Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Vasu and Thapki. Thapki tells Vasu that Shradha did all this but Vasu says she cannot even imagine such a thing. Thapki says that she will prove shradha wrong in 24 hrs becoz she played on Maa’s jaan

In Kitchen Shradha claps for Thapki as she was succesfull in saving Vasu. They have a war of words. Thapki says that she will be exposed blah blah blah and Shradha gives her ususal dhamki Thapki is mad that she played on maa’s life

Aditi throws diwaker’s suitcase. He begs her falling on his knees to not throw them out. Police arrives and threatens Aditi to make them stay [ So Sorry guys forgot abt this scene]

At the table everyone is loving the food Shradha made. Thapki tricks Shradha into agreeing to make cake the following day. Vasu notices that Thapki has something in mind. Bihan asks for Sabji and Thapki eagerly tries to serve him but she gets BJKT becoz he serves it himself. Dadima notices and asks them to go for a reception together. Bihan is mad but Thapki is worried

On road Bihan is driving the bike fast. Thapki accidently holds his shoulder and Ranjha bg. Dadima’s call comes and Thapki asks Bihan to slow down but he doesnt and increases the speed. Thapki shouts at him and he abruptly brakes. she falls on him and looks at him longingly [I think] Ranjha plays. Thapki gets down and before she could finish that she wont go with him he leaves.

Thapki says he wont leave her for sure and Bihan comes back only to say that he is not the old Bighan and goes. Thapki is followed by dogs and she is scared. Goons come in Bike and is scaring her . Humara Hero enters in his car and comes to Thapki. Thapki goes to him and he slowly pulls her to his back and looks at the goons angrily [I think ]. Goons get scred of Dhruv Pandey and leaves

At home Bihan is shouting on the phone worried for Thapki. Dhruv comes with Thapki and shouts at him. Thapki defends Bihan . Dhruv warns him and leaves. Bihan comes to Thapki that he left her purposefully and that he wont stand with her anymore and that he hates her. Thapki is crying. Dhruv hears all this and is SMILING. He says Shradha might have had some mu abt thahaan

precap- Thapki fools Shradha into thinking that microwave will blast love this Thapki

Update Credit to: Lachu


    • Naina


      As we know, Thapki rescues Vasu from injuring her ears. She tells her about Shraddha’s evil plan but Vasu refuses to believe her. Thapki tells that she will prove it.
      Now, in the upcoming episodes Thapki will try to teach Shraddha a lesson and tells her to bake a cake. She plans to do the same what Shraddha did with Vasu. But Shraddha will come to know about it. She will call Thapki in the storeroom but instead of Thapki, Vasu goes to the storeroom. Shraddha confesses her crime infront of Vasu and tries to hang Vasu upside down but Thapki will reach there and save Vasu

  1. santhosh

    Some questions. ….kis ke dill mai kya hai….!!!!?
    1 thapki ki dill mai bihaan ke liye kya jaga hai. …?????

    2 Wo bihaan se kya chathi hai….?

    3 dhruv Thapki se kya chatha hai…?

    4 abb vasundara thapki se kya chathi hai…..?

    Totally I am confused on going track……

    Phir ek baath correct hai bihaan thapki se pyar chaatha hai…..

    • .vinlora

      Same questions here santhosh… confused….ek aur sawal ek taraf bihaan bolta hai wo thapki se nafrath karta hai…lekin uske aansoo dekh kar wo kyun rota hai?????
      Aur az ek achchi baath huyi ki Dhruv saves thapki track 10 mins me katam hogaya. .meine tho 1 ya 2 episode expect kiya tha. .chalo achcha hai….
      Aur mera guess sahi nikla shraddha ka fardafash hote yi wo apne apko bachane ke liye pregnancy ka natak shuru karegi. …
      Agar shraddha Dhruv ka peecha nahi chodegi tho Dhruv thapki ke peeche nahi jayega. …tho hamaare thahaan safe. ..Hehe

      • santhosh

        Yahi haim MOTI BUDDI ka pyar. ……yesterday episode mai aanko mai aasmaan se bi jyada pyar dekha mai ne……..
        Wo gusse mai kuch bhi kar baitthiye……. yahi hai uska kamjori…..

  2. santhosh

    Aaj kall thapki dhimaak bahut teej chall rahi hai sab ko hullu banane mai busy hai……
    First vasu …..
    2nd bihaan aur friends..
    Next shraddha……
    aur haage kisko thapki madam. …..?

    Coming to the episode….aaj DS thahaan relationship dekh ke bahooth kush hogaya…….?
    Itna kush honeke jaroorath nahi hai bhahi……..!!!!!!!!
    jab tthahaanphir se ek hogay hai na app ko heart hattc hayega samlke raho na Ds……..

    • Roshni

      Yeh…the update was sort of like a private journal. “Hamara hero”… “love this thapki” ? I mean thanks for the update… but shdnt it be unbiased and to the point

    • ash

      Don t scold. She is good writer. See in indiaforums. Her writing skill is fentastic. She Already wrote the update in indiaforums. That is different, and some own comments. She just want to tell you what would happend today . Take it easy. And Lachu, you don t know who I am? So I will meet you there.

  3. Ankitha Perada

    Superb Episode…Stupid Shraddha Always Fails In Her Plans,Loved Him After So Many Days Just sawed A Heartful Smile On Druvs Face…!!!?????Nice To See Ankit(Druv) Like This…!!!

  4. Moni

    Who is the new writer? I must say, not up to the mark with lots of mistakes. Please update it correctly.

  5. santhosh

    Up coming twist ……..shraddha evil face exposed in front of vasu……….
    And next shraddha through the lie RAAM BAANA(arrow) I am pregnant…..
    create the simpathi in front of everyone. ……
    Only drama. ….drama. ……drama. ……..drama. …….
    I waiting for this twist. ….and also waiting for DHRUV SIR reaction. ……..

      • I too think that’s gonna be the next step but i do hope she really is (far fetched thinking) since Vasu selfishly got her married to Dhruv and he stupidly agreed so they live with the consequence of playing with other people lives; can’t blame Sharaddha for the situation since she as promise the a fairy tale life and every think she did was to please of her mother in law

  6. Anisha

    Very upset about bihaan leaving thapki like that on the road. Was watching thapki only for Thahaan and bihaan totally mean to thapki. Hope once again we get to see fun loving happy bihaan

  7. Nimisha ?

    Actually, I REALLY liked today’s episode.

    THapki actually using her brain and doing something about shraddha!

    BIhan being an idiot but realising that he was one.

    Dhruv realising that shraddha was wrong that Bihan loves Thapki after overhearing them.

    Of course Dhruv is happy. Thapki is he love of his life.

    Of course Bihan feels bad, Thapki is the love of his life.

    Question is, who is the love of thapki’s life??

    I’ve always thought a love triangle would make the story interesting, and it was good to see dhruv’s face filled with a teensy bit of hope after such a long time. His subtle facial expression was very good.

    Bihan was a complete idiot to leave Thapki in the middle of the road in the middle of the night. Honestly, he really needs to grow up. So pleased Dhruv told him about the goons.

    Lots of honestly today, everyone speaking up. Much better than recent episodes.

  8. gina_baron

    Can someone tell me what conversation took place between Dhruv and Bihaan after Dhruv brought Thapki home, please?…

    • Dhruv says 2 bihaan r u mad leaving thapki on the road nd said did u know their were goons on the road… Thapki tried 2 tell dhruv it werent his fault dhruv was doing angry face at thapki so thapki stopped talking

  9. Roshni

    Hi everyone. I just recently started commenting.started watchin tpk recently only aftr the thahaan track started…then went bak n saw old episodes.
    I feel sorry for druv even though i ship thahaan. The poor fellow got cheated by his brother (and actually his beloved mom)… now hes loveless and unhappy. But wat the writers did regardin his marriage with shradda is unrealistic. Koi ladka shadi keliye razi hoke aisa sochtha hai kya “thapki i know ul stop the marriage so il go sit in mandap and wait for u”. That was so unrealistic. That too initially druvs character was a strong one… he owns a tv channel… exposes corruption. .. and stands against his own dad’s corrupt practices. Then sudenly they show that he xpects his married ex girlfriend to break his marriage. Unfortunately now they wil try to create a love triangle to keep the episodes running and druvs character may seem negative inthe process. Poor ankit… hero se zero bana diya

  10. Birdman

    well,I think in nxt epis thapki will fall in love for bihaan..but before she expresses it vasu will request or order bihaan to leave thapki bcoz she would want thapki to be that dhruvs wife..and as we all know bihaan accepts all idiotic orders of vasu,he will agree to it and tells thapki to leave him..!!
    oh god..!!

  11. Nages

    I hope the writer does not change the track with Druv….only Thahaan…I have no idea what is going on?….I don’t like the way Druv smiling…How could he think to get back Tapki after all the time Bihann was with Tapki in all sweet and sour moments…I will stop watching this crap if it started again with Druv….?

  12. Manish…what a fabulous actor you are…I really enjoyed today’s episode,specially the last part of Thahaan…Bihaans facial expressions were clearly shows that his intense love of Thapki,but,he is suffering to cover that with the armour of his anger…anyway,I have a bit of confusion regarding Dhruv…because,he believes Bihaan doesn’t considered Thapki as his wife…so,he would tried to something for to get Thapki back…whatever happens…
    Thahaan is the finest pair…their love is pure as well as divineful.M for Manish M for Miracle.

  13. .vinlora

    Shaayad ab Dhruv thapki ko vapas paane ki koshish karega. ..humara bihaan pandey tho filhaal angry mood mein hai wo tho apna pyaar bhai ke liye sacrifice karega…..lekin thapki hi hai jo sab kuch teek kar sakti hai. ..I think ab thapki ko bihaan ke liye apna pyaar realise hoga aur wo yi Dhruv ko mana kar degi. …hope sooooo. ….love thahaan. ..thahaan forever. …

  14. Anisha

    Thapki has transformed from silent sufferer to her old intelligent news reporter trying to expose all evil. Hope she uses her intelligence to win back bihaan. It shouldn’t be difficult for her as she is able to tackle the most crooked minds of vasu and shradha, bechara bihaan tho is a moti budhi. So come on thapki. Before DS marriage she could not expose shradha along with bihaan but now she is doing it single handedly.

  15. Both Bihaan and dhruv are not suitable for thapki. Dhruv is not nan enough to stand for thapki and bihaan is moms slave. He will do murder also for his mother. He cheated his brothers love n ruined thapkis life because his mother told him. If thapki has any dignity and self respect she shud walk away frm that pandey family. She is educated and she shud start a new life some wer else…..enough of all this drama and nonsense. Vasu and shradha plans murders and get away so easy? Seriously. ??

  16. abi

    Writer spoiled bihaan character now a days..y stupid writer…bihaan s so helpful…now stupid…I thought after they going function.. 1 week they show function.. Romance n love…but within 1 episode they blast our dream…I love bihaan…but developing of serial worst route..I will stop watching…Gud bye tpk…Sry bihaan

  17. nasreen

    hai frnds…. how r u all.. im totally confused .. where the track is going on? someone tell me… how to watch full episode on voot.. oooooohghhh. confused..

  18. neha

    Knowing about next twist, I think shraddha’s fake pregnancy drama will extend another 4-5 months and due to this pregnancy drama vasu again trust shraddha coz vasu will be happy and take a good care of her,, and if thapki try to expose shraddha in front of vasu then vasu won’t believe in thapki, coz according to vasu, shraddha told her that shraddha and dhruv had consummate their marriage, but its not true….in short again same track come soon…..but I just want thahaan to unite and bihaan’s misunderstanding get sorted soon and proposed thapki soon…..

  19. Appy

    Aftr so many days sawd a bright smile on dhruv’s face. Love this. Feeling bad for dhruv. Hez a good actr. Bt writer & directrs spoild evry1’s chrctr in this serial. I dint lyk the stry line. I dnt lyk the way of dhruvs chractr they making. How the directr can manged him with such a ugly & bad charactr’s & criminl wife. Who once tried to kill his ex bf, then many times thapki & also vasu. How c still can stay this pandey nivas? Cez totaly mentl. Pls atlst dont b so perceial abt dhruv.

    • .vinlora

      Haha….plan tho achcha hai….lekin kaise? ??? Current track tho dekh kar door door tak eaisa kuch hone ki soochna nahi dik rahi hai……aur wo pagal moti buddhi ne tho apne yi pair mein kuladi maari hai. ..jor jor se “hum tumse nafrath karte hai”karke ehlaan karne ki kya zaroorath thi…aur waise bhi thahaan room kabhi bhi lock hi nahi hota. ..koi bhi kabhi bhi aa kar than chaan kar sakte hai. ..

      • Fatarajo

        Even I was thinking the same it would have been better if it was Thapki instead of Shraddha who is pregnant. But of course it’s not impossible , because thahaan haven’t even confess love at te first place. But if something like this happens it would be an interesting twist πŸ˜›

    • Fatarajo

      Even I was thinking the same it would have been better if it was Thapki instead of Shraddha who is pregnant. But of course it’s not impossible , because thahaan haven’t even confess love at te first place. But if something like this happens it would be an interesting twist πŸ˜›

  20. aliza khan

    Y every one here is negative about dhruv….if he wanted to get thapki back….he would have done that in these 8months by planning nd all that shraddha is now doing to separate thahaan…nd thapki out of house but he didn’t do that because he is not of such typ….he just hoped that thapki loves him….and still hoping….nd this is not about bihaan or dhruv its about thapki nd vasundra

    Actually this serial is about thapki’s stamering not thapki’s love……
    So called inspirational story…..

  21. Parvini

    I truly believe bhiaan liked thapki holding his shoulder and wanted her closer that’s why he drove fast and furious.

    He left her probably to have her call him back..showing she needs him. Cause when she was hurt her couldn’t stand it.

    He wants her to argue with him..he is trying to be macho..adorable

  22. MINHA mars

    I love today’s episode because of druv…I think druv is more suitable for thapki and bihaan for her sister adithi…

  23. DZ

    Ah watched thapki after a long time, I just left it after bihan-thapki’s marriage, loved to see them together again

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