Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pandey family flying kites. Shraddha waits for Thapki’s hand to get cut by the sharp thread. She thinks just 2 mins, then your kite will be gone. Thapki flies Dada ji’s kite. Shraddha cuts Preeti’s kite. Preeti says my kite was flying awesome. Shraddha says I can’t help if you can’t fly. Bihaan asks Thapki to give more string. Suman’s kite gets cut too. Thapki and Shraddha fly kites well. Dadi compliments Vasundara for her two sharp bahus. Bau ji says Thapki is flying kite very high. Dadi says yes, that’s why we can trust her blindly. Thapki’s hand gets cut and bleeds. Bihaan, Dhruv and everyone get shocked.

Bihaan asks her to leave the thread. He sees the thread torn. Thapki holds the thread with her wounded hand, while Bau ji asks her to leave

the kite. Dhruv says Thapki, its bleeding a lot, please leave the thread. Dadi asks her to leave the kite. Thapki says no, Dada ji’s name will always be high. Bihaan joins the thread. Vasundara signs Shraddha to cut the kite. Bihaan says Thapki, I will manage. Shraddha thinks no way, I won’t let her win. Dhruv asks Shraddha to move her kite away. Shraddha says I m trying, what can I do. Dadi asks Shraddha why is she doing this. Shraddha says air is not in my control. Thapki sees Shraddha bringing her kite between intentionally.

Thapki flies well. Dhruv asks Shraddha to leave the kite or side it. Shraddha’s kite gets cut. Everyone clap for Thapki, who did not let Dada ji’s kite get cut. Shraddha fumes. Bihaan takes the thread from Thapki’s hand. Dhruv says I will get first aid kit. Bihaan sees her wound. Bau ji asks Thapki why did she not leave the kite. Thapki says its fine, kite did not get cut, I promised Dadi. Dadi says she is my Thapki, she has bear pain. Dhruv gives first aid to Bihaan. Bihaan does the first aid. Dadi praises Thapki and asks what do you want. Thapki says nothing. Dadi says you kept our tradition, my ancestral necklace goes to you. Shraddha and Vasundara get shocked. Kiran says I will get coffee. Thapki says I will make coffee and also keep this kalash in Dadi’s room.

Shraddha tells Vasundara that I m going to my room. Bihaan thinks Shraddha will do something, as her kite got cut. Bau ji stops Bihaan. Kiran challenges Bihaan and asks him to compete with Bau ji. Thapki keeps kalash in kitchen and takes milk from the refrigerator. Shraddha thinks to kick out Thapki from Dadi’s heart. She thinks what to do and calls on landline. Thapki goes out, as everyone is out in garden. Shraddha adds ashes in the coffee powder and hides. Thapki wonders who called and goes back to kitchen. She adds the coffee in the milk. Shraddha smiles and thinks now Thapki will give this Dada’s ashes mixed coffee to everyone, then see how Thapki’s respect turns into ashes, I should leave fast, Vasundara should not know this, else she will never forgive me. She leaves.

Everyone laugh taking about Bau ji’s ancestors, who can’t beat anything happening to their beard. Thapki gets the coffee and gives to everyone. Dhruv reminds Thapki that he just drinks black coffee. Thapki says its black coffee. Dhruv takes it and thanks her. Shraddha thinks now Thapki will be away from Dhruv. She drops the coffee before anyone drinks, and screams saying this has ashes Dadi. She asks them not to drink coffee, as this has ashes. They all get shocked and see the coffee.

Vasundara asks Thapki how did this ashes come in coffee. Thapki says I kept kalash in Dadi’s room. Dadi sends Ashwin to get it. Ashwin gets kalash. Dadi checks it and gets shocked. She drops the kalash. Everyone get shocked seeing it empty. Dadi looks at Thapki. Shraddha says this kalash is empty, Thapki you mixed Dada ji’s ashes in coffee. They all get shocked. Shraddha says you wanted all of us to drink the ashes. Thapki worries.

Shraddha asks Thapki why did she mix ashes in coffee. Thapki cries and says I m saying truth Dadi. Dadi fumes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shraddha dekne me jitni buri hai uske kam bhi utne buri hai…….

  2. Pls change name as evil vasundra and sharaddha

  3. Okay, first half of the episode was not bad but the second half is really ridiculous. I thought Vasundhara was the foolish one in Pandey family but baki Saab bhi kaam nahi. They should understand that a girl who is flying the kite despite being injuired can’t be the same girl who can mix the ashes in coffee. Pathetic. I think Bihaan is the only wise member in Pandey family, and he is adopted. Looks like Pandey family got genetic problem of being foolish 😛 and I really wanna see what Dhruv does , I have seen others but Dhruv not yet

    1. Nice observation! Stupidity is in their blood 😀

    2. i 100000% agree to this..

  4. Why oh why does nobody in the family see shraddha doing these to have Thapki insulted every time. How much longer is this going to continue with shraddha winning every time?

  5. Stupid Thapki………. her hand is not well then also gone to make coffee. Simply taking all house hold works .And giving chance to shraddha to trap her. And these pandey people believed Thapki made coffee with Dadaji’s Ashes; they know Thapki is not a insane person.

    1. Pandeys are people without common sense. ???
      I have now only hope in Bihaan. Don’t know how will he react to this.

    2. O!!what na ally….they have made her servant by praising her hand made eatables…

      1. Yes. ………. Always praising her and ignoring others… actually indirectly they made her to do things like this

    3. I think next will be bauji’s beard as they were talking about it and he said he cannot spare if anything happened to this….
      I think so….but may be CVS may think different….

  6. I watch this show after a long break.I read written updates from 28th dec onwards.But I think there is no change in the story line.Thapki wins,thapki loss.Shraddha&vasu make troubles,Bihaan save her.Thapki r u mad?U blindly believe all the people & got problems.
    This serial didn’t give any message,even a romantic scene!Too worst.

  7. OMG! Whyy this happens in all serials! There was no need for thapki to make the coffeee … Kiran cud have made it .. Simply she is digging her own grave

    1. Yes. Because she is good valued women. We only see this kind of girl in musium. Engalukku very kilaigal illai.

  8. I think Pandey Nivas was filled with rituals& unwanted beliefs.They always do some traditional things& there will be problems associated with that..Its a platform 4 ShraSu to do their evil works .
    Kure naalukalkku sheshum kandu.
    But too bad.writerji plz change the current track.Fill some new flavour.plzzzzz…..???

  9. Worst episode ever just skipped today only WU.
    plz cvs dnt show like this tyype of scenes ridiculous dadajis ash mixed in coffe this offense in community relation dnt rush as saas bahu drama dnt show any serials…
    plz end such a evil things

  10. bihaaaaan always be with thapki

  11. I am new here but I regularly read written update of this show because I have not sufficient time to see this on TV.I love this show but my only request to director of this show Please come on real track SIR!!!

  12. Thank god!!! At least thapki failed shraddha by cutting her kite…..
    And now after dadi maa slapping , thapki will sure doubt on shraddha and if she thinks on phone call ,she will reach her….why she called the house number being at home…..she should tell this to bihaan…and sure bihaan will ask her before she thinks….

    Gud news to thahaan fans……
    Gud thahaan scenes upcoming…. Thahaan relationship especially in thapki side will be getting strong due to vasu and diwakar it seems…..
    As vasu will now try to separate bihaan and thapki…..
    Waiting for gud scenes….
    Today thapki rocked…not bad…

  13. don’t worry guys bihaan is there for thapki to support her

  14. Very ridiculous I hate this track….

  15. Bad epi….and stupid thapki

  16. That witch shraddha i wanna kick her out of the house and do u guys know that dadi ma will slap thapki too fr doing this. I hope vasu gets to know the truth……..

  17. The cv never using his brains. Why they don’t think beyond the sasu bahu competition. They don’t have any other concepts. In Indian serials the biggest idiotic role played by female leads only. Sometimes I want to break my tv. But what can I do if anything happened to TV my mom break my hand. I am very disappointing because of thapki. She very well know about saradha behavior then why she always behave a stupid. Bandey parivar whenever I hear this name my bp will increase. Suppose I am in that house I will killed all and go to jail peacefully. I will not scold that vasu and saradha. Because idiots always suffer. That’s their fact if any one want to change the fact they will not allowed like thapki and pandey pariwar.

  18. The first festival thapki celebrated after marriage was Ganesh chaturthi and recently she celebrated uttarayan but the irony is 3 months since marriage hasn’t come to an end.

  19. Hope thapki torture ends soon. It is becoming too much day by day

  20. ridiculous episode. hate dis serial..

  21. upcoming episodes
    The upcoming sequence will show how makar
    sankranti is being celebrated in full swing at
    pandey niwas and thapki (jigyasa singh) will be
    given a chance to fly a kite with dadaji’s name.
    Now in further upcoming events, we will see how
    vasundhra (jaya bhattacharya) and shradha
    (monica khanna) will make loose thapki by
    cutting the thread of that kite and very cleverly
    put blame on her and prove that she is not
    worthy of being a pandey bahu. Balvindar and
    dadi will agree to vasundhra and hence
    vasundhra will take advantage of this situation
    and throws her out of the house.
    Bihan (manish goplani) will support his wife and
    decided to go along with her shocking the whole
    Pandey Niwas especially vasundhra and thapki.
    Thapki realised how good bihaan is.
    But twist in tale comes when thapki suddenly
    refuse to go out of the house stating that she is
    Bihan’s wife legally and proposes bihan in front
    of whole family.
    How will bihan react to this situation?? Will thapki
    and bihan goes out?? Is really thapki has fallen in
    love?? Will vasundhra and shradha succeed in
    throwing thapki out of pandey niwas??

  22. Totally senseless. How can writer/director show such foolish act on tv. Ridiculous.

  23. Serial start hone ke pehele suchana dete hai…..aur serial sab kuch alag dekate hai…..I started watching this serial feeling it is inspiring for a stammering girl in her life….but the serial is worst… is soo stupid thapki being sooo kind hearted for everything… this generation if a girl fights against her enemies then it looks daring and dashing…..I will stop watching this serial!!!!

  24. Louanne Hendricks

    Let us c what Dhruv does…………… Hope he doesn’t stay like a statue. Both he and Bihaan should save Thapki from Shraddha. Also Shraddha should get a tight slap for doing this crap of mixing Dada ji’s ashes with the coffee powder, How can she stoop so low??

  25. OMG! I feel like stop watching this serial now:O:( Such a stupid serial!!!! why indians doesn’t have new ideas? I am feeling bad to to tell this but I think world stupidest serials are indians TV serials. And it is getting boring now. shraddha always troubles thapki and thapki doesn’t do anything and always bihaan saves her, what is this yaar! I am getting very angry. Now I am getting angry even when hearing the name thapki.><

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