Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha and Vasundara joking on Thapki’s mute state. They hear Thapki’s voice and think how did her voice come so soon. They go and see Suman and Preeti seeing Dhruv’s marriage video and Thapki’s voice was coming from it. She switches it off. Suman says we played it for you, as you were missing Thapki’s voice. Vasundara scolds them. Shraddha also get angry and tells Suman that she insulted Thapki doing this, and acts sweet and sympathetic towards Thapki. Thapki goes. Vasundara says leave them, come. Suman and Preeti get angry and plan to teach a lesson to Shraddha.

Thapki goes to the terrace to dy clothes and sees Ram Pyaari ar the shelf. She runs to save the goat. She stands on the railing and gets the goat. She drops the goat and slips down the railing.

Shraddha smiles seeing her photo album and shows pics to Vasundara. Dadi asks Vasundara where is Thapki, is she fine, she did not come to give me medicines. Bihaan says I will see her, she will be in kitchen. Suman says no, she is not there. Dadi says servant said she is not at home. They worry. Suman says I think she is on terrace. Dadi says no, she is not there. Vasundara asks her not to worry, Thapki may have gone to market. Bihaan says no, she would have told anyone. Bau ji says when she is not ready to say anything, why will she go market. Dadi says if she is in problem, she can’t call us, what will we do. Bau ji says come, we all will see her.

Thapki hands to the railing. Bihaan looks for her. Everyone try finding her. Bihaan goes out to find her. Gulabo sees her and does moo. Bihaan says let me find Thapki. Bau ji asks why is Gulabo making noise. Bihaan says maybe she knows where is Thapki. Shraddha says how will she know and how will she say if she knows. Bihaan asks Gulabo to calm down. Thapki sees them and tries to stop them. She throws her dupatta down so that they see her. Her dupatta falls over Bihaan. They all get shocked seeing Thapki hanging to the railing end.

Bihaan says wait, I m coming, don’t leave your hand. He runs upstairs. Bihaan holds her hands and pulls her upwards. They all get relieved. Dadi smiles and is glad seeing them. Thapki and Bihaan have an eyelock. Music plays……………… he covers her with the dupatta and takes her. Suman gives water to Thapki, and says Lord saved her today. Preeti says Bihaan saved her on time. Dadi says Thapki has shown smartness by making her dupatta fall. Shraddha says I agree, mind does not work at such time, why did she go on terrace, did she plan to do suicide.

They all look at Shraddha. Dadi asks Shraddha is she mad, Thapki is not weak. She has strength to fight with hurdles. Bau ji says don’t think she is weak. Dadi hugs Thapki. Bau ji says we all are with you Thapki. Dadi says I m scared, we have to take her of her till she gets her voice, else we will not know where she is. Suman and Preeti agree with Dadi. Bau ji says Maa is right, I m also worried, think something to know where is Thapki at home. Dadi asks how.

Vasundara says I will say and asks all of them to come out with her. She takes Thapki out. Dadi asks her why did she get Thapki hear. Vasundara takes Gulabo’s bell and makes Thapki wear it on her neck. They all get shocked. Shraddha smiles. Thapki cries in shock.

Vasundara asks Thapki to decide whether she did right or not by making her wear the bell.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    Evil vasundra ????????? stupid. Superb epi where is dhruv in today episode

  2. Too much dragged epi not good except thahaan scene that was also very short

  3. I hate u vasundra. Too bad. Insulting thapki Sure soon u l get these things from sharadha

  4. Do something thapki .I hate u vasundra. Too bad. Insulting thapki Sure soon u l get these things from sharadha

  5. Again bihaan save thapki ….bihaan looks very loving,caring and tooo tense.I like d scene duppata fall over on bihaan and he wear her duppata…last scene was very disgusting….very poor thapki….but in next scene shradha going to wear gulabo chain frm her saasuma hand and am eagerly waiting to c

  6. Vasu deserves a nice strong slap from bauji… at least do this ……though u drag the truth exposal…….

  7. I wish bihaan stands against vasu and removes the bell from thapki’s neck bcz thapki wont be removing it herself after vasu’s emotional blackmail..:( Pl don’t make her wear the bell.. 🙁

  8. I don’t think that bihaan falling in love for thapki is wrong as she slapped him hardly on that day telling that she will never return back to her love …….so he can care her love her as she is his wife till now….it is up to thapki after knowing the truth , that she will be with him or not………
    Moreover Dhruv got married now….how can he think of her..???it is wrong for him only to think or recall thapki……….

  9. Love Thahaan scenes.. ??
    Vasundara is a witch.. so cruel to Thapki

  10. Vasu deserve the wear to neck the bell. U r showing ur madness. But only one good things that bihan and thapki gets close to each other. Superb epi only 4 thahan scence. And dadi u r great.

  11. I think thapkis acting changes lot his feeling towards bihaan is changed see in her eyes everybody tell DS-T interaction scenes thapki acted very well not with bihaan but yesterday onwards thapki well acted with bihaan . Bihaan also a expression king his caring side of thapki today also saw wow thahaan scenes..but very short need more thahaan romances long

  12. Nice thahaan scenes

  13. Today’s episode was not bad but I wanna remove the Ghanta scene. Uff so insulting. Bihaan can u please take the Ghanta from ur Churail mom’s hand and give her medal to give to Thapki? Sorry, I know I m doing medal medal nowadays, but it’s better than Ghanta na. Thapki should receive a medal for her bravery. Vasu if u wanna give medal to Shraddha give it for her nautanki- the best Churail award.
    Or u can keep it for urself. U can also keep the nautanki Churail award and also the bravery award – bravery for being such a nautanki Churail
    (PS: just for fun no offenece wanted to make u all smile. Just a try. Not funny but still :P)

  14. vasundra… is being worst day by day

  15. How many more days evil will prevail over good. Hope to see some winning scenes for thapki and bihaan

  16. Draggingggggggggggg.But,the Thahaans scenes were superb.Writers plssss unite Thapki&Bihaan.Waiting for coming episodes.

  17. Waiting eagerly for the next scene where bihaan ,bauji,dadi ma all asks vasu to make shraddha wear a bell in her neck when vasu doesn’t want it but couldn’t oppose the family…
    I said no whatever you do before will always reach u…either it is good or bad… Ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa………

    1. Really Vasu wear bell on shraddhas neck

  18. Evil vasu…….ee papamellam evideya ozhukkuka?????????The story is too dragging… writers check our patience!!!!!!!!PlZ make any twist&rejuvanate Thapki ….???Plz expose vasu&shraddhas evil face??????????

  19. I am a die hard fan of THARUV ,I miss them a lot………..Bihaan is a good guy he is outspoken but he is not able to do anything against his moms evil works including the marriage

  20. Loved the epi…my god…what scene…it was so intense love scene….be with ur thapki always like this…n thapki dnt agree to dat vasu….bihaan is with u in all situation so dnt worry…..thahaan u rock…..bihaan u shine like a rockstar…..

    1. He’s very good

  21. Oops no hugs scenes very bad I think thapki will hug bihaan?☹??
    second time bihaan come to saviour of thapki then she doesnt realise ver baddd..
    love thahaan but tooo short plzz extended more it was cool to saww

  22. Thahhaan scenes super want more.vasu was real vamp not shraddha hate vasu

  23. @puppy
    wt u said is any spoiler interestng is it true waiting for that
    love thahaan

    1. Yaaaa!!! U can see that in utube also…..they finished the shooting also!!!!!

  24. Boring episode except thahaan scenes.???

  25. Looks like Thapki Pyaar Ki makers r giving tough competition to Ekta Kapoor for dragging

  26. Way worse than Ekta. It is so slowwwwwwwwwww…… But TRPs were great last week. So TRP audience must like the drag fest. 🙁

    1. Ekta dramas have some magic in the show, and the beginning for most of her shows, no matter how bad it is , because of her magic people still watch the show
      And as for Thapki, it did had some magic in the beginning but the unrealistic tracks just spoiled it, if makers continue like this, it will be very hard to see this show having a good storyline, to be honest I have given up in hoping if vasu’s truth coming to the fore, only watching it for thahaan and Dhruv is barely seen nowadays :/

  27. Hi fatarejo just saw the spoiler bihan removes ghanta from thapki’s neck n makes shraddha an electronic bell n gives remote to thàpki

    1. Thanks renu for the spoilers, finally a good spoiler. It reminded me of a joke in my English class 😛

  28. Hu fatarejo just saw the spoiler bihan removes ghanta from thapki’s neck n makes shraddha wear n electronic bell and gives remote control to thàpki

  29. Same precap .But good scenes missing dhruv alot.

  30. Bihaan you are the hero:*

  31. Miss you dhruv.. plz yar do something for thapki.. why always give chance to bihan to be hero??

    1. Bcoz he is always mom’s pet boy or mom’s puppet…..doesn’t have mind of his own to think…

      1. fatarajo(joyee)

        Maa ka ladla bigaar gaya, maa ka ladla bigaar gaya 😛

  32. Pls unite dhruv and thapki.I think by the time of three times thapki will be madly in love with Bihaan and refuse to divorce and it’s a bad for thapki to fall for bihaan because dhruv is so nice and so caring and dhruv is so handsome and charming than bihaan .Dhruv should not suffer for bihaan and vasu,s bad deeds thapki and dhruv and thapki is the cutest couple offscreen and onscreen both so director pls think wise and pls unite thapki and dhruv

    1. Its good for thapki to be with bihaan he will truly love her , understand her and support her.

  33. In onscreen tharuv couple is very big flop so the cvs changes the track bihaan as a hero in evidently trp also incresed not going to down so thahaan couple us super hit. Is the male lead dnt change anyways we want more thahaan scenes bihaan saves thapki in second time from deadly condition. I think thapki move on with bihaan thr chemistry is also scizilling wnderful its allabout entertainment we need that

  34. Wtevr its in real life dnt matter in tpk only thahaan thats all.
    thahaan rocks

  35. Tpk again in top ten trp rating

  36. trp less than last week

  37. Thapki needs to learn to stand up for herself! She needs to stop feeling sorry for herself and accepting all punishment that the vasu witch gives her. Grow a backbone Thapki, Bihaan can’t always save you.

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