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Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki saying she will not marry Dhruv. The family asks the reason. Thapki says she has thought well about it. Poonam asks whats the matter, tell us. Krishnakant says we are with you and asks her to go office. Suman and Rachna talk about Thapki’s stammering. Vasundara does not hear everything and argues with them, defending Thapki and praising her. Suman says I know, but how can you neglect her big weakness. Vasundara says person is known by values, not money. They realize that Vasundara does not know of Thapki’s stammering and recall.

Vasundara talks to some jeweler and asks him to get it at home, as her bahu should get unique jewels. Bihaan smiles and says I m marrying, I don’t even know. She says its Dhruv’s marriage. He says this is miracle, I m very happy.

He asks who is the girl. She says you don’t know her, she works in his office. He says he will go to temple. She asks him to feed poor people, and he will know their problems better. He gets sad. He asks him to be ready, as his marriage is next. He says I will sit in mandap and marry whoever you say. He leaves.

Dhruv comes to office while talking to Vasundara on phone and is very happy that mum accepted Thapki with her weakness. He sees Thapki coming. Mere bina mai………plays…….. He acts nervous and asks her to come. He asks why did she get late today. He says mum told me that she went your home and spoke about our marriage, I m very happy, I will get complete by marrying you, the best thing is your hand will be with mine all the life. He smiles and gives his hand. She gives him a letter.

She says its my resignation letter. He asks why, no need to resign, I mean you can work here even after marriage. She says she can’t be with him, and she can’t face him daily. He asks what is she saying. She says I can’t marry you. He is shocked and asks what does she mean. She says you are my idol, you are very good. He says I can’t understand. She says my family has faced a lot for my stammering, and my last relation broke, they are very hurt. I have seen my dad keeping his pagdi infront of others, I can break, but can’t see my family breaking.

He asks don’t you trust me. She says I don’t trust my fate, when I get any happiness, my fate spoils it, see my fate has turned your happiness in sorrows. She returns the shagun chunri and bangles saying sorry. Vasundara goes to talk to Dadi. Dadi scolds her and asks her to get tea. Suman and Rachna come to Vasundara to talk about Thapki. Vasundara does not hear and asks them to clean home. She does not listen to them, and goes.

Thapki goes to washroom and cries. Dhruv sits sad recalling her refusal for marriage. Thapki says Dhruv has always supported me, but I can’t support you. She says sorry and cries.

Bihaan tells Thapki that she said right saying no for marriage and jokes on her stammering.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thapkii kya ho gyaaa haiii ab tumheeeee….how could u yr……

  2. Uppppppsssss i m 3rd……atif 2nd….

  3. Oh thapki don’t do this please!!
    Drhuv , thapki ko jaldi se manalo!!! Plsss!!

  4. marry dhruv thapki plzzzzzz

  5. So sad epi 🙁

    1. Yes soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddd

    2. Hai HONEY

  6. I hope they don’t bring twist like Thapki marrying Bihan…that will be terrible. coz Bihaan promised Vasundhara he will sit in mandap and marry whom she says…not sure but I hope this Bihan character gets out soon…

    1. you are thinking right vasundra will ask bihaan to sit on the mandap while thapki soon ready to get married with dhurv but her fate lead her to be bihaan wife

      1. later on the episode aditi will be seen as dhurv wife while aditi on the note starts liking bihaan and the crumblesome acts goes on

  7. you are very sweet thapki , jldi se dhruv ka proposal accept karo … plzzz

  8. Hi gizzz

  9. Very sad episode…?plz tapki don’t do this for Dhruv he s soo good…cant see him like this….plz maan ja..

  10. I can’t see this ..koi bolo director ko ye sad seen jldi pura kre

  11. Hai GUYZZz . i think thapki ,she accept dhruv proposal . ri8 he na!

  12. Pls thapki marry durv

  13. Wy this bihaan is coming inbetween

  14. But i hav read in wikipedia that Druv wil marry Aditi not Thapki

    1. What its a joke.don’t tell like this

    2. ha… very funny…

  15. Minu….in wikipeda we can edit someone edit that page in wrong…..check now ….i edited…..

  16. How come u know this ayushi??

  17. Sad episode todays

  18. Very very Sad episod.
    I canot see this…anymore

  19. thapki you are doing the right thing..itz good to let vasundhara know :'( :'(

  20. I love thapki..she is grt

  21. I will not watch the show if thapki will marry bihan!!

  22. juna…where u from….

    1. From pakistan


  24. Fauzia…i will also didnt continue watching this serial.if bihaan weds thapki.
    Couple – dhruv and thapki.

  25. Guys,Dhruv will make thapki understand that they can be friends and his love will not effect on her.Slowly he will console her and win her love!!!

  26. I m waitimg of Monday MHAEPISODE
    .i hope us din koi bda twist na dikha de

    1. wat is der any mahaepisode???

  27. Sounds problem in YouTube
    It’s very irritate

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