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Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suman telling Thapki that they are happy to hear good news from Aditi. Thapki says now we have to take special care of her. Servant comes and asks her to select the menu as Vasu asked. Thapki gets a call and starts talking. Bihaan sees children pics frame falling on Thapki and saves her on time. They have an eye lock. Kabir thinks very soon you will lose her for forever. Preeti comes to Shraddha and says she brought gift for her as she is leaving from their awesome house. Shraddha fumes angrily and says Aditi will die today. She opens the box with remote and says this snake will kick you out of house and life. She laughs asking Aditi to get ready to die.

Aditi is getting ready for party. Thapki comes to her and gets emotional. Aditi asks what happened? Thapki says

these tears are strange and comes in every situation. Aditi thanks Thapki for giving her sister’s love and hugs her. She asks her if she will give her something. Thapki says yes. Aditi calls her Thapki di and asks her never to leave her, and always to support her. She says I lost my sister, but don’t want to leave you. Thapki promises to be with her and says she have to see the arrangements outside. She feels apologetic and thinks she can’t stay with her as she is going far from the house.

Sankara scolds the goons and asks them to kidnap Thapki. Bihaan comes and stops them. Sankara gets shocked. Bihaan asks who are you and why did you come here? Sankara says they are waiters, I called them for today’s party. I have done good, right? Bihaan asks them to do their work properly else. Once he leaves, Sankara scolds the goons and says you are looking like goons even now after changing clothes. Goon says you are also looking like villager. Sankara gets irked and asks them to go.

Shraddha thinks she will open the box and then snake will bite Aditi. She thinks then she will see who will kick her out. She collides with Vasu and the remote falls from her hand. Vasu is about to press remote, but Shraddha shouts and stops her. She tells her that it is her room’s AC remote and she will get it repaired. She thinks now see what happens with you Aditi, lets begin the party.

All the guest and family members wait for Aditi to come as party begins. Aditi comes. Vasu says she came and have a long life. Dhruv looks at Aditi smilingly. Shraddha gets irked and says just few mins more, live your life’s last moments. Aditi takes blessings of Vasu and Balwinder. They bless her and ask her to give grand children fast. Aditi and Dhruv sit. Vasu does their Tilak and aarti. Thapki gets emotional and recalls reading her pregnancy report. Vasu gives money in shagun. Shraddha is angry. Vasu blesses Aditi and asks everyone to bless the mum and baby. Everyone give their best wishes and gifts. Shraddha looks at the box. Suman asks Bihaan why he is not giving gift to Aditi, when he brought it. Bihaan says this gift is for Thapki. He says your dupatta was torn in the morning because of me, so I bought dupatta for you. Everyone looks on. Thapki thanks Bihaan and says she is someone else wife and wants gift only from her husband. Bihaan says I am your husband naa. Sankara fumes angrily. Bihaan says I will handover your safe keeping to you. He holds her hand.

Sankara blackmails Kabir and says I know everything about you. She says I know Vani is Thapki and you are with her. She asks him to befriend with her. Kabir shakes hand with her. Sankara smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    still loyal viewers who watch this movie is a big fan manneze …. not because the story is very very long problem and boring. that it should be an interesting movie to be like this caused by the director and writer who is less sensitive to the public’s desire, loss of money, power and time …. really ironic …..i hope next episode will good….

  2. ITs just an ok episode…Thapki your so adamant we are fedup with your unnecessary revenge against Bihaan.precap shows the evil characters will joined for to create more rift in Thahaans life…somuch of revengeful drama going on to this TPK.I am still confused.
    Hello,reshal,garima,any,sanity Bhai,vino,Jo…how are you friends????miss you a lot.

  3. Setuju sri wahyuni….sy nonton thapki ngabisin uang ….sekali nonton bila dikalukalasi habis sama buat nonton di xxi….kalau ngggak krn manish…sdh out sy dari TPK…..

  4. I don’t think Kabir is evil but his so obsessed with revenge just like Thapki that they can’t see clearly

  5. Vinolin.d

    hai pooja I fine are you??? today episode is just OK.but please writers end this track.please unite thapki and bihaan.

  6. Manish ki deewani

    Writerg plz unite these two evils join hands with each other. And they spread more evilness thahaan life. At least show the bad deeds of Sankara imfront of everyone.
    Hello pooja .I’m fine .hw r u dear .hello garima santhosh Bhai vino.

  7. QueenB


  8. Agree with u queen B

  9. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    betul triwahyu…andaikan jigyasa atau manish hengkang dari serial ini, masih kah ada yg pengen nonton??? sy sendiri pasti tdk….sebuah serial dengan kekuatan ada,pada pemeran utamanya,..ini yg saya salut pd serial ini,hebat….tp apakah ini disadari pak SW nya?? this serial became interesting cause the players,not the storyline,sorry….

  10. The story is still told about revenge,and sadness…when the truth about shankar n kabir will comes out??? Please dont dragging this drama too long…coz i have no longer intrested to watch or to read this series again…hufff

  11. Alister La Frenais

    O.M.G. tonight’s episode was totally bull crap.

  12. Episode – 527
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 17 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    Everyone is happy to see Thapki back, except Sankar and Shraddha. Bihaan is about to get closer to Thapki, but Kabir shocks everyone by showing them his and Thapki’s wedding video.

    Episode – 528
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 18 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    Kabir dislikes the idea of joining hands with Sankar but does it as their motive is the same. Bihaan calls the police to get Kabir arrested for being illegally married to Thapki.
    Episode – 529

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