Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha saying I will make this last day of Thapki here, but what shall I do. Suman and Preeti fight for mehendi designs and complain to Dadi. Shraddha looks on. Suman says its stamp to use in mehendi designs. Preeti says we can write our name by it also. Shraddha thinks I got a way to kick out Thapki from this home. Thapki comes there. Vasundara says you came late, this is first and last time, next time you leave if you get late. Shraddha asks her to wear uniform and get to work. Bihaan comes there and shouts Thapki…..

Everyone look at him. Thapki gets shocked. Bihaan asks her what is she doing inside home, and what are these clothes. Shraddha says I will say what is Thapki doing here, this new dress is of Pandey family’s maids, Thapki has this uniform, as

Rampyaari has taken this and ran into the cowshed, Thapki came to return it, right Thapki? Thapki nods. Vasundara says yes, Shraddha is saying right, but how dare you come inside house. Bihaan says no, I came to ask Thapki. Vasundara asks him not to try to come inside house, as he lost this right. Bihaan goes. Thapki thanks Shraddha and Vasundara for not telling anything to Bihaan. She asks them can she go and talk to Bihaan once. Vasundara sends her and asks Shraddha why did she not tell truth to Bihaan.

Shraddha says I have to keep Thapki here to trouble her, if Bihaan knew truth, he would have taken Thapki. Vasundara asks what do you want to do. Shraddha asks her to wait. Shraddha orders something and smiles.

Thapki apologizes to Bihaan. He says I m very happy that Maa called you there, even if she asked me to leave, it means Maa’s heart is melting for us, I knew she is Maa and can’t be annoyed with us, she can’t bear we are staying in cowshed, she would be worried for us. Thapki recalls Vasundara’s words asking for rent. He says don’t be sad, I m going out now. He leaves. Shraddha gets the parcel and tells Vasundara that this is the end of Thapki. She shows the stamp of Chor, and says Thapki blamed this of you, I will apply this chor word on her forehead, she has stolen my husband, my happiness, peace and everything. Vasundara asks what will you do of this. Shraddha says I will put this on her hand, so that her self respect breaks, she falls in everyone’s eyes and leaves from this cowshed. Vasundara says she will clean this. Shraddha says no, this won’t go for 7 days, and 7 days are enough to make Thapki away, I have to think how to apply this to her hand, that she does not know. Thapki comes to ask what to cook, and Vasundara sends her angrily.

Thapki starts cooking. Suman helps her. Preeti comes there and sees Suman with Thapki. Preeti takes Suman with her and asks Thapki to manage work alone. Bihaan calls Thapki and asks where is she. Thapki asks why are you asking, did you come. Bihaan says yes, I m standing out, I know where you are and what you are doing. She gets tensed.

She asks what. He says I m joking, I had to ask did you cook food. She says no. He says don’t cook, I m very happy and give you party, I will get food from outside. She says fine, and cries cutting onions. He asks are you crying, is everything fine, shall I come home. She says no, I m cutting onion, so tears are coming. He says stop cooking, I will get food. She ends call and thinks to end work soon, and go out, Bihaan would come anytime. Shraddha looks on and thinks to collide with Thapki, and put this stamp on Thapki’s hand, she should not know about this, else she will create hungama.

She goes to kitchen. She takes the stamp towards Thapki to apply it on her hand. She slips and Thapki holds her. Shraddha scolds her for making onion fall down, and asks her to clean the floor. Thapki says I m sorry, and sees the stamp. She asks whats this. Shraddha takes it and asks her to just do her work. She leaves from there. Vasundara waits for her. Shraddha comes and says Thapki has seen this stamp with me, I can’t apply it now, I have to do something that she does not doubt on me.

Shraddha changes some injection medicines, and tells Vasundara that Thapki’s hand will get numb. Dadi asks doctor to give injection to Dhruv. Shraddha and Vasundara get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Finaaly bulb for vasundra and Sharaddha in precap but I hope for best epi they show only stupid saas bahu drama I hate it pls show thahaan scenes today nooo scenes

  2. stop this stupidity.i m really fed up.thahaan is still on the way to recognize their love.i think it will take another 1 year.plz stop this saas-bahu drama.when will anything happen good with bihaan n thapki?except thahaan,s scene i cannot tolerate anything else.

  3. very disgusting.i expected something good today.even the spoiler is very disgusting.i think now the writers are going to drag this maid drama till 1 month minimum.

  4. arey yr…
    socha tha aaj bihaan ko sach pata chal jayega par nahi itni jaldi thodi sach pata chale denge ye writer show Jo kichna hai
    par ye bhi aacha laga ki bihaan thapki ko lunch pe lekar ja raha hai
    so overall its Gud
    and about the stamp
    ye galti se Shraddha ke hi forehead par lag jata hai

    1. Yes your are correct
      I see the video in you tube….
      Shraddha wearing the monkey cap
      Uski fore head aur face mai seal laggaya hai …..

  5. Y r they dragging so fed up of this vasuz n shraddhaz thr ws no thahaan scene.writers plzz nw 3 mnths r least pls let thapki to knw the truth of her marriage..she is a grt soul n shez nt gonna say to anyone abut the truth. Only it will brings thahaan more closer..plz do something..

  6. Let Bihaan know the truth.please
    …. ?
    Shraddha never change??…
    If they dragg too much without exposing vasu and shraddha.. rating will fall down. ??

  7. How strong Rampyari is? It is goat or dog . Dress to cowshed. Not only single, set of dress. Oh Mr.Bihaan Pandey, you are our Hero. So dont want to scold you stupid. So…..what a innocent you are? But pleeeease use your brain little. You told you have ‘moti budhi’ . But today you proved it. But I like it HERO.

  8. really disgusting….

  9. The star of the day was Chupki today loves the fact that she helped Thapki today and precap lol but poor Dhruv why is he always the one who must suffer if he wasn’t that duffer 😛 he wrong have suffer much strange boy this dhruv 😛 want more thahaan scenes


  11. What a stupid type of episode is this?

  12. When will this drama end…?? I want tahaan scenes……

  13. Everyday something negative is showed in this channel. Show something good to give example to viewers. Such episodes only teaches wrong doings to people. The world is changing into negativity watching such negative exemplary movie.

  14. who are those people watching this ?. check their IQ please ?,

  15. What’s going on again and again dragging ……
    Writer Sir track change karo na please …..
    Title tho thapki pyar ki….!
    pyar kaha hai ..?

  16. Disgusting writer…

  17. Up coming episode
    Shraddha ki chaal fir se ulta padega uski forehead mai seal laggaya hai ..
    Bihaan ne photo keech kar uski blackmail karega

  18. Oh please stop this serial..what kind of nonsense are they showing.. please try to be lil pratical. Who the hell in this world can be so Mahaan like Thapki..they are showing that main character has a defect which should not be a problem for her to reach heights..Instead what we r seeing is completely misleading. If at all a pwrson who has a defect watch this serial..they will immediately commit suicide thinking of the problems they would face ..please stop encouraging auch serials and characters.. For people( especially with the some challenges) need some motivation and not something like this which always demotivates. This criticizes our own people and our own culture. Please show some respect to the rich values we have in our country.

  19. Never mind…but atleast happy to c dat two chudails face in dat injection scene…..u two deserve it…..pity for dhruv….i know nothing will happen to him as they both will surely do sumthin to stop it…..but supppeeerrrrbbbbb…it was..:-) 🙂 there expression of fear…bihaan i knw one day u will knw d thruth….very soon….but in between i want thahaan scenes yaar….pls.

  20. Some party coming up….vasu ask thapki to wear a costume and entertain the guests thapki refuses vasu black miles so feels bad Thapki….. I think she will do that also for Bihaan and that time only Bihaan will come to know the truth it seems..
    Today epi thahaan scenes were awesome…. Thapki pleaded vasu one time I will go talk to Bihaan…..felt bad when bihy said maa melting for us she recalled what maa is……and above all a phone convo like a typical hubby wife…..bihy saying don’t cook food i will get it,thaps telling but u hate outside food,bihy no problem today happy so that!!!!and asking r u crying….shall I come home….what a concern?????ghazab……day by day their concern for each other grows….I think on KWB revealed,he will burst out on all….. And his maa love will reduce/even get hatred…..who knows…I m again waiting for this sat/sun for bihy to get the truth……

    1. Sorry puppy. What is KWB?

  21. Most dragging show,Start Thahaan love track soon,can’t wait to see Thapki realising her love for Bihaan.


  23. what the shit is gong on here, since months. Heights of politics and cruelness. so impratical and too much of nautanki. only negativity. if this continues, ppl will stary loosing interest from this, better turn it into but positive one and stops this faltu giri of shraddha and vasundara.

  24. I completely agree with Sushi. Dont watch this serial but reading it sends the BP level up!
    So much of stupidity and backward thinking. Feel ashamed that such shows are being produced and encouraged by the channels . Worst production houses actually writes such crap stuffs. You call this a concept and its worth watching. Seriously? Shame on them!
    Should end this serial now as wrong message is being sent – People with defects will need to go endurance test to suffer until one day their patience pays off. For god sake , what dragonian dark ages are these writers living in?

    Cant blame them…I suppose the writers are also living in cowshed , getting inspiration

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