Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara asking Bihaan to tell everyone. Bau ji asks what does he have to say now about Thapki. Bihaan says I want to say…. Thapki is very happy as we all take care of Thapki well, don’t misunderstand Maa. He goes. Vasundara thinks this was needed, now Bihaan can’t go against me. He says I can’t go against Maa, but I m the reason for Thapki’s problems, so I will stand with her in every problem.

Bihaan goes to Thapki and sees her looking at the moon. He asks her to come. She signs him to say, and he does not understand anything. She holds her head. He says stop this signs, come and write this to say. She signs she won’t come. He says fine, I will go, you come soon. She looks at the moon. He removes his jacket and covers her, seeing she is feeling cold.

He says you will get ill, wear this, I will go, come soon. Thapki gets sad. Ankhon pe dhup si aisi padi hai…. Thapki pyaar ki…………….plays…………..

Bihaan gets downstairs and says he does not understand Thapki. Bua ji sees him and asks what is he saying. Bihaan says its because of Thapki, I don’t understand what she says and signs, I m getting mad. Bau ji asks him to sit and gives him a drink. Bihaan saks how can anyone understand signs. Bau ji says we can understand. Bihaan says fine, tell me what I want to say. He shows signs.

Bau ji smiles and says you want to say you love me a lot and can’t stay without me. Bihaan says great, how did you know. Bau ji says I read your eyes and felt your emotions, if you want to know any person, you should know the heart. Bihaan says I m not any doctor, you tell me how to know. Bau ji says eyes are the mirror of heart, read eyes and know whats in heart, then you will understand, where hearts unite, words and signs are not needed. He asks Bihaan not to drink much and leaves. Bihaan drinks and smiles.

Its morning, Thapki goes to feed Gulabo. Shraddha sees her and asks is she fine, did she get hurt, I heard the bell and got worried. Shraddha says I m joking and makes fun of her. She takes her pic and sings yeh dosti hum nai todenge to add caption along with Thapki’s pic to put on social site. Shraddha insults her and laughs.

Krishnakant comes there to give sweets to Thapki. Thapki smiles seeing him and runs to him. He says your mum has sent these laddoos for you. He sees the bell in her neck and gets shocked. He drops the sweets box. He asks why is this bell in your neck?

Krishnakant asks Thapki why is she not saying anything. Shraddha says she can’t talk, she has eaten sindoor by mistake. Thapki asks him to calm down. He says he can’t be quiet seeing her state and asks Balwinder and everyone why did they not call him. He cries and says he will take Thapki with him now. Bau ji tries to clarify. Krishnakant scolds him for treating Thapki like this, Thapki is not an orphan, I m alive. Thapki signs she is fine. Krishnakant asks are you fine being insulted so much.

Krishnakant says I can’t see Thapki like this, I m her father, Thapki’s heart is big and she has bear all this, but I can’t be quiet. He asks her to come with him, its enough on. Krishnakant stops as Thapki refuses to walk ahead. He gets shocked.

Bihaan removes the bell. Vasundara scolds him. Bihaan says this is not needed for Thapki, Thapki can press this button of this automatic bell, and this bell will be worn in neck by Shraddha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. peak times for thapki and i hope shraddha soon wears bell

  2. wow it is super bihaan u done a very good job

  3. Oh !!! Coming Sunday TV block buster –thapki…
    They showed vasu burning herself….thapki goes to stop….
    What is that????do anybody know….

  4. Haha..shraddha deserve it…:)

  5. I think truth would have been exposed…that’s y

  6. Cool bihaan 😉

  7. Omg,Shraddha with bell on her neck,I was laughing seeing the precap.

  8. Bihaan today awesome yaar when u covered thapki with it jacket…..really loved it…..excited to see next epi….

  9. Thahaan scene was awesome….bihaan ur acting is so cute with bauji…..poor thapki…..u know shradha tomorrow u will take ur selfie with electronic bell and then post it then c u will get billions of likes.nice precap

  10. Poor thapki …. Feeling nad for her …. Devil mil ….. Kya hoga jab sab kp tumhari sachiii ka pata chalega …. Or tumhra kya hoga jab apni bahu ka real face dekhogi ….

    Cv itna bura mat karo plz thapki ke sath

    Or ek or poor soul hai jo bahut dukhi hai uska bhi kuch karo …. Dhruv…..

  11. Thapki has bcm really irritating now.. how can she go against her own papa bt can’t go against her evil saas.. nonsense overloaded.. hate this serial

    1. I agree!!!she should gone with her papa!!!!

  12. I will not be excited myself to see the maha epi…as it might be waste….if anything happened then OK…but till then no excitement PR eagerness…
    Shraddha yesterday u supported ur mom to make thapki wear it naa so now u can’t escape….

  13. Thapki u can leave the house no!!!!!it is not needed exactly to live 3months….u can show all these and get divorce..they will,sure provide it!!!!!bihaan will also give it as he feels bad himself more than u…

  14. nice precap

  15. Precap is awesome… Bihaan u rocked… Perfect slap to that stupid witches vasundhara and shraddha

  16. Gr8 bihaan..

  17. Thahaan scenes were interesting …………waiting for sunday 1 hour special episode.

  18. Precap is superb… Good job Bihaan pandey..
    And Sunday episode what vasu is going to do.. Is she trying to suicide..
    Not possible then also I feel like that by watching that advertisement… ????

  19. Nice epi…..bihaan coving thapki wid his jacket n saying dat to prevent her from sneezing so dat she cannot disturb him….was so cute excuse…but actually he was concerned….d best scene bihaan’s dad telling him to understant thapki by reading her eyes language coz eyes is the morror of heart…n bihaan listning to it with gr8 involvement….soon he will read her eyes i m sure…he is her hero after all….just waiting for my favourite scene which is going to be telecast tomorrow….want to c dat ugly shraddha’s n vasu’s face…now what reason will she give as in thapki’s time she was saying dat it was for her safety . There is no issue to make a big deal out of it…now if she reacts dan bihaan shud say d same n shraddha will be trapped in her own game….thahaan rocks…got emotional when thapki’s dad was crying seeing her daughter in dat condition…dnt worry sir she is in safe hands coz ur son in law is very caring n protecting towards thapki….he is worlds best husband,son,brother,friend’n a good hearted human being….

    1. Oh!!! Lovely comment abt bihaan…..of course he is fit for that….manish aka bihaan keep rocking yaar……

  20. N in maha epi….i think she will save vasu n in between she will also get her voice back…i think so….vasu shud now atleast bevome human…

  21. I think vasu will do this to kill thapki!!!!?????????

  22. Nice epi…..Intresting precap!!!!!!!

  23. Are yar thapki ki itni insult dekhi nahi jati mujhse? Y isnt she going to her dad’s home?loved when bihaan covered her with his jacket,shayad k precap sach ho………

  24. Gazzaaab … u bihaan wat an idea

  25. Such a good episode , missed it today , wow is it true that there is Maha episode on Thapki this Sunday?
    Well done, Bihaan teach that Shraddha a lesson

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    Jigyasa Singh is one of the top 5 news comers of the year in hindi serials, check out this link:

  27. love thahaan .rocked thahaan

  28. Moni your thinging in episod is great

  29. Gud episode n nice precap hope it hpns…shradha n VASU will make excuses to remove electronic bell

  30. I think when thapki gets her voice back she wont stammer.!!!

  31. If thapki stops stammering now, their won’t b any meaning for this serial

  32. Thapki behaved badly in this episode. How could she humiliate her father like that after he defended her in tears?! Her loyalty is seriously misplaced. If she was my child, I would have dragged her away from there (kicking and screaming!) if I had to. Looking forward to the one hour special on Sunday. Yippee! I suspect Shraddah has something to do with the fire..

  33. Vasu is doing that to kill thapki it’s shraddha and vasu evil plan I think so.

  34. Is Bua ji not loving his wife? He does not understand his wife’s dislike for Bihaan and Tapki yet he advises Bihaan to read the eyes and understand the heart. Very funny.

    1. You said Point yaar…. ??

  35. Nice epi

  36. Plz..plz…plz…..juz stop all these….pls unite dhruv and thapki..plz…z..z…..!!how rubbish is dis???plz unite thapki and dhruv..make their love b grt

  37. I wonder how pple support bihaan’s evil… why is he pretending to be good to thapki yet he can’t tell thapki abt the wedding night… bihaan is a hypocrite…. pple can love bihaan but I dislike cheats. He should tell thapki the truth abt the wedding night then if she wants to fall in love wit him it will be fine by me

  38. The basic truth is that bihaan is doing all this to earn his mother’s love. He doesn’t love thapki. He feel pity for thapki being the scapegoat for his mother’s love. clueless series

  39. Pls unite dhruv and thapki

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