Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki and Bihaan seeing the recording. She says it means some third person was also there. He says that man has stabbed Bau ji. She takes that CD. Bihaan recalls that and gets angry. She asks him to come fast. They see the watchman outside and divert him by throwing a glass. They leave from there. Vasundara does puja and gives aarti to everyone. She asks Shraddha to take blessings for herself and baby. Dhruv and Vasundara take Bau ji to his room.

Shraddha looks around and says where did Bihaan and Thapki go, they were doing drama to come in puja, I have to find out. She goes to their room and says they are not here. She calls inspector and informs that Bihaan and Thapki have run away. Bihaan and Thapki are on the way. Bihaan recalls what happened with Bau ji. Thapki

asks him not to worry, they will get real culprit caught by this proof. Some goons follow them. The goons surround them. Bihaan shows his heroic style and fights with them, while Thapki hides the CD. The man tries taking CD from here. Bihaan stops the man and beats him.

Police comes there and stops Bihaan. Bihaan pushes the inspector. The goons run away. Inspector gets angry and says how dare you beat me. Thapki says no sorry, Bihaan was beating goons. Bihaan says yes, I thought its goon. Inspector says you are a big goon. Thapki says no, we have the proof of Bihaan’s innocence, check it once. Inspector arrests Bihaan. Thapki gets worried.

Vasundara gives Prasad to everyone. Thapki comes home. The ladies give good wishes for Bau ji. Thapki goes to play the CD. Shraddha looks on and follows Thapki. Thapki sees the CD is loading and goes to call everyone. Vasundara and Dhruv have a talk. Dhruv says Bihaan slapped inspector, he got arrested, don’t know whats happening. Vasundara says its good, let me be in jail. Thapki says no, Bihaan is not wrong. Dhruv asks whats this, you are still supporting Bihaan. Thapki says I have proof against the real culprit, I m saying truth, I want to show you all.

She says I have the proof, just come with me. Vasundara refuses to see anything. Dadi says we will see if Thapki is saying true or lie. They all go with Thapki. Thapki shows the CD loading and asks them to see what happened that night. The error message flashes on screen. Thapki gets shocked. Thapki checks CD and says I m saying truth, this had our society CCTV footage, it was seen clearly that someone else has stabbed Bau ji. Dhruv says your eyes are just seeing wrong, I regret. Vasundara says no, she also deserves punishment for supporting Bihaan. She scolds Thapki and asks her to say anything in court, tomorrow no one can stop Bihaan from getting punished. Suman thinks Thapki is not lying. They all leave. Thapki cries and says what happened to the CD, how did it get spoiled, maybe while fighting with those goons, I had just one way to save Bihaan, what will I show in court tomorrow, what will I tell Bihaan about the CD?

Shraddha took that CD. She says if anyone saw this, Bihaan would have got saved, Thapki would have become star again, I will not let Thapki get close to Dhruv and Vasundara, sorry Bihaan, this proof will be finished now. She takes CD to break it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Koi bat nahi bcoz chadail shrada started her kam again already they r in torn situation and upon she is also troubling wow:O πŸ™ cvs is always troubling thapki and bihan the reasons 4 thahans trouble is druv becoz of him only thapki came into this zoo to marry him at last ended up in…..and I have read all the comments of the 1st part of tpk b4 thapkis marriage all the members said thapki and drug is the sweetest and ofcours they will be united some people knew thru spoilers that she marry bihan but the members said that will not happen thapki and druv is the jodi thapki and bihan doesnt match like tat. I was thinking omg this CVS is playing with expectations and feelings of the veiwrs too bad and todays episode fight scene was a bit relief other wise wat it was:-) their dvd player was broken by bihan and they found time to repair it lol:-) I didn’t understand wats the problem with CD or DVD player ?? any way this can’t be tolerated more .CVS use ur brain

    1. Shradda swapped the DVD. She tries to destroy it but I understand winds up destroying her own wedding video instead. I hope this is because Suman realises what she is up to and in turn swaps that DVD too.

      1. Ooh, I didn’t know that! Well spotted Bea. I hope it’s what happens!

        Best bit of today was the Bihan fight scene. The slow motion dismount off the bike was like when he entered the show. Love the Bihan soundtrack too.

        Still don’t understand Vasu. Pointless trying now. And dhruv is a disappointment. He just wants to break Thapki and Bihan up. Has he forgotten he has his own wife.

        Shraddha up to her old tricks, but she has slightly more common sense than Thapki who constantly leaves evidence unattended or gives it away, has she forgotten she’s living in a house of people who want to see Bihan in prison,

        Oh well. Let’s see what tomorrow brings,

        Oh, and, the police who came to help Bihan and Thapki from the goons, took Bihan, but left Thapki in the middle of nowhere to fend for herself. They had just been told that the goons were after the did, so they left that too! (Palm slapping forehead emoticon!!)

      2. The only reason I am hoping Suman with Preeti’s help of course, swap the DVD, is because they have been suspicious of Shradda and have been conducting their own Laurel and Hardy style murder investigation. Also when the player didn’t work Suman thought Thapki was telling the truth and Preeti pointed at Shradda as if she was blaming her for it. For me it also then makes sense as to why creatives have had the comedy duo playing Sherlock.

      3. Lol nimisha gud point abt thapki bein stranded inthe middle of the road. I skippd thru the end of the stunt scene sinz i didnt wana spoil hero moment wen he gets verbally abused by the cops. As for thapki… she didnt even hv a purse. Well..shes thapki…she myt hv learnt to driv bihaans bike by nw!

    2. Asking a thing (brain) which they dont have ??

      1. actually when writers born, Dr come to his parents n smiled n said


        πŸ˜› o_O πŸ˜›

      2. Lol @ budhu hua joke. May i add “lakhom me ek”(one in a million)

      3. [email protected]? at thapji js brain jok

  2. what a stupid show.only dragging. other wise the show is superb.

  3. ** sorry druv typing mistake

  4. Sad episode. How can some people get away with all their wrong doings….

  5. What the hell Shraddha Can’t u just die…

    1. Actually that’s what I want !!!

    2. Actually I want Shradda to still be there. I just want her to redirect her venomous focus from Thahaan to Vasu and Dhruv. She is the only one capable of meting out the rightful punishment for the mother son duo. With her considerable brains its a mystery to me how she hasn’t yet arrived at the conclusion that those two are solely responsible for her unhappiness. They both sold her a pipe dream and are as yet to deliver.

      1. I think even if she had known what would happen to her, she would have still married dhruv as she was more interested in being a celebrities wife.

        Also, good point about Preethi and Suman and Sherlock Holmes above!

  6. Havnt seen episode. But sure sounds borin frm the update. Thot il say hi to al ( nimisha…. sumera… nages….fatarajo etc etc)
    And sag…wats keepin u busy…didnt see u much ystrdy. Hmm thapki n santhosh takin a brek too?wel…for now i hv nothin to say on episode.borin.wil watch later. Kana n nasreen…i left a reply for u in ystrdys update…(pendin moderation now). Tc.guys. ciao for now

    1. Yea didnt watch yr i already knew thapki will misplace the cctv footage ..and that happend so there is no need to watch as the story line is pretty much predictable..

    2. Hey ROshni. I neeeed to know. Where are you based. Love the way you write and the way you flit between various languages is very skilful so am Intrigued. Xxx

      1. actually she is multi talented

      2. Lol ?..nimisha…. u really r curious abt my details?.i had replied the last tym u askd…i guess u didnt see the msg…. nywy….wasnt a detailed reply.
        I cant reveal any personal info sinz im related to the prime minister and i work with the army’s defence dept.hence my multi linguistic
        abilities . My info is top secret!!!!
        Now if nybdy evn came close to believing
        wat i jus said then ROFL… im nt a charactr in jokin… as nw u kw…. im very mischievous!!!!? ?

        Nothin fancy abt me .nothin intriguing at al.Hmmm…i ws pretty cosy with being anonymous.. infact i nevr even xpectd to make frens hre.
        Ws really bored one day n i ws scrollin down the comment sectn n ws wonderin if
        nybdy else ws as annoyd as i ws with
        the writers goofy brain??. Usually i
        neva share personal info online (bit of a weirdo in tht aspect.sorry ?).

        Im an indian.. ryt now im in UAE. I ws
        studyin bak at hom…cam hre couple
        of months ago. most of my frens r bak in india so decided to kil tym by
        watchin somethin light on tv. Came acros tpk… liked the baseline story n
        cast bt uff…. ye goof ups? !bt if ur
        stil curious to knw more then , sinz we hv al bcom gud frens?, il send my yahoo msgr/email adres one day. Cal me crazy… but i tend to read a
        lota cyber crime details n al… so i just
        dont find it safe to put up too much personal info on a forum wr anybdy can jus see it (apart from u guys ofcourz?). Thats just my personal
        funda.. evrybdy differs in opinion. Its
        in my nature to b a lil over cautious abt certain stuffs…n the forum is plsss dont take it to ur heart. But yeah… definitely wil put up
        an email id soon so tht we al can
        keep in touch ????

        N plssss dont kil me for the prank???. Aadath se majboor (forcd by habit)

      3. Roshni, you are brilliant!

        Please don’t put you email address or anything else up here. Not safe at all.

        I was just curious and now I know so thank you.

        I am also Indian but live in England and have done since I was 3, so pretty much all my life. I am stay at home a mum to two kids, daughter 8 and son 6.

        I just love the way you all write here so am glad you stumbled onto this forum.

        Thanks again! Xxx

      4. Oops forgot to say, sorry I missed your previous response. And sorry to be a nosey old so and so!

      5. Hi nimisha… ah… 8 yrs n 6 yrs old… so cute.u must b havin runnin behind them all day?.im glad i met u all too. And nope.. i wudnt hav put my real email id in public . Wud hav put a fake one onthe forum hre first.? Hmmm i thnk il do tht if im levin… wud b nice to stay in touch????.

    3. Hiii Roshni
      actually yesterday due to work load my routine schedule messed up and today also same situation even today I missed retelecast. of course it was boring but still want see how much it was…. πŸ˜‰

      ya santhosh n sumera disappear totally….. santhosh I miss ur comments……. :’(

      1. Main aagayi……… sirf dosthi ke liye….

      2. hi sag…mai b present

      3. ohh hi santhosh n sumera
        good to see u both…

    4. Hi roshni,main apane kal sandesh dekha , aap roshni dhanyavaad
      bahut jald hee main hindee mein apana sandesh ka javaab denge

      Hehe πŸ™‚ this is wat i want to tell you
      “I saw ur yesterday msg and thank u roshni
      Very soon i’ll reply to your msg in hindi”
      That hindi version i got it from google tamil-hindi dictionary
      Is it right? If any mistake plz maaf karo hehe πŸ™‚

      1. I like your interest. …. you know kannada. …..?????

      2. Thank u santhosh, i don’t knw kannada!!

      3. Wow kana… ninga nalla hindi pesara.☺☺gud …. if u speak like ths ul mastr it in no tym. Theres only one gud way to lern a language. Speak it! No mattr hw many mistakes u make… just keep usin the language. Dosnt matter if it seems silly inthe beginin. Btw kanada is nt very difficult to lern if u knw least dats wat i may b u cn try tht to?

      4. @ kan i appreciate ur efforts nd after reading of your hindi statement i thing u learnt hindi before end of current track πŸ˜‰

      5. @kana i appreciate ur efforts nd after reading of your hindi statement i thing u learnt hindi before end of current track

      6. Hehe :)thank u roshni,i think u r familiar with different languages nah,actually wat is ur mother tongue?

    5. Episode dekh ne ke liye break lagaya hoo……. muje aap jaise dosth ko break up karneke liye nahi…………

      1. Can u translate this msg? I tried but i couldn’t get the exact meaning

      2. Hey dosth.. nice to see you back again….I’m so happy..

      3. Evn im cumin online fr sake of frens. Writers bettr make shw interestin….els their trps r gona hit rock bottom.

      4. Gajab!!! santhosh Gajab!!!

      5. If they don’t Roshni, we can rely on you, sag and Thapki to, can’t we ?

    6. I like your interest. …. you know kannada. …..??
      After the long time(173 episode) ….
      I don’t see the yesterday episode….

      1. Hey thre.hw r u

      2. roshini ur jst amazing yaarrr…thums up fr u yaarrr..

      3. Hey u guys r bein way too sweet to me?

  7. Today’s fight scene was awesome. I really loved it. Didn’t Bihaan look the dashing hero? This was more like the Bihaan Pandey of old. They even played the Bihaan Pandey hero anthem.

    The only issue was why didn’t Thapki get stuck in too. Bihaan was clearly outnumbered. These days gals don’t just stand on the sidelines and watch helplessly, they get stuck in and help and even land a punch or slap or even two.

    1. Ooh, I just said the same up there Bea! Loved the fight scene! I read and write but should read it all first and then write.

      1. What I would like to know is how did the Gundas know Thahaan had gotten that DVD in the first place? They distracted the guard and snuck in and out so it would be logical to assume no one knew they had it but lo and behold the gundas did and came to snatch it away accordingly. Similarly they seemed to have been already lying in wait for an ambush ;how did they know Thahaan would be using precisely that route. Nice and convenient there seems to be no people or traffic about as well. Even the police, how on earth did they locate Thahaan’s whereabouts so easily? Snitch Shradda couldn’t have given them directions as to their whereabouts because she didn’t know and considering the way they’ve conducted the investigation ,the police aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box either?

      2. Great ain’t it. We seem to always enjoy the same things. Meeting of minds.

      3. Bea, it’s best not to think about these things too much… Lol ????

        I’m assume that the villain is keeping a close eye on them.

        Also the police thing was ridiculous. Shraddha didn’t give her name and they still acted on it, usually they would need statements file an FIR and all sorts and then they susu ally arrive after the event, still can’t get over that they left a woman to fend for herself having seen they were being attacked and that they didn’t confiscate the evidence.

        And I’m impressed with your Hindi! You said gundas! My Hindi isn’t very good so am picking up loads by watching but the only word I’m comfortable with typing out so far is chappal, and putting walla after words. So I can now say burka walla ???

    2. ohhh I missed that Dhishoom Dhishoom !!!

      Nd I like two tunes in tpk first is Bihaan Pandey’s hero anthem. Nd second is na na na naaaa na

      Nd I think she save her punches or slapes for Balvindar the killer!!!

      1. He he he you are probably right Sag, unless of course she gets a severe attack of the mahan aatmas then too.

      2. Lol sag. Hmm..if she bcoms mahaan atma again il sing Na na na … na dekho serial.(meaning “no no no dnt watch serial)

      3. Lol ????

  8. Late update………..n don’t worry its not d cctv footage she’s brakin its her weddin dvd wat a stupid ladie breakin her own dvd

  9. These two always seem to have problems with losing proof /evidence , especially if its recorded on some modern day device. This DVD , the memory stick even the tape before Shradda and Dhruv’s wedding all came to nought.

    They must be really really careless or the writers just can’t come up with new ideas. My money is on the latter.

    1. Well said Bea. My money is on the latter too. They believe in recycling I think. The same old same old.

    2. this problem arises because krishna kant teach everythings to thpki except how to tack care of important proofs…. πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

      1. u r right. 100% agree. she is so dum ass

  10. Didnt watch but by reading written update and promo one can easily say BAKWASS HAI SB v already knew esa he hoga yehi hoa only to drag this track…
    Manish and jigyasa always say in interviews that thapki is a very intelligent character but it’s just an illusion created by our Jhando writer of tpk for him self and
    ……In todays era when there are several easy way to transfer/copy data in several devices even in our cell phones (what your iphone is for thapki its better for u to have a simplest oldest nokia)..why thapki didnt think of that as that was a very important evidence not your” shadi ka dance ” even people made copy of that ..
    And secondly she is so naive instead of showing this proof to police she went home and without even rechecking the dvd and played in front of all family member ….if i were in place of thapki i would have made as many copy as possible and would have played it several times before showing it to anyone else or the simplest POLICE BARTAN DHONY K LYE HAI KYA??????(DISH WASHING )
    Actually in tpk it is ?

    1. Thapki, even though you didn’t watch it, you know all the bloopers already. I’m impressed! Lol! Hope you, Roshni and sag stick around. Love reading your thoughts and alternative lines and bloopers! ?????

      By the way Roshni , the ca ca ca cake line still cracks me up! It’s brilliant! ???????????


      1. I really didnt watch it, this story is so predictable yar and thanks for appreciation. ??
        Hope v stick together and?Roshni is amazing??

      2. So are you and sag!

    2. hahaha jhandu writers…..

      it’s only because of bad script…..

      u know in tpk all main actors prove his/her acting skills in whatever given by writers

      But writers r gives Jhandu, actors perform very well jhandu things then episodes become more Jhandu…

      1. n ha Jhandu writers ki Jhandu police πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

      2. Hahaha Yeah exactly ,all the actors are doing good job except one( iykwim)?but all this jhandu things are because of weak plot and story line written by jhandu writer ?

    3. I am also the same way …..only reading the update. …..

    4. hey…. i fast forwarded thru the whole thing.infact i watched it jus coz evrybdy ws so impressd with bihaans stunts (ouch. if i attemptd to get off a bike with gymnastics like tht i wud hav had a sprain in my thigh! bt i gues they wantd to gv hm a chanz to b manly aftr all our complainin) .

      Thank god for recordin facility…. 30 min nonsense got over in 8 min ;-P

      i agree with thapki j. and may i add that this is the era of hard drives and a lotta tyms cctv footages r stored in hard drives automatically .nywy…im no cctv expert….so yeh…may b they use dvds a lot too.

      n yup,,,,i go with thpki with all the data transfer stuffs etc etc. though i did notice a lotta blunders as usual….i thnk thrs no point in mentionin all tht.

      i think we all can agree that the writers made thapki an intelligent character( i think in tamil its Indira- an innovative girl. ryt kana n al???) but unfortunately the writers r nt brainy enof to pull off tht stunt (but yeh…they sure r innovative. i wud hav neva thought of using a vacuum cleaner to suck in money while a gunda is abt to wake up. ah.. how time saving! tht thing didnt even get stuck. may be she shud suck in vasu n shradda into it too. shudh bharath… shudh pandey nivas).
      most of the tym im left wonderin…. doesnt thapki carry a purse? evr?! women usually carry a whole travel bag with them. wat hapnd to tht fav bag of hers? daan (donation) dene ke baad naya mila nahi kya? may b vasu isnt givin her poket money . she cud hv bot 1 chapal les n gotn a bag..i recal the episod wr she wantd to get tht weddin photo enlarged… again she ws wavin it around it the air. im glad it ws gundas snatchin it… the way thse writers r , i wud hv thot burkha mans pet crow wud fly off with it n thse 2 wud run aftr it with the gulel.
      gota say…. the gundas luked like they work as servants in som1s house… all Ramu kakas.

      1. Yea i was wondering same when ever i travel i carry a handbag having essentials like (phone, charger powerbank ,comsetics and money hand sanitizer etc etc )
        But thapki doesnt need it she is a super woman ,has some secret pocket inside her
        Hahah ramu kaka type gundas ??????

    5. Hmmm i dont like this brainless bihaan. I know hes suppos to b a moti budhi but commonn guys… thapki is a naive nerd. Bihaan is semi illiterate but hes smart n cunnin. Hes the one hu sent ram pyaari bihind shradda with a hidden cam..n now he forgot abt the cctv?! Hw convenient! Did his brain freeze permanently while inthe cold storage?! N wr r his gunda frens? He even seemd to hav gud rapport with the police as frm the earlier episode. Uh… wrters… pls dont do bihaans charactr assassination ?.

      1. By reading comments here ,Bihaan’s jump sounds kinda funny.
        And yeah he had a very good reputation among police and a huge gang of gundas/frnds what happend to them-I almost forgot.
        Sadly Bihaan’s character is ruined only-the only good thing in this show.





    1. “SWEET BEA” ??? That’s nice. No one has coupled that word with my name for a while now. Thanks for doing so.

  12. in that house oniy shraddha has only know who to use brain anyway very well done shraddha

  13. sorry not who its how

  14. considering after all comments of TPK fans I want 2 only

    sare sabooto or gavaho ko madye nazar rakhte huve a forum writers or director k dafa 420 ke tahet tazi rate him saza a mot sunati hai (to be hang till death)

    or vasu or sharaddha pr alag se mukadma chalane ka hukm deti hai…

    πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    1. Hahahaha ?

  15. On watching dismounting of Bihaan frm the bike I felt like his pant is gonna prrrrrrrr……. ?????But thank god..
    His 360 degree rotation(leg)was awesom buttt.. Its too much …….
    Bcoz in that fight they didnt have any benift and also their CD got spoiled police arested him too…

  16. hey guys new olv bihaan beaten by police again CHUK CHUK GADI COME & Shed her glycerine tears insted of realising Mahan aatma focussed on her MAHANTA disgusting!!!!

    thapki Cried to leave bihaan police PUSH BIHAAN AT FLOOR AND GOES
    SO EMOTIONAL SCENE which AGAIN leads to thahaanian ANGER TOWARDS CVS as everytime they show bihaan beaten up and thapki glycerine tears new hope may thapki realise but ONLY HOPE as Cvs only believe in dragging
    THAPKI try To FEEl his pain.
    bihaan:see thapki i havent become angry on police ”

    SO MUCH ANGRY ON POLICE & writers everytime my bihaan HAD TO FACE TROUBLE
    otherwise Writers r going to die by us

    CVS KI……
    WRITERS KI…:-) ……

    what to say
    so disgusting

    1. Jai ho…… jai ho… jai ho……

    2. Hai, hai, hai. Naan unga sangathula irukenannu theriala, adhanale unga sangathula totala ethanai per seruvDharku application potirukkanga? Eedhedhu matha mozhiyileyum neraya friends pidichachu polirukku. Pora pokka partha, hindi, kanadam,malayalam pala mozhi pesuveenga polirukku. Pathu tamilai marandhura porenga. Sendru varugiren, bye.

      1. Sorry anu, this comment is for kana s.

      2. Ithu than ash unkida iruka kedda palakkam ippidi thider thidernu minnal mathiri vanthitu poirra athanala than nee enga sangathila iruka enkirathe engaluku adikadi maranthu poiruthu,ennaya mathiri nasreen mathiri nee daily vanthu oru attendance ah poddudu poganum ok athu than nalla pillaiku alagu,atha vidudu ippidi busy ppl mathiri scene ellam poda padathu ena…
        Hehe athukuleyava naama avlo famous aayitom,hey hey nanga english pesinalum tamilanda avlo sekiram tamila maranthida maddom

      3. Sorrypa, appapo sangathula irukena, ileyane marandhu pogudhu. Neenga vera id issue panaliya adhan. Unmayave 4 naal busypa. Neathithan unga ellaroda comments ellam padichen. Udane sangathoda ??vandhiruchi. Adhanale????vandhiten. Aana, kana marupadiyum ????pogapogiren. Enakku 4 naal leavu venum. Sanga thalivar yaarunnu mudivagiyirundha permission vaangi tharumpadi thazhmayudan ketukkolgiren. Ippadikku….ungal? or ?

      4. Yeanma ash unakenna short term memory loss ah!!! Ohh Ungaluku id vera issue pannanumo!!Ila illa nee saripadu vara madda,already nee 4 naal leave eduthita iniyum leave ellam thara mudiyathu thalaivara vera innaiku kaname enna panrathu!!
        Sari paravala thahaan love track vera start pannala thane so nee poittu vaa

      5. Aana 4 naal kalichu nee vanthu aayar aakiranum illana apuram sangatha viddu neekiruvanga apuram naan porupilla okva!

    3. And this is for you. ‘Dont worry soon u will enjoy cold weather’ may 13th you replied for me. Today, Wow super, in chennai hot may…..depression, heavy rain, cold weather, really big wow to you. Now I also dancing like you. Amazing Anu. I gifted this title to you.

    4. Look at it the way I do: this is PROGRESS. Thapki’s anguish at Bihaan’s pain is real and heartfelt. Unlike that time soon after marriage when Bihaan followed Thapki to the market and got himself severely beaten up by those goons who were teasing her. She didn’t waste any sympathies then but look at her now. He is getting hit but she is feeling the pain, just like in that legend. This is love, unacknowledged yes but love all the same.

  17. Nasreen eppidi namma hero fighting sema style ah irunthichula!! Nethu atha parthittu appidiye vaanathila paranthirupiyee!! Bcz naanum paranthane athan kedan πŸ™‚
    Appuram namma sangathila sera innum rendu pillaigal application podurukanga nages and sivagami πŸ™‚ nee thane thalaivar eppidi sangam amaika pora sollu sollu

    1. my mother Tongue is kannada. …
      my English is very poor…… I am not well educated . …. same like bihaan pandy. …..
      l hope u understand my English….

      Translate. ….

      I am stop watching the serial. ..but, I want to don’t break up our friendship…….

      1. But you knew Hindi very well☺!!!

      2. Hey santhosh,do u think that i did master degree in english language!! Areehh yaaarrr i’m also like u santhosh,i think your english is better than my english and u can speak hindi also πŸ™‚ don’t worry i understand your translation thank u soo much πŸ™‚

      3. Kana…santhosh… u do need some basic qualifications to comment here. Degrees like MBBS ( master in bloopers blunders n senselessless) Bsc (bachlr n in socialisation)… a PhD in humor or friendship???

      4. Hehe πŸ™‚ then we are qualified nah roshini??

      5. @kana: yeh all r over qualified. N sag is even a poet?

      6. LOL @ MBBS fullfom

    2. Haha…. Vanakkam nasreen and Kana…. ??… Daily inthe tpk paathu2… Inthe writer mela kadupa analum…. Its very glad to meet new friends through this forum… Nice to meet you guys… Big HI?? from Malaysia… whr r u from?

      1. Vanakkam vanakkam sivagami πŸ™‚ it’s a pleasure to meet u dr:) i’m frm srilanka
        Yah u r right writer ah oongi oru arai vudanum pola than iruku but enna panrathu antha manushan engayo iruku naama engayo irukam πŸ™ atleast tpk forum is helping us to
        communicate with good friends nah that’s enough πŸ™‚

    3. Nasreen(Tamil chennai)

      hey guys… hai hai hai.. how are you all? im always asking this ques.. But nobody did answer this.. its ok… Yennama kana…
      Epdi iruka… saptiya…. sorry dear.. nethu signal week..Now only i saw all of ur comnents … Enna ash ku leave venuma ma? Yennaku onnu puriyala… yaaru yaaru sangathula irukanu.. As a leader ah na yellar peraiyum list edukanum… help me guys…. Yeh kana… ennoda fb la nee varuvanu nenachen.. mmmm.
      sari unga wish….
      Today episode pathi ….
      Nowadays Dhruvs acting like negative roll… How could u do this dhruv…? U r always thapki side na.. Then y u changed… for wat reason… Ennakenemi dhruv panradha paatha andha burqa wala personis dhruv setting… Eppollam thapki andha proof pathi dhruv kita pesuralo appellam avaluku problem varudhu… appidinu na nenakiren…
      Ha guys… nenga. solra madhiri PANDEY NIVAS FAMILY ku mind eh vela seiyadhu pola… yedhaiyum logic ah think panna matanga pola…
      Anyway … writer ji. wat a fantastic stupid story line….U think. we are fool to watch this….

  18. Killer is bihaan’s father and bauji’s brother but bihaan’s blood group matches with vasu’s blood group. What kind of drama they are showing. In this chapple series writers forgot about thahaan. πŸ™

  19. What thapki how u r become careless like this? Shradha when u r quit the show? You are too boring get lost

  20. Main aaya hoo sirf aur sirf mere dosthonke liye……crap track liye main ne aap ko miss nahi karna chaathi hoo…..
    lekin ek thahaan scene kabar laya hoo…….
    Inspector and constables are brutally beating Bihaan Bihaan follows Thapki’s advice and counts till 10 (will he get flashbacks of those 10 good moments?) Thapki comes there and cries seeing Bihaan’s condition (brilliant acting by Jigs ) She begs the inspector to leave Bihaan. Inspector stops his constables but tells Bihaan that he is only leaving him because he has to go for a court hearing tomorrow. But once you get jailed, then i will not leave you (Inspector )
    Then the constables untie his hands and he falls down. They lock the door and leave. Thapki cries and asks Bihaan to get up and come near her. ThaHaan trying their best to somehow hold each other’s hand. Bihaan will great difficulty moves towards her and finally they hold hands. Bihaan leans against the jail bars. Thapki touches his arm and he cries in pain. Then he says “Thapki aaj hum ne bilkul gussa nahin kiya, wo maarte rahe aur hum tumhari something”

    Haaye jail ki salaakhen bani ThaHaan ke liye zaalim samaaj but we are going to a get a good ThaHaan scene (only if the editors don’t ruin it)
    . And please use some other song this time. Raanjha will spoil the mood of this scene. Suggest a song for this scene guys

    1. Jab se muje a news mila hai ……
      Really…… really. ……. excited to watch the today thahaan scene. …..
      What’s the bihaan best 10 best FB scene. …….??????

      1. Best thing kuch nahi sirf thahaan eyelocks and hugs honge…usse aage kuch romantic best things huva hai kya???

      2. Main ne romance baare mai nahi socha …..sirff bihaan best happy 10 FB ke liye wait kar rahi hoo…..

        And u r point eye lock ….
        muje lagtha hain ki wo eye lock scene romance ke liye nahi…..
        thapki ki face main pimples hain na usko count karneke liye cvs ne wo scene create karthe hain…….!!!!!!

      3. …”hum tumare bare mein sochte rahe”..??? How is it posbl tht aftr all this a girl cant make out tht the poor fella is in luv with her. At this rate if bihaan tears open his chest and hands her his heart,shel say “shud i fry this n make chicken tikka fr dinner ?” N lol @ pimple comment. Bihaans dimple nthapkis pimple.
        Btw…i didnt open the youtube link. Y is balwindrs brothr calld balwindr? Shud hV been BAKWASinder the way hes actin. Im savin al the comments on tht track ti they show it

    2. Yeah just eyelock hngy with few excetions like new year scene ..

    3. wow……… AFTER a lots of time thahaan scene really excited to see 10 FB

    4. Santhosh and Roshni… The pimple and chicken tikka for dinner had me on the floor! ??????????????????


  21. Latest news. ….
    balvindar vs balvindar………!!!!?????
    Video link. …

  22. Nothing to say about this show these days. Yaar Yeh log toh Kumkum Bhagya se bhi aage nikal Gaye, waiting for thahaan love confession only then will comment like crazy in this page for now will comment less and what nonsense sometimes chapal, sometimes DVD, an bla bla but love confession ka toh sawal nahi utat

  23. You’re all probably wondering why so many posts from me today? Day off , boredom and awful weather outside. Somehow the bad weather only happens when I have a day off so can’t enjoy outside.

    1. Hey Bea. It’s nice to see you again. I thought maybe you’d given up Watching!

      I can’t as I’m addicted to disappointment and live shows that don’t move on.. ????

      Btw ,it miserable here too. I’m wondering if the last few days were our summer?? ??????

      Hope you’re enjoying you’re day off, despite the weather. Xxxx

  24. i am not happy with writer. Bihaan is so innocent.
    Please dont beat him.

    I think Bhaan ko sentence hojay gee.
    Phir, bauji hosh mein aahkar uss ke saza maaf karway gay.

  25. ohh hi santhosh n sumera good to see u both

  26. only dragging nothing more about it…

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