Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suman and Preeti arranging things for the puja so that they can check the slippers of guests and Shraddha. Shraddha rests and smiles seeing them do the work. Vasundara asks Preeti to go and invite guests. Thapki and Bihaan come home. Vasundara says culprit and supporter have no place in this puja. She asks Dhruv to explain who can attend this puja and who can’t. Bihaan goes to Bau ji’s room. Dhruv asks Bihaan why is he going to Bau ji’s room. They all rush and ask Bihaan to open the door. Bihaan cries seeing Bau ji and holds his feet.

Vasundara asks Thapki to tell Bihaan to come out. Thapki says yes, I will say. She asks Bihaan to open door and do anything he wants. Vasundara asks Bihaan will he kill Bau ji now. They all shout. Bihaan cries and takes a blade.

Dhruv says Bihaan, I will kill you if you do anything to Bau ji.

Bihaan applies shaving cream to Bau ji’s face and shaves his beard properly. He also cuts Bau ji’s nails. He changes Bau ji’s clothes. Ashwin says we will call police. Vasundara says yes, Bihaan is mad, call police. Dhruv says we will call police later, we will first break the door. Bihaan opens the door. They all look on worried. Bihaan shows Bau ji fine. They all get relieved. Bihaan says you all can stop me from going in puja, not from making Bau ji ready for puja.

He says Bau ji always attends puja this way, this puja is for Bau ji, he is ready same way. He goes. Vasundara cries. Thapki goes to Bihaan and says you did right whatever you did, but your way was wrong. He asks what shall I do, you have seen how they are stopping me, serving Bau ji is puja for me, everyone hates me. She says everyone hates that culprit who has stabbed Bau ji, not you. Everything will be fine when that person comes in open. He says we have just 30 hours now, how will we catch the culprit. She says my dad says when all the ways get shut for us, Lord opens a new way for us.

She says trust me, we will also get a new way. They see a lady saying my chain got lost, who will steal it, it will be here and there. The other lady gets the chain and says it was fallen there, no one can steal in our area, neighbor has fixed CCTV camera. Thapki hears this and asks Bihaan is CCTV cameras really fixed in our area. He says yes, why. She asks why did you not tell this to me before, come with me. She says Bau ji was stabbed here, if CCTV camera is around, everything will be recorded in it. She sees a CCTV camera close by and shows him. She says we have to get camera recording, we can get some clue. He says 22 is written on that pole. She says we have to check pole 22 camera recording. They leave.

Suman and Preeti wait to find Shraddha’s sandal. Preeti says I have found out about every accessory of Shraddha. She checks Shraddha’s sandal and says its same number. Suman says this is my sandal, not Shraddha. Preeti says it means you have done this. Suman says I was with you, that’s Shraddha slipper, check that. They see Shraddha’s slipper size different. Suman says it means Shraddha is not a culprit. Preeti says how will we find culprit now.

Thapki and Bihaan go to the watchman and tells about Bau ji’s incident. She asks for CCTV recording. Watchman says we can’t show anyone, talk to chairman first. Bihaan says chairman is Bau ji’s friend, I will talk to him. watchman says I know you will stab chairman too, as you stabbed your dad. Bihaan gets angry on him and they argue. Thapki asks Bihaan to leave the man. She takes Bihaan with him.

She asks Bihaan why do you do so much anger. He says I get angry as everyone says bad things. She asks him to control his anger, the world is full of bad people. He says I can’t. She says whenever you get anger, just count from 1-10 and recall 10 good things of your life, then see your anger will go away.

He says I won’t remember this. She asks do you want to get rid of this weakness, when Bau ji is bearing its punishment, we have to think about CCTV recording, this is the only way now. They see the watchman there. They manage to get inside the society office and check the CDs. Bihaan says there are many CDs, how will we find. She says we have to find CD of pole 22 and with 2nd May date.

Puja goes on at home. Thapki and Bihaan look for the CD. Bihaan gets the CD and shows her. They play the CD and check it. They get shocked seeing Bau ji pushing Bihaan and some third person stabbing Bau ji. She says there was some third man also. He says that man stabbed Bau ji. They see the truth.

Thapki tells Dhruv that she has the proof, she wants to show them DVD, come with me. Vasundara refuses. Dadi says we will check that once to know whether Thapki is saying true or lie.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. Bass abb bhaoth hogaya aCVS ka drama. ……
      hare Barber ka comment sachh nikla……..!!!!!!!
      coming to the episode. ….
      thahaan ne dvd laaya hai ya nahi…….!!!!!?????
      About Precap. …
      thapki MA ne dvd ke baare mai nahi bathaya sirf hooper aane ko kaha ……..!!!!!
      kya hooper jaake sirf cc tv pole dekh na hai kya……????
      muje lagtha hai ki dvd ko wahi chodke aaya hain……!!!!!! laaya nahi…..!!!
      kyon ki a thapki madam ka kohi barosa nahi …….!!!!!!!

      1. Han wai chor kr ae hogu ya ghum krdi hogi ya kiso or se swap kr di hogi …im pretty sure

      2. ha !! Barber ka comment sachh

        hahah pole dhikhane ka plan hi lagta hai….

        thapki ma !!! hahahha

        kabhi kabhi to wo bhi akkal ki dusman ban jati hai….

      3. hmmm thapki G for Galti or G
        for Golmaal

      4. I havnt seen ful episode….n i havnt read al ur comments here today. Jus started seein …. and ?i cudnt help come over here and congratulate santosh on the barber prediction??. I thnk ur the hero for the day n the commnt sectn is gona b more abt ur prediction? bihaan ka 6th sense vision milgaye kya?lol. Wil catch u guys later?

      5. Finishd watchin episode. Sooo borin.and luks like the whole week is gona b damn borin. I thnk il come bak n watch ths nonsense only if somethin interesting iz hapenin.bihaan ko to moti roti bhuddi bana diya hai. Hes eithr cryin or angry.he usd to b so fun b4…ab to writer ki ek parchayi bana diya hai.only entertaimnt ws barber scene simply coz of th jokes we crackd here. Kudos to all of u guys for makin shw more entertaining.
        N lol…the cctv onthe pole is facin pandey house balcony n bed room windows i sted of the road?… hmmm…????kya iradha dha uss neighbr ka jisne vo cam lagwaya???.
        The way vasu is actin (esp precap)…luks as though she arranged her ex lover to kill bauji?. Y is she so adamant to nt knw the truth.shes evn rude to the othr bahus.

        Today wen druv ws holdin tht bolster pillow while arranging for prayr…i felt like tellin hm “tumara bacha bhi aise hi dikhega”.did u guys notice he ws holdin it like a baby???watch retelecast…i found it soo ironic n funny.

      6. by ‘upar’ thapki meant higher up..she wantd to say ” upar bhagvan ke pas chali jana please!”

    2. From where did u get this info

    3. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

      Hey santosh thanks for the spoilers u saved my one week which means 210 mins of my life 😛 now will watch TPK only when I see thahaan love scene 😛 now I can sleep instead of watching TPK 😛

  2. Hmmm bit boring episode but showed something good n i think Dhruv is behind all these. M not saying k dhruv stabbed bau g but yeah maybe he conspired everything just to ruin bihaan’s life coz he doesn’t like him n everything is indicating towards Dhruv so….Or tpk team want to confuse us…Dhruv lovers don’t bash me but mastermind is Dhruv..let’s c..n one thing was silly that today bdki n chutki were matching shraddha’s sandals at there entrance i mean she’s a family member so y she will put her sandals outside her house ???…..precap seems interesting…

    1. no pratibha it is not possible dhruv is only reacting like vasu nothing else

      1. Lol… “like mom like son”?!?

    2. Shradda wud nevr wear such horribl footwr. Besides…. y cant they just chek show size ( they al liv togthr so tht shudnt b tough).. aisa lagta hai ki chutki badki ye chappal ko pocket me leke khumti hai. Ye writers comedy bhi itne falthu banate hai. Romance bhi likna nahi atha. Suspens n crime bhi banana nahi atha. Sirf or sirf tragedy hi hai.its like tpk= Tragedy Pandeys Ki. I thnk thapki ws way more happier b4 she bcam a pandey!

      1. **shoe size

  3. omg!! they were now draging it so much…really fed up with current track!! tpk ff eaven better than this..

  4. very gajabb
    thahaan knew the truth

    bihaan helps bauji in geting ready

  5. Pulipole poyavan eli pole shavum cheythittuvannu??

      1. Ur in school ryt? Hav a gud sense of humor?

    1. Lol…. Naanun athan nenechain!! Haha??

  6. Hai friends. …..about spoiler
    serial mai tho thahaan love track ki nazar nahi aaraha hain ….only cat and mouse drama…… iss liye main tho faisla karliya hain ki ….. .
    mai tho nahi dkhungi jab tak thahaan track nahi aatha
    ( watching the show after they end this crap track)

    Tabb tak ke liye
    I miss sag, vinlora ,roshni…..and all other tpk fans…..

    1. Same here santosh ill just read here thats it cant waste my 30mins?

      1. I think even i may take a break. I jus came here today for u guys. Esp aftr the barber scene… mujse raha nahi gaya.had to come ovr n comment?. Hey thapki J. Didnt see u yrtrdy

      2. Hey roshni i got some work to do as well …just came here for u guys ?

      3. I aslo came here for u guys ?

    2. Hey santhosh bejaru madkobeda kano….I know current track quiet boring but one thing good is that thahaan are together. ..we want to see thahaan together rite?? Soon their romance will start don’t worry…and don’t go anywhere. ..we are missing your comments plzzz…

    3. hmm their is no sign of thahaan n this track going so long but don’t quit like that as at least thahaan r working together it’s is also good.

      I know one thing about u definitely u can’t stop ur self to watching tpk like me 😉

  7. precap Is family members come to know the truth or Cvs again drag the track
    thapki support bihaan by Her EYES AS SHE IS DOING ALWAYS
    again Rona Dhona


    and so on.
    thahaan r investigating still
    and they get
    and we thahaanian who want TO SEE LOVE TRACK

    HA HA HA

    LIKE WATCHING TOM & Jerry and actually tom & jerry more interesting than Tpk
    and children loved it

    wah g wah
    what a track
    chor police
    (still hope of romance)
    Bdki chutki
    all writers here have good stories we will show ur track dont worry
    stop crying.
    Aa jao
    we love u
    and hate the others

    pagal ACTORS

    1. ha anu nothing was changed….

      Bas pehle Chappal thi or ab CD

      Totally disappointed

  8. Santhosh hads of u. u said that bihan might bcom a barbar really I could not control my laughter wen it real happend wowO:-) 😛 ,:-\ 🙂 🙂 and 4 the next coming days till 22nd may this will be dragged its a disappointment 4 me don’t know might be dragged 4 the whole month I saw in spoilers that bihan will be again arrested and at the same time bauji will be attacked andthapki will be totally heartbroken bcoz both bihan and bauji is at danger and so on I think its better to stop watching the 2 week’s episode let’s watch after 2 weeks I feel everything will be solved

  9. Angry Bihaan is back…

    If the culprit is Bihaan’s real father then who is his mom..
    I think writer will move to exchange of children. OMG…. Then Ds will not be vasu’s only son…. Bihaaan will be vasu’s real son. If so vasu will have a feeling of cursed.. because she ditched Bihaan a lot.
    Confusion not ending….
    Bihaan’s father is now appeared…. where was he….. and his name also Balvinder.. how’s it possible two brothers have same name…

  10. Finally she got proof I hope its d real dvd

  11. Omg where the hell is this story line going dragging dragging and dragging
    Thank god didnt watch todays and yesterdays episode..
    Whole panday family is pshyco they all need to consult psychiatrist and should get some serious slaps and shocks
    And yeah thapkis brain worked (found some better proof other than CHAPAL :p) but this is police’s job not thapkis .in the same way culprit wld hv destroyed cctv dvd
    Like seriously police is not invetigating anything then why they r blaming bihan and will arrest him with out any proof this is mere crap nothing more ..
    Mr writer please grow up we are not stupid enough to tolerate this poop anymore
    And its final im not watching tpk anymore :/:/ lost my interest my brain could not proccess this stupidity anymore….

    1. And yeah im sure thapki would have lost cctv dvd or will mixed that dvd with some other dvd..i knw ur level writer ji

      1. Lol…@ “cant tolerate this ‘p’oop nymore”. Here thapkiJ…. folowin ur line of thots…
        Next episode:
        Thapki bak on druvs channel:
        Thapki: burkheman… kal raat 7pm ko mein ek aur pakki sabooth police ko dene wali hu. Hhaamare khar ke piche jo kachde ki dibba hai vaha par”
        Druv :lekin kachde ki dibbe ke pas kyo?

        Thapki: kkkyonki jabse mein iss pandey parivaar mein ayi hu… meri value ek kachda jaisa hogaya hai”

        Next day…our brainy thapki tries to lure the culprit to wr the culprit is.
        This tym she thnks of keepin it somewr wr nobdy wud tak nythn from.
        Thapki throws dvd into a pile of garbageand hides.
        A dog comes over and runs off with it. Thapki n bihaan chases the dog.
        Bihaan : thapki.. mujhe to lagta hai ki vo kutte ne dvd kha liya. Ab kya kare?!
        Thapki: mmujhe bhi samaj nahi araha. Sochne do.
        Idea bihaan. Mmere school biology teachr ne kaha hai ki watevr goes in has to come out. Hum indizaar karte hai. Yahi pakka saboot hai.
        Dekte rahiye…. t”p”k??.
        Skippin the fullform to keep up better commentin standards??? uh… thse writers really need to step up their game if they wana save trps

      2. Chase**

      3. Hahahha omg u r very funny ???
        Esa reality ma ho tou in tpk just imagine???

    2. u also want 2 quit this show ???

      u r not watching means u will just read updates right ?

      1. Sag Im thinking to quit for a while or till the track changes …because it’s getting boring also im having exams ..its better to study then watching these useless episodes
        Also no thahaan love track im heart broken ?

      2. Xams?! Oh.All the best!

      3. Thanks ?

      4. All the best!!!

  12. DRAGGING….i really fedup with this dramatic family sequences….day by day TPK ,directly or indirectly will breaking our expectations.

  13. Any way 1st anniversary of tpk spoiled becoz this may 25 th is the day and till 22nd its this burqe and police drama even bihan inside jail thahan also separated so bad thapki alone wat is she going to do
    And three days before also they didn’t find truth before I had a hope that the writers r going to give sudden surprise by making thapki realize on the day confession or smthng but nthng:'(O:-) :-! :O

    1. @ dev

      sorry 4 braking ur hope but

      in writers ko S 4 Surprise nai S 4 shock dene ki aadat hai….

  14. hmmm thapki G for Galti or G for Golmaal

  15. ohh God CD mil jane k baad to is track ka bhi kreyakaram banta hai…..

  16. There were three things I liked in today’s episode and they are all to do with a look:
    1) I liked that when Bihaan opened the door the first person whose eyes he sought was Thapki’s just to give her that reassuring little nod to say he hadn’t done anything wrong. She matters to him now.
    2) There was a little look Thapki gave Bihaan after he said he had just been preparing Bauji for the Puja. I don’t know how to describe it but it was kinda of smile laced with a bit of pride in him. It was actually my favourite moment in today’s episode.
    3) There after, she looked towards Vasu and Dhruv with an expression that to me said ‘in your face’. I enjoyed that too.

    I know they are really dragging the storyline and giving us useless Thahaan scenes, and spoiling my appetite with Dhruv’s visage on my screen every day but hey ; what can you do. I like watching TPK.

    1. The only thing that would make me stop watching it would be if they were to ever resurrect Tharuv.

      1. Bea, I’m such a. Glutton for punishment I’d probably watch if that happens too. Can’t see it myself, tharuv I mean, as in Thapki,s eyes he has fallen from grace. One of the things she was drawn to was his attitude to the whole innocent until proven guilty concept. I think he’s lost his chance with her and also he doesn’t so deserve her as he didn’t really support her after their marriage didn’t happen, he just went on his own pity party for months and months.

    2. Dats sweet n optimistic.even i do like the glances they gv eachother…but the sensless masala in the show is killin my interest.
      Btw…wen bihaan opend the door i expectd druv n cousins to crash onto the floor as they wr chargin twrds it.ah wel… bihaan missd a sweet revenge ?.(no offenz to druv fans…dont hate him)

      1. That would have been really funny. Director missed a trick there.

    3. HI Bea, and everyone else.

      So episode again was a but hmmmmmmm.

      Like your observations of the hood points. Those little snippets are really good to watch! I think Bihan does unspoke looks really well.

      Liked how he got Bauji dressed. How anyone can question his love of that man is very ridiculous!

      Vasu… Meh!
      Preethi and Suman, they have been good in the past, shame their bits are just senseless fillers now.

      ROshni, you’re theory about Vasu up there is interesting and plausible, Vasu did give Bihan blood and they both share the same type of rare group so hmmmm it could be that she had it away with bauji’s brother and the. Married Bauji, Bauji doesn’t know all this so that could be the revenge angle. Vasu seems hell bent on getting rid of Bihan and the way she is acting is very odd.

      Tbh, I am reading the very funny comments on these update threads than I am watching the show at the moment, so I hope you all do keep commenting as its just brilliant! Thank you!


      1. I am enjoying reading the very funny…

      2. Good points.

      3. Lol. I really liked that pity party statement above. And didn’t he just.

    4. Hey bea Nice approach i like your optimism ???

  17. Bihaan and Thapki rock.

  18. Hi Santhosh, Sag, Roshini, Tapki, Vinlora n Mini123….I’m Nages here….I’m actually ur fan..I like all ur comments and bonding through this serial even though not knowing each other by personally….Well my mother tougue is Tamil…As wat I haf mentioned earlier I dont speak Hindi n dont understand single words yet nowadays few words I’m catching up with translator…I watch this serial through online…In my country there r very few channels from India mostly from south channels not from nothern channels….This updates help me more to understand what’s going on in this serial…I read the updates b4 watch the series…Where is Kana? Y she didnt turn up 2day? Well plz continue this healthy n positive bonding….I always read but less commenting bcoz watever I want to say will b said out by all of u…so I juz read all ur comments…Thank you n be more active….Tc guys….??

    1. Hii nages,i’m here 🙂 vanakkam and welcome to our group 🙂 u said u enjoyed our comment nah,that’s y i asked abt ur mother tongue bcz most of my comments i wrote in tamil,anyway nice to meet u nages 🙂

      Do u knw onething nages,there r lot of tamil tpk fans are here,but basically they are silent readers plz guys don’t be a silent reader come and join with us and share ur opinion,based on ur comment i think u r not in india right?then where r u frm?
      Even i don’t knw hindi i watch only for thahaan,but nowadays they r dragging tooooo much ya 🙁

      1. I’m from Malaysia….Nice to know all of u through this page….Thank you so much Roshni…I’ll ask if anything I dont understand…as what u said true..even I’m sticking with this series bcoz of Thahaan …Storyline almost similar to my stories but not sasu bahu….here no torture of in laws…my hubby has same character like Bihann ….very caring n too smart…first hatress n then love started….end up with marriage n 3 kids…Happy life….Sorry irratating all of u with my story….Well let’s c how is Thahaan’s story going to b….

      2. Ohhh woooowww nages!!! it’s nice to hear that there is a person like bihaan in real life too,then u r sooo lucky yaarrr 🙂 i think his childish rudeness is the main attractive thing for his character but sometime he behave like cute rowdy however basically he is a good hearted and caring person that is the thing most wanted and expected by every girls nah 🙂 so enjoy ur life with ur kids and ur hubby 🙂 best wishes dear 🙂

      3. Hi nages!! Vanakkam… Im from Malaysia too!! I thought im the only one watching this online from Malaysia without understanding Hindi… ?Glad to know there is someone just like me….. Im still a student…. Of course I really enjoy reading Kana, Nasreen and Roshni’s comments…

    2. Hi nages. Did u say “ur fan” to us…. omg… thatz too much?. We nevr even realisd others r readin our comments. U can comment too u knw… dosnt matter if its alredy been said by someone else….. n if u need translation… u can alwys ask ny of us.☺i myt take a brek though.current track is too borin to watch on a daily basis. Ystrdy i came ovr hre jus for the sake of frens. Tc btw. Happy to meet u☺

    3. Heyy nages it’s good to know that there is someone who reads our comments and appreciate it.thanks alot ??.
      hey u can also commment and share your views with us.. it will be great
      And yeah you are right we are different people living in different countries yet there is one thing thats common between us and thats tpk ?
      And im also i thahaan fan

    4. Hi nages ….happy to meet u dear…best wishes for u and ur family. ..keep watching thahaan and keep connected with us….

      1. Tq my dears…I’m glad to noe there r another person from Malaysia too….Sivagami….Hi Sivagami….So v haf a lot of frens now so v can form the sangam suggested by Reji n Nasreen…Well Siva I’m a full time home tutor teaching all level…primary to A-Level…

    5. Nasreen(Tamil chennai)

      Hai nages.. welcome to our comments family.. Im also tamil.. We r happy to see u guys.. Well Today updates is better.. Enga veetu cable tv la colors tv varala pa… Romba kastama iruku… update padichi nana oru imagine pannikiren.. vere vali..?

      Hey kana … sorry ma.. nethu ennala comment panna mudiyala…yen evlo kovam dear.. vidu… yellarum namla madhiriye yosipanganu solla mudiyadhu… inga paaru dear unaku pudikadha comments vandhuchun neepadichitu silent ah irudhiru. adhan better.. Na ugu varaikum apdi than pandren… namaluku hindi theriyadhu ippo sag , anu, thapki, mini apporam innum sila peru hindi la than comment panranga.. namaku adhula konjam puriyadhu… namma silent ah porom la apdi than… sariya.. na solradhula thapu yedhum irundha sorry ma… ne purinchipa nenaikian. eppodhumey na oru nalla tamil frnds…enna sangam arambikalama..?. sangthula enthana peru ma.?

      Apparam enga reji kanom?…

      1. Apppada!!vanthitiya nasreen va va neraya pesanum,nethu vote poda poniya?
        Naan appidi enna sollitanu antha pillai englishla ennenavo ellam pesuthu,dhruvku oru arai kuduka thane sonan,antha pillai en mela enna kovathila irunthicho therila ennaya maddum thidnathu pothathunu namma bihaan ah vera thiduchu athan naan sema kadupakitan,muthala silent ah poiralamnu than nenaichan appuram ennrunthalum namma geththa kaadiye aavanumnu mudivu panni eppidi ellam english la thiddalmnu yosichu adichu vuden paaru avlo than athukapuramum kooda antha pillai bihaan ah thiduthu sari ithuku mela ennatha sollanu silent aayitan.
        sari sari nee onnum feel pannatha naama eppavum pola very decent ppl enkira mathiriye nadanthukuvom 🙂
        Reji than sangam amaikirathila rompa theevirama irunthichu athayum kanom
        Ippidiye pona sangathila neeyum naanum than

      2. Hey kana n nasreen… i saw ystrdys msg n tht …wel…sort of argument. Im sorry…. wud hav tried to help bt i hadnt read tht. Nevertheless i jus sent a reply there.take care. ☺

      3. And dont feel that u shud restrict urslf to just tamilmsgs…i know v speak a lota hindi… but u can annoy us with doubts any day. I may not be comin online very regularly… but rven the others…sag…thapki.. santosh…nimisha…etc etc wud also help,im sure. Friendship is more fun wen u hav more ppl with different roots…. just like flavours in a cuisine ☺

  19. Ithukku melayum storyya ilukathengada,engalala thanga mudiyalada 🙁
    enakku aluga alugaiya varuthu 🙁
    Thahaan trackku wait panni wait panni venamnu pochu,saavadikama start panni tholaiyungada,innum nallllaa nallla vaarthaiya vaayila varuthu,asingama poirum ama solitan

    1. Lol kana… i thnk all viewers r thinkin the same thing now n runnin away …. “thanga mudiyalai”

      1. Ohhh roshni u r also tamil??? Superyaaa!! I hav to thank to this forum day by day it gives me a chance to find a new friend,nice to meet u roshni 🙂

      2. sorry yaar…im not Tamil. but i understand it very well… nt tht gud at speakin though. i used to watch a lota tamil movies too during my childhood. my dad speaks tamil well…but nanga tamil pesi ningale confused panna vendanu neneche. ;-P (nw u knw the condition of my spoken tamil ;-P)

        nevertheless….i can understand u guys n if im arnd im happy to translate nythn u want. i had said the same to nasreen as well…bt i guess u guys hadnt seen wud b nice to brek the regional and language barriers!

      3. It’s ok roshni,but it’s nice to hear that u can understand tamil that’s enough 🙂 anyway thank u roshni bcz u r the one who is going to be our translator for all tamilians haha 🙂
        Yah roshni language barrier is not a issue in frienship nah,so we all are thahaanians, let’s support thahaan continuously 🙂

      4. Sure dont worry….anyone of us wil be redy to help too if im not around. U can ask sag too…im sure sags alwys redy to assist. Its just tht most of our jokes r impersonations of the characters… or based on hindi movie songs or ddialogue etc. I guess sinz u guys dont understand hindi much and the rest dont understand tamil…the mingling is a lil less. Bt if u step in n ask who evr msgs wud be happy to explain ☺☺☺

  20. welll guys, i know the track is dragging but i still like TPK. just because of Bihaan. But, i just dont get it that why writers are soo stupid and taking this show toward disaster. Yaar common start up thahaan love track. abb bohaat hogaya. enough.

    1. Yah sam they r dragging toooo tooo tooo much 🙁 i think they don’t have story after thahaan love track that’s y they r dragging like this,but it’s difficult to tolerate stupid story without thahaan love track 🙁 so we have to tell them that first plz start thahaan love track then we are to ready to watch any bakwaas story,bcz we watch
      only for thahaan

      1. Nasreen(Tamil chennai)

        Yeh kana.. solla maradhuten .. nethu indira serial paathiya.. bihaan entry was awesome ans amazing… i was flying that time… My mom also said that thw bihaan is perfect person for beat shyamili…. Did u hear the bihaan background music .. i love it… mmmm.. ennaku oru asai dear… Shall we make frnds group at fb?..
        if any body have a wish … this is my id guys..
        muhsina nasreen(nas)

      2. Yah nasreen naan than sonnane bihaan entry eppavume sema mass than, naan muthalla nenaichan yean intha dhruv nalla thane irukan avanaye herova poduraklamenu nenaichan ippa than thonuthu bihaanna athu manish than vera yaaralum mudiyave mudiyathu indiraku etha jodi,ennaaa acting!!!!! He is cute a rowdy,avan herona sema hero thanpa no doubt
        And nasreen naan oru social netwrkum use panrathilla dr,bcz athu nammala addict pannirumnu veedla pesuvanga aana ippa tpk addict aayitan
        Indiaa forum la group pannuvoma?

      3. Yah nasreen,naan than sonnane bihaan entry epavume sema mass than,naan muthalla nenaicha intha dhruv nalla thane irukan avanaye herova podirukalmenu ippa than thonuthu bihaanna athu namma manish than vera yaralayum mudiyave mudiyathu.indiraku eththa jodi ennaaa acting!!! He is a cute rowdy,avan herona sema hero thanpa no doubt
        And nasreen naan oru social netwrkum use pamrathilla dr,bcz athu nammala addict pannirumnu veedla peauvanga aana ippa naan tpk ku addict aayitan.padipu mudira varaikum veedla not allowed wat to do 🙁
        Indiaa forum la group pannuvoma?

  21. Umm… I was wondering if anyone of yoh watch Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi?? Ljke if you watch and anyone of you is writing a ff on that plzz tell me, i would love to read that.

    1. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

      Me 😛 I m one of them u can see that from my id name 😛 and yes I write ff on KRPKAB n EDKV combined it’s named kuch rang Pyaar ke ek duje ke vaaste do comment when u have time 😛 and I have written FFs for TPK in the past also 😛

  22. i think that burka ones is dhruv

  23. I reckon the Main police officer is the culprit…but I just don’t know what the reason will be. Vasu n Dhruv are driving me nuts! I seriously feel it’s such overacting! It needs to end this week this whole drama or else ppl will lose interest and move on to another show…

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