Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varun saying Aditi has informed us after marrying. Vasundara and Bau ji offer help to them. Dhruv says Aditi can’t marry Diwakar, after what happened with Thapki. He asks Aditi to tell him, is Diwakar threatening her, what is the matter, they all are with her. Bihaan says tell us once, we will not leave him. Thapki asks Aditi to trust her. Aditi says you could not stop wrong happening with her, what will she help Aditi now. Krishnakant asks what are you saying. Aditi says Dhruv and Thapki bear the wrong thing and now offering me help. Dhruv brings truth infront of world, and such big cheat happened with Thapki, he could not save their lives, what will he help her.

She says Bihaan ruins others lives, what will he help her. Krishnakant asks her to stop it. Aditi

says she did not do any mistake, she has married Diwakar going against them, its her life and she will decide, she does not want them to interfere. She asks them not to insult Diwakar, if they can’t respect him. Aditi feels sorry to hurt them, but she wants them to be away from Diwakar.

Diwakar asks for some good treatment. Suman and Preeti taunt him and laugh on him. She makes juice fall over him. He starts scolding them. Aditi comes and he threatens her indirectly. He asks them is their family union over, now he is son in law for Balwinder too. He asks for sweets. Balwinder gives him sweets. Vasundara stops Balwinder that they can’t insult Diwakar. Thapki gives sweets and Bihaan gets in between seeing Diwakar’s drama. Diwakar says he wants sweets from Thapki’s hands, not Bihaans. Bihaan gives box to her. She gives it to Diwakar.

Krishnakant says we will leave. Diwakar stops him and asks Bihaan to play a card game. He says you don’t have anything to bet, nothing is your own. This house, family and everything, you got in pity, as you are not real blood of Pandey family. Thapki gets shocked. Diwakar insults Bihaan and says uncle got you from road. Aditi asks him to stop it and come. Diwakar asks him to keep quiet. Diwakar says Bihaan has one thing to bet, this stammering Thapki. Bihaan shouts Diwakar….. Dhruv and everyone get angry on Diwakar.

Diwakar says she stammers, but she is good looking, keep her on bet, I will have both the girls. Bihaan asks him to shut up and holds his collar. Diwakar says you got angry, beat me, make Aditi a widow. Bihaan leaves him. Diwakar laughs. Bau ji scolds Diwakar. Diwakar says I was just saying that Bihaan is not related to this Pandey family. Thapki says you are right Diwakar. Bihaan is not having blood relations with this family, you will never understand his relation, when Bau ji sees Bihaan’s face after waking up, he gets happiness in his eyes, Bihaan had no one in the world, Bau ji trusts him the most. Vasundara has raised him as her own son, they both share their pain, this is their relation, he does have blood relations, but have his upbringing done by this family, this is the result he agreed to his parents and you are standing fine. Bihaan cries. Thapki says everyone did not regard Bihaan as outsider, they all love him, such relation he has with his house.

Bau ji reads the note that Bihaan will donate Thapki and scolds him. Bihaan says I did not write it. Thaoki says I m ready to sit on weighing machine.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thapki speaking for bihaan…..
    Luv u thahaan…….
    But pls make it fast…same precap for three days…

  2. How may days will they show the same precap……? I am bored…today its okay the episode is nice..☺☺☺✋

  3. Imotional episode.
    I thinking how do the diwakar know bihaan is adopted son?
    atlast thapki knows thats good frm diwakar did today.
    otherways he is irritated …..
    poor bihaan
    after this thapki fall in bihaan
    plz unite thahaan soon

  4. Nice episode
    but precap is now irritating
    plz unite thahaan soon

  5. They are just dragging TPK. Todays episode was boring with stupid Divakar’s drama. Today’s episode was nice only in the part where Thahaan stand for each other….
    Thahaan rocks luv u Thahaan…..

  6. Love ❤ u thahaan……
    Keep it up& always support each other like dis in every situation…….

  7. Thank you Diwakar for revealing the truth infront of Thapki,pls change the precap……Thahaan is mindblowing pair for ever………..

  8. nice!!!!! Thapki speak for bihaan and stupid precap dragging this precap for three days???

  9. Last part was nice.thapki supports bihaan its very nice.luv u thahaan.irritating diwakar one day u will get reply for this frm Bihaan

  10. Great Thapki for taking a stand for Bihaan!
    Good episod
    But precap is so.much irritating…same precap for the last 3days

  11. oho..1st tym tapki supurt to bihaan… Good yaar. Epi waz gd..
    Upcmng tapki fall in love with bihaan…
    W8ng thahaaan.. Seans.. 🙂
    Poor bihaan….and bldy fool.. Diwakar.. Hw dre u… Idiote…

  12. Super episode.
    thapki speak for bihaan. that was amazing we dnt except frm u .
    wt a disgusting precap three episodes same precap plz dnt draged we wtng for thahaan unity.
    expose shraddha and Vasu plzzz

  13. Plz anybody wrote thahaan FF….

  14. Good episode
    thahaan rocks

  15. Only thahaan
    awesome couple

  16. Same Precap lol :p thank god i didn’t watch yesterday’s epi..boring epi yar unite thahaan .

  17. Boring. How cone diwakar know that bihan is adopted when thapki doesn’t know.. stupid writers r showing anything to fool us. And thapki how can u take a stand for a person who ruined your whole life.

  18. boring…..vry low conversations on thapki n dhruv end..start two months serial was awesome..atleast show thapki thinking missing dhruv so wat if she is angry on him love dont reduce for dhruv…..ONLY DHRUV N THAPKI…bihaans role is good but as pair thapki n dhruv only

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