Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv asking Shraddha how are you, and Maa, I mean how is the baby. Shraddha says everyone is fine. Dadi asks for Thapki. Bihaan says I will see, and asks Shraddha to be with family, roaming in zoo in this state won’t be good, did you understand. She nods. He goes. Dhruv and Shraddha go together. Vasundara asks Thapki who came with her. Thapki says Bihaan and I came to see zoo, its good we met you. Bihaan meets Vasundara and hugs her, saying I m fine now after meeting you. Vasundara asks about everyone else. Bihaan says just we two are here. He shows the peacock and takes Thapki with her. Thapki asks his plan. He says we have to make Maa and Bau ji meet, we will plan it as they met for the first time, then see how Bau ji’s love for Maa comes out, we will get softy icecream

for them. They leave. Vasundara sees them gone. Everyone take pics with animals. Bau ji goes to buy icecream. Bihaan stops him. Bau ji says I can have one, let me eat it. Bihaan says no you can’t have it, and thinks you will have softy with Maa. Thapki gives two icecreams to Vasundara, and asks her to have both. She goes to get water bottles.

Bau ji walks to Vasundara. Bihaan and Thapki hide. Thapki says Maa and Bau ji met in this zoo for the first time. He says yes, while having softy. She says that will happen today too. Bau ji gets a cal and stops. Kids go to Vasundara. She gives them icecreams. Bihaan says why did Bau ji get call now. She says Maa gave softy to kids, what will we do. He says come, we will start it again.

TPK spoiler

They look for Bau ji. Suman and Preeti call the animal out. Preeti says there is no one. Suman says cage is big, someone would be there. They all make noise and irritate the gorilla. Thapki comes there and stops them from throwing stones, it can be dangerous for us and him too. The man says we came to see animal, and throws stone. She says we can’t behave this way with animals. Gorilla sees Thapki. Gorilla comes out and they all get shocked. They scream and get away. Shraddha looks on. The gorilla holds that man’s hand. Thapki says stop, don’t punish the gorilla, the people have thrown stones at him. the zoo officer says no, he has become dangerous since his partner was shifted from this cage. They all leave. Shraddha smiles and says I understood what to do now, Bihaan loves his wife a lot, now see I will give your wife to this gorilla, then show your anger to this gorilla. She breaks the cage lock. She asks gorilla not to get angry. She says now I have to get Thapki here anyhow, all the best. She goes.

Bihaan talks to Dadi. Dadi says I don’t know about Thapki and your Bau ji, I want popcorn. Bau ji comes there and says I m not a kid to get lost here. Bau ji asks Bihaan to go and see Thapki. Bihaan goes to Thapki. Thapki looks for Bihaan. Shraddha takes her phone and asks what happened. Thapki asks for Bihaan. Shraddha says I did not see him, call him. Thapki says where is my phone. Shraddha says did you leave it near gorilla cage, check. Thapki says I remember I had phone when I left from there. Shraddha says fine, check here first. She goes. Thapki looks for her phone and goes to gorilla cage. Shraddha keeps Thapki’s phone near the gate, and says I did my work, not gorilla will do the rest of the work.

Thapki goes and sees her phone. She sits to take her phone. Gorilla goes to Thapki, and Bihaan saves Thapki. He asks are you fine. She says yes, my phone. Gorilla breaks her phone. Bihaan scolds gorilla and says Thapki is my wife, stay away from her, else my mind is also hot. Shraddha looks on. Bihaan takes Thapki and leaves. Shraddha goes to scold gorilla. She calls him useless and gets scared. She runs. He pushes the gate. Suman and Preeti enjoy in the zoo with everyone. Bihaan and Thapki see a hippopotamus. He says I can’t spell it. She asks him to just call hippo, he is beautiful. He says yes, beautiful like you, see he is smiling seeing you. She asks am I fat like him, what do you mean, am I so dark. He says no, see his eyes. She asks are you eyes so big. He says sorry, I m looking that my hippo fine. She says yes.

Bau ji and Vasundara come face to face, after she slips and Bau ji holds her. Bihaan and Thapki look on, and smile. Dhruv comes there and claps, saying great, Maa found this way to come back in our lives, this was her plan to come here this way and wearing such saree, she met Bau ji and hugged her, all by a plan.

Dhruv gets angry and says I won’t keep any relation with Maa. Thapki says I called Maa to make her meet Bau ji and us. Dadi scolds her and blames Vasundara for cheating them. Bihaan says Maa did not know anything, Thapki is saying right. Vasundara apologizes to them. Shraddha takes Vasundara with her. Dhruv asks is it done, shall we leave. They all go. Bihaan says what did we plan to do and what happened. They all go home.

Suman sees the news of the gorilla running away from the zoo. Suman worries. Preeti scares her. Sanjay and Ashwin laugh. Preeti teases Suman. Suman says gorilla will come to Preeti now, and goes. They all laugh. Bau ji asks whats happening, and sends Sanjay and Ashwin to go and do some work. Sanjay and Ashwin say we will see that in morning, come, we will go and sleep.

Gorilla enters the house. Bihaan and Thapki are sad. He blames himself. She says we don’t have to lose courage, we can try again, don’t think much. He says I will get water and goes out. Suman says Preeti was scaring me, and sees gorilla. She thinks its Preeti and asks her not to scare her. She slaps and pulls gorilla’s cheeks, asking her to be careful, real gorilla can come.

The power goes. Thapki says how did power go, Bihaan did you come so soon, come inside, don’t worry, we will get Maa back, come and sit here. She holds Gorilla’s hand and gets him inside. She asks why is your hand looking so rough. Power comes. She gets shocked seeing the gorilla and screams. Gorilla gets angry and throws things. She asks him to stop. She shouts to Bihaan, asking him to come soon. She calls out everyone for help. Gorilla throws something and she gets hurt. She sits crying. Gorilla goes to her. She gets tensed. She asks him to stop.

She says stay away from me and shouts. He caresses her hair. She says it means you did not wish to hurt me. Preeti comes to tease Suman. Suman sees her in normal clothes, and says you changed gorilla clothes so soon. Preeti asks what, I did not wear any gorilla clothes. Suman says then who was that gorilla. They both get scared. Thapki gets up and gorilla gets angry. She says no, wait. She says he does not want to go. She asks him to show his wounded hand. She gets scared and asks him to wait. She tears her dupatta and ties to his hand. He sees her hand hurt, and covers it with dupatta. She gets shocked seeing him tie dupatta to her wound.

A fly comes over her head. She asks why are you beating me, and sees the fly. He signs her about the fly. She says you are imitating me. He holds her hair and makes her caress his hair. She asks what, shall I pick lices from your hair, fine, I will do.

Suman and Preeti talk about the gorilla. Suman asks did Thapki come to scare us. Preeti says Thapki won’t do such stupid things. Suman says we will go and see Thapki once. They go to Thapki’s room and get shocked. They scream and everyone come there. They all get shocked seeing gorilla. Bihaan says gorilla is dangerous, come out Thapki. Bau ji asks him to call zoo authorities. Thapki tries to leave. Gorilla holds her hand. Thapki asks them to be quiet and not scare the gorilla, I will calm this gorilla and come. Suman says gorilla can do anything, we will leave. Bihaan says I m here only. She says I will calm him down and come. He hides and says if he hurts you, call me. She shows her phone and her pic to Gorilla. Gorilla calms down and gets busy. Thapki goes out. Bihaan locks the door. Gorilla throws the phone. Everyone ask Bihaan and Thapki to come fast. They all run. Gorilla breaks the door and comes out.

Vasundara cries. Shraddha pacifies her and asks her to come and have food. Vasundara rests down and cries. Shraddha smiles and leaves. Gorilla follows everyone and reaches the entrance door. He stops everyone from leaving and throws the things. Thapki gets shocked.

Bau ji asks Bihaan not to shoot, cylinder fell, it will catch fire. Bihaan’s gun falls. Gorilla takes the gun. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hehehehe…sooooper machi(Bunny style). Hi girls. Hey juggu nethu update la ennoda last comment poi paaru..

  2. Today’s episode was awesome. Summan and preety is so funny. In according to spoiler bihaan try to explain gorilla that thapki is his life partner. ♥♡♥so funny. I like thapki exprasion to gorilla.

  3. What nonsense

  4. Can these things happen in reality

  5. From where do they such lame ideas?!

  6. Gorilla was cute……and thapki was removing his lice… funny?Waiting eagerly for watching tomorrow’s episode!!It will be interesting to watch tharilla’s chemistry…lol

  7. Tamil ponnunga-anuya(15)

    Funny episode. First it was dhruv, then bihaan and now gorilla for thapki.

  8. Sriranjani

    Hahaahaa………. Funny Episode…… 😛 :”)

  9. Goms

    Hahaha good epi..except “dhruv getting angry on vasu ma, vasu ma crying..” hate this matum bihaan ahvo illa thapki ahvo irunthana antha gorilla va shradha veetuku anupi irupan..

    Suman slaps and pulls gorilla’s cheeks, asking her to be careful, real gorilla can come..?????

    Intha thapki payabula bihaan kezha vilura mathiri nadichu kai ya neetum bothula kaiya kudukala..kezha viluntha appovum kaiya kudukala..
    Intha gorilla va bihaan nu ninaichu kaiya pudichu kutitu vanthuchu.. nambura mathiriye illa..

  10. Goms

    Hahaha good epi..except “dhruv getting angry on vasu ma, vasu ma crying..” hate this matum bihaan ahvo illa thapki ahvo irunthana antha gorilla va shradha veetuku anupi irupan..

    Suman slaps and pulls gorilla’s cheeks, asking her to be careful, real gorilla can come..?????

    Intha thapki payabula bihaan kezha vilura mathiri nadichu kai ya neetum bothula kaiya kudukala..kezha viluntha appovum kaiya kudukala..
    Intha gorilla va bihaan nu ninaichu kaiya pudichu kutitu vanthuchu.. nambura mathiriye illa..

    Intha dhruv ku ena that problem nu therila..thapki kum bihaan kum tha vasundara ketathu panuchu.. avangale manichutanga..

    1. Juggu

      Haahahha…goms akka crctah sonneenga gorillaku iruka adhirshtam kooda bihaanuku illa…ava kaiya pudikradhe adhisayam adhuvum gorillava pochu….????

      1. Goms


  11. Wah… Very cute tahaan scenes.. But I was wondering how this gorilla got to know the address of panday nivas.. I guess it must have took a share auto to reach PN ???
    Hiii girls.. Anda gorilla original nu nambunadan sooru.. Yarulam namburinga..

    1. Juggu

      Idhala nambanuna dha soruna na patiniyr kidapen….po pa

      1. Ha ha ha.. Juggu apdilam solla kudadu.. Adu gorilla dan.. OK.. Paru vitta adu thapki kuda duet padudum pola..

    2. Goms


  12. thahaan hippo scenes were gajabbb

    Loved it

    other scenes too scary

  13. Today’s episode was full of entertainment. It was very funny.
    It was totally unrealistic.
    Hats off to the writer for writing such meaning less episode.

    1. Hats off? Im gona giv my “head “off. Dimak khana to inn logon ki fitrat meinhai. Hi drizzle…. I thnk I saw u on som sony chnl page

  14. But like cute fight of binman and gorilla.

  15. Typing mistake bihaan

  16. Thnx 4 d update


  18. Juggu adhoda continuation.. Onbadhu.moonu.moonu.onbadhu.irandu…mudinja kandu pidichu aprom sollu..

  19. Overall good episode. . Entertaining. ..I was laughing like crazy. .lagta hai aajkal tpk ki story 5 yrs ke bachche likh rahe hai?thabi tho zoo,animals,cartoons,jokers saare aa rahe hai. …thapki itni foolish hai ki usse bihaan ka haath aur gorilla ke haath mein farak hi nahi dikhta ??aur gorilla ko entertain kar rahi hai.?bbechara bihaan? dadi aap na parpothe ka Sapna chod yi dho ???kyunki bihaan maa ko vapas laane mein busy hai aur mahaan aatma tho PN family ka problems aur ab animals ke problem bhi solve karne mein busy hai tho inki live story HUG mein yi atki huyi hai…hum logo ne maanga tha ‘ek choti si love story’ THAHAAN…?lekin CV’S ne diya bada surprise ?ek badi si love story THARILLA ?????
    Aur ek million dollar sawal hai ye ki….
    Aakir thahaan ke beech gorilla kyun aaya??? Iss track mein gorilla ko laane ki zaroorath kya thi???
    Anyways CV’S JAI HO??? bas plz tpk off air hone se bachalo ????

  20. What a gorilla drama

  21. Tamil ponnunga-kana(1)

    Apapapaaa!!! Evlo distance purushan pondattiku idaila,intha distancela gorilla enna dinosaur eh vanthalum acharya padurathukilla 🙂

    1. Romba kevala paduthadhepa. Future plan ippave poduraanga. Andha gapula eththani pullaigalai padukka vaikalamnu lppave kanakku podaranga. Apuram melama adhai seyal paduthuvaanga. Avasarapadakoodadhu. Adhukku munnadi maa..baavuji.I serthu vaikanum. Shradhava gaali pannanum, appuram gulabo..adhnoda mate, raam pyaari..adhanoda mate…..
      Ellathaiyum mudichittu roomukku poooiii adhey paduthu thoonguvaanga. Enga seyal paduthuradhu. Last part kannadi potta bhihaan, kannadi potta thapki. The End. Indha maadhiri decent.a sollanum puriyudha my dear kana.

      1. Juggu

        Namalukaga no. kuduthu yaro nasreen aka ku call panni hindila edhedho pesurangalla…..

        Thahaan ku nadavula evlo gap irundha ungaluku enna,edho naduvula plot potu viduukata pora madhiri discuss panitrukeenga….

      2. Tamil ponnunga-kana(1)

        Ama ash epdiyum oru 10 pillaigala thonga vaikalam antha distancela aana enna adopt panna than undu,actually intha bihaanku enna problemnu therila avanum romance panna madenkiran antha gorillavayum romance panna vida maddenkiran,adadada summa solla koodathu antha gorilla evlo azhaga romance pannuthu thampi bihaan dei pathu kathaugappa

      3. Tamil ponnunga-kana(1)

        Juggu neer oru manguni amaichar enpathai manikoru murai kaaddi vidukirer,pinna intha porampokka enna panratham??
        (saaarrryyymaaa naan nelatha sonnan)

    2. Goms


      1. Tamil ponnunga-kana(1)

        Ama goms dinosaur eh than,u don’t knw dinosaur???
        Don’t worry keep watching tpk,they will definetly show u dinosaur 🙂
        Ada nxt track eh athanma 🙂

  22. Juggu

    Vry funnyyyy does tpk changed their place to cnb r kpy……soopr bihaan is better thann gorilla…..

    Hope soon thapki starts to luv gorila

    Tharilla track bachao…

    1. Goms

      Achacho.. ena ma solra Juggu..atha nasreen akka varalaiya..?!
      Anonymous num la irunthu call vantha attend panna vendam nu sollu da..

      1. Tamil ponnunga-kana(1)

        Haiyooo paaru nammalala antha pillaiku evlo pirachana,nasreen don’t worry pesama nee sim ah mathu, but inga madum varama poiratha miss u darling 🙁

    2. Juggu

      Kana,ash,goms,kums enna pannuveengalo theriyadhu nasreen akka no. Ah kandupidichu msg panreenga……mokka poduradha vitutu sattu puttunu velaya paruunga…

      Apro akkakku thala valiya adha varla……

    3. Hey juggu WhatsApp la irukka dhana 16th June ennoda last comment & 17th June comments poi read pannu dear… please.

      1. Juggu

        Yup shobi i read n understood it wait till evryone gather

      2. Thank you juggu ji.I will be waiting.

  23. I wish thapki dead

    1. Excuse me ishani gosh brother/sister why so cruel.

  24. Hi santhosh, roshini, fatarajo ?wh r u guyz??missing u all?kahi tum log bhi muje bataye bina ZOO dekhne gaye ho kya??? Sambhal ke warns Gorilla aa jayega ???????

    1. CVS ke dushman

      Yaad math karo ….
      cvs MAD I am SAD…..
      ongoing track se bahuth upset hoo iss liye mai ne ek long break laganeka faisla kiya a…..cmt karneka ka bi mann nahi….

      Thum tharilla track dekho mai baadh mai ahooga….
      Waise bi maine iss serial dekhna chod diya a… only updated read kar raha hoo aaghe bi track aisa huva tho reading bi bandh kardoonga ….

      Iss serial mai tho thahaan ke ek accha love track, thoda romance, emotional baathe, nok joke bla…bla… expectations kiya tha maine a HALF MENTAL CVS tho tharilla track dikharahe a…

      Cvs se aakri kwaish finally tharilla ki jodi karo na ……….
      humm thapki ko aur kis kis ke saath dekhna padega……!!!????

      Agar love triangle dikhna a tho mere mann mai ek idea a ….

      VASU ,BALLU aur TAKLA(shraddha ki baap) ka kijiye….
      (Promo….. kya thapki ballu ko apni pyari patni dila payegi….!!!???)

      Trp tho 0.2 drop huva a aage bi aur neeche girega ….girega tho aisa na cvs sapne mai bi nahi soch sakthe aisa girega……..

      Trp Last week 1.1
      next week…….!!!???(my guess 0.9)

      Finally CVS KI JAI HO…. JAI HO ….JAI HO…

      1. Lol…. theres hardly anythin left to deduct from tht trp. Kuch bacha hi kya hai kum karne keliye.such immature story lines…. uff… not interested at alllll.. its too psychotic n silly.trp ke saath saath my IQ shud drop to below 60 to watch this.

      2. Hey CV’S ke dushman aur mere dosth santhosh ? muje tho tharilla track dekh ke bahuth mazaa aa raha hai ?????bas yahi chintha hai ki kahi mein pagal na ho janvu ???

      3. Hello everyone….i am new here…i have started commenting from past one week…just wanna say…….enjoy all ur comments …except those in south indian language…as i m not an south indian..??….all ur comments are more interesting than the show…and hey…cvs ke dushmann…ur idea of love triangle between vasu balwinder and takla was too gud….couldn’t control my laughter:-p

    2. Hey guys. I didnt see episode and i dont feel like readin the update . Tracks r bcomin sooo silly yaar. PN mein sirf dinosauron ki kami kai. Then they can make jurrasic park !I hv shiftd to Sony channel.just came to say hi. Santosh…. tum hi hona “cvs ke dushman”.haha… gud. Jai ho jai ho

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        yes i also watch sony only colors is so irritating big fan of krpkab -devakshi n edkv-shraman but a big fan of thahaan too not tpk jita jata show ko zoo bana diya

      2. True jo. These days im busy catchin up with old epi of edkl on likin mr qutub minar a lot :-; !!!Just saw startin 40 episodes so I gues it wil tak a long tym fr them to get united. Thahaan ws gud…. highlight “WAS”. Nw its thakaaan… not thahaan. Seein it makes me get thakaan( fatigue). Guys…. I herd tht aftr seein this honeybee goriila track anotr channel got I impressed with tpk n offered them 3 crore fr airin their show – Animal planet!!! :-;. Ab tpk cartoon netwrk aur animal planet channel mein shift honge.
        Santosh vinlo…. nim msgs noduthike jana elli barathara. English alli mathaddikku evlu request barathare nimku .hehe
        CvskeDushman….. ladki patti kya? Bihaan se bhi kuch sikho.ya bhir gorilla se hi sahi…. ek ne kisi ke fiance par kabsa kiya to doosre ne kisi ke biwi par. I ddnt read update also bt sounds like gorilla n thapki r close fens nw. So bihaan ab bak to sofa hai kya? He must b so jealous.
        Btw…. I shal b registerin hre under a new name. Hmmm…. soch rahi hu ki kya naam rakhu. Hmm.
        Hi manyasa.hw r u.
        Hi to sumera thapki j vani nimisha tamil ponnugal shaparak gina etc etc…. enjoy watchin thakaan n tharilla :-). Nimisha thapki j….. uguys r nt seen much at al!

  25. What a episode do u have no life and couldn’t find people to act so u put animals if u need actress fell free to call me???? not gorilla

  26. Lara

    I want to say just five words anything can happen in tpk haha??

  27. Shayla Roika Narayan

    Funny Episode….

  28. King Kong, thapki and bhibhan love triangle ????????????

  29. Bihaan look cool compare than gorilla.

  30. Call me naive, but how long before a woman starts showing a baby bump and when does the morning sickness thing kick in ??
    please explain??

    1. U can neva make any sense outa this serial yaar. Its non senseeeeeeee. N absolutely no common sense. Ur ryt….. majority of women get mornin sickness….. a few dont….. and im guessin shradda is one of those rare cases wr there wont b a baby bump also b4 deliverin :-p. Shel order baby online!!!!
      Apart frm mornin sicknes… they hv missd ultrasound scan…… blood tests…. etc etctc. N lol… she eats mud n vasu didnt find tht abnormal!

  31. Omg!!! I think that gorilla found pandey house similar to his zoo???that’s why he came there only……I wonder from where writers get such nonsense ideas…..hope that are not going to pair thapki with gorilla???

    1. Im guessin the writers got this idea while lookin at the mirror ;-p

  32. Sammy

    Now this serial is not thahaan it should be tharilla ..thapki will romance with gorilla now ..

  33. Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga

    Hai… guys…. how are you all my chella kuttingala…
    Nalla illama romba jolly irupingaley…
    Epdi pogudhu.. episode lam .
    Sorry girls… Romba thala vali.. adhan… two days phone aye edukala…
    Ennaku unga gyabagama than irundhuchu..
    But juggu ma.. message pannuchu… neenga yaaruchum enna pathi ketingala… purinchi pochi ..
    Unga ellaruku iruku .. parthukiren.

    1. Sanga thalaivaruku thala valiyaamapa ssssss….nasreen akka 16th June comments poi paarunga appa theriyum ethana per ungala kettanganu.

  34. Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga

    Sorry… Na illama( typing mistake)

  35. Today track was awesome,funny ??lol thapki had time to understand gorilla wants to be with her. Really love to see thahaan ,their cuteness? .whatever d track is I m addicted to watch it.hope tpk never go off air.

  36. kya bakwas.they dont get any hero so they brought gorrila???

  37. i would like to say, now TPK series coming more cartoon action. rather bringing TPK series LIKE THIS just make an END this series asap. like some one has told earlier, anything can happen in TPK.

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