaanen. TPK vere saavadikiraan. 2,3 comt. extra padicha thaane interesting.a irukkum. Varattum, varattum. Idhula kodumai ennanna, naama avalai koopitadhu poga, nethi vandhu ava nammalai koopidara paaru adhudhan. Anyways, most WELCOME????. ( Innum tamil ponnunga…nu vidama potukara paaru, andha kadamai unarchikkaga avalai mannichu vittudu )

      3. Juggu

        ORu pulla colg ssernthurukunu sonna enna colg ena coursenu kekanum…….adha vitu arambathilaye padikadha nu solra nee adiye kana…..iru d unna pathukre….koyale…dubuku dongiri ashuh…..ellaru whatsup grpla busy neenga rendu perumtha watsupna enna nu ketutu suthitrukeenga………fira thanks pa aprm indha pakkikaloda cheraaadha ketttttu poiduva……

    2. Hi sis…ungalukku enna theriyathu but unga comments ellame naan padippean….unga comment da naan miss pannean….all the best sis….nalla padi ma…

      1. Fira-ava collegeku thane pora,anga pona padikanuma enna!!!

      2. Kana sis….pavam antha pullaiyavathu urupadattum …..ungala maari comment panna yaaralaiyum mudiyathu sis….

      3. Ama ama fira enga kooda seratha,antha vingnani kooda seru over night la unna obama aakiruval 🙂

  14. Thahaan scene OK, mathapadi very very bad episode…..

    1. Appo nee akka sonnathaiyum kekama episode pathirukka,iru iru unga amma appa kida poddu kudukiran 🙂 🙂

      1. Emma seirathu Kana, innaikathu ethathu nalla visayam nadanthurathanu than pathu tholanjuten……

        Our padikatha paiyan thannoda room kulla, avanoda pondati mattum thaniya irukum pothu kuda kathava thattitu Ulla poran, Ana oru celebrity athum TV channel owner thambi room kulla indecent ah kathava thattama Ulla poran chi karumam.
        Avan Mela kova padama intha bihaan EEE nu palla katuran, …………… Bihaan ah Thitta manasu varala…..

      2. “Emma Ulla enna”
        Spelling mistake

      3. Marupadium mistake
        “Emma illa “enna”

      4. Thapki oda dress hair style makeup ellame avala Vida Shraddha ku semaiya irukku, Monika alaka iruntha antha dress

      5. KUMUTHA

        hi kana epedi irukka??????????????

      6. Nisi-ithila irunthu enna theriyuthu uanku???
        Bihaan padikatha methai,dhruv padicha muddal 🙂
        Haiyoo thapki pavam,athuve puthu dresd illama podda dress eh thirupi thirupi podikidu irunthichu,ippa ennadana atha shradda da kuduthirichu ini enna than pannumo therila 🙁

        @kums-vaamma kumathu 🙂 naan sowkiyam nee sowkiyama??? Enna nee mazhai mathiri appapa vara pora??? Mariyathaiya munnadi mathiri olunga regular ah cmnt podu illa 🙁

      7. Appuram nisi dhruv ulla vanthathum intha bihaan expression epdi irunthichu theriyuma!!
        Ellarum Oodiyanga oodiyanga sooru poduranga sooru 🙂 antha mathiri irunthichu

  15. I read the updates. Only Thahaan scene super. Writerji, Why r u dragging current boring track (devar torturing bhabi) this much?

  16. Dhruv is the perfect villain. A much needed villain in the show.
    He is just mindblowing.

  17. Yaar a sapola ka face muje jali hui roti ki tarha lagta hai. Is sapola ki acting toh dur, a teek se body movement bhi nahi karsakta. Hamesha robot ki tarha karha rehta hai. Yaar in cvs ko koi accha actor nahi mila kya. Ek hi tone, ek hi style, ek hi expression woh bhi disgusting sa. He never smile but always smirks. A toh acting ke naam pe dabba hai.
    I really like suraj from udaan, he looks so nice infact he is playing negative role.
    We r very fortunate that cvs showed us MG character in bihaan, Jig in Thapki, Monica in Shraddha & Jaya in Vasu. But unfortunately u showed us Ankit character in dhurv which is utterly disgusting & painful to watch.
    One advice to cvs if u cant change the track than atleast change the ankit with someone else to play dhurv character. Uske baad koi bhi track lao we will not complaint.


      wow…wow…wow… what a comment yaarrrrrr…….
      a sapola???? tho pakka robot hi hai……
      manish ke baare mai bolna hai tho awesome actor??????

  18. oh dear whenever Manish Goplani comes onscreen i feel like vomiting.
    That guy doesnt even know how to act.
    Seeing Bihaan’s patta gobi wala face i just change the channel.

    The only thing he can do is make those big big eyes and its very fearful.

    1. Ohh really!!! Manishians are saying he is the “KING OF EXPRESSION” 🙂 but u r saying he doesn’t even knw how to act 🙁 If u knw acting very well,then go and teach him how to act 🙂
      And u said,when manish is in onscreen u feel like vomiting!!! Then daily u feel like vomiting nah??? It is not good for ur health so plz take care 🙂 🙂

    2. Luvleen

      Lol I think this is the first time I’ve seen someone disliking manish so much! ? Awwww his ok yaar his a pretty good actor, I like his acting, Monica, Vasu (don’t know her real name)…Dhruv is showing potential.

    3. Lightsabre

      Lol. ?First tym im hearin such a comment. So in 1 yr of tpk ur gut wud b out al2gthr??. ? Y do u watch a show if u cant stand the protogonist. Myt as wel wait for ankit 2 do a manish free show then. ?
      Jokes apart.
      MG is a gud actor. Though the idea of a groom swap ( esp the way it was executed in tpk) was a poor plot according to me MG portrayed bihaans both plight and remorse excellently …. he darts wel b/w personas of an angry impulsive macho gunda n a naive innocent love seekin orphan. n hence his crime (done under pressure,ofcorz) seemed forgivable.
      Nywys… i neednt tell u hes a gud actor.? n i neednt suggest u to eat an anti emetic while watching tpk either .???.
      All i need to say is? (capslock for hightlighting purposes.. not screamin?) :
      Peace ppl. Y not “ignore” when we know the intention of a msg is NOT constructive criticism BUT primary school politics???.( adviz for al?). ” u stole my pencil?? I wil steal ur cousins pencil?” .
      atleast adres (luvingly,ofcorz) the relevant topic.

    4. NoSugarCoating

      How sad.Please do not watch show then. Hes the main hero and druvs scenes comes rarely. So many manish scenes. What will your family say. My son is admited vomiting seeing serials .oh. sad. Sad. ? may be u should ask a friend to cut out and paste scenes of ankit . If u do it yourself
      .. danger…. bihaan may be seen. Health is wealth.?

    5. RANdomfANCreationz

      Pata Ghobi lol so Mandal saheb/madam koh pata ghobi se allergy 😛 btw really yaar u r a girl or boy? But pata ghobi is better than sapola 😛 if u can’t bear him then why watch the show lol looks like u r suffering from Manish Phobia and when I saw TPK even i found Bihaan look like pata ghobi lol he may not be that good looking but his acting is so good

      1. Juggu

        Mandal u r a dhruv fan I knw… dnt say something humiliating others. ….if u dnt like jzt leave aside dnt…..try to do the same which manishians do with dhruv… both manishian.and dhruvian guys……

        Aprm kana summa summa vandhi edutha namma oorla edho solluvangale………

    6. This is absolutely MANISH page. Beware of MG fans. Take care.

      1. Hey juggu, andha last line.I mattum ean tamil.a sonna. Kadamai,Kanniyam, kattuppadu…

      2. Juggu

        Pakkiiadha engla sonna andha pulla enna konnu puthachuradhu…..adikadi vandhi edukudhe pulla thaachiya irukumo keten…..aniyayathuku green baby mari pesuraa

      3. @ash,juggu-adiyeii!! Naamellam pompalaizzzz naama poi atha epdi namma vaayala solrathu?? Haiyoo enaku vekkama iruku 🙂

    7. Hey Mandal you became famous with just one post.
      Congrats dude.

      This forum seems like a very biased one.
      Sorry “seems like is wrong”, actually it is one.
      People are saying so many bad things about Ankit and no one even bats an eye.
      But see you uttered one bad word against Manish and all just jumped on you as if you are some piece of meat and they are the UNTAMED hungry wild animal.

      It seems here you dont even have the freedom of speech.

      And Manish Goplani is the so called “King of Expressions”.
      And who is saying this ?
      His sincere biased FANS.
      Oh comon who doesnt say good about things they like?
      As goes the saying “Andho mein Kana Raja”.

      And nowadays i can hardly see Bihaan doing anything noticeable other then loitering here and there.

      Their condition is like Kejriwal ji.
      Hum hi rules banate hain ji aur hum hi judge karte hain ki kya sahi hain aur kya gala hain ji.

      Its better you dont post anything here.
      Its useless and worthless.
      I quit from here.
      I hope you too do the same.

      1. Lightsabre

        Lol sujoy. Arent u doin the same. U praise ur fav actor n detest the othrs. The only difference is tht thre r more bihaan fans sinz hes the current protagonist.
        Lol. yes… this is a public forum wr yr freedom of speech enables u to opine n othr ppls (same) right lets them comment on ur opinion. If u cant handle pp reactin to ur comments then u shud write a personal diary.

      2. Vinlora

        Hi sujoy ji …Yahan tho manish and Ankit ke baare mein baath ho rahi thi na phir ye kejriwaal kahan se beech mein aa gaye. …?ye tho serial ki duniya hai yaar…yahan politics ki baath kyun ????
        Waise ab Manish and Ankit ko chodke muj se gussa math ho jao. …?mein tho seedi saadi boli baali Social Animal hun ?????

      3. @sujoy- i don’t knw hindi but i can translate ur msg frm google “andho mein kana raja” it means “blind” right???
        Then u hav healthy eyes right???? Then y u r always comparing ankith with manish??? U are the guys always comparing those two and scold the manishians as biased y yaar y???
        Every actors have their own potential y u compare them???
        If u r saying comparison is a good thing then plz compare thapki with dadima,shrada with vasu,sanjay with poonam,etc…

      4. lol Kana again if i say anything you guys may even start to bash me.
        But everyone including you know who are the one who always posts hate comments.
        Who always goes to the actor’s twitter instagram profile and post hate comments about their personal life and relationship.

        You may not like my words but that is the truth.

      5. Lightsabre

        “Speculating”abt whos datin whom isnt hate, sujoy. Ur acting as though YOU r ankit batla.chill man. Ankit wud b matured enof to not chek out ths site???.
        Druvs character has taken up an antogonist role now. Naturally ppl wil xpress dislike for the negative character nd thts in a way a compliment. I dont se u praising diwakar. Same thing . N bihaan bein lead has more fan folowin. Hence ppl reply bak

      6. dear lightsabre yes i do praise and support Ankit. But i never defame Manish or any other actors unlike some people(though not all) here who continuously post hate comments on Ankit.

      7. Hey Sujoy thanks for being the only one not mad at me.
        Most of the people here in this forum are Manish fan and for them no matter what, he will be “King of Expressions”, “bhola bhala chota sa nanha sa baccha” etc.

        Anyways just like me , its a basic human habit to support and shower praises about the person they love. Thats what they are doing.

        @Lightsabre: dude yes i was butthurt when i saw some people in this forum bashing Ankit personally always.
        You can talk anything about his character Dhruv, it does not matter.
        But talking bad about the actors is really a bad habit.
        So generally i just ignore, but you know what today i couldnt control and had to speak what i really feel.

        Yes I really dont like Manish Goplani at all nor his face. Thats what i truly feel.
        But i dont have any grudge against him. I might have said bad about Bihaan’s character, but prior to this i never said anything bad about his real life that is Manish.

        Felling bad about a person and always foul mouthing him in a public forum like this are two different things.

        Anyways those who bashed me or even pointed out that am wrong, i mean those who didnt support my views are all Manish’s fans.
        So for me it was something not unexpected.

        And Sujoy i will take one point of yours.
        I think its time i will quit from posting in this forum for the time being especially for TPK.

  19. RANdomfANCreationz

    Finally a good episode but stil want more thahaan scenes – only reason why I m still tolerating this show

  20. Vinlora

    Manish and Ankit ke acting ka tho pata nahi lekin syed58 an Mandal tum logo ki dialogue delivery tho awesome hai yaar….?keeping rocking guyz…???

    1. Lightsabre

      Haha. Vaise ankit aur manish dono dhost hai. Interviews mein dono ki frenshp chemistry luks gud. Lekin yaha to dono ke naam lekhar miyya biwi ke tarah dishoom dishoom ho raha hai. Cold war. Nishana kahi aur.. aur akhir theer lagta hai kahi aur??? its lyk watchin mummy returns. Ek comment ne sare manish fans ko bhadkaya lekin intentn to kuch aur dha. My opinion… mg is a very gud actor. N now tht druv has finally got screen space… hes doin gr8 too .its jus the script tht suks. They r al gud.peace

  21. nice scene dhurav.break that thahaan ya.they r not perfect.and in this serial they r not showing main character many bihaan scene only is coming. and dhurav only know about thapki very well.

  22. Thapki says she hate dhruv why can’t she hate Bihaan and vasu there are the people to put
    dhruv into such a situation and thapki so proud of herself she’s not the humble,innocent girl she used to be but now she’s a hater who hate the person who gave her recognition and happiness and besides the only reason they made Bihaan the male lead is because dhruv I mean ankit wasn’t available at that time to act as the male lead in thapki that’s why those days he wasn’t shown in the thapki a lot bihaan was just his replacement.

    1. Lightsabre

      Druv went on lev from sept 2015til june 2016???lol

  23. very bad serial.I am going to stop watching serial if thapki not getting marry with dhurav.she is not good.that’s y she don’t know the real value of love.

  24. guys ye writer ko kia karna cahia pehle jise acca banakar love story banate hea dusri jagah sadhi begre hui ladke se karate hea badh me vala bura banta hea ur bura vala..toh pehle kiu nehi ek ladka ladki ki jodi banate ho..har colours serial ka khasiat ho gaia lead change karne ka..druv ne pehle tapki ko help kia love hua sadhi dusre se just like swragini, udaan etc..Asal jindigi me kia koi apni honi vali vabi se sadhi kar lega ur pyar bhi hojaiga..islie yea serial ya story hea..kuch time ke badh udaan ki bhi story kuch aisehi hogi..

    1. Vinlora

      Isliye kehte hai yaar ye serial ki duniya bhram ki duniya hai. …yahan logic doondna mushkil yi nahi na mumkin hai ???

  25. Guys indha bhihaan.uku romantic.a parkave theriyadha. Eppapaaru , chinna pasanga choclate, toys, games.I paarthu sandhoshapadra maadhiriye expression kodukaran. Love panradhukku munnadi eye lock paarvaye super.a irundhichchu. Aana ippo, suththama romantic expression pathaveyillai. Avanoda look.I paarthu namake onum aagamatengudhu. Aana thapki’s expression is double. Eanda loose.u naan enna mittaya ippadi kekra maadhiri 1 paarvai. Full romantic illainalum, good. Appuram andha dance, adhu epdi endha paatukku aadinaalum suit aagudhu. Ore maadhiri dance, boar adikudhu. Sariyaana carbon copy.

    Iniku I think first time ghajab varapogudhu. Appuram indira entry to bharath room. Eanaku romba pidicha idhuvum 1. Adhula manish.oda expression super.

    @juggu, nalla pulainga edhuvum ketkamaleye sollanum. Sari sollu, endha college? Enna group? College open ayidicha?…..Apuram eanda kannu un perilirundhu tamil ponnunga.I thookita.

    @kana, juggu.I paathiya vandhadhum varadhadhuma nammai thitra. Ippa puriyudha namma sangathu pullainga kaanama ponadhukku yar eva ellaraiyum pidichi potukita.

    1. Ash-adiyeei!! Anga this is MG page apdi ipdinu puruda vidudu inga vanthu plate ah mathuriya frauduu 🙂 mmm antha expression ellam puriyuravangaluku than puriyum 🙂 ennaaa azhagu enna azhaguu antha dimple smile ah viluntha ennala innum eluthirukave mudila mmmm kaluthaingaluku theriyuma katpoora vasana,ava kedakira bihaan my darling naan maddum thapkiya irunthirunthaaaa…………..

      @juggu-ippa unaku enna un college ah pathi kekanum avlo thane,sari vidu sontha selavila sooniyam vaikanumnu asa padura avlo thane ippa kekuran sollu
      Entha college ah naasamaka pora???
      Ethana subject arrears vaika pora???
      Ethana professors ah ooda vida pora??
      Pothuma??? Ithuku melayum kelvi kekka solluva nee!!!

      1. Haiyoo inga parungalenn ennnaa azhaguu enna azhaguu 🙂 ini kavala pada theva illa Manish illana Hitesh

      2. Adiye loose.u, ippavum solren manish manish.thaan. Avana adchikiradhukku idhuvarai yarum illai. Adukkaga, azhugai siricha epdi nalla irukkado, adhemaadhiri romantic scene.leyum romba siricha nalla irukkadhu. Romantic kannu thaan adhigam pesanum. Parvaye kokki pottu izhukkanum. Dimple azhaguthaan. Adhukkaga, sirichikite irundha… sari unakku pidichirukku pole. Ok no problem. Mathavangalai Hitesh.ku thalli vitutu, nee Manish.I pakiriya. Adhellam inga nadakadhumma.

      3. Kana, nee ketta kelvikku juggu.vale indha varusham badhil solla mudiyaadhu. First year illa.Paavam chinna ponnu, adutha varusham paaru, indha kelvikkenna, innum evalavo kelvikellam badhil soluva.

  26. Stop this game. Bakwas waste of time. Pagal bna rhe h. Wahi drama

  27. Annapurna yadav

    stupid druv started again one new drama.boring about this dragging.make thahaan beautiful.

  28. Todays episode was quiet boring

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