Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan coming to school and informs principal that they are leaving today and says he just wants to meet his daughter. Thapki sees him from far and gets happy hearing him talking in English. She recalls asking him to promise to study and get educated. Bihaan promises her that he will study. Teacher asks Bihaan to wait in the library and says he will ask teacher to send Tina there. Bihaan thanks her and starts walking towards library. Thapki hides and walks inside library. Bihaan also walks inside. Veer and Anu come back home and call Shraddha. Anu tells that their school have taken part in inter school competition, and says they have chosen. Anu says she is taking part in 5 competitions in a boarding school. Shraddha gets happy and kisses her, saying she is so proud of

her. She asks Veer what he is going to do? Veer says he will take part in running..

Dhruv talks to Inspector and asks if he found anything about Bihaan and ends the call. Shraddha tells Dhruv that they have to go outside for few days. Dhruv says in this situation when Bihaan is missing. Shraddha says she is not saying for herself, but for kids school competition which will happen in a boarding school and asks him to refuse kids and break their heart. He asks where is the competition. Anu tells Valley International school. Dhruv says this is the same school where I got Tina admitted. Sankara calls Principal and asks if Tina is fine. Principal says yes, and says she is managing well because of her papa. Sankara is shocked and asks if he is there? Principal says yes, and says he is going back today. Shraddha tells Dhruv that Bihaan is clever and they are worrying about him unnecessarily. Balwinder says we shall go to Tina’s school now. Dhruv says okay.

Thapki hides in the library. Bihaan comes there and stands behind her looking at the books. Thapki dupatta is stuck in a book. She is emotional and shocked. Bihaan says your dupatta is caught by Romeo, I mean Romeo and Juliet book and frees her dupatta. Tere Liye music plays…………..He gives her dupatta. Thapki takes her dupatta and goes. She comes to Principal and says she wants to shift Bani to other school immediately. Principal asks why? Thapki says she can’t tell personal reasons. Principal asks her to let Bani attend annual function which will be in few days. Thapki says okay, and thinks they shall not meet Bihaan.

Bani and Tina’s classmates think to tease Tina and lock her up in the chemistry lab. Tina cries and calls for help. While she is knocking on the door, she makes some acid fall on the lab surface accidently. She feels irritation with its smell and coughs, then she faints. Thapki is going from there and hears Tina coughing. She peeps in the room through the glass and see her. She opens the door and take her outside the lab. She asks if she is fine and makes her drink water. The mischievous kids hide and run away from there. Thapki asks how did she get locked inside? Tina says someone pushed her inside the lab. Thapki asks if she is hurt? Tina says no, and says you have saved me twice. Thapki kisses on her forehead and says may be God made our relation. She asks her to come. Tina says I will call Papa and asks her to stay there. Thapki says sorry, I have to go… Tina tells Bihaan that aunty saved her. Bihaan makes her have water and says he will go and thank her, asks her to rest. Tina says she is wearing black color dupatta. Thapki’s dupatta is stuck again.

Bihaan comes there and sees her…..He walks towards her. Thapki is emotional. Tere Liye song plays……Thapki stands up leaving her stick dupatta there itself and walks to him. Thapki recalls all their romantic moments. Bihaan looks at her clueless. He walks past her….Thapki is shocked. She takes her dupatta angrily and goes. Bihaan turns and looks at her, but she is already gone. He get flashes of his marriage with her etc, and collapses on floor and faints…..He takes out medicine and it falls down. Tina comes and makes him have medicine. She asks why did your health deteriorated suddenly.

Thapki is sitting in shock and asks what happened to him. She thinks he came infront of me after seven years and acted as we are strangers. She thinks if he forgot his Thapki. She thinks you have changed, but I will not change and will love you always, cries.

Thapki asks Bihaan what happened to him or if he is acting? She says you have forgotten everything. Bihaan says I am sorry, but I didn’t meet you before. Thapki is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Manish ki deewani

    Today I loved the way Bihaan ignore thapki and just passed away i just love this thpki u deserve this . thapki u also done this with him but more than this .and thapki now why u behave like this now u r hurt really sadqay jaoo mai wari jaoo tumhare thapki .u even didn’t know he he live in seven years and now u r questioning .I think I never understand or mahanta .
    Bihaan condition again feel so sad to see him like this.poor my Bihu .Mani hats off to u dear .
    I wait 4 basketball match
    Hello pooja Ruiz di vino kudrat shruti garima santhosh Bhai Lee-na anu he r u guys .happy wala Sunday to all of u .

    1. Hi Reshal, I’m fine, thank you.
      Yeah, thapki deserve that

  2. Finally Thahaans meeting…it was amazing,but our Bihaan didn’t recognize her.precap is also exciting one.everything is OK ,at the same time I don’t like the part the stupid ladies get the news about Tina and Bihaan…anyway looking forward to the next episode.
    Hi….reshal,garima,anu,rinka,navami,sruti,kudrat,sandy,santhosh Bhai ,vino and all thahaanians 🙂

  3. i can understand the stupidities of cvs….but i m confused why thy always make such things….i can understand abt the nonidentical twins …but bani behaviour worthless….means the terms she uses chuk chuk gadi…gajab….b for bani these words are used by her papa….even she is not living wd him from where she got these words….lol ….even these things are not inherited….lol….hats off to the makers….to make illogical things….

  4. nd…if bihan complte his graduation or not….still unrevealed….but the injury of bihan is unknown means he knows every thing even how to speak in eng….but i think his thapki memory is dleted now….waiting to know the mystry behind this…

  5. Thapki she’s the lead role of the show but CV always make her do some DUMB things???.. it so SAD to watch!!!!…. If Thapki really love Bihaan has she say, why not fight for ur love!!! than her leaving Bihaan behind with those witches.. plz make Thapki smart at least let her be smart like the way (VANI) was…. sorry to say but the show is useless to watch….

  6. Some scenes same as SSEL where suhani and yuvraj meet their kids living with their other halves -yuvraj meet yuvaan and suhani meet yuvani and the part where Tina got locked in chem lab. I think it’s the medication given to bihaan by docs/sankara making him forget. Maybe if Thapki meets Dhruv/babu Ji she’ll find out.

  7. Thapki don’t know what happen Bihaan is sick after she left. Did thapki know aditi death .

  8. Hello
    wish u fresh morning 2 all..

    pooja di,reshal di
    how r u both?
    exited 2 bbM lakin kahi bihaan sii..r pker na be…t jae..

    1. Manish ki deewani

      hi kudrat .i am fine dear .hw r u .mee too exited 4 basket ball match .Bihaan siir nahi pakray gha .shaed pakr b lai phir thapks ko bihu ki alat ka pata chalay gha or back to pandey zoo .bani bs sabak sika dai in dono chudails ko

  9. yesterday epi was nice..
    i m waiting for the precap… ?
    thapki madam shock my bihu rock

  10. Hume to sirf b for bani pandey ka shara h…

    1. Aap akele nhi hai, gajab bani ji ke fan hum bhi hai

  11. Eagrly Wating 4 mindblowing evening..

  12. Hey guys i am new here and a big fan of thapki and i feel the episodes are going quite nice and interested to know what will happen when everyone will come toghether in the competition bani,tina,veer,anu???

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