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Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan scolding Thapki for not helping her. He holds her against the wall. She gets hurt. He says its for my family. She says its about my morals too. They start arguing. He says mum and dad are like Lord for him, if Shraddha comes in this house, it won’t be good. Thapki says even I care for them, I will not let anything wrong happen, but walk on right path, don’t do any work where I have to move away from supporting you, when we decided we will expose Shraddha, we will do it by right way. She goes.

Thapki calls Aditi. Diwakar takes the call and asks did she not recognize him. Krishnakant takes the phone and talks to Thapki. She asks who was there on phone, was it Diwakar? Krishnakant says how will Diwakar come here, Varun took call, he caught cold, so his

voice changed. She says it looks you are hiding something. He denies it. She invites them for diwali and he agrees to come.

Diwakar taunts Krishnakant for not giving the good news of getting a good son in law. Krishnakant says no one will tell Thapki, she can’t bear this problem. Aditi tells Diwakar not to do anything. Krishnakant tells about Thapki’s invitation and they shall not go to Balwinder’s house for Diwali. Diwakar smiles and thinks he will go and tell about his marriage.

Vasundara asks Suman and Preeti to prepare for puja. Diwakar comes there and asks Bihaan to play a card game with him too. Bihaan gets angry and goes to him. He holds his collar and asks how dare you come here, I told you to be away from Thapki’s family. Diwakar says I have now become your relative. Bihaan lifts Diwakar. Diwakar says leave me, let me go. Aditi comes there and asks Bihaan to leave Diwakar. Bihaan leaves him.

Krishnakant and Poonam come there and Thapki asks them about Diwakar. She says she will call police. Aditi stops her and says don’t call police, Diwakar is my husband, I married him. They all get shocked. Thapki asks Aditi what is she saying, is she in her senses. Aditi shows her mangalsutra. Thapki asks Aditi about it. Diwakar says he has made Aditi wear this mangalsutra. Thapki scolds Diwakar and asks him not to touch her sister. Diwakar says Krishnakant will tell the truth, that he is their younger son in law.

Aditi says this is truth, Diwakar is my husband. Thapki cries. Bau ji says I understood, this Diwakar did this, get my gun, I will kill him. Vasundara stops Bau ji and asks him not to do anything, its Diwali today. Diwakar says if you shoot me, you will make Aditi a widow. Dhruv comes there and gets angry seeing Diwakar. Diwakar tells about Thapki and his marriage fixed before, its his good deeds that he got saved from the stammering girl, but Aditi is better than her. Dhruv gets angry and says you…. Diwakar says oh Devdas has come, why are you angry and upset, Thapki is not your wife, she is your brother’s wife. Bihaan holds Diwakar’s collar and says he will kill him.

Diwakar says that’s why I got these people with me, Krishnakant and Poonam were not coming, but I was adamant to come here and meet you.

Diwakar insults Pandey family and sits on sofa asking for juice. Vasundara sends Suman and Preeti. Thapki asks her family to come with them and talk. Thapki says she knows Aditi well, there is something, which Aditi is hiding. She says she will help Aditi. Aditi recalls what happened and gets sad.

Bau ji reads the note that Bihaan will donate Thapki and scolds him. Bihaan says I did not write it. Thaoki says I m ready to sit on weighing machine.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dragging
    plz reveal soon vasu and shraddha truth.

  2. Very boring… only Thapki scenes !! No need diwakar!!! Kill him…disgustingggggggggggggg !!pl. End that three months also… And expose evil vasu…. Don’t go out of the track!!!!pl…….tharuv or thahaaan ? End it….

  3. Thank u amena for updates.

  4. very boring epi……reveal vasu truth soooooooon!!!!!!

  5. What a irritating episode……writers don’t tried to mislead this serial pls unite Thahaan,I think this unification willbe made on this diwali episodes….Bihaan,your blasting way of action is superb………..

  6. Todays episode was boring….
    Expose vasu shraddha and diwakar ….
    Now it has gone unbearable. Pls show more thahaan scenes……

  7. Someone should save Aditi from Divakar…
    It’s dragging…
    I think shraddha changed note of Bihaan for Thapki..

  8. Ufffff… how boring. . Unite tharuv plzzz.. and don’t show this stupid diwakar. Spoiled the whole episode. .

  9. nyz epi..
    Tody duruv luk lyk cute.. Iyk it
    Bt alwayz bihaan supur cute…
    Thahaan… 4 evr…

  10. Already shradha charector trouble for thapki now diwa. It’s boring yaa. Plz reveal the truth soon

  11. Actually ,in Ramayana lakshmana ,thee brother of rama treats sita,wife of rama as his mom. But here its totally disgusting……. This is very insulting …………

  12. Want thahaan to unite..not these stupid scenes..boring episode huh waste of time from tomorrow im not gonna watch this dragging show…

  13. Boring episode
    try to convey an intrstng plot there is no interstng part in today.
    when expose both Vasu and shraddha?
    draged lot before the week of playing card but there is nthng good did.i thinking how u expose shraddha for playing with cards?
    otherways atleast each episode thahaan romance show bit of time .
    we hope cmg episode bcm favour of thahaan!!!

  14. TapkiPK blunders.. crap, disgusting, bakwass, shameless episodes… reasonless, meaningless, mindless show…. already spoiled… killed viewers keenness and eagerness. its become one of favorite to become one of crap, Looks silly, nonsense.. middle ungli to ugly thoughts of directer..

  15. Dhapki and bihaan superb why all of you affraid of diwakar pls do something bihaan

  16. Hi guys,
    I really want bihaan to fry That diwakar in the pan like last time but only this time for real. Some one needs to teach
    Him a lesson for messing with people’s liv es. Hate that sharda. and that vasu
    When will she be exposed.

  17. Why the makers draged the story.
    it will be badly affected trp sure
    atleast expose shraddha and unite thahaan
    we need more thahaan romance

  18. Dhruv still has feelings for thapki. But I wish to see thahaan forever …….luv their nokjhok n it was hurting to see him hold her so badly..

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