Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tina telling Thapki that she is very nice. Bihaan waits for Tina and wears master’s court to get inside the school. Watchman follows him. Bihaan walks inside looking for Tina. Thapki comes. Bihaan hides behind her and asks her not to move. Thapki haven’t seen his face, but felt his presence. Ranjhana plays…….Once watchman goes, Bihaan leaves. Thapki opens her eyes and looks for Bihaan. She thinks it is her imagination and wonders who was this guy? Tina is in the same class as Bani.
Watchman catches Bihaan and says he entered the school. Bihaan says I am not a thief, but Tina Pandey’s father. Bani looks at him. Tina says yes, he is my father. Thapki sees Bihaan and gets emotional with teary eyes. Tere Liye music plays……………….She reminisces the

happy moments with him.

Watchman asks why did you steal Shukla ji’s coat. Bihaan says I thought that I can meet my daughter by wearing this coat and returns it. Thapki cries and says my Bihaan…I love you so much and can’t stay without you. She runs towards him. Teacher tells Bihaan that their institution have some rules and nobody can meet students without permission. She says your daughter will not be adjusted in the school if you come and meet her. Bihaan starts speaking in english and says I am my daughter’s strength and not her weakness. If I come to meet her, then she will get motivated to study and will not divert her mind. He says next time surely I will come to you, take your permission and meet my daughter. Teacher says okay. Thapki runs to Bihaan and is about to touch him, but stops thinking about Sankara’s threat. She thinks she has to stay away from Bihaan for his life. Tina gets impressed with Bihaan as he talked in English. She says you can cool down anyone’s anger. Bihaan says yes, I know and tells that they will go tomorrow as today is late. Tina tells him that she met her classmates mother who hugged her like her mamma, and says if I had my mamma then she would hug me same way.

Thapki recalls Bihaan saying that Tina is his daughter, and thinks she felt connected with the girl as if she is her daughter. Bani comes and calls her chuk chuk gaadi. Thapki says you gets angry on others if they tease me, but you continue to tease me. She asks why did you support Tina today. Thapki says she is a nice girl and asks her to do her home work. Bani says I will do my homework and will not fight if I meet Tina again. Thapki thinks Tina and Bani will meet daily now and wonders if Bani meets Bihaan then….he will identify her and then I couldn’t stop her and myself too. She thinks to change her school and keep her away from Bihaan like her.

Some children tease Tina and asks her to talk while stammering. Bani protects Tina and warns everyone not to tease her. Children apologize to Bani and goes. Bani forwards friendship hand towards Tina. Tina says you was angry on me naa. Bani says friends and smiles seeing her.

Thapki and Bihaan come face to face. Bihaan looks at Thapki. Thapki looks on emotional.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. very nice episode

  2. hurray ? I am so happy ????. finally bihan speak I am so happy I didn’t expect that .today I have no word to describe how much I am happy .?????☺?☺??

  3. Thahaan forever. Love manyasa. Friends what about trp?

  4. (Pls cv give back our old thahaan.) Now a days the cmnt rate is vry low. Miss past thahanian’s cmnts. Hope for the best.

  5. expecting on tomorrow’s episode..
    What is Thapki’s reaction if Bihan doesn’t recognize her… ??
    Nice to see Bani & Tina becomes friend..
    I hope they will always support each other & make their parent reunite soon.. ? ? ?

  6. why thapki give up and let her separate from bihaan?thapki is more clever than shankar but why she so easly agree with what shankar said?This story really does not make sense.for 7 years why thapki dont find out about bihaan life if she really love and care,she should fight for the happiness of her family and
    not break away from her family.she dont care about her daughter that grow up without her father.

  7. Manish ki deewani

    today’s episode is amazing .i loved this .i enjoyed it alot especially this episode is shashaless .without any evils .bani also call thapki chuk chuck gadi .tina bihaan scene .tina bani scene.and today Bihaan spoke english wow. angrezi .in short a gajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab episode .
    helo friends .

  8. what a superb episode…especially B for Bihaans B for Best many months later we are blessed to hear the ultimate highlight of Thapkis pet name Chuck Chuck gadi from our Banis side…full of Thahaan and chot
    tis scenes.
    OMG tomorrow the awaiting scene of Thahaan.finally they are going to meet.I believe Bihaan will not recognize her.but our MAHANATHMA Thapki will be think Bihaan intentionally tried to avoid or something like that.anyway very soon she will find there is something happens to her Bihaan then Thapki and Bani will be go back to Pandey family with Bihaan and Tina…whatever itis Manish you just nailed it…
    Hello my dear and dearest friends…

    1. Manish ki deewani

      hello pooja yeah we know that thapki madam is sooooooooooooooooo called mahan atma .manta ki murat

  9. Wow I’m really looking forward to watch today’s epi especially when bihan is speaking in English.

  10. Love this. I can’t wait what happen Bihaan and thapki meet face to face each other but Bihaan don’t know who is thapki ??. I am happy that thapki know Tina was her daughter cos of stammer. Bina know her surname pandey .

  11. I have really enjoyed today’s episode.So exciting to see two sisters getting together may be they will sort out the nasty people who are keeping their parents was lovely to see out door shooting different location especially Bhihan and Thapki together.A family get to get her….Thank you please write some more happy lines….loved it……Gajab?

  12. Heeee…….a
    b 4 bihaan pandey muje leg hi rha tha ki aap sab kuch bhool sakt h lakin apni chuk chuk gadi s kia vada nhi bhool sakt…
    so finally u gradute..
    ab aaj aaega maja bri aae school change kervan wali..
    ab madam ko pta chlega jab humara bihu puchega
    excuss me mam do u know where’s principle office?

    so gys,
    how r u all?
    plz cmt na…
    suhana,reshal,anu,garima,rifa,rinku,nany,NaiTan,sakshi,vinni,sandy,navmi,vino,fataroj,santhosh bhaiya,alia,kiran,almambi,ratanmala,sulbi,leena and all my thahaan lovers..
    wish u all very happy evening at 6:30
    love u all
    keep missing me…

  13. so gys,
    how r u all?
    plz cmt na…
    kam s kam weekend p to kia kro..

    suhana,reshal,anu,garima,rifa,rinku,nany,NaiTan,sakshi,vinni,sandy,navmi,vino,fataroj,santhosh bhaiya,alia,kiran,almambi,ratanmala,sulbi,leena and all my thahaan lovers..
    wish u all very happy evening at 6:30
    love u all
    please keep missing our goloo moloo swee jodi thahaan…

  14. Pooja(prabha)didi,
    how r u?
    didi ab mja aaega…
    di kitna acha hota ager bihaan or tina thapki k gher as a ranter rhte..

    wese Reshal di episode suchi muchi m gajaaaaaaab tha…
    wese di pak m thapki kitne bje telecast hota h..
    didi aap ko pta h India m to youtube p TPK ki show hi nhi hota sab kuch dia h.. Lekin ager kholo to lika ata h NOT VALID IN UR COUNTRY
    to kya di vha bhi kuch esa h?

    1. Manish ki deewani

      hello kudrat .han kl ka toh poora episodehe gajab tha .waisay Pakistan mai toh october sai sb indian chanel ban hai .toh mai tpk online dekti hoo desi serial pr or kabhi . youtube pr nahi dekti q k wo songs mute kr dehtay hai .yeha aisay nahi liktay youtube b chalta hai .bs voot pr likha jata ha not valid .

    2. Manish ki deewani

      pehlay mai do jaga tpk dekti thi ek colors pr or doosra filmazia [Pakistani channel] magr ab online he dehkti hoo

    3. I also wish thaahan back together. miss their nok jhokes

  15. I want Bihaan’s yaadash back….. Nowadays watching thapki is like piercing my heart with knife… Every episode ends up with sadness n dilemma…. Thapki Pyar ki nahi hai ,yeh toh Thapki : ek katha aashu aur judai ki… hona chahiye iss track ka

  16. Hi kudrat, pooja, reshal, anu, Dewi, lee_na, Santosh, garima and all my other thahaan friends… how are you all?? though I am loving the current track but I miss my old thahaan.. they became parents so soon… i miss their nok jhok

    1. Manish ki deewani

      hello di me too miss old thahaan and thier nok jhok .or ziada miss mai B PHOR BIHAAN PANDEY KO KRTI HOO

  17. Thank god! rinku(ritz) didi aap muje yhi mil gaee..
    di m aap k ff pge par cmt nahi ker paaogi so,
    TS&R 29th part was totally MINDBLOWING AWESOME episode..
    di m to ro pri
    didi ab jaldi next post kar do…
    wish u very happy evening nd enjoyful weekand..
    love u
    plz aunty ze or apna dhyen rekna

  18. Kyo didi,
    Indian’s channel kyo band ker di…e

  19. I wished Tina thapki bani and Bihaan are together safe new life better than pandey family because of shraddara and Sanker might kill them again worst and shraddara don’t want give Bihaan free food told dhruv. They should not return to pandey home. Thapki had her job and house. Bihaan will learn English and find new job as well as look after twin daughters . Good luck for them. am I wrong?

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