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Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Paan saying Bau ji could not bear your death shock and is admitted in hospital. Bihaan gets shocked and goes to hospital to meet Bau ji. He asks Paan to check is Bau ji alone. Paan checks and asks Bihaan to go. Bihaan hides and goes to meet Bau ji. Thapki sees him and confronts him. She recalls how she has seen his belongings and believed that he has died She says then I have seen that body’s hand, there was no Raksha thread which pandit tied to your hand during marriage.

She says then I doubted more when Aman told me about clinic in that area, I went there to get my dressing done, so that you would come there to get wounds treated if you are alive, I m have seen someone hiding and going. She says the footmarks were such which you wear, it means it was you, I

took Paan’s help, I knew he would know about your plans, I made him helpless and convinced him to tell the truth. Bihaan says it means Bau ji’s unwell news… She says it’s a lie, Dhruv was saying truth, but I stopped him.

FB shows Dhruv was about to tell Bau ji and Vasundara about Bihaan’s death. Thapki calls him and asks him not to tell anyone about Bihaan, she will come and say. Dhruv says Bihaan saved me and Thapki and he got wounded, he went to hospital to get treated, he will come soon. She asks Bihaan why did he do this cheap thing. He says to unite you and Dhruv, I know you both still love each other a lot, and can’t live without each other, so I did this. She slaps him and asks what did he think, who is he to decide all this, is she a toy that he will control. She says she can’t let him make fun of her respect, and scolds him for cheating her. She asks did anyone ask what I want.

She cries and asks who told you, Dhruv and I can unite again, we loved each other a lot. Could not live without each other, but now I have to live, as I m married, even if it was a cheat, you have filled sindoor in my maang, took seven rounds with me, made me wear mangalsutra, till I m in this house, I will keep this marriage, I know nothing saved in my life. He cries. She says you ruined my life, there is no way to go back or move ahead. Thapki pyaar ki…………..plays……………

She says I m bearing all this because of you, my Lord knows I did not think bad about anyone ever, even then such bad happened with me, I lost trust on love and marriage and today I lost belief on humanity too, She goes. Bihaan cries. Bau ji asks Dhruv about Bihaan. Bihaan says I m fine and Bau ji asks are you fine. Bau ji gets worried seeing him wounded. Bau ji says I was so worried and hugs him. Bihaan says I m fine. Dadi hugs him and blesses. Vasundara says we are worried of Ghanshyam and his son. Bau ji says I will see them, I will not let them come out of jail. Vasundara says it was fate that Bihaan got saved. Dadi says its because of Thapki’s fate, its Karwachauth tomorrow, she got a new life for him before her fast. Vasundara asks them to rest and goes. Dhruv asks Bihaan about his belongings found with dead body. Bihaan looks at Thapki.

Vasundara asks Thapki will she keep fast for Bihaan. Thapki refuses. Dadi says every married woman keeps for husband’s long life, Lord will decide it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. tapki plz understand bihaan. He is a gud person

  2. love thahan.hope they romance togather soon

  3. Please pl… Pl… Exposenvasu soon!!! Can’t see tharuv crying all day

  4. What an EPISODE….Fully Thapki scene… I think love is brewing between Bihaan and Thapki…

  5. Bihaan Bihaan Bihaan u r awesome man. TPK Soap ki jaan ho. Loving ur character. Lub uhh B 4 Bihaan :-*

    Manish Goplani keep it up. 🙂

  6. Manish Goplani u r doing great work man as Bihaan. Keep it up. Keep entertaining us. We love u alot.

  7. Love thapki’s dialogue about marriage bipki rocks

  8. nice epi………

  9. …..
    nt bd…..

  10. Superrrrrr..!!! Atleast now bihaan will realise about thapki.. Thapki you are superb.. Bihaan and Thapki pls unite

  11. Very touching episode….. I like it.plz unite bihaan and thapki…

  12. Bihaan u r awesome…. Thapki pls try to know abt bihaan. He is great…

  13. thapki should begin alife with bihaan

  14. thapki please begin a new life with bihaan

  15. Plz unite dhruv $ thapki.v cant see dhruv crying…lub u dhruv…

  16. Bihaan is so good…plz understanf him Thapki
    Bihaan pls expose vasu which u will nvr do we know..still pls somdbdy overhear any conversation btw bihaan n vasu plsss

  17. dhruv and thapki is best

  18. bihaan pls strt love her. pls thapki understand him pls accept him.really he is nice guy.

  19. Wow just amazing

  20. Its going good on trp chart 2.8 on top ten 8th position…
    its only happens with thahaan if unite thapki and druv show will loose there trp .
    so unite thahaan its better definitely trp rise much more…
    thahaan rocks

  21. Pls dont bord us n start thapki n bihaan love story

  22. To emotional thapki

    Pls unite dhruvki


    Bihan is trying to apologize to thapki

    Dhruvki is the real stars of tpk

  23. Thahaan jodi is the best…dat is why it is doing so well in the trp chart…hope thapki u will ke fast for bihaan…n very soon vasundara will be exposed which is surely going to happen n u will realize how caring n lovable person bihaan is…no one is like our B PHOR BIHAAN PANDEY….just think d person who can die for his family who loves them so much then how much love he will give u..n love u madly…its unmeasurable….THAHAAN…as i always say U ROCK….Keep it up….

  24. Show became a disaster. Was really good in the beginning. Only you losers think she belongs with Bihaan. A marriage based on lies and conspiracy by a selfish mother. Surprise surprise. Shame on the writers.

  25. Who tell such a rubbish..
    see the trp chart show become superhit
    thahaans jodi is superb
    mrge is mrge its based life become a matured girl who earliers loves no matter present is better than earlier its god sake dont rewrite fates ok..

  26. i think thapki and bihan have a great chemistry. There is somethin great about thahan jodi than i think thahan is the thahan

  27. nice epi but thapki must understand bihaan she is always misunderstanding him. I hope bihaan and thapki come together.Warm regards to writerji

  28. Plz don’t separate thapki and bihaan

  29. Superrrrr episode. Emotional but ethana achethe. I love it.
    Thapki achese kahi marrige ke bareme. Achilagi.

    Thapki sab kogae bihaan Plzz osab lotadhiji theri pyaarki rupme. Plz understand each other & start kijia naya jivan pyaarke sath…

    Thank u writerji thapki man ki bath bathnekelie. Plz unite thapki & bihaan soon with LOVE.

  30. plzz writer start romance bihaan with thapki plzzzzzzzzzz

  31. plz…….i want thahaan more romance

  32. thapki accepted bihaan husband……some romance added thahaan

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