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Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan looking at Thapki. Aditi and Kiran ask Thapki who should apply mehendi first and whose heart will she keep. Thapki asks both of them to apply. Aditi says Thapki can’t break anyone’s heart. Poonam asks Vasundara to apply shagun mehendi. Bau ji asks her to apply such mehendi that Dhruv’s life gets linked to Thapki. Vasundara sits annoyed. She sees Dhruv smiling and writes his name on Thapki’s hands. They all compliment Thapki. Vasundara gets angry. Poonam asks everyone to apply mehendi. Kiran and Aditi apply mehendi to Thapki.

Bihaan talks to Paan and says he feels Aditi has done this to trouble Vasundara, he will not leave her. Paan stops her and asks him to get his doubt confirmed. Suman and Preeti ask Vasundara what did she see in Thapki even when

she stammers. Vasundara says she is ideal bahu for our house and leaves. They worry that Vasundara is supporting Thapki. Thy think to do something to control Thapki.

Dhruv smiles seeing Thapki’s pics and calls her. She smiles seeing her mehendi. He says his name Dhruv is lovely, don’t call me Sir, and asks her to see the name in her palm, its written in the lines of her fate, he has fallen in love with his name, as its written in your hands. She smiles and says if mehendi color is dark, it means the guy loves the girl a lot. He says I love you a lot, and says this color is also good, keep smiling always.

Its morning, Suman and Preeti think to dominate Thapki. Thapki and her family comes and greets everyone. Dhruv compliments Thapki. Kiran moves Dhruv away and asks him not to meet Thapki till the haldi is done. Aditi says their haldi will be done in different rooms. Kiran takes Dhruv from there. Bihaan sees Aditi and thinks once he knows she has done all that, he will not leave her. Suman and Preeti ask Thapki about the rituals.

Preeti orders jewelry and Ashwin stops her. He asks her not to waste much money on these things. She gets annoyed and says you changed, you don’t love me. He says I love you, listen. She goes. The ladies see Vasundara and her to be bahu Thapki. They compliment Thapki’s beauty and asks where does she stay. Vasundara says Agra and does not let her talk, so that people don’t see her stammering. She says finish it soon, take blessings from Lord. The lady reminds Vasundara that Gayatri mantra jaap is necessary and asks Thapki to do so.

Thapki says Gayatri mantra and a lady taunts her. She says my bahu is better, she is not educated but talks well. She says maybe the guy has something wrong, so his mum is making this girl her bahu, who is that unlucky woman who is making you bahu. Vasundara says its me, Vasundara Pandey. She says you are fools who have such small mindset, who see stammering, and not values, her thinking does not have any problem, and praises Thapki. She says she is not ashamed, she is proud of Thapki. Thapki says she is saas and mum, she loves me a lot, if everyone becomes like her, then no one will feel incomplete for their weakness, sorry if she said a lot.

She thanks Vasundara for supporting, as her family and Dhruv has supported her. Vasundara thinks she can’t let her family name get insulted, so she said so, she has to stop this marriage anyhow.

Thapki comes to talk to Kiran. Kiran says I have Dhruv’s phone. Thapki thinks she will take anyone to hotel with her. Vasundara says sorry Thapki to send you to wrong place, I m helpless, I can’t let you marry Dhruv.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Especially Dhruvki scenes were amazing.Vasu’s intentions are getting too evil.Precap is not good.Hope Dhruv will not misunderstand Thapki.Vasu is acting so good that nobody will suspect her.

  2. Vasus planning getting so evil. But I hope Dhruv will not misunderstand Thapki. Want Dhruvki forever.

    1. Hey honey u also she swaragini right. I m a big fan of swalak and ishveer. Do u also c merit aashiqui

      1. S I do.. I too big fan of all these three

      2. I too big fan of issuer.. I liked swarlak once but now I want swasan..

  3. Bihaan looking so handsome….

  4. I have no words to explane my feelings….jst hope that very soon this serial again come to point …I jst irritate with this drama which is so slow yarrr…plz jldi gadi chlao na is serial ki …khi esa na ho boring bn jaye ye b like others

  5. Bihaan r u mad why will aditi do all these things to trouble vasu. stupid bihaan

  6. Ye basundhara kab samjhegi jo lecture diya he dusre logo ko kamse kam uska palan pehle khud to krle ….

  7. Evil will always have a big fall. A very interesting episode.

  8. Episode good….but I only loves samrat ashok…… What a great show…….

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