Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha buying faulty batteries. The man asks why is she taking risk, the batteries burst. She says I know this well, I want them for some other work. She buys batteries. Thapki checks the wooden pieces outside the house. She says this is platform on which Mata Rani idol was kept, someone did this to make platform, who can do this. She goes. Shraddha thinks to find when will this battery blast, then I can put this in Vasundara’s phone. She puts battery and rings the phone to check it. She checks the timer. The battery blasts. She says just 120 secs, not bad and sees the doll’s state. She says it will be fun, Vasundara’s state will be same in 2 mins, I will try it again, surety is must. She uses second battery and checks. She smiles and says 60 secs, not bad, I will out this defective battery in Vasundara’s phone, you are gone old woman.

Thapki says if platform was cut, the axe would be in storeroom. She gets the axe and says my doubt was right, someone did this to hurt me, but just Vasundara and Shraddha knew about it, it means Shraddha did this. She gets angry.

Dadi says I have eaten homemade pickles always. Vasundara says yes, that’s why I make pickles for you. Suman says I have to do work, Preeti is in maayka. Shraddha sees Vasundara’s phone and asks how to prepare lemon pickle. Vasundara asks her to see and learn. Shraddha takes Vasundara’s phone to replace battery. Vasundara says I told raw mango seller to come, whats the time now . Shraddha tells the time. Vasundara says I will leave in 10mins. Shraddha puts faulty battery and keeps her phone back.

Shraddha thinks 20 mins are much to make Vasundara deaf. Vasundara gets a call. Thapki comes and stops Vasundara. She says your hands have spices, its not good, there are much news that phones are blasting, I got earplugs for you, you will talk with earplugs. She makes Vasundara use earplugs and attend call. Shraddha gets angry. Vasundara says I will leave. Shraddha tays this time even ear plugs can’t save Vasundara. She collides with Vasundara and steps on earplugs. She says sorry, I did mistake. Thapki looks on. Vasundara says this broke, did you not see this, and throws earplugs there. She goes. Shraddha signs Thapki.

Thapki goes after Shraddha and asks what are you doing to go, why did you break Vasundara’s earplugs. Shraddha says it happened by mistake. Thapki shows the saree and says this is that saree which you have worn when you were cutting Mata Rani platform, I got this saree from dry cleaners, I got wooden piece in it. Shraddha asks what do you want to say. Thapki shows the axe and it also has wooden powder/piece in it.

Shraddha accepts that she has cut that platform, but what will Thapki prove without evidence, no one will believe her, not even Vasundara. Vasundara is leaving. Shraddha smiles seeing her. She says what did you say, I wanted when mummy ji gets call, she holds phone near ear, mummy’s pone will blast in some time. Thapki gets shocked. Shraddha says my voice was hurting her ears, so I have fixed defective batter in her phone, when she receives any call, she will get deaf. Thapki runs to stop Vasundara. She sees the car gone and takes an auto. She follows Vasundara.

Thapki asks driver to hurt. Vasundara gets Shraddha’s call. Shraddha says I have to talk about Dhruv, can you talk to me. Vasundara says yes say. Shraddha checks timer and makes her busy. Vasundara says I will talk to Dhruv. Shraddha says no, I just called to inform. She says its 4mins, Thapki can spoil my game, but not this time. Thapki asks driver to stop the car, its very imp. Shraddha is still talking to Vasundara. Thapki asks driver to take auto by short route. Thapki asks auto to stop. She gets down and rushes to Vasundara. She throws the phone in air. It blasts. Vasundara gets shocked.

Thapki tells Vasundara about faulty battery, Shraddha told me that she has fixed the defective battery. Vasundara says you are blaming Shraddha. Thapki says give me 24 hours, I will bring Shraddha’s truth out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today wala episode was saas bahu wala. Previous episode in think makers can only create good episode once a month :/ I m only watching this shoemfor thahaan conclusion watching today’s episode is a waste of time

  2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    ?????why this vasundra still believe Sharaddha confusing show..

    1. Nice episode..

  3. Ja ko rakhe thapki mar sake na koi ….

    1. true.

  4. Earlier when shradhha used to blame thapki for no fault of hers this vasu believes her easily…..
    Now when thapki saved her life infront of her and said shraddhas name….she wants proof…?

  5. Friends…

    I think after knowing truth of shraddha, vasu will try to reunite thapki n dhruv again and through emotional weapons may she will convince thapki as well as bihaan.

    and may at that time thapki realize her love for bihaan.

    1. Ya even I think the same…thapki realises her love for bihaan that too on her wedding day with Dhruv. ..shayad mantap pe….and she says she can’t marry Dhruv bcoz she loves bihaan. ..then thahaan remarriage. ..but the difference is that this time bridegroom face can be visible….not hidden like last time…..hahaha. ..guyz Acha hai na imagination. …??? Missed manish a lot today. .and missed thahaan seen tooooo. …thapki mata ki jaii….

      1. Aye nahi hoga kyo ki……!!!!!!!!!
        Agar tharuv ko unite karna tho ……
        1 Vasu ki sachhai saamne laana padega
        2 tharuv ko reunite karna hai tho thahaan ke bech intni moments kyo dhikana padega cvs ko….?
        3 agar haisa reunite ka plan hain tho jaldi babhuj ko marna hoga…..!!!!!!!!!!!!
        kyo ki usko patha hain bihaan thapki se pyar hain…..wo kaise manega tharuv reunite ko……?

    2. Hey santosh ur all points r true and v all know that final Jodi is only thahaan but I just predict “HOW ?”

  6. Dragging dragging .I quitted watching this.Only reading written updates.Thanx Amena for written updates.
    Please start Thahaan love track soon.Then only I’ll watch this serial.

  7. I just hope that psyco shraddha gets exposed.

  8. Drama. … drama. ……drama. …. Once again BIHAAN less episode. ……….
    .no bihaan. .no interest to see
    It’s too much of dragging. …………
    What’s going on TPK. ………….!!!!!???
    Upcoming episode DHRUV saves THAPKI. ….!!!!!!
    sbs segment see here

    1. Noooooooooooo…
      Only THAHAAN
      THAHAAN rocks
      No THARUV plzz…..

    2. Really is dhruv going 2 save her

    3. I feel the same as most of you without bhiaan in the scenes I don’t find it interesting. But what the heck. Thapki and druv together. Oh I guess not until August is when I should start watching again lol

      They need to stop dragging the side show. With Sharradha and diwakar.

  9. Omg I really hope Thapki is successful in exposing Shraddha. Let Shraddha’s true face come out at last. A very good episode today.

  10. Tired of watching evil plans ..??
    Today Bihaan also missing. Day by day its getting worse. Just change the track and concentrate on something inspiring people who have some kind of weakness
    Just like Thapki become something rather than adarsh Bahu. ??

  11. Not again..till when thapki will keep proving herself right shity episode

  12. Hehehe vasu….u want to bear all this…becoz u didnt allowd dhruv to marry thapki…
    I didnt understnd hw thapki 4getd dhruv easily….
    Poor fellow dhruv…living wth thapki’s memory….

  13. Finally her truth will come i cant wait 2 watch it

  14. Boring epi..

  15. I’ve done an ff on swasan and raglak meeting there’s 3 but the part 2 one is someone else triying to be me so it’s only intro and part 1

  16. I’ve done an ff on swasan and raglak meeting there’s 3 but the part 2 one is someone else triying to be me so it’s only intro and part 1 thnx

    1. Rosie how can u do a fan fictoin i wanna do 1 plz tell me how 2 do it

  17. As usual another silly drama sequence of shraddha,vasu and Thapki…,its a dragging episode.miss you BIHAAN.friend santhosh,thank you for sharing upcoming twist in TPK….GUYS………Dhruv saves Thapki……its not at all possible….i think Thapki willbe confess her love soon.

  18. areeee yaar….episode toh dekhne layak hai hi nhi….updates padhne me bhi itna chidd machti h naa…..kuch nmbhi dikha rhe hai yaar…..very poor writers,….. badly written….lagta h writers ne dhang se apni padhai nhi ki…isliye ache ideas nhi aate….boringgggggggg…

  19. I have seen news somewhere that thapki and bihaan are again being separated by vasu… ??is it true

  20. many people thinks that today’s episode was good & exciting, but i feel todays episode was very boring. there was no thahaan scene, no presence bihaan. i only love watching thapki & bihaan scene & not this rubbish saas bahu series. pls show thahaan scene. by the way when they are going to show almaari scene of thahaan.

  21. Dhruv saves thapki????
    What’s wrong with cvs yaar….ab itne samay se jitne bhi bade bade problem aaye thab tho har baar bihaan hi aata tha na thapki ko bachane. ..ab achaanak hai Dhruv kaha se beech mein tapak pada…..annoying twist….but I still have positive thoughts…..may be this twist is to make thapki realise her love for bihaan. …and more over Dhruv ki galat fahmi bhi door karni hai na…Dhruv ko galat fahmi hai ki thapki usse abhi bhi pyaar karti hai….lekin agar Dhruv ko patha Chale ki thapki bihaan se pyaar karti hai shayad wo uske zindagi mein aage bad sakta hai…..hai tho mera point of view hai….hamaare sochne se kya hoga? ? Aakir hoga jo bhagvaan ne lika wahi hai na??? Yaha tho bhagvaan CV’S hai…..bas hamaari yahi duva hai ki bas jaldi se Thapki bihaan love track shuru karo aur thahaan ko ek kardo. …

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. … yes, CVS killing day by day THAHAAN LOVE TRACK
      You’re 100% correct

    2. CV s kuch bhi kar saktha hai…
      Illogical story…

    3. They just wana keep the “will they unite or not” sequence running like a pendulum. May b shraddas character wil be xposed and vasu wud try to unite druv n thapki by gettin “obedient ” bihaans help by brainwashin him tht they both still luv eachother n tht vasu n bihaan needs to correct their mistake. So tht gives bihaan a reason to fake anger towards thapki while she tries to win bak his trust. Bottom line they wana drag the story coz if the lead couple unites..then the writers dont hav much imagination to keep the show running

  22. Finaly shradhha’s truth will reveal. M so excited.

    1. I don’t think so. Not so early.

  23. Hiiii Aliza, Vinlora and everyone..

  24. no bihaan there is no tpk ,tolerating tpk because of bihaan not for thapki , arey bihaan plz leave this show or end this serial we can happily stop watching this show fed up of this saas bahu drama manh!! in saas bahu tracks saathiya is far better than thapki yar

    1. Wat r u talking about… dont f**king end this show its the best show just change the track

      1. They are more concentrating on shradha ignoring side characters and the most worst part is aditi diwakar drama viewers are easily getting bored by these repeatative old tricks ,when they will change the story line after viewers stop watching the serial plz dont get me wrong i am fed up of this shradha drama and saas bahu tracks

  25. Eagerly waiting for tharuv scene. & also exited to see shradhha monkey’s reaction. She actly deserv dat. How c fool can thinks cez more beautifl than thapki that anybody can fallen in love with her.?? Only her foolish bf can love her. Haha

  26. fist mission to prove perfect bahu -completed
    second mission to prove shradha wrong -is yet to be done
    third mission to win bihaan trust-will be shown in the upcoming episodes
    after that i dont know may be the show will be come to an end

  27. Where has varsha gone she hasnt commented 2day

  28. vasundaraji better hidden camera fix karvaayiye ghar per evidence mil jaayega

  29. as much as i hate Sharaddha i must admit she is pretty good at her role.

  30. Wow….. mahaan aatma bangayi clever. ….. upcoming episode shoot
    shraddha ko thapki ne banaya hullu…….see the video shoot

  31. i want only and only thahaan union not tharuv again plz…..
    without bihan there is nothing in show to see
    seriously bakhwas episode of 16 apr 2016.

    plz make thapki realise her love for bihaan soon we want thahaan romantic moments….

    and by the way wen r they going to show almirah scene and thahaan going for holiday sent by dadima ?????

  32. Yet again, another thing for Thapki to prove to Vasu.

    In fairness to Vasu, she has done some evil things to thapki and her sons, but she has never stooped as low as shraddha and attempted to actually phsysically harm or kill anyone. (Well apart from dhruv to stop him marrying thapki and also adding liquid to the diva that caught light in thapki a parents house… ). So her reaction to thapki saying it was shraddha who tried to harm her, wasn’t surprising. But she has seen shraddha try to harm thapki and has stopped her so she can’t be that unaware of shraddha’s true nature.

    The best hug was that thapki actually told vasu it was shraddha rather than trying to quietly deal with it or take the blame herself.

    That was good.

    1. The best bit…

  33. Agle 24 hours mein thapki shraddha ka fardafash tho karegi lekin usse gar se bahar nikalvana thoda mushkil lagta hai. ..kyunki uske pehle yi shraddha pakka pregnancy ka natak shuru karegi. ..kuch bhi ho jaye bas hamaare thahaan ko ek kardo yaar….

  34. Shraddha is going 2 trap vasu heres the link…

  35. You are right Nimisha…

  36. A very warm Hi santhosh, Thank you for sharing those unseen AND UNHEARD parts of this rubbish soap .
    Hope to God , after such along and torturing , irrelevant and nonsense extension of story , they have mercy on poor audience and finish it with a reasonable episode, which would be ‘


  37. i want druv and thapki to re unite i love druv ?
    bihan must get new girl

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