Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bani keenly observes Aryan as he plays the guitar like Bihaan. Kosi was worried as soon as Aryan begins to dance with them just like Bihaan. Thapki also miss Bihaan. Bani was left open-mouthed. After the dance, Aryan announces that one thing is still left and bring a Taaj Mehal decoration piece to Thapki and reminds he could never forget the identity of their love. Thapki holds the Taaj Mehal, Aryan says ‘Gajab’ as Thapki has agreed. Bani comes to hug Aryan, she was weepy and says she doesn’t want to go to her friend anymore; she didn’t want to hurt Thapki and leave. Everyone leave too. Thapki says this is how knowledge about the past is important, she told him about the minor details for this day. Aryan boasts about remembering these details.
In the room, Bani curses herself for suspecting

her father. She tells Kosi that now they won’t do anything against her father. Kosi wonders how she would now prove that the stranger isn’t their Bihaan.
At the temple, Vasundra tells everyone about the rules of fasting, husbands had to hold their wives up on stairs and help their partner break the fast. Tina boasts Samar would do it easily. Thapki requests Vasundra to let the children do this ritual. Vasu says they have been away from each other for long and it’s needed in their relation. Munna holds Bani, Samar takes Tina upstairs. Vasundra notices Thapki and Aryan were still there. Aryan finally holds Thapki upstairs. Tina takes a selfie as memory for doing something together. Her phone slips. Samar bends her down and she fell half way. Tina was teary but Samar assures everything is fine. Bani looks around and tells Munna no one can see them here, she demands him to be put down. She tells Munna that his bag is there behind the temple, he must leave for Mumbai as this is the best chance he leaves. Munna tells her to take care of herself. Bani hugs him after thanking him for doing what he has done for her till today. Munna leaves with a heavy heart.
Upstairs, Thapki tells Aryan to put her down as Vasu is no more watching them and he won’t be able to do it. Aryan takes it as challenge and carries Thapki till the hall of temple. He turns to leave as he has won the challenge. Kosi brings Bani to a side and says she would get the proof today. If this Bihaan is a stranger, Thapki would never let him break her fast.
Aryan watches Vasu coming upstairs, he brings a pot of water for Thapki to break her fast. Kosi and Bani observes his actions as he had his eyes on Vasundra. He brings the pot of water to Thapki. Thapki pushes the pot of water off his hand saying only husband breaks a fast of his wife, and they aren’t spouses. He isn’t her Bihaan, he is Aryan Khanna. Bani was taken aback, tears roll down her eyes. Vasundra comes to the temple worried that the pot of water for her fast fell off. Thapki lies that she has already broken her fast, she says she drank water and handed the pot to Bihaan but it fell down. Vasu boasts about the true relation of husband and wife. Bani was furious and was about to speak but Kosi holds her hand back.
Aryan asks Bani about Munna. Vasundra asks Bani to reply. Kosi laughs saying Munna had to go for some important task so he left. Vasundra calls everyone else for Pooja.
Later, Kosi stops Bani on the way. Bani asks why Kosi stopped everyone, she must have revealed her mother’s reality who brought a stranger as her father to home. Kosi says Thapki is very cunning, she could have make up an excuse. Bani says this time Thapki won’t be able to do anything. Kosi says only Thapki hurt her, not the whole family; Bani must only punish Thapki. She advices her to keep this secret as her power card and reveal it at the right time. She must play a trick with Thapki such that Thapki shatters and is disgraced in front of the whole world. Bani was determined to become a devil now and defeat Thapki in this game.

PRECAP: Thapki says she can never forgive the one who betrays his family. She tears the card breaking the wedding.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Vinolin.d

    I hate today’s episode. Again bani have started her evil game. I hate bani’s character. I like only thapki and Aryan’s character. The cvs started their illogical track again. It’s disgusting…

    hai my dear friends…I miss you a lot guys…

    1. Me too di,
      miss u so much Nd ur ff…
      how r u di..??

    2. how r u all..??
      please take care…
      nd thanku so much..

  2. Yes vino you are right…Bani has to burning our anger irritating character her combination with Samar is…omg no words…I wish CVS will be doing some dragging sections it will frame TPK more worse….hopefully waiting.Thahaan scenes were gajjab…
    Navami,sruti,santhosh Bhai,rinka,anu…my friends…where are you????

  3. Muslimah Berbalut Dosa

    I hate bani’s character,,,i think Jigyasa is not good in bani’s character,,so i always hoping for thapki & aryan will life together,,,& i believe that Aryan Khanna is Bihan Pandey,,,

  4. Chang this stupid story and bring back bihaan as bihaan. And Manish ji plz grow up and go back to bihaan charector as this is what the viewers want.

    1. Honestly.., I agree with you..
      I think that Aryan’s character has been forced because of that matter..

  5. hope they don’t drag this bani anger thing for long, end of the day bani wasted 15 years because she ran away and didn’t listen to anyone, it’s bani who has no common sense to think why Bihaan and the rest of the family never mentioned bani and why she wasn’t a part of their lives. A woman she had never met she just listened to and let her fuel her anger.

    I don’t know why people are still hoping that Bihaan is Aryaan, they’ve made it pretty clear that he is younger than Thapki and his motive for helping Thapki was to reconnect with Munna his brother. It’s pretty simple. Bihaan or Aryaan I don’t care Manish is back and he’s doing just as brilliant as Aryaan. I was a big Thahaan fan but I’d rather have Manish as Aryaan then have no Manish on the show. I know bani is meant to be a female version of Bihaan but for me it’s not working, I don’t find her likeable whereas child bani was.

    I do think the makers let too many obvious thing slide, the temple was empty they all should have been able to see each other clearly, if bani and Kosi saw and heard Thapki admit he’s Aryaan then logically Vasu, Samar and Tina should have seen and heard as well as they were close by. It’s been bugging me that at times when they show Jigyasa they forgets to change her footwear between both characters.

    1. Sorry why they never mentioned Kosi

    2. True ! I don’t like bani and kosi. They always blamed thakpi. I don’t understand bani is cruel again to told mannu go away with bag. I am not pleased about this today. Stupid director!!!!

    3. As I remember., Aryan hasn’t answered yet when Thapki asked his motive being agree to help her.., because Aryan just thinking about loss & profit..
      Aryan said that he will tell Thapki in the right time..
      At that time Aryan didn’t know that Muna has been in Pandey’s house..

      Yes.., Thapki & Bani’re wearing the same sandal.. You’te so detail.. ? ? ?

  6. Worst show

  7. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    cvs always make the show very annoying. i dont know what cvs want…

  8. According to spoilers., whatever Aryan’s motive., I’m glad that Aryan tries his best to hide the truth so that Thapki couldn’t be embarassing by Kosi & Bani..
    It means Aryan concern about Thapki.., even still left big question..
    Let see what will happen next..

    Have a nice day to all of you.. ?

  9. Bani again turning to evil..thahaan scenes were superb..hope aryan is bihaan..only bihaan is with his thapki…
    Hi guys…how are you all

  10. In the first time main show me manish air jigyasa KO dekh ke khush nahi hun,? kyunki main bihaan aur thapki KO hi 1 sath dekhna cahti hun kisi Aryan khanna KO nahi I hope the real bihaan will be back soon??

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