Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki asking Toshi/Kosi to leave from the chair, its Bau ji’s chair. Kosi gets a knife and writes her name on the chair. She shows her name to Thapki. Bihaan comes and scolds them. Thapki says let them go Bihaan, they are not like us. The man asks Thapki to learn to talk first, then teach us. Bihaan holds the man’s collar. Bau ji comes and asks Bihaan to leave the man. Kosi says you got angry as you are hungry, have this food, you will get less anger. She gives food to Bihaan. Thapki asks Bihaan to come and takes him. Bihaan collides with the maid and the water glass falls. Maid gets tensed. Bihaan shouts on her. The maid Shanta touches the place where Bihaan stood and smiles. Kosi asks her to do her work.

Suman and Preeti are worried. Preeti goes to get water

and sees clothes in fridge. Shanta comes and says I kept my clothes in this cool cupboard, did I do mistake. Preeti says you illiterate, food is kept in fridge so that it remains fresh. Shanta argues with them. They leave.

Bihaan and Thapki make their sleeping arrangements done outside in balcony. She says a big mosquito has bitten her and shows Bihaan. They both get inside the mosquito net and have an eyelock. Itni se baat hai………plays…………

Shraddha recalls her earlier avatar and pretty looks. She says what did my state become now, I used to roam in this house as colorful movie heroine, I have become black and white movie heroine now, this illiterate people have come here, Bihaan and Thapki will take tension, I will go to sleep. The maid comes and sleeps on her bed. Shraddha gets shocked and screams. She asks why did you come here. Shanta says Kosi Maa told me to sleep here, I will tell Kosi to make me sleep somewhere else. Shraddha says don’t threaten me, I m not afraid of anyome. Shanta asks her to sleep on bed and she will sleep on ground. Shraddha coughs by the sheet dust. Shraddha gets oil smell from the pillow. Shanta says I applied chameli oil to my hair, I get soothing sleep by it, shall I get oil for you. Shraddha says no and leaves from the room.

Thapki acts and jokes. She laughs. He says my mood is bad and you are doing this. She tries to explain him. He says Bau ji is stopping me, there is some matter, I need to find out. She asks him to stop. He goes.

Bau ji silently goes and meets Kosi. She smiles and asks him to come. He says I wanted to talk to you, why did you come. Bihaan looks for Bau ji and thinks where did Bau ji go. Kosi says its good, you came now and identified me at night. Bau ji asks her to go back. Kosi says I did not come to go back. Thapki stops Bihaan and asks him not to trouble Bau ji at this time. He says Bau ji is not in his room. She says whatever Bau ji will do, will be for our good. Bau ji tells Kosi that she will never succeed in her motive. Kosi says I will take the thing for which I came here.

Kosi tells the man that she will see Thapki. The man says I started doing that work.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aami123

    Thx 4 wu

  2. Omg…
    what’s happening in TPK….
    I think there is no information about law and force in writer’s mind…
    All soaps shows strangers come and stay in one’s own home and torturing
    them so ridiculous..

  3. what a rubbish episode…Thahaans part is much interesting rest of the part is utter nonsense.GUYS,i think the girl attracted to Bihaan…..writerji….pls shows somany THAHAANS SCENES.WE ARE EAGERLY WAITING FOR THAT.i hope this stupid new drama willbe over soon.

  4. Just hell for this drama
    What will coming next can anybody tell me please

  5. Truelove

    Thanks ma’am for update.
    Thanks director ji for thahaan moment. ??

  6. How stupid things they are showin seriously how can some claim your house as theirs without any proof and on the other hand you are not trying to do any thing against them….howww?????? -no logic
    Where did my previous comment go??It was something like this…
    serioulsy after marrying the love of our life all we do is just eyelock eyelock and sometimes hugs*nice message to control population*:p

    1. Hmm u r right

  7. I think they are bihaan family…

  8. Thnx fr the update. Love thahaan scene. Hp this new family thing finishes withoutmuch dragging.

  9. Juggu

    Adi paavi shobi..vela kaariya tha ponnunu soniya..kradhaki..adhuku bihaankuda nee kanavaye sethu vachu solirkula…..

  10. i think thapki show will be like jamai raja childmarried

  11. in my advise dhruv k bejne k bjae thahaan ko mar k unka dosra janum kr dte or atleast aik achi love story dekhne ko milti or 2 option ye k thahaan ye tpk chor k koi acha sa serial sign kr le or apne fans ko wu dkhae ju wu chahte he except that tpk stupidity…..

  12. ,thapki ,you have a bad mad raghib(bihaan second wife,) I am seeing your new challenge.

  13. Well well thought it was beyond belief that anybody can start ruling and take over somebody’s house like that. Think about it it’s been happening and still happens to this day! One word ISRAEL.

  14. Show lost INTEREST

  15. Is kosi bauji wife

  16. Silent reader

    After weeks and weeks of druv madness… now this! Good bye tpk

  17. Tpk starts somewhere nd its moving with some confusion but still happy to see lovely bihaan…

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