Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv asking Thapki what help she wants. Bihaan looks on. Dhruv says I will help you, what help do you want. She says I want to use your tv channel and go live. Suman and Preeti think to check Shraddha’s slipper and get some clue. They hide from Shraddha. Dhruv asks Thapki is she ready. He asks her not to be nervous. She recalls Bau ji’s state. Dhruv tells everyone that Thapki is with them, she is example of courage and hope, she is supporting a man who has stabbed my father, my dad’s case is in news since many days, Thapki is supporting the man and fighting his case in court as his lawyer, am I right. She says yes, we did not get any lawyer, so I m fighting his case. Dhruv asks her not to lie, this show has place for just truth. He says I know you got a lawyer whom Bihaan

has beaten.

She says Bihaan has beaten him as that man spoke bad about Bau ji. He says you are still lying. She says no, I m just supporting truth, now even court believed that someone is involved in this case. He says its not proved. She says it will be proved tomorrow. He asks are you sure. She says yes, I have evidence against culprit, which I will give to police in temple. He asks why temple. She says because just Lord is supporting me, I had mannat so I want to give evidence in temple. He says you mean this third person will be caught by police. She says yes, the evidence will surely make police catch police. The show ends.

At home, Vasundara asks Dhruv why did he call Thapki on his news show. He says so that Thapki is proved wrong to support Bihaan, his crime will be proved, don’t worry, your son is always yours, we kept puja tomorrow for Bau ji, everything will be fine, I m waiting for tomorrow when Bihaan’s truth comes out infront of Thapki, and then he will be get punished.

Its morning, Thapki looks at Bihaan. She leaves in an auto. She goes to temple. Bihaan follows her and hides. He signs her. A boy sits there and sees that green slipper. He takes that slipper and runs away. Bihaan runs after that boy. The boy mixes the slipper with same type of slippers. Thapki and Bihaan get shocked seeing so many similar slippers. They see many burqa clad women wearing same slippers and going.

Thapki says Bihaan, everyone is wearing same slipper, what to do now. The women start leaving. Bihaan looks on and asks whom should I catch now. She says I don’t understand what to do. She recalls seeing that man, and tells Bihaan that that man has worn slipper with left hand, come fast.

Thapki comes infront of the goon and he tries to run away. Thapki manages to pull his burqa and falls down. Goon runs with burqa veil on his face. Bihaan and Thapki see his clothes.

The man burns his slippers and says this proof is also finished Thapki. Bihaan and Thapki come home. Bihaan says we lost that man and gets angry. He says leave it, we will find him. He asks how, we did not see his face, he took the evidence too. Dhruv comes and asks did they catch the culprit, you had evidence, did Thapki prove the truth. He says you can’t catch the culprit, as there was no third person that day, this is the truth that Bihaan is culprit, he is fooling you Thapki as he wants to get saved of punishment, but Bihaan you can’t fool us for long, not even laws. He says its just 48 hours time for next hearing, this time no one can save you from getting punished, not even Thapki. He gets angry and goes. Thapki and Bihaan look at each other.

Bihaan goes to Bau ji and locks the door. Everyone shout and ask him to open the door. Dhruv panics and says if Bihaan does anything to Bau ji, I will kill him.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. pooja prabha

    I dont like Dhruvs attitude towards Bihaan…he is purposefully tried to constitute Bihaan as the culprit.confusing precap….BIHAAN DONT WORRY YAAR.Thapki you should support him,dont leave him alone….

  2. Ally

    Druv is keen to make Bihaan as culprit..
    I think Druv wants to take revenge on Bihaan….
    Anyway culprit is a middle aged man…

    Precap is confusing.. Is Bihaan going to suicide.. ??

  3. Sujoy

    the Thapki and Dhruv news program was awesome, felt like the old tpk.
    those golden moments of the serial without any family drama

  4. bihaan

    Guys, i saw the spoiler ,in which its shown that the burqa man is bihaan’s real father and bauji’s younger brother

  5. Nowadays both Dhruv and Bihaan are quite irritating Dhruv because of his over hatred for Bihaan and Bihaan because of crying non stop uff. Really I think makers really wanna show Thapki Pyaar ki they want fans to love only Thapki 😛
    And this is so dragging l
    And according to spoilers Bauji’s killer is his brother does that mean it’s barki-chupki’s sasur is the one

  6. And yes
    When TPk Had full of thahaan scenes trp was 3 :O 🙂
    And then little glances of thahaan scenes trp was 2
    Now Almost no thahaan scenes trp is 1.4 -_-
    Can someone please go and show this to the makers and this show deserves at least better trp than ssk(thank god ssk’s trp also dropping) I will be so happy when TPK also beats SSK

    • Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

      Yes santosh I was very busy I m quite busy due to project works and quiz other day still okay but wed n thurs such a big headache uff and also have enterprenuerhsip training and swimming every week that’s why couldn’t comment at wed n thurs

  7. Bea

    For the last few episodes I like that the last frame on screen has usually been Thahaan. Maybe the love track is on its way (she says with baited breath).

  8. Tintu mon

    Hw ιѕт poѕѕιвle тнaт Bιнaan ѕυddenly нavιng a dad тнaт тoo вaυ jι ‘ ѕ вro. Baυjι goт Bιнaan ғrм ѕтreeт .
    •Y dadi maa dont know her younger son’s son

    • sag

      ya how it possible ??
      either he is brother of bauji or he is
      biological father of bihaan.
      both together not possible…

  9. Lovely(helly)??

    I think the story is going on a different track from now on as Bihaan’s father enters.I don’t want to see any more family drama.Otherwise writer ji will introduce bihaan’s mama & papa and will make them negative towards thapki and again thapki will go through all those super bahu,etc.dramas again.
    We want only Thahaan story.??Make their confession soon otherwise this slow story will really be a “chuk chuk gaadi”???

    • Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

      If they show like this I think TPK will go like housewife show track in that show which was aired a year ago where later it was revealed that the male lead found his family and then he and his wife went to stay there that will be so boring
      I had a feeling this track will come once in TPK And it’s true -_- I actually prefer vasu being Thapki’s saas rather than this extra melodrama I think those whoever said bring a new girl in Bihaan’s life will be more than happy 😛

  10. tintu mon

    Bihaan B happy they will soon donate a dad 4 U . Then a real mom ,bro sis & finally will bring a girl and says she is ur wife she is ur balika vadu. Then Bihaan will खुद go and beat thm .not his “upcoming “parents
    Cvs ko???.

  11. Kana

    Bihaan plz fullfill my small wish,atleast once plz slap dhruv then u can go and commit suicide
    If it is possible,plz give one more slap to ur loving mom vasundhra,but u can’t do this nah!! bcz u r a emotional fool

    • Mandal

      ya now you want Bihaan to slap Dhruv?
      First backstab your own brother by marrying his to be wife on the day of his marriage and then
      go and slap him.
      So do you mean all bad things should happen to Dhruv only and slowly Bihaan starts enjoying everything that once belonged to Dhruv?
      And Dhruv dont even get the right to be angry on him and punish him?
      dear i dont know who you are but right now i am feeling like abusing you.
      but i wont because i cant stoop as low as your thoughts

      • Kana

        Dear look,u said that u don’t knw abt me then is this the way u criticize unknown people’s thought? I didn’t leave my comment to people criticize.if u want to leave ur thoughts nobody will stop u,bcz every body hav the right to tell their point of view
        For the current situation i felt like that,if u feel it is wrong then that is not my problem
        you said that bihaan is a cheater and he ruined dhruv’s life nah,just check the episodes before thapki’s marriage,u guys only remember that marriage cheating no one remember how much good things bihaan had done for dhruv and thapki before the marriage,even he didn’t think/imagine to cheat thapki or dhruv that whole situation created by one and only vasundhra,so all of u have to balme vasundhra, not bihaan

      • Kana

        And one more thing u don’t have the right to speak about my character,before u leave a comment like this u have to think whether is it good thing to speak about a unknown person’s character for a silly thing in a public forum,is it a super mentality persons attitude? Is it fair?

      • Srimanages

        Kana…dont b upset with what was written by Mandel…Well Mandel..tis is 1st time I see her comments…Juz ignore Mandel … I’m one if silent reader…njoyed ur comments vit Sag, Anu, Santhosh, Fatarajo, Roshini n few more….So Mandel r u new to tis group?If yes u should read all the previous episode comments…U will njoyed it….No heart feeling…Have a good relationship with all of them even though u dont noe who r they….Chilllllll

      • Kana

        Yah srimanages,we all r here just to share our own opinion abt only the drama story not to analyse others characteristics ,everybody hav the right to share their point of view ,i don’t knw y some ppl irritating like this,if they don’t like anybody ‘s comments they can share their objection,but they do not have the right to criticize others characteristics.anyway just leave it
        And thank u for ur support srimanages and u said u enjoyed our comments nah! may i knw ur mother tongue?

      • Kana

        Ok we are sick mentality people,u guys are having super mentality nah ok fine,just tell from bottom of ur heart, is a bihaan cheater?then what the name u will give to vasundhra?

      • Mandal

        yes he is a cheater. Is marrying your brother’s wife on the day of his marriage ant act of honesty?
        It doesnot matter why you have done it or under whose instructions you did it.
        The thing that matters is you did separate someone from the love of his life and thus ruining his life.

      • Roshni

        I just noticed thse set of msgs just now and i know u guys wont see this msg sinz the other updates hav come. But just incase u do…. its just a forum on a tv show. Dont take it to ur heart. Thre wil be bihaan fans…n there wil b druv fans. Writers wil cook up stories as per trps for business sake. Dont take it to the point tht it turn into an argument. Peace. Both parties hav the right to opine without being abusive to eachother.

  12. This means that bihan is not an orphan he is really a grandson of Dadi maa….i mean he has direct blood relation ship with the family & actual son of the Pandey family…i think that bauji’s brother hadn’t got his rights & he want to kill bauji he wants to attain properties & business which he can’t get till balwinder is alive…?

  13. Keturah

    Thanks for the great update Ameena missed you yesterday. You always give a detailed update.???

  14. sag

    eventually I missed today’s episode but no regrets because of amena nd retelecast. 😉

  15. Kana

    Bihaan plz fullfill my small wish,atleast once plz slap dhruv then u can go and commit suicide
    If it is possible,plz give one more slap to ur loving mom vadundhra,but u can’t do this nah!! Bcz u r a emotional fool

      • Sujoy

        come on Dhruv is just accusing Bihaan and that too because he saw the knife in his hand and for that you guys are saying so many harsh words for Dhruv.
        Then think according to the your mentality and the kind of judgement you guys give what shall be the punishment given to Bihaan for cheating Dhruv and giving him life time misery

    • Sam

      So u guys saying that druve adopted son. Bihan orginal son. Sounds good
      So basically unjanay mein she did good for bihan by bringing tapki into his life.

      • Kana

        Dhruv always support truth nah,then how can he declare bihaan as a culprit without any evidence??is it fair?? If it is enough only eye witness to punish a person then court is not neccessary nah!!
        Why these people always saying bihaan is a cheater???
        Why nobody didn’t watch thapki’s marriage episode or any short term memory loss problem?

  16. Rachana

    I could not watch today’s episode but seems it was just ok….and is the spoiler true…..???

  17. santhosh

    Chalo tho subb ko patha chalgaya burke wala ka pehachaan bihaan ke real father and balvindar pandy younger brother …….. !!!!!!!

    Cvs tho kya karne jaraha hain…..??????

    Muje lagtha hain ki hum thahaan track ko boolna chahiye…….
    sirf THAHAAN ki DOSTHANA and FAMILY DRAMA dekhna hain……

    • sag

      ha santhosh

      here we dying to see thahaan love realization nd cvs introduce irrelevant tracks every time…

      I just hate it…

  18. santhosh

    dekhne wala episode tha… afsose ki baath hain ki aaj bihaan bolt aur thapki bolt ne Burke wala ko pakad nahi paya……….. precap interesting tha bihaan kya karne wala hain……..!!!!!????

  19. santhosh

    every one commenting funny and negative. ….
    hum tpk fan ya dusman….. !!!!!?????
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. …
    muje patha chalgaya…….!!!!
    hum tpk dusman aur THAHAAN k fans…….
    main ne teek kaha naa…… ,??????

  20. santhosh

    Copied post ….intresting…..

    imimagined if bihaan is the real son of bauji(balwinder) nd Ds is the real son of this burqa man( they might be get exchange at the time of birth)…As Ds said in a inteview that relations will change after this track…nd then bihaan gets his mother(vasundra) love also.

    • Rosa

      That’s what I hope.. It will be interesting all equations will come on to the real track….I mean that qud be Gud to watch where bihaan gets real acceptance…

    • vinlora

      Yess even I think same…..bcoz burkha man wants to kill bauji bcoz he has grudge on bauji…but if bihaan is his real son then y he want to send his own son to jail….?? I think maybe burkha man’s son is Dhruv and bauji s son he want to harm him….maybe some secret behind that….

      • santhosh

        B for bihaan aur B for blade. ……

        Hai dosth hegidira…….?????
        Family function yenu…..?

      • Roshni

        So far it luked as though the guy wantd to frame bihaan desperately nywy ..lets see wat thse writers do. Im sure they r jus sittin n readin public opinions on diff forums to steer the story to the directn of highr trps.

  21. Sam

    I really like your comment tinto that bihaan wife will come along balika vudu. Lol haaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaa. Yaar common stop dragging drama. Show thahaan scene plz

  22. santhosh

    copied post…..

    theory about the precap!!

    OMG GUYSSS what a percap!!!!!!
    okay i watched the epi today with my mum on tv lol
    the epis was good and i really loved how thapki without hesitation called bihaan her pati in front the whole world and Dhruv also how she got flashbacks of Bihaan and stayed like that for good 2-3 secs (realization coming soon )
    and i am VERY happy this seq is going towards its end.
    now coming towards my theory okay What if Bihaan slits his wrist and is confronting bauji like ” hame pata hae ap hame takleef mae ni dekh sakte ap jaldi se uth jaye bauji” and we all know bauji cant see him in pain and like any other Indian serial he gets back from coma seeing bihaan suffering and the family is beating the door like hell but someone bursts open the door and find out bihaan passed out on the floor with his wrist bleeding and bauji holding him while crying and he tells his family that bihaan cut his wrist and due to that he came back and seeing this the family gets shocked that bauji is back because of bihaan and quickly takes him to hospital and seeing this near death experience Thapki realizes her love for him. ( i am still hopeful )
    what ya say guys?? i am having these thoughts plus if you remember they already foreshadowed bihaan’s life is in danger when he prayed for bauji’s life in exchange of his in the previous epi so what if it happens like that and as Dhruv said they only have 48 hours till next hearing and who could be the most strongest evidence than the victim himself? so i guess thats why they are bringing bauji back. this is what i feel but let see what happen in the epi !

    • vinlora

      Santhosh u r too good. ..meri mann ki baath cheen li….I was thinking same…kaash eaisa ho jaye….lekin CV’S ka koi guarantee nahi…kab kya twist lathe hai pata hi nahi chalta. …

    • Roshni

      Im sure bihaan tuk the blade out to cut his wrist n make bau ji come bak,its one of the most commonest indian tv medical blunder evr! Uh… I see it tym n tym again n it makes so scientific sense. But yeh….im sure dats wats gona happen. Bauji is the only eye witnes inths case

  23. Qtr93

    Jaldi supr happy ending kardo..please with more thahaan scenes. I think in precap bihaan try to shoot himself infront of bauji then bauji ‘ll come out of comma to save bihaan. Then he reveal truth to pandey parivar. Bihan gts clean chit.
    Bihaan father gt punished.
    Thapki fndout His relation between
    pandey parivaar .latrt She ‘ll prove tnat hs bihaans father. She reunites bihan & father. Bihan force to leav thapki . as usual ther will be new girl
    entry for bihaan i

  24. Maira

    Episode was just ok! And i think that what we saw in precap.was like this that there will be burqa qlad person trying to kill bauji and bihaan will try to catch him and then everyone will come to know about bihaan’s innocence:-) maybe! Mein ne to sirf andaza lagaya hai!:-)

  25. Qtr93

    I dont nee d anymore tragical episodes..phele jaisa Episodes chahichye.. Aur hameshaki thatah thahaans cute jagada waala scenes..

  26. dev (chotu)

    Yaa santhosh loved or comment superrr it should be like that bihan &dhruv got exchanged and bauji is bihans father and vasu real mom also he will get the real love of ma and do u remember that wen bihan was in hospital vasu cud only give blood to bihan this means their blood GRP is same so I think it may be like this wahhhhhhh wish it cud happenB-) :-! If so vasu is real sasu ma of thapki & vasus druv is not her son wahhO:-) yes it may happen like so said relationship will change and CVS ne bap ko bhai banungi ma ko bhabi bhai ko bap aur patni ko beti ab sab samaj gayi ki CVS kya chahta he 🙂 :'( :-\ and last one balika vadu will come then it will be completed:-)

  27. ishu(Tamil Ponnu)

    wow….if balika vadhu concept come to TPK then im so happy bzc that only thapki realize her love of life bihaan…nowadays i hate dhruv…how stupid u yar….plz use ur brain…i think when thapki leave his office dhruv didnt use his brain…..i was insecure druv and thapki sceens…i only want thahaan sceens..plz…

  28. sag

    ya how it possible ??

    either he is brother of bauji or he is biological father of bihaan.

    both together not possible…

    • Roshni

      That wud make bihaan baujis nephew. Is it youngr brothr? Sanjay n ashwins dad? Lol… did he hand ovr 3 kids to bauji and one got lost? Or is Bihaan a product of an xtra marital affair tht the brothr had and he ws sent off to jail or sumthn for mistaken murder of his wife or some melodrama lik tht? !

      • sag

        now I little bit happy because earlier I think that upcoming relations change track will again change thahaan relations.

        now will see which route selected by cvs to irritate us.

  29. dev

    @ sag y not possible CVS he na San possible he as I said already bap ko beta banungi beta ko bhai ma ko bhabhi patni ko bet I San possible hai:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • sag

      yes u r right dev
      4 cvs everything is possible but u know due to this track again our thahaan realization was extended up to minimum one more month :’(

  30. Roshni

    I utterly hated todayz episode to the point tht i cant even crack a joke on it. I jus wana punch the writer on thr head for such stupidity….but fear thers nothin inthe head.. so i shud aim elsewr .
    Im glad the chappal got burnt bt common…how stupid ws tht plot.
    1)She tells on tv tht shes gona hand over evidenz to police in kya kiren bedi hai jo police iski order sunkar temple…restuarant…beauty parlor vagera jake.evidenz colect kar le whos gona bliv tht
    2) by handlin the chappal with bare hands shes even masking the culprits scent..fingerprint etc. So tht chapal is useles
    3) how did the culprit knw thapki is stupid as to.lev the chappal outsid the temple.
    4) she said the police wil colect.evidenz frm temple… if the culprit xpectz police then he wont even come nywr near the chapal
    5) kid levs the chappal outsd n runs inside a room and hes seen no more. Y cudnt he just run with the chappal n hand it ovr to the burkhaman inthe room and he cud hide it
    6) y do thse women hav to come outsd n wear the left foot chappal..they cud al be alredy wearin it and the child cud hav ran in and givn chappal to culprit. Thapki n bihaan shud ask thse women abt who made them wesr single chappal n wait inside.
    7)chappal is broken.. so thapki jus had to see whos wearin broken chappal
    8) handedness isnt alwys important when ur wearin ur shoe bakstrap
    9) y is burkha man stil wearin.burkha?!
    10) thapki dosnt try to pull offoff the veil
    11) hefty fellow ….keeps escapin frm bihaans clutchez… yet they didnt figure ot its a dude
    So manyn so many im sleepy. Ciao guys.catch u al latr

    • Nimisha

      Roshni! Exactly!

      Quite like santhosh’s thinking on what will happen next too.

      The burka man is the porter guy who was in the hospital room behind the doctor when the whole family were first told Bauji was in a coma. And also the same porter man that Bihan bumped into when he had the dream that Bauji couldn’t breathe.

      So, if it’s bauji’s brother why didn’t Dadi recognise him in the hospital room when they were all there. Unless, he,s his brother from another mother and maybe bauji’s father never acknowledged him so maybe that’s the revenge angle there.

      Maybe he also had a child that he never acknowledged which is why Bihan ends up on the streets.

      I haven’t seen the sbs thing so just going on what you’ve all said.

      After a few good epi’s we had run Thapki run today. And Bihan had grabbed him. All he had to do was trip him up. Done!

      Also burka man must have been walking around for days with only one chappal. But maybe the group of other burka wallas are members of the one chappal sect.

      Aaarrggghhhhh! mind numbingly silly episode. And what is dhruv’s problem, apart from being married to shraddha. He was a bit nasty during the interview, accusing Bihan. His principles have disappeared. And why is Vasu also so hell bent on Bihan being guilty. Other than the fact she’s been nice for a few days and has had enough so is back in her comfort zone hating someone!


      • Roshni

        if its the same porter guy then thats better.i never understud y they intiially highlighted the porter felow and then decided to hav a man in ” burkha ” roamin arnd… tht too a hefty fellow as tall as bihaan with a manly gait…. he didnt luk like a woman evn with the burkha on! the only explanation is tht they didnt knw wr to tak the story to or had castin issues.
        the guy who attackd thapki in the warehouse and the compounder/porter didnt hav the same eyes. i knw this serial neva makes ny sense n ders no point being logical bt i just hav an eye for minute details.Yesterdays chappal drama ws colossal stupidity. i felt like the writers wr tryin hard to b smart… but had the same effect as spittin lookin up!

        hmmm n wats this new track? i fear it might be Brothers inspired with bauis brothr as jackie shrfs character. if it wr a legitimate kid then y didnt nyone knw of bihaan. i cn thnk of so many similar movie tracks now bt i wnt jump the gun.
        Bottom line…i find tpk as a pandoras box of idiocy. other serials may b same too… i just ended up likin this one ;-P ;-P

      • sag

        I hope they don’t copy story of brothers movie.
        I wud like to watch there’s creativity with blunders rather than copied scenes….

      • Nimisha

        I have t seen that film… I’m guessing the story based on what you’ve just said.

        I always thought it was weird they highlighted the porter, and then got coursed as the burka walla seems a bigger build. But after someone pointed out that the skin colour varied between epi’s I thought okay it must be porter Walla!

  31. Qtr93

    Hey , Guys I think Burqa wala is not Bihaan’s father, bhaan is vasu ki own betta.. As smone mntiond in comment that they wre exhanged at birth ryt? yah dekoo bichhale eposodes mei bhi whenevr bihaan needd blood vsindara is tha one who donated to bihaan. Soo its silly proved that bihaan id the real son of vasu&Balvi.
    His brother shahed uski property aur money milne keliye bihaan aur druv ko exhnge kiya hoga. Bijaan ko kayi aur fekdiya hoga . Soo balvinder ne khud uska bette ko nauker jeisa rakdhoya bichaari vasu ko bhi kuch nahi pata. Soo balvi’s brother nively fullfilled his revnge.
    What dou you guys think?

  32. sag

    Hey roshni if u continue to writing like this then within month u will complete a book of cvs mistakes.

    I suggest to u after then give a suitable title to book, something like “daily shop ki galtiya” or “999+ way to avoid mistak in dailyshop” and then after visit any publication. 😉 🙂 B-)

    • Roshni

      Lol…..the bloopers r longer than the episode updattes! Henceforth i hav decided il write bloopers only on points that irritate me the most… else it wil take an entire lifetym to conplete writin the blunders the make!!

    • Roshni

      Btw wil bihaan identify his biological father?
      Possible scenerio: bihaan runs aftr the burkha man.. pulls off the veil … and then…..
      Bihaan: “arey jhe ka?! Tumre pass bhi hamre jaisa ear ring?!”.
      Burkha man…. his voice chokin with sentiments: “gajabbbb” .ye hamare khandani ear ring hai jo meine apne khoye huye bete ko pehanaya dha.
      bihaan feels a divine paternal connection jus frm the sound of plays in bakgrnd “yadon ki baarat nikhli hai…”
      Meanwhile… Thapki: ye ye ye mere sasur hai? Isse to behtar pehla wala set dha

  33. Sivagami_

    Luckily the chappal got burnt… End of this stupid Cinderella story…. The glass footwear become ugly blue slippers and super bahu finding burqa guy!! ?
    No point in finding logic in tpk…just enjoy how stupid a plot canbe…. If not manish and jigyasa this show is long gone…. All the other couple are friends because of the cast… Manyasa are good friends and became cast… Their friendship and understanding glows on the screen….. Thats y ppl like it so much…still watching this stupid plot…

  34. santhosh

    New OLV….

    Finally “chappal ke fasaane” khatam hue Chori chori chupke chupke ThaHaan go inside Mohan Meera Vihar Society Office. Bihaan tells Thapki they are so many dvds here, how are we going to find that particular dvd. Thapki tells him that poll number and date is mentioned on all dvds. We have to look for the dvd of Poll # 22, and the date should be 2nd May 2016. ThaHaan start checking the dvds and finally Bihaan finds that dvd and gives it to Thapki. They use the office laptop to play that dvd. They watch that recording…Bihaan-Bauji fall down and a third man is approaching Bauji. Bauji gets up and that man stabs him. Bihaan reacts and Thapki calms him down. Thapki ejects the dvd and they leave.

    i think this scene is after that precap wala scene coz if ThaHaan had that dvd at that time…why would Bihaan decide to take that extreme step? That dvd clearly proves Bihaan innocent so i don’t think Thapki will waste any time…she will show that dvd to everyone asap. And after watching that dvd Pandey zoo creatures ki bolti band ho jaye gi

    And Bihaan is absolutely fit and fine…that means no first-aid/near-death sequence. But what is he going to do with that blade Haaye kitna acha ho agar Thapki bahar se chillaye “Bihaan tumhain meri kasam darwaaza khol do” and he obliges

    • Roshni

      wounds in tpk heal fast. he ws nearly beatent o death and started playin holi next day. wat else cud bihaan do with a blade? cut papers n exhibit origami skills?
      hmmm hav the police died in some riot?if there ws a video surveillance thn y didnt the police or clever druv ask for it?n is the culprit supermans cousin tht he ws so fast tht even bihaan didnt notice this hefty fellow in tht coridor?!
      Personally wud hav been more fun if bihaan ws vasus real son or nephew. but stil..this serial claims to be inspirational. wats the inspiration? if an adopted son needs to be loved then shud miraculously b genetically related to the family? a stammering girl needs to b a superwoman to win evrybdys approval? uh BS unlimitd thse days. its jus the cast thats makin me watch this

      • santhosh

        Copied post. ……Funny comment….

        My take on blade scene is different..
        If thapki can become lawyer, doctor, detrctive then bihaan can become barber
        He will shave bauji like munna bhai mbbs

      • Roshni

        [email protected] joke

      • sag

        hey Roshni n Santhosh I think cvs was added this DVD recently with in past 2 day.

        first they think we create story in which tpki n bihaan find killer from investigation But when they try through chappal, what reactions they get ?? everyone crack joke on that so now they think hamse na ho payega ye. so they introduce a DVD suddenly to avoid more mistakes….

      • Nimisha

        I’m m with santhosh. I think he’ll go to shave the beard off and Bauji will grab his hand and say ‘surprise!’ ???

      • Roshni

        @ nimisha… u recal the last tym someone tried to get rid off baujis beard? thapki was wearin a blak hankie over her face. i thnk vasu wil make bihaan wear a burkha if he shaves off baujis beard .
        hmmm i thnk our thapki J got too bored to comment. as for me… the comment section is way more entertainin than the show! dont knw hw long i cn tolerate it

    • sag


      ab ye DVD kaha se as gai ???

      khuch bhi…

      Jane do ab waiting to see all members of PN apologies to bhihaan. how they torture him ??

  35. dev (chotu)

    I wish bihan shed suicide and some will break the door then bauji will call bihaan all will ask him is he fine then druv will tell bauji ye bihan ne apko Marne ki koshish kiya aur ham issue saza zaroor doongi then like the bauji will tell no bihan didn’t stab me someone else in burqa stabbed me with a blue chappal:-) 🙁 so on the same time bihan falls down and no one will even be able tolerate their guilt except thapki all running to hospital then all will apologise and so on …then back to the chapel and burqe but this won’t happen:'( :'(

  36. Nimisha

    Bea, I think you’re right btw. I think Ashton and Sanjay are bauji’s younger brother’s children, which is why Preethi and Suman call Vasu Baddi sasuma. I think. ?

    Hope you’re well by the way! Xxx

  37. aleenaa

    Thapki is brave. I think druv will help her.. Why is bihaan not understanding thapki.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.