Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aryan gives Thapki a hand to help her, she doesn’t take it and gets out of the restaurant. In the parking Aryan comes from behind and asks if she was jealous of him dancing with girls, if she has fallen in love with him? Thapki says he always fell from his level whenever he does so. She says he came here as Bihaan, a father of two; what if someone had spotted him dancing. All of their game must have spoilt. She turns to leave, Aryan holds her hand but she removes it and gets an auto for herself.
Bani asks Samar how many dates he had in the past. He replies he never date. Bani calls him a lawyer. He asks about her dates, Bani says she didn’t find anyone for perfect date. She wish to date in water, Samar asks if she would swim in her date. Bani wonders what Thapki and Tina liked in him. She

wish for a date under open sky, starry night and her only rock star on the earth, dancing with her. She swirls around posing to dance. Samar comes and holds Bani in midway in his arms but his phone bell begins to ring. They straighten up as he goes to get the call.
Tina comes to Munna who was packing his bags. She asks if he is going somewhere. He recalls Bani wanted him to leave, so she doesn’t has to marry him. He makes up he was only setting. Tina asks him to choose a Sherwani, he selects a black colored one. Munna begins to pack his bags again. Bani places a hand over his shoulder and asks if he loves her dearly, she wants to apologize him as she never considered him more than a friend. Munna breaks into a laughter. Munna says it was just a lie, he was mocking her. Bani stares at him silently, Munna confirms if he doesn’t deserve to joke with her as much? He wonders why would he lie to her? Bani hits him with her fists and hugs him, as she thought she had been breaking his heart. Munna doesn’t hug back, he thinks his heartbreak isn’t a matter but atleast he won’t break her heart ever.
Bani comes across Aryan and asks about his date. He recollects Thapki’s favorite Chinese, his song and later a super romantic long drive. He says a romantic date never ends without long drive.
Bani comes to her room and looks towards Thapki and Bihaan’s photo. She recalls about Thapki’s details of their date and Aryan’s details. Bani wonders why they are both telling her opposite details, Thapki said about going to a garden for walk and Aryan said they went for long drive. She wonders if Kosi is right, what is Aryan is really not her father.
Kosi was packing her bags thinking no one would trust her in spite of bringing her a huge proof. It’s better for her to leave this house, before she is thrown out forcibly. She foresee her conditions in the slums where she must now live. She turns to find Bani standing at the door, Kosi says Bani got whatever she wished for; her parents and family. If possible, she must remember her real grandmother sometime. Bani takes her bags and says she won’t leave anywhere. Kosi complains for wrapping her in the mattress and throwing her away. Bani says she also wants to find the truth, Kosi assures she is telling the lie. She asks if she has ever found Aryan do a single job that Bihaan used to do? She gives her clues from the past events. Bani says this doesn’t bring about the truth. Kosi says she suspects that stranger since day one, then confirms if Bani would be in her favor? She cheers and was determined to bring the truth to Bani, proving Thapki as the biggest betrayer.
Thapki and Suman were discussing about the menu. Thapki says there must be a counter for Chinese as well, with Spring roll and Chi…. Chi… (She was unable to pronounce it). Aryan corrects her easily. Bani comes to remind them Bihaan never easily pronounced it, how come he learnt it now. Aryan says he can even cook it now, fifteen years is a long time to learn. Bani says Thapki hasn’t changed, its only Bihaan who changed. Bani requests to let her go to meet her friend. Thapki forbids her and upon Bani’s insistence gets angry. Kosi tells Bani to go and make Thapki up as she is her mother. Bani suggests Tina and Bihaan must come together like they used to make up Thapki’s mind in their childhood.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Friends did you notice, bani said she wants to spend her date with her only rockstar. SO IS IT BANI-ARYAAN.(Hate bamar)

  2. Bt somewhere i heard that tina-manav and bani-samar marriage’ll happen.And shooting has started.Dont know right or wrong

  3. I thought bani-samar is like tharuv. But if they get married, everything over. Don’t like this new generation.

  4. Actually I should not feel any goodness in today’s episode…why CVS will playing the Thahaans background music for Samar and Bani….Hate This…same precap.according to some spoliers bride swapping chance is very high…history repeates…let’s see for Manish…he is the one and only ray of hope for us.
    Hello friends,all the very best kudrat…vino miss you dear…miss you my dearies…

  5. Once again Manav is being selfless because of his love for Bani. Please get rid of Samar and his mum they are rubbish characters.

    I didnt like Tina much but im slowly preferring her more to Bani.

  6. This cv doesn’t care and didn’t care about fans. Lots of hate for them. They have murdered our THAHAAN.

  7. I’m just burning in anger for that samar-bani. Only MANYASA only THAHAAN. Can’t tolerate this anymore.

  8. Thapki doesn’t look older than “Aryan”.. They’re looking equal.. Thapki’s style looks mature..

    I hope not.., but if Bihan is no longer exist in story-line.. I wish Aryan is paired with Thapki..
    I still hope Aryan is Bihan.. ? ? ?

    I don’t like Samar’s mom.., but Samar is
    ‘Aryan”-Thapki , Samar-Bani, Muna-Tina..
    ? ?
    I hope Bani wouldn’t be back as a bad
    girl because of Kosi..

    1. I agree with you about the pairings but I don’t like Samar and bani and I think munna is too good for bani. But one thing I do like about bani is she didn’t lead Munna on, he knew that she didn’t love him in a romantic sense and he accepted that whereas Dhruv did lead Shraddha on

  9. I wish TPK show keep focus on Thapki’s life… Her daughters’s life are just supporting story-line..
    I like the new montage.., is quite interesting.. ?

  10. Hi friends…i wish aryan is bihaan only..if he is not the what is the meaning if thapkis mangalsutra and sindoor…and i dont like bani-samar pairing..munna is betterthan samar for bani…samar-tina pair is ok…hope aryan is our bihaan only

  11. Hey guys.. A very glamorous morning 2 all of u
    I’ve got through some colors mini spoilers that bani n kosi will join strong forces to expose Aryan -thapki relation truth. Eventually,aryan will strive his level best in giving the tests. At times when Aryan gets Emabarassed while going through numerous hurdles created by bani n her tricks to know the truth,she starts doubting on him. Aryan tells the same to thapki to stay alert. Finally , bani takes thapki’s avatar to know the truth. But Aryan tries his best to hide it.

    Have a gr8 day guys.. Take care???

  12. Me too.. @dewi… Aryan-thapki, samar-bani,manav-tina

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