Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara asking Shraddha to make sure Bihaan and Thapki do not know that I m have maid’s clothes. Bihaan and Thapki come there, and get shocked seeing Vasundara’s state. Bihaan asks Vasundara about her clothes, whats all this. He gets angry on Shraddha and scolds her. He asks did you get Maa for taking care like this, I will not leave you. Vasundara says stop Bihaan, be quiet, I have worn this clothes by my wish. He asks why, tell me what are you hiding. She says no Bihaan, I have done sin to hide something before, now I m not hiding anything. He says you are not doing right, till I m alive, I won’t let you stay here, come with me. She leaves his hand and asks him not to make her helpless. He goes. Thapki asks Vasundara why is she punishing herself, anyone can do mistake.

Vasundara says I m repenting, maybe this way I can face myself, don’t hurt yourself, I know you are not able to see me like this. She wipes Thapki’s tears and hugs her. Thapki cries seeing her and leaves. Shraddha thinks to trouble Vasundara more.

Thapki rushes to everyone at home and shows the tickets. She says its zoo’s tickets, for all of us, I got this for free, we all can go to visit zoo for whole day, I went for shopping and have put entry to win these tickets, I was selected and got these tickets. Preeti tells about Bau ji and Vasundara meeting in zoo for the first time and their love story starting from there. Dadi asks them to go, she will go to temple. Bau ji says I will go with Maa to temple. Bihaan says yes, I will also go to temple, we will miss Maa there, what will we enjoy there without Maa. Bau ji says no, we can enjoy without her too, we will go to zoo. Dadi says I will call Dhruv and call him there, life does not stop if anyone is absent. They all go. Bihaan tells Thapki that he said no to make Bau ji say yes. He asks her to pray that their plan succeeds today.

Shraddha says Bihaan was getting angry seeing Vasundara in maid’s saree, like he would murder me, its good he went. She gets scared getting Bihaan’s call. She worried and answers the call. He asks were you thinking of me, that you answered call. She says you would have called Maa. He says I had work with Maa, but I have to tell you, get Maa in zoo today, you are great in making stories, show your talent and get Maa there, else you know me, if I lose my mind then… she asks are you threatening me. He says no, I m informing you, I left a cage empty in the cage, a strange animal can be locked there, the cage is near the tiger’s cage, did you understand. He asks her not to stammer and beware of the tiger, if you don’t do your work, I will do my work. He ends call. She says how dare he, he said he will lock me in the cage and called me animal, lets see who gets locked in cage.

Pandey family reach the zoo. Suman and Preeti argue. They all go inside. Thapki asks Bihaan where is Maa, it will all go waste if she does not come. He says don’t worry, Maa will come, Shraddha will get her. She asks what do you mean. He takes her. Vasundara asks Shraddha why did you get me here, I m tired. Shraddha thinks its because of Bihaan, and asks her to watch exciting animal show, it will be a good watch, come. Pandey family come across Vasundara. Bihaan diverts them and signs Thapki to go to Vasundara. Thapki asks Vasundara to come along, and asks Shraddha to wait here, Bihaan is also here. The family has a talk and go ahead. They see Shraddha there. Bau ji asks how did you come here. Shraddha says Thapki called and said you all are coming here, so I could not stop myself and came here. Vasundara says Thapki would have told you to get Vasundara, where is she. Dhruv gets angry.

Thapki screams seeing the gorilla and faints. Gorilla holds her with love.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. drizzle

    The episode was average but like b 4 bihaan pandey’s terror.And same precap I hope the gorilla would be bihaan .(coz it will be fun to see him like that) Is anybody agree with me?

    • Juggu

      |Registered Member

      I dont think so drizzle.coz in promos n precaps when gorilla holds thapki bihaan was standing at back . May b according tto cvs the gorilla could hv cme to thank thapki fr saving it

    • Snehal

      |Registered Member

      hii drizle i agree wid u…if bihaan could be a gorilla then it will be more fun to watch…btw i m new here

  2. Shobi

    Enappa idhu indha serial la precap veche one week ootuvanga pola iruke….aanalu precap nallarku.sry nethu oru mistake-Bunny style la Sonna “sooooper machi*”.Hi Tamil ponnungala.How are you? Ellarum nalam dhana. there any Bunny (allu arjun) or Cherry (ram charan) fans here????

    • Juggu

      |Registered Member

      Vanakam shobi n sriranjini
      Shobi akka cherry nayak movie.bunny endha movie lil confusion na yeh jawaani yeh deewanila vara ranbirkapoor nu nenacha

      • Shobi

        Cherry nayak moviela mattum illa juggu ram charanoda real nickname. He did a movie named “Cherry” and Allu arjun, he too did a movie called “Bunny”.Idhu rendum avangaloda real nickname.

    • Goms

      |Registered Member

      Hii shobi..fyn dr..hw r yu dr..? I like bunny and cherry acting ma..they’re good actors and good nenga namba allu arjun and ram charan fan polaiyeee..iiii kandupudichutan..heyyy??..

      not bad epi.. Happy to see atleast bihaan is against that evil shradha..
      Gorilla holds thapki with love..hahaha?? nice precap..tpk spoiler was goodddd.. bihaan gets angry with gorilla.??awww.. that much loveeee….
      Bihaan ji love you soo muchhhhh??

      Kana, juggu, kumutha, nasreen akka, nages akka, ash, adithi, and all Tamil ponnunga common sweeties start commenting..

  3. vinlora

    Bihaan shraddha conversation was the highlight. to see old bihaan and BG is awesome. .there is a buzz that thapki will go off air soon…is it true? ?? According to current track it may be true….what the he’ll is going on???no sense at all…. jitne speed se thahaan confession karwaaya utni hi speed se usko full stop bhi lagaya????if CV’S don’t have any sensible story to show then let them read the fanfictions yaar…they will get awesome ideas…?????

    • Manyasa29

      Hello vinlora…i m a silent reader.Yes…even i agree the fanfictions are more interesting!!! Irritating to see the precap again and again…..and even i have heard that this show is going off air in 2 months….but i think this is a rumour…..let’s hope tpk airs atleast one more year and all this vasu n shraddha drama ends soon….

    • ash..2

      Irundhalum ungalukku kindal jasthi. Illena 20 nimisha serialai vituttu, ipadi precap.I yaravadhu pugazhuvaangala. Paavam tpk director. Credit goes to editor.

      • Juggu

        |Registered Member

        Ama ash episodelaye final 30 sec precap matu tha nallarukunu enaku thonudhu tpk of air ayirchuna nama sangatjoda nelama OMG i cant ever think tat

  4. Juggu

    |Registered Member

    Hahahaha??????indha precap……..haahaha????…….ennala mudila ore chipu chipa varudhu. Gorilla will propose thapki soon tune in on thapki pyar ki . Hahaha….

    Sangam girls wer r u ellaru register pannunga pa….apa tha private chatla number vangi..whatsap grp create panla…

    Aprm ponnungala na en ff post pannita padichutu cmnt pannunga….

  5. garima

    Hello i like your comments so i also start write comments.i like your comments roshni vinora ash fatarajo vics goms sriranjani tamil girl juggu and all tamil group and all.♥♡♥

      • ash..2

        Enna pathi unakku enna theriyanum. Naan padichadhu ennoda cousins madipakkathula padichanga. Adhanala keten. Girl…dav, boy…modern. ennoda peru vijaya. Friends koopiduvaanga. 2nd name aishwarya. Short ash. Neenga mattum thaan andha perla koopidureenga. Padichadhu appuram kulam, gothram ellam theriyanuma?
        Ippa unna pathi sollu.

      • Juggu

        |Registered Member

        Ennoda peru jahana parvin.porandhadhu valanthathu ella Chennai that pakka Chennai ponnu.madipakkathuku vandhu six years avudhu Inga kings matric la skl mudichachu counselling apply pannitu wait pannitruka.nee register pannana mob no. Tharen
        K va

      • ash..2

        Naan register pannaporadhilai. Konja naal sadharanama comment pannitu poiduven. Apuram cmt panna varuveno maateno theriyadhu. Adha naan ungalukku kandippa soluven. Eppadi irundhalum oru break ninaikiren. Nichayam share panname pogamaten.

  6. pooja prabha

    Its just an OK episode.there is nothing more to say about it.but,precap I think its none other than our Thapkis hero Bihaan.anyways so much of eagerness to watch tomorrows 1hour special episode.And one more thing guys pls vote for Thahaan in the most popular jodi contest….

  7. Tamil ponnunga-kana(1)

    Ada pongayya ethana vote ah poddalum pinnadiye thorathikidu varanga,ethir kadchi karanga 24hrs ithe velaiya than irukanga pola 🙁
    ithunga ellam ethuku zoo ku povuthunga athu sari sontha karangala santhikka povuthunga pola
    Etho innaiku episodela bihaan thapkiya kaila pudichu koodikidu ponathu konjam manasuku aaruthala irunthichu
    Apuram kannungala enga irukenga nasreen,ash,juggu,goms,adithi,kums,nageska,sobhi etho mudinja varaikum ellarum vote panunga papom 🙂

    • Juggu

      |Registered Member

      Votela panna mudiyadhu im busy neeye potuka ana def ah swadan r raglak oda poti potu jeika mudiyadhu
      Golden petal awards gold awardslala try panni pathachu wasteuh so na puliku vaala irukradha vida eliku thalaiya irukalam nu dialoguela vidatha

    • Goms

      |Registered Member

      Kana neraiya vati mela vote potutan da..en frndz kitaiyum vote pana solirukan..
      Papom ena aguthunu??

    • ash..2

      Ennala mudiyalaipa. Naanum oru 20 vote innaiku potirupen. Evlo potalum munadi pogamatengudhu. Oru velai bhihan.nukku 1 vote pota laksh.ku 4 vote vizhudhonnu sandhegama irukku. Pesama carbon coppy vaika try pannalam.

      • ash..2

        Ippa paathiya 1st thahaan. Poittu andha sight.I parthuttu 5 vote potuttu vandhuduven. Adhuvum kana.vukaga. idhuvaraikkum inaikku 10 vote potirupen.

      • Tamil ponnunga-kana(1)

        Ampudu payalugalum pasakara payalunka naan sonnenu ore karanathukaka 10,20nu enni enni vote ah enni enni podurukainga,yeruma yeruma arivu irukka ipdi enni enni podda win panna mudiyuma?? 100,200nu poddu tholaingadi

      • ash..2

        Romba sandhoshapadadhey. Bhihaanukkum, lakshukkum 20 vote thaan vithyasam.
        OMG. Laksh, bhihaan.I pinnadi thalitanya.

  8. Adithi

    Wow.. Now it’s not Bhiaan but a real gorilla.. So much of competition ??.. Bhiaan have to stay alert.. Anyways looking for better episodes..
    Hey girls.. Enaku oru doubt.. Thapki marriage ana pudusula kungumam vachutu irunduchu .. Ippolam vaikuradae illa.. Also mangalsuthr kuda kanom.. Mm..
    @Hii..juggu ippadan swaragini page la comment pathen.. Swara ku memory lose papom enna nadakudu nu..

    • Juggu

      |Registered Member

      Chei avaluku nyabagam vandhiranum appa tha sanskar senjadhukla use illa waste dei saravanan meenakshi madhiri aakiradheenga da

    • Shobi

      Hi adithi how are you??…yes Thapki Ku sema competition dhan “Bihaan thambi paathuko ippave sollitom aprom naanga porupu illa” and naa nenakren Bihaan thirumba Thapki Ku kumkum vechu mangalasuthra poduvannu…

      • Adithi

        @juggu @ash.. Correct inda track saravanan meenatchi madiri podu.. So seekram swara kissan live starts..
        @shobi.. Hiii.. Mm.. Correct.. Bihaan ippavae sollitom.. Appuram nanga porupu illa..

  9. shaani

    Drizzle I agree with will be fun to see bihaan in gorilla costume and thapki getting scared.waiting……

  10. Pritesh

    Guys naanum Tamil aal dhan. Today’s episode was fantastic. Iniki the highlight was bihaan’s terror which shraddha experienced. Waiting for tomorrow’s gorilla episode.

      • ash..2

        Adha theringikittu enna pannapore. Juggu enakku oru doubt. Namma sangathula elarum ponugala. Visarichiya? Apuram tamil ponunga potukiradhuku arthameyilla. Perai maatha vendiyirukkum.

      • shobi

        adipaavi ash..2 ponna illena epdi sangathula sendhuruppom…indha doubtke unna thooki pottu… min neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      • ash..2

        Shobi, ennaiya sandhega padare. Oru velai vara madhiri ponungalai polave yaravadhu chudidhar potutu sangathula join panitangalonu oru chinna sandhegam. Sandhegathula thaama vazhkaiye odudhu.

  11. Sivagami

    I finally felt so give up with this series tho…?I used to enjoy so much all the funny fights of thahaan and bihaan’s catchy dialogues… mahanatma, chuk chuk gadi…. Now the track is going somewhr else… Didnt watch it for the whole week.. This emotional track is so boring…. ☹️?

  12. Amirtha

    Ivanga eppome ipdi dha boss
    Gorilla bihaan dhan nu nenaikura ??
    Aana indha thapki pulla doll madiri irruku??

    • ash..2

      Adha therinji enne pannapore. Voters list eadhachum ready panna poriya enna. Ok, do it


      |Registered Member

      hi reji my age 26……ungga vayasu ethana….

      *juggu dear reji vayasu than vasu nu tappa type panniruku ethakum un vayasaium sollu reji naatuku etho solla poguthuku ninaikiren….

      • Tamil ponnunga-kana(1)

        Ahhh makkale yaravathu feeding bottle vaichirukengala??? Plz iruntha thanga engaluku theva paduthu,7 kalutha vayasachu kutty ponnaamammmm

      • Juggu

        |Registered Member

        Goyale…unaku enaku 10 years diff apa na na kutty ponnu dhana…..nee onnu kavalapadatha juggu chlm vayasaitale ipditha bp,sugar ella vandhru…hey kana nalla doc poi paru illa 5years wait pannu.

  13. Lara

    |Registered Member

    According to the spoilers sharadha will try to harm thapki by putting her phone in the gorilla’s cage and obviously bihaan will save thapki and then people will throw stones at gorila and thapki will stop people and then gorilla will follow thapki to pandey nivas and by seeing a gorilla in her room thapki will faint and gorila will hold her and shockingly gorila is in love with thapki

  14. Prisha

    Upcoming episode: Shraddha tries to get revenge on Thapki and Bihaan by opening a gorilla’s cage and setting it free to attack Thapki, but in the nick of time, Bihaan saves her and they run away from the gorilla, but the gorilla wonders around the zoo and visitors panic, a man throws stones at the gorilla which makes it upset and angry, Thapki sees this and scolds the man about respecting animals and says you shouldn’t do this, you’re hurting the gorilla’s feelings. Shraddha says her plan is ruined and gets angry, the gorilla starts to like Thapki and follows her to Pandey Niwas, Thapki then gets shocked seeing the gorilla and faints. For more info, go on spoilers links

  15. Prisha

    The funny part is that the gorilla will stay with the family for awhile and get up to mischief and get revenge on Shraddha for letting it out!

  16. Renu

    Hi friends did u notice one thing. Shraddha s room was what thapki had before marriage ☺? even the bed cover n duvet cover was the same


    gorrila will be vashundara itself because she once did the same thing to do with thapki.right?

  18. Thapki

    Where the hell story is going love trianglrle between thapki bihaan and gorilla hahaha seriously?:p
    I thought after vasundra’s confession dhruv will try to get thapki back and thapki will tell him to move on as she loves bihaan alot, story line would get better and would make some sense but no….i have no words to write more about this uocoming track?

  19. garima

    I think sayad agar story ma bihaan ka family ka bara ma kuch pata chala tho story ma maza a jaiga our bichara bihaan kab sa apni mom ka pyar pana chahta ha jo use vasundara sa nahi mil paya agar I wish bihaan ko use real mom jaldi sa jaldi mil jai .then really bihaan become happy. ♥♡♥and thanks goms

  20. shobi

    engapa sanga thalaivara rendu naala kaanom….Juggu,Kana,Ash,Adithi,Goms akka,Kumutha akka and all tamil girls…idhellam kekka maateengla.

  21. ateera

    Hello everyone..happy ramdan…I am a silent reader..n a big fan of thahaan..ur comments r awesome…

  22. Juggu

    |Registered Member

    Hey thahaan fans wana say smething,
    I saw many other WU pages bt there was no one to comment.oly tpk update has lots n lots of frnds ……proud to b a thahaanian guys. .
    Hv a rock…..dnt ever forget to comment n vote fr thahaan in upcoming polls…..although other seriels hv lots of fans ..
    .thahaan fans r osm..

    ….luv u manyasa????????


    • ash..2

      Rag.lak.I stop panna mudiyalaipa. Naan ninaikiren, swasan not avanga fans elarum raglak.ku podaranga pole.

  23. Goms

    |Registered Member

    OMG….Gorilla is in love with Thapki. Gorilla gets hurt and Thapki ties her dupatta. Gorilla throws all the things around and she gets scared. She gets hurt. Gorilla takes care of her. Bihaan gets jealous seeing them. Gorilla’s affection makes her realize that he does not want to hurt her. Gorilla holds her hand and keeps on his head. She asks what shall I do. The scene gets funny, as Gorilla does not let anyone get close to Thapki.

    C d spoiler swtyyyyssss

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