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Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan falling down the cliff. Dhruv and Thapki shout Bihaan and rush to the spot. Aman comes there with police and stops Dhruv. Dhruv says I will see Bihaan. They stop Bihaan. The police gets a body and brings it for identification. Dhruv and Thapki do not identify the body. The inspector shows the belongings they found with the body. Thapki and Dhruv cry. She recalls its Bihaan’s watch. Dhruv says its Bihaan’s belongings. He sees the wallet with their family pic in it. He shouts Bihaan….. and cries. Thapki sits in shock.

Dhruv asks Bihaan to get up and shouts. Bau ji looks for Bihaan at home and finds Paan. He asks him to say where is Bihaan and just say truth. Paan says sorry to lie, but Thapki left home being annoyed, so Bihaan has got to get her back.

The inspector says Dhruv, we have to send body for postmortem. Dhruv says he is my brother. Aman asks him to call home and inform everyone. Dhruv asks what shall I say at home. Bau ji calls Bihaan and Dhruv answers the call. Dhruv talks to Bau ji and says Bihaan and Thapki are with her. Bau ji asks for Thapki. Thapki talks to him and cries.

Bau ji says Bihaan has ruined your life, I will beat him and kick him out of home, you come back home. She says Bihaan…. Bau ji says let him die there, I don’t care, you come back. She says yes and gives phone to Dhruv. Bau ji asks Dhruv for Bihaan. Dhruv says he is not here now. Bau ji asks what does he mean. Dhruv says I mean, he was here, he went, I will talk later and ends call. Bau ji tells Vasundara that he feels something is wrong. She says don’t worry, you will be fine.

Aman asks Thapki to get her wounds dressing done. She says I will go, you go with Dhruv. Aman gives his phone as she may need it. Vasundara calls Dhruv and asks him to come home with Bihaan and Thapki. He cries. Poonam tells Aditi that Thapki asked me not to invite her family, as Bihaan will spoil the things, its small puja and we can do at home. Raghav calls Adiit and asks her to meet. She says we have Satyanarayana puja today and she will meet tomorrow. Diwakar says I will see how she does the puja.

Thapki goes to hospital for her dressing. She sees some footmarks there. Dhruv comes home hurt. Bau ji and Vasundara get shocked seeing him wounded and ask about Thapki and Bihaan. Dhruv says Thapki is fine, and Bihaan fell down the cliff. They get shocked. Paan meets Bihaan and gives his passport. Bihaan says whatever happens, no one should know I m alive. He says I want to see Thapki and Dhruv together, I have seen love in Dhruv’s eyes for Thapki. He says he was thinking of Dadi’s words and decided this step to break my and Thapki’s relation, I have to go away from their life forever. He says fate supported me, I fell down from cliff and got saved, that other man died, I have seen his face damaged and left my belongings there. He says I can do anything for my brother.

Paan says everyone know you are dead, Bau ji is admitted in hospital by this shock, doctor said its tough for him to get saved. Bihaan goes to hospital to meet Bau ji. Thapki confronts him. Bihaan says I did this to unite you and Dhruv. She slaps him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice precap.. Next epi must be thrilling when thapki realizes what bihaan is!

  2. wow bihaan no die….. Am hapie.. 🙂

  3. Pls unite Thapki and Bihan….

  4. Precap seems to be interesting. Don’t know why Thapki gonna slap bihaan…is she loving him???? Bihaan character is lovable. Want thapki and bihaan together

  5. Woh….bihaan jindhah. Bihaan daradhiyana muje. Pehale muje ethana rona aae…. osab finally kushime badhalgae. thank u writerji.

    Precap muje achilagi. Kafi interestingh. I am waiting for tomorrows episode.
    Love bihaan & thapki.

  6. Awesome next episode will be mind blowing

  7. Hey pooja why did you say like that?ln thapki pyar ki dhruv is the hero not bihan. I also like bihan but my wish is to rejoin thapki and dhruv sir, I am waiting for their romance like arnav-khushi.I am sure if thapki will fall in bihan, I will not watch the serial.I have the belive writers,they will make another twist in bihan and aditi s life. May be they will make another Jodi in thapki pyar ki.but only the problem. Is that we have to wait so many days\months.

    1. yes yes yes you read my mind they are just like arnav and khushi

  8. Not again !! Please god !!! Thapki misunderstood Bihaan again. She would slap him because it seems like he played with others emotions….

    By the way nice episode. Lub uhh B 4 Bihaan :-*

  9. Please unite bihaan n thapki n I also read in the thapki pyaar ki encyclopedia that it was written thapki bihaan pandey

  10. I think Thapki slapped Bihaan because she was quite shocked that he is dead and she feels something for him.. .. I HOPE I’M WRONG…

  11. Thapki to Bihaaan ki hi haing. :-*
    Aur Hero to ek hi hota haing or wo haing B 4 Bihaaan.

  12. Thapki-Bihaan……Together…..Bestest Couple…..Wanna see their cute fights……Of course romance.

  13. Good Episode. Thapki Vihaan love u both. 🙂

  14. however plz reunite dhruv and thapki

  15. Nice episode .Bihan you are get &plz unite Thapki&Dhruv

  16. Wow.bihaan is back.I m very happy.I want bihaan thapki pair its very nice.thank u so much writer for bring him back.

  17. No… Thapki n Druv only…..please

  18. im waiting nxt epi…..bihaan u alwayz rockzzzzzzzz……..

  19. Bihaan u deserve that slap… Nice recap… bihan and thapki best together. don’t separate them….

  20. Bihan doesn’t look like hero , Dhruv must be the hero. This episode should make some twist

  21. I m superrr happy….thanks a tone writer…bihaan is our hero n i now sure dat u will not dissapoint d bihaanki fans n unite thapki n bihaan…now d show rocks…love u bihaan panday……hope thapki is angry dat he lied that his dead n hurt his family so she slapped her…whatever it is i m happy n excited to see BIHAANKI…ROMANCE…TPK KEEP ROCKING….

  22. nice epi
    i like bihaan nd thapki jodi writerji pls don’t separate them

  23. The romance b\w them is abt to start in nov

  24. if bihaan dies i die with him…

  25. plzzzzzz……we want bihaan thapki unite..f

  26. i luv u bihaan…u r heroo……

  27. Please expose vasu soon

  28. Nice episode love bihaan and thapki..!!!
    writters pls unite bihaan and thapki…!!!!
    BIPKI <3 <3 * * *

  29. It z not who luk good together but it z about true love. Thapki n dhruv love each other truly so dey should get united soon. Hope dat happens.

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