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Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha trying to open the rope and free her hands. Pandit ji asks bride and groom to forward their left and right hand respectively. Bihaan sees thread on bride’s left hand and gets up. He asks her to get up and says this marriage can’t happen. Bihaan says I was ready to marry Vani, but not Sankara. He lifts her veil. Everyone is shocked to see Sankara instead of Vani. Kosi asks how did you come here and where is Vani? She asks her to tell. Thapki comes and says I am here. Dhruv also stands up. Thapki comes downstairs. Kosi asks Thapki to see what Sankara is doing and says she has forgotten her value. She is about to slap Sankara, but Thapki holds her hand and tells that she asked Sankara to sit in the mandap and marry Bihaan. Everyone is shocked. Kosi asks why did

you do this? Vani says because I don’t want to marry this mannerless, egoistic and illiterate man. Kosi says you wanted to marry him.

Thapki says it was just an acting to make him dance on my tune, and want to show him that a woman can’t be weak. She says I wanted to take revenge for all my insult. She says what do you think that you will marry me forcibly, take my everything and make me leave. She says Thapki was sacrificing woman, but I am not. I snatched everything from the person who tried to insult me. Kosi requests Vani to marry Bihaan. Sankara says why she will marry Bihaan. I will marry him. Vasu scolds Vani and praises Thapki for her goodness. She praises Bihaan and tells that I am very happy as someone else took your place in the mandap. Preeti says same thing is happening with Bihaan, just as he did with Thapki. Suman asks her to keep quiet.

Bihaan looks on angrily. He holds Thapki’s hand and takes her to room. Suman says Bihaan is angry, he shall not do anything wrong. Shraddha thinks real drama will begin now with you Dhruv. Shraddha thinks she has already done what she wanted. Chacha curses Dhruv and Bihaan for getting him arrested. Shraddha comes there and gives sweets to him and says it is because you are ruined. She instigates him against Dhruv and says he is marrying there. She tells that it is all money game. Chacha thinks to kill Dhruv. Fb ends. Shraddha thinks if Dhruv can’t be hers, then can’t be nobody.

Thapki asks Bihaan, why did he take her here. Bihaan tells that he brought her here to make her remember all the memories which they shared before. He shows almari and bed. He says I used to sleep on bed alone, but later it became yours too. He says we have all the memories attached with every thing. This is the same place where we have shared everything, shared each other pains and happiness. He says all the things are same as you left. I did I have done wrong, but don’t give me life more than death. He cries keeping head on her shoulder. Thapki looks at the wallet and says you know better who gave death to whom and says these memories are with Thapki and I am not your Thapki. He holds her and says okay…you are not Thapki. I will marry Sankara now itself, and you will stop this marriage as I trust my love more than you. I will marry her and goes from the room. Thapki thinks about his words and is confused. She looks angrily at his wallet.

Bihaan asks Thapki to take out her anger on him, but wear this mangalsutra. He asks her to wear and tries to make her wear it forcibly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Extremely a painful episode….iam literally tried to convey my sadness.Manish what a outstanding performance just rock it today.
    Thapki pls forgive him….pls…pls…
    Precap is a confusing one…

  2. Garima

    Thapki you really become selfish you didn’t saw bihaan tears you are really vani bihaan really you are superb in acting tumne tho rula diya you are just fabulous. and hello pooja Manish ki divani and die for manayasa joylin vino trupti and santhosh.

  3. how long thapki take revenge for bihan? not with kosi..

    this make me not to watch thapki again..

  4. Thapki crossed the line today, when Bihaan married her the first time he was an emotional wreck, emotionally blackmailed by his mother, but what she did today, I have no words. She knows better than anyone that in the pandey zoo nothing is at it seems

    1. I agreed with you. I never forget this . Poor dhruv broke heart with thakpi by mother vasu made Bihaan to hidden married thakpi that is why vasu don’t like thakpi speech stammer ?Then kosi don’t like thakpi again. Bihaan is so blind and listen kosi than thakpi. I knew bihaan and thakpi are mistaken and don’t know what happen family stabbed bihaan and thakpi. Why ???????? I knew bihaan and thakpi are over which was make me upset very bad!!!!!!?

  5. Vinolin.d

    I am getting disappointed.pls don’t drag it too much.

  6. Manish ki deewani

    Today episode is so emotional I feel really sad 4 bihaan why druve is shocked he knew all the plans of thapki ? And writers hw many days u drag this ,marriage track we don’t like samkara.and writers no more seperation track.
    Manish today u again nailed it really outstanding performance ur expression diologue delivery awsom gajaab Manish

  7. Manish ki deewani

    Hi pooja garima santhosh Bhai shruti vino
    Santosh Bhai u know who is the new entery mean new villain


      new entry “Sehban Azim”?..

  8. Sally_V

    what a rubbish episode… nothing seems realistic.. hate more and more sankara/i and of course shraddha … either should thapki confront bihaan about the letter or bihaan should himself the truth behind thapki’s hatred towards him 😛

  9. Garima

    pooja if you also sad so who convince me ??


      main hoo na..☝☝☝

      tum ek kaam karo mera SLEEPING TABLET??? kawo aur aaram se so jav…???(just kidding )
      chintha math karo sab kuch teek ho jayega…??

      1. Garima

        Thanks santHosh.

  10. Very sad episode. Track is boring and drag too much. They need to bring taahan together like before. If they bring more separation between taahan tpki will lose viewers.

  11. Dear Garima…this track is suffocating me I know all Thahaan fans are feeling sad.Hope for best yaar.hello,reshal,sruti,vino,santhosh Bhai….
    Garima…pls update the next part of your ff.

  12. So painful much sad..pity on Bihaan.. 🙁

  13. Today at the last part manish really nailed it…wat a expression…really fall in love with u man…????

  14. He got what he deserved, he didn’t truse thapki, when she was begging him to listen but he didn’t , he simply had been fooled by some newconers(kosi and chacha) and forgot how thapki always been with him through upsides downs, thapki was pure innocent and honest, but nobody believed her so I think she has every right to be hateful and revengfull, I love thaahan but I think they all turtured thapki a lot but everytime she forgive them, she endure enough, if he really loved him as he claimes he should never doubted her intentions, I think its a payback for bihaan’s betrayal of thapki’s love, sorry bihaan I love you but u deserve it, thapki gives u everything but u take everything from her

  15. He got what he deserved, thapki had never done anything but good to him and his family, they turtured her in every possible way but she forgive them and give them pure and honest love, but the end bihaan closed his eyes on everything and had been fooled by some fake newcomers and believed them, he broke his relation with the only one who had always been on his side, throw her out, guys don’t be unjust, thapki has every right to be vengeful, he caused the loss of their child with ignorance and blindness, bihaan betryed thapki’s love, I love bihan but i think love means trust each other more than everyone else In life

  16. wht rubbish…uff…this is the first serial in which a heroin turns into vilan….how can thapki forget all the goodness of bihan…nd she is worse thn bihan…bihan gives her a lot of chnces to prove herself but she insted of givng a chnce ..not ready to talk clearly on letters truth…is it a real love??unrealistic….

  17. poor bihan…he has to suffer and cheatd by their close ones all the time ….and this time thapki did itt….

  18. Im confused cos I thought Sharadha was divorced ? What right does she have to stay at that house? Why doesnt she openly get himiliated and asked to leave by Thapki?

  19. Hate vani’s characters. Let bihaan married shankar.

  20. Spoiler
    Colors’ popular show Thapki Pyar Ki (SOL and Shoonya Square) will have an important new entry, that of the new guy in Thapki’s life…

    Yes, you heard it right!!

    And that will of the handsome hunk Sehban Azim who was last seen in Star Plus’ Silsila Pyaar Ka.

    The stunning twist in the tale will be of the guy falling in love with Thapki (Jigyasa Singh).


    As per sources, “Kabir, the new entrant will be a rich guy who would go on to play an important role in Thapki’s life. His entry will provide a new twist in the ongoing story. Sehban has been finalized for the role.”

    Sehban’s role will be similar to Shah Rukh Khan’s in the movie Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge, is what we hear.

    Sehban as we know, has been part of interesting shows Dill Mill Gayye, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai, Humsafars, Silsila Pyaar Ka. He is also presently seen hosting the show In My Kitchen on Zee Digital.

    1. I want bihan anymore

  21. Mojallo Abba Tahir

    When will Bihaan know it is tapki but not vanni and even if Bihaan knows when will Bihaan get married to thapki after knowing

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