Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki asking Bihaan if he couldn’t see his reflection in the mirror. She asks where is his self respect, ego, his big talks etc. Bihaan is about to go. Thapki stops him. Vasu looks at them from balcony. Thapki goes inside and brings a bowl. She keeps it in his hand and asks him to take it, as he deserves this. Vasu cries. Thapki gives bowl and a 5 crores cheque. She says if you wanted charity then you would have asked me. She says it is not easy to earn money with honesty and hardwork, specially for people like you. She asks him to save the house. Bihaan gets angry and asks her to keep begging bowl with her, and says when I earn 5 crores Rs. after 1 month, then I will kick you and your husband out of the house. I will earn 5 crores Rs. with my hardwork and not with someone’s

charity. He tears the cheque and throws on her. Vasu is teary eyes. Kabir looks at the drama and tells Thapki that illiterate Bihaan will never mend his ways.

Thapki wipes her tears and thinks once my Bihaan decides, he gets it anyhow, I had seen his that avatar when we used to stay in cowshed. He will earn 5 crore Rupees and will slap on your face. Thapki is praying to God and apologizes to him, saying until I insult Bihaan, he will not take up this challenge. Vasu comes and tells Thapki that Bihaan will be successful and asks her to have faith on God. She says very soon, he will make everything fine. She gives her gangajal and asks her to drink it to calm her heart. Sankara hears them and thinks about Neha asking her to make Thapki drink the magical water to connect Thapki’s life with that of a gold fish. Vasu asks her to drink, and says your gold fish will bring you and Bihaan together. Thapki is about to drink gangajal.

Sankara goes and throws something on floor. Thapki stops and goes to check the fallen thing. Meanwhile Sankara comes back to temple and adds the magical water in the pot. Thapki brings the magical water from the pot thinking it to be gangajal. Neha and Sankara looks at Thapki. Neha smirks. Sankara asks her to show what will fish do now. Sankara sees fish moving in the pot at a fast pace. Neha says connection happened between them. Thapki prays to God with her eyes closed.

Aditi wakes up and steps down on the bed. She slips and falls down in Dhruv’s hands. Dhruv holds her and says I will be with you always, and with our baby also. Suman comes there and asks if she need anything. She asks Dhruv to give medicine to Aditi and says baby should be like Dhruv. Dhruv says no, baby should be like Aditi. Shraddha hears her and thinks only her baby will be like Dhruv. Dhruv asks Aditi to rest and says I will bring water for you. He sees Shraddha standing at door step. Shraddha asks him not to worry and says she will not do anything wrong with Aditi today. Dhruv says you can’t do wrong, never. Neha takes out fish food and says once fish eats this, then see what happens with Thapki. She puts fish food in the bowl. Thapki is busy checking the file and then cleans her laptop. Thapki sees her eyes red on her laptop screen and is shocked. Sankara is shocked too…Neha smirks. Thapki checks her eyes in mirror. Neha smirks. Thapki sees blood coming out of her eyes and is scared and shocked. Vasu comes there and is shocked to see blood oozing out from her eyes. She says I will call doctor and goes. Neha smirks madly.

Later Doctor checks her eyes and puts eye drops, asking her to close her eyes. Doctor tells that she has a wound in her eyes and prescribes some medicine. Bihaan comes there and asks Vasu, what happened to Thapki. He calls her name. Thapki opens her eyes and sees him. Bihaan recalls Thapki insulting him and gets angry. He taunts her and asks why she needed medicine today. Vasu is about to tell him about blood coming out from her eyes, but Thapki stops her. Vasu goes. Bihaan sits on her bed side and tells that he knows what is her problem. He writes on the paper and says betrayal is her medicine. He asks her to break everyone trust and insults him. Thapki cries. Bihaan says you can insult me whenever you want and then you will come in your real form. Thapki cries. Bihaan collides with Kabir. Kabir says 28 days are left now for you to earn 5 crores Rs.

Thapki is about to touch the electricity circuit box because of the magical spell on her. Neha and Sankara looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Stupidity overloaded…
    Mr.kabir katyal,don’t be over smart…you have to keep one thing always in your mind…that is ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN be careful.

    1. aCTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS which is why no one wanted to give VASOOLI BHAI GUNDA GHATIYA INSAAN Bihan money. WHICH IS WHY HE HAS BEEN losing so far against Kabir.

      1. True perfect answer

        They only were giving it because they were scared of him because of his past actions.

  2. Manish ki deewani

    what is this hw much u have to insult my Bihaan thapki jb tumhara dil karta apna muh kolti ho ho jb dil karta hai bnd b kr deti ho or kulta hai to itni insult u just want to encourage the way u take it really hurt or kabir k samnay muh mai dahi jm jata hai.go to hell with soooooooooooo called ur literate husband neha and this crazy sankri .enjoy there
    bihaan today u rocked man u r the real hero the way u spoke and ur taunts really enjoyed it thapki deserve this pain from u she also give sooooooooooooo much pain to u in vaani track
    vasu maa its nice way to encourage bihaan really?sadqay jaooo mai ap ki unconditional support k liay.hw u bear the insult of bihaan i can’t tolerate his insult.Bihaan hw sweet of u u still care 4 that lady [thapki] LOVE U BIHU THIS show the soft hearted person behind this tough man but thpki words really hurt u me too
    cvs acal ko hath maro plz show some reality kl tk jo lrki pagal thi aj wo black magic kr rahi hai .but evil ki sis evil hi ho ghi na .
    cvs u just lost the charm of tpk by all this
    helo pooja garima anu vino santhosh bhai shruti ritz di .santhosh bhai we all miss u kaha masroof hai .i heard that now thapki turn to naagin ….also about five years leap cvs kya ho gaya hai pehlay hi story illogical hai or now this really hats off to ur creativity.

  3. What a stupid fish story connection storyline seriously wth is happening??
    So Thapki taunts Bihaan and its like how dare she do that to BIhaan but then at the end of the episode Bihaan taunts Thapki they really are a match made in hell 😀

    I think ima skip a few episodes and come back hopefully there be more Kabir and less Thapki and BIhaan getting emotional over eachother like a pair of lost kids. Seriously change the record its boring now.

    1. Yes true ,today we got little glimpse of supernatural god knows how the story will progress and the leap.
      If neha can take her own revenge by herself,then where is kabir characters fits now???what about kabir’s revenge and justice for neha???From yesterday,It seemed like kabir’s track has no head and tail but its moving.

      1. Exactly I dont see the relevance or use of Kabir in the show anymore

      2. Neha seems very capable her character has switched so fast from relying on her brother to trying to plan and kill someone, she got more than in 1 episode than Sankar has in months LMFAO 😀

    2. Kabir’s role is pretty much love now, I dont see what he can add to the story or why they’re even keeping him around anymore. Neva’s taking the revenge herself so whats the point in Kabir just hanging about the Pandey Nivas

      1. Kabir’s role is pretty much love now BECAUSE OF US.

  4. Today I loved the bihaan’s humiliation part.OMG gawar bihaan big talks was upto the sky.Even kabir also knows thapki’s intentions hard she was trying to provoke bihaan’s male ego in every possible ways.

    When kabir said at the last,leave it this “unpadh gawar bihaan ” won’t change.Hypocrites thapki’s answers were really hilarious with “My bihaan is capable of doing everything”. O Really!!!!?
    Hey Thapki,Dont you know Your gawar bihaan is very much habituated of freebies comfort and roaming like a stray dogs with barking here and there.This man has only high words to say like izzat,zameer etc .But,In real he is timid and lame.Without anyone’s provocations he can’t even do a single work.Also thapki is very much proud of herself for having a husband like bihaan because both enjoying freebies in Katyal Niwas(Ex- Pandey Niwas.
    At last,when bihaan prescribed 3 words fpr thapki and taunted her.I was like”Hey goon First look at yourself at mirror” then taunt other.You are the master of all that 3 words so thapki has learned all this qualities from you.
    And last prescribed word was really funny “BEIZZAT”-tumne mujhe beizzat kia.But how???? Beizzat unki hoti hai jinki Koi Izzat hoti hai na ki tum jaise garbage ki.
    Kabir u rocked man today.u are such a selfless and fun loving guy.
    Leap is coming,so most probably like other serials here also ,Bihaan may be return as business tycoon in Katyal Niwas to trouble Kabir.But the real unchangeable truth is “Once a goon will always a goon .Yeh jitna bada tycoon hi kuyn na ban jaye par gawar hi rahega.


    1. Apparently there some kite flying scene that gonna take place. Heres what its gonna be a nutshell:

      Thapki: Tum dekhna Kabir Katyal ye competition mera Bihan he jeetega

    2. Bihan’s been shown his true place finally and I’m glad Kabir facilitated. Im sure they;ll bring out some track with Bihan improving his ways and what not since this character can somehow never be made to look wrong. Im done with this show honestly. Ive never seen any character be so shameless. He doesnt accept his faults and shortcomings and just blames it on everyone else. Kabirs just being wasted now IMO. The show has lost its charm and I dont think I’m gonna watch it till this black magic crap is being shown.

    3. Hey Divya

      Yeah when she goes on about “her Bihaan” and how she knows him so well and what he is capable of??

      I mean she must have known him well enough to know he raise his hand against her

      And if they so perfect she should know her Bihaan would never ever let harm come to her and her kid but sometimes its like the writers make the characters so hypocritical and make no sense.

  5. This show has commpletely lost direction, most of it is just predictable. Apparently theres gone some kite flying scene. I can predict that in a nutshell:

    Thapki: tum dekhna Kabir Katyal ye competition mera Bihan he jeetega and on she’ll go about his ‘amazing qualities’

    Kabir: Behan ka badla, behan ke badla, behan ka badla

    Thapki’s gonna be mum as usual and support Kabir, Bihan’s gonna be the cry baby he is and watch everything. Sankara is gonna try and cheat. Shradha will maro some random dialogues against Thapki. Aditi and Vasu will blindly support Thapki. Dhruv and Babulji will support their wives.

    And the CV’s will drag out the episode like a chewing gum. Its frustrating to see a complete lack of direction of story and this whole black magic shit is even worst. Rather than making a mockery of the audience, Just end the show if you’re not creative (lol) enough to come up with a proper story.

    1. yes your prediction is the next dialogue for thapki and others are just to stand behind their respective wives.
      Nothing new ,only repeatative dialogues every day,

  6. Vinolin.d

    its totally rubbish story.always evil only getting successful here.I hate this.I am totally disappointed.I can’t guess where is the track was going?I think they are thinking the fans are fool.thats why they are doing like this.there is no love in this by day this story was becoming very worst.kabir is not taking revenge for bihaan.actually he was taking revenge for thapki. I want to kill neha and Sankara.why always evil only becoming successful??? why hero and heroin are getting lose always?
    atleast CVS has to give 30 percent of happyness for hero and heroin na???
    but here 100% problems only the are showing.there is nothing interesting to see tpk.because of they are giving leap.then they are showing problem. thahaan becoming old when they shows the leap.its not problem.but at least they have to give some romantic scenes na.for month they are giving just very very few scenes. are you thinking to show about their love in 50 or 40 age of thahaan??? still he didn’t see the pregnant report. there is no logic here.neha becomes evil.she was doing different thinks to kill she was mad??? what’s all this.

  7. Vinolin.d

    hello pooja,garima,Ritz,reshal,sruthi,anu,arooj,sulbi naitan and all my tpk friends how are you??

  8. @shahid I agree, does the fish connection really happen in real life. Read there might be another leap 5-7 years. OMG

  9. Neha is schizophrenic, she started the fire and killed her family, just looking how she turned on thapki. The storyline is at the moment is complete and utterly rubbish! Get a grip writers or lose viewers!

  10. Tha0ki instgated bihaan to earn money but her waywas wrong
    So now neha is capable of taking revenge
    What arebcvs trying to sh9w this is the first show wherevleads are kept apart for this long
    I think kabir will be a second dhruv sapola
    This supernatural track is totally illogical

  11. Now they put magic in this series??? in that case they should change the title also..from TPK in to Thapki in a wonderland ???

  12. I just hate neha?? .she is not abnormal ??? I think kabir is become sapola soon .why cvs are not uniting our thahaan .I am only seeing this nonsense because of manish I am a big fan ?????of manish and thahaan .tpk is going on because of manish. if the male lead caractor change then no? tpk and no trp. I hope cvs soon unite our thahaan ?and close this stupid tracks???

  13. Well it’s more like a psycho land.

  14. We were so disappointed N frustrated by nonsense story line of kasam but now thapki running hugely before kasam in term of being rubbish irrelevant childish N totally unacceptable show what is it wit Indian cv’s almost all d shows on Rishtey channel are more or less as garbage as each other starting in a very nice way after a while N hooking up some audience they starts d dragging N bcas of shortcoming of having reasonable story line d cv’s holding on any stupid ways N topics to fill in the time of d show what a big shame.

  15. Hey zaiba,shahid…I don’t like to argue with you.I just telling the Truth.
    I know sometimes Truth is very hard to accept…
    Hi…reshal,garima,vino,sruti,anu,santhosh Bhai…how are you?I hope everyone is feeling good.

    1. Lol truth?? If you say so

  16. The worse story i ever see.just throw it to the dusbin…the writer has no creativity….strange…

  17. B for Bihaan is B for best…. more intelligent than the alleged educated individuals in the show….so crude…n so sensitive at the same time…so caring n yet so carefree…TPK CVS couldn’t protect their FL character…forget Bihaan….and kabir is butchered completely by Neha turning to a witch…..his very revenge reason is over…no fun…just passing time…first hated kabir when he turned negative from grey but now pity him as his level is equal to sankar now

  18. Alister La Frenais

    My fellow commenters, I have cracked the code. The script for Thapki is being written by school children hence the diabolical plots. In what world is a fish magic being created, it is definitely not from this planet. The whole episode was rubbish, boring and totally written for brain dead people. I think that the viewing public should be treated with some respect and not treated like morons.

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