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Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara making Thapki wear the bell. She says Thapki will wear this bell till she gets her voice back. They all get shocked. Bau ji asks Vasundara is she in her senses. Dadi asks how can you put Gulabo’s bell in Thapki’s neck. Bau ji asks Thapki to remove it. Thapki was removing the bell and Vasundara stops her. She asks what did I do wrong, if Thapki is in any problem, she will ring the bell and we will reach her. Bau ji asks Vasundara what did she think of Thapki, if I lose voice, will you make me wear the bell too.

Dhruv comes and is shocked. He asks whats happening, what is the bell. Shraddha tells Dhruv that Thapki was falling from terrace and Bihaan saved her, Vasundara made her wear the bell to alert us if she is in problem. Bihaan says there are more

ways to alert us. He tells Vasundara that he did not like this. Dhruv says Bihaan is right, safety is fine, but this is wrong to tie bell to Thapki’s neck. Bau ji asks Bihaan to remove bell from Thapki’s neck. Shraddha stops Bihaan and asks why are they reacting like this, Thapki is Vasundara’s bahu, not her enemy, don’t doubt on Vasundara’s intentions, look at mummy, is she happy doing this.

Shraddha says Vasundara is doing this to protect Thapki, I know Thapki is understanding me, and will agree. Bihaan says if she could say, this would have not happened, she just lost voice, she is not handicapped. Shraddha says but she still fell from the terrace, if she had the bell in her neck, she would have alerted us that she is in problem, its about Thapki’s life, you all are insulting Thapki doing this. She asks Thapki am I right? Vasundara says leave it Shraddha, I m doing this for Thapki’s good, and asks Thapki to decide if she is right or wrong, by ringing the bell accordingly.

Thapki agrees with Vasundara. They all get sad. Bau ji says I don’t think this way is right for safety. I m always with you. Dadi says if Thapki wants this, then fine. Shraddha and Vasundara smile. Vasundara asks Thapki to go to her room and rest. Thapki cries and goes to ger room.

Thapki recalls doctor’s words and tries to speak. Shraddha and Vasundara have a talk and laugh on Thapki. Shraddha asks Vasundara to forgive Thapki. Vasundara says no, she deserves just punishment, not forgiveness, see what Thapki has to bear more. They laugh.

Bihaan asks Thapki why did she agree to wear bell, why does she become great, is she any Devi to bear all this. She messages him, that she did this for Vasundara. He says I don’t understand all this, if this is for your good, then why are you crying, why are you trying to read newspaper angrily. He says you have no answer, you are crying as you know wrong happened with you, you got insulted, you are reading here as you want to remove the bell and throw it, you are angry as you got yourself insulted to keep Maa’s respect, this is very wrong. He leaves angrily. She cries.

Bihaan goes to Vasundara. She shows the necklace she made for Shraddha. He says what you did with Thapki, I did not like it, why did you do this, I know you did it for Thapki’s good, we could have found some other way. She says all this is already cleared, Thapki gave her nod. He says Thapki gave that answer to keep your respect, else who will like to wear Gulabo’s bell. She says I m seeing you are feeling very bad, whats the matter. He says I don’t want more bad to happen with Thapki, we already did bad wither. She asks what bad we did with her, you mean getting you and Thapki married. He says no, I mean, marriage by cheating.

She says I understood well, you are pointing finger at me, enough, if I did bad then lets end this, come and tell everyone that I forced you to marry Thapki.

Vasundara tells everyone that Bihaan wants to tell everyone about Thapki. Bihaan says I want to say, whatever happened with Thapki…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. very bad episode… Thapki herself is responsible for whatever happening with her.. how can one be such dumb and stupid…

  2. Ranaji(narendran)

    Pls bring the truth out vasundra will get nice nose cut pls unite dhruv and thapki soon and kill sharaddha?????

  3. Plzzz druv nd tapki pair is nce plzzz bihan is nt suitable 2 tapki plzzzz druv nd tapki bst

  4. Vasu stooped too much today. Poor Thapki ..??? she is suffering alot
    Bihaan is more concerned about Thapki.. ☺☺ good to know.

  5. How dare vasu cooly asking what bad we did with thapki???
    If u didn’t do any wrong or bad , then y u are scared for Dhruv…as u did wrong u want not to be exposed…that’s y u made bihaan burn the album, photo frame etc…
    If I come to noida then o do not know what I will do but surely will not kill u…but make u mad and stamp some ant…
    And one more thing….don’t act like emotional…and ask bihaan to tell the truth…u urself tell it…how will he tell……don’t act too good…it is not good for health..OK!!!!!
    Ha ha haaaaaa……

  6. I hate 2day episode…devil vasu shradha both of u go hell.bihaan was amazing today…in a family everyone felt bad for thapki but bihaan only going to find a good solution….bihaan question vasu but ramp vasu again blackmail bihaan….

  7. Come on Bihaan say the truth to everyone… Evil vasundara and shradha…
    Love you Bihaan how you supported thapki was very good..

  8. nice epi……bihaan feels for thapki!!!!!!!! But i dont think so the truth of vasu come out this time

  9. You know what
    Now I really think that witch prat vasu is worser then sharda. Go to hell vasu and take your prat nagin daughter in law with you weirdo.

  10. Salo kmino thapki bhagwan nai hai nd even bhagwan bi itne mhan nai hote to thoda hosh me story likh

  11. Bihaan supported thapki and scolding her for accepting it was awesome…. But he will not tell the truth…..
    All saw naa how he stammered when vasu raised her voice..more than that , he loves his mom more than anything…..

  12. Average episode

  13. Actually it looks like shraddh and vasu are couple :p

    1. Churail ki Jodi. Kamaal ka jodi

      1. Exactly

  14. Finally, this Dhruv knows that whatever his mom is doing is wrong but , he just said that this is wrong, he didnt even take a stand for Thapki, Bihaan did not only say it’s wrong but also have took a stand for Thapki, now I have no regrets for supporting Thahaan rather Than tharuv
    Thahaan rocks

  15. Hey, guys TPK trp has decreased to 2.5 from last week because of dragging.
    But one thing is good that TPK is at top 10. Just hope it continues to be in top 10 and please enough of this dragging.

  16. That witch of vasu and tat cunning——– she is devil sharadda love you thaahaan you guys suits each othr and love the way bhihaan supporting tapki .

  17. really really borinnnnnnngggg…. plz unite tharuv…

  18. thapki I lyk ur comment meko hassi aa gyi apka comment pdh kr ya I also feel the same 😀 lol

  19. hi everyone.anyone from odisha?

  20. Thumbs up for bihaan to take a stand for thapki infront of her mother…he raised his voice against thapki wearing the cow bell….first time against her so call mother….which made her really angry…bcoz she cannot digest truth….n again started emotional blackmail….i know he won’t say anything now but i know sat he will keep supporting thapki… bihaan scolding thapki was too good as she deserves to know dat she is behaving like a dumb person n not protecting her respect…but not to worry he will help her always….waiting for the scene where he make shraddha wear the wear d electronic bell n gives d remote to thapki…just want to c her face….n bihaan making thapki wear his jacket on the terrace….thahaan rockzzzz

  21. One thing I’ve noticed. Why doesn’t vasu’s hair move out of plac in an episode. Is she wearing a wig?

    1. yes shes wearing wig

  22. Really dragging this too much!!! If writers want to make it intresting or want to get Trps then they should make some new twist like thapki knows the truth of vasu but as she lost her voice she is unable to tell this to anyone on other hand bihaan which is already fallen for her shows extreme care so that she start feeling sampathy for him!! DONt YOU THINK LIKE THIS??

    1. I agree as I too have the same opinion…

    2. Y all soaps show their leads very very foolish,easily get cheated…can’t they show a brave lead like jhansi rani….be unique… Make thapki braveful….they say she is not weak..but she is also not strong…
      Comeon thapki…get up !!!!are u blind deaf and dumb…..?????

  23. Bihaan superb performance tpk serial in going reason for u bihaan .super bihaan ?

  24. I hate dhruv he doesn’t worry for thapki at all and thapki is showing love for bihaan .hate this serial.pls unite dhruv and thapki

  25. I experienced the show to be artificial yesterday… Till vasu tieing the bell and thapki opposing it …was great but then seeing vasu and thapki accepted it was really worst !!!!!no girl in any corner of the world would do this????all bakwas…don’t show thapki to be over good…..think practically and realistically….. Pl..writers don’t think that we all are fools and watch whatever u show….don’t drag it….and if u had made thapki doubting vasu on this act…then the epi would have been great….but u urself spoiled it……

  26. hi anyone from odisha…..reply

  27. Totally disappointing episode…………..

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