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Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Shraddha to remove her heavu rings and make cow dung uple. Preeti looks for water and says I will just get water. She goes. Thapki tells Bau ji that she will cut the vegs. Bau ji says no, I m liking it. Dadi asks Shraddha to make another uple. Shraddha unwillingly does. Thapki says Dadimaa, you will be tired, I will do. Shraddha says yes, Thapki will do. Dadi asks Thapki to take rest, I will teach Shraddha.

Thapki asks Bau ji why is he doing this. Bau ji sends Thapki. Dadi says sorry, I can’t tell you Thapki why we are doing this, you can’t see us like this and you will tell us why you blamed Vasudnara is theft. Vasundara tells Shraddha to do what Dadi says, else they will doubt on us. Shraddha gets angry. Thapki buys vegs and gives to servant. Thapki

thinks there is some matter, what can it be that family came here to stay. Shraddha says I will tell you, why they came to stay in cowshed, the reason is….. Bihaan stops Shraddha and says Dadi is calling you, you were telling something to Thapki right, you can finish.

Shraddha says Bau ji, I was just saying I will help Thapki. Thapki asks Bau ji whats happening, why did they come to stay in cowshed. Bau ji says don’t worry, its just happening for right. Thapki goes. Bihaan asks Shraddha not to do mistake to tell Thapki why family is doing this, else the family will not leave you, now take the fresh cow dung to Gulabo, get friendly with it, as you have to do this work very soon. She says Bihaan always pops up, I just hate him, till he is here, I can’t say anything to Thapki.

Everyone sit in cowshed. Suman tries to ignite fire in stove. Thapki says I will do. Suman’s hand burns and Thapki sees everyone facing problem. Suman says I will manage. Dadi makes rotis and gets pain in her hands. Thapki asks Dadi to listen to her, she will make rotis. Dadi says its fine, don’t worry.

Thapki cries and asks them why are they doing this. Dadi says don’t worry, its nothing. Shraddha thinks how to tell Thapki….. maybe Dhruv…. Aditi gets angry and says I changed the pics, how did he get selected. Diwakar says you made me the model and getting angry now. He says you did not wish that I become model, what are you hiding. He checks his pics and asks how did you get this. She says this pics did not reach ad agency, I have put your real pics. He says you went to do my bad and see good happened. He laughs.

Shraddha says I will go and give tiffin to Dhruv. She goes to Dhruv’s office and relaxes in AC. She asks for Dhruv and sees Thapki’s desk there. The man says Dhruv said none can take Thapki’s place and none will occupy her cubicle. She says I m Dhruv’s wife and asks him to tell everything about Dhruv and Thapki. He says fine, and tells all details, when Thapki joined and what all happened in office. She thanks the man. He asks her to wait in Dhruv’s cabin she says its fine and sits on Thapki’s chair. Dhruv comes there and says Thapki….. Shraddha turns and his smile goes seeing her.

He asks Shraddha what is she doing here, why did she sit here. She says how would I know whats happening here, why did you not give Thapki’s place to anyone. He says we will talk in cabin. She says sure, wait. She asks a girl to take Thapki’s desk. She smiles and says Dhruv, I hope you did not feel bad, you said you are trying to move on in life by forgetting the past, its possible when you get related to others. He asks the strange smell from her, like cow dung. She says sorry, I made cow dung uple with Dadi. He asks why, why did Dadi make uple, is everything fine at home. He says don’t panic, I told Dadi to teach me uple. He asks her to take care of everyone at home, as he would stay in office for 2-3 days. She thinks even she wants the same, she does not want him to help Thapki. She gives him tiffin. He gets imp call and goes. Shraddha says Dhruv is away from me because of Thapki, thanks you showed me way to get Dhruv close to me, now my love story will start here, I will help Dhruv in work and then he will become mine, his heart will have just one name Shraddha…. Not you Thapki….

Thapki prays and asks Lord why is everyone staying in cowshed and not taking my help. Bihaan hears her. She asks Lord to show some way. Bihaan holds her. He says Lord has written this fate, the family kept you in cowshed and today they came to stay with you. She asks why, they are getting worried, what is the reason. He says you are the reason, you are staying in cowshed. She says do something that they go back home. He says I don’t think I can convince them, you can do something. She asks what, you know I can do anything for this family, I m ready. He asks her to stay with family inside the house.

Bihaan tells Lord that Thapki is leaving, you can’t do this, its not my test, its your test. He lifts the shivling.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Precap is interesting, will watch this show again tomorrow, last week TPK was so boring I just watched Kaala Teeka on zee TV instead, and I hope in pretext of stopping Thapki from leaving he realizes his love for Thapki

  2. Stupid shraddha she didn’t even change to go to dhruv’s office well actually it wss clesrly visible that wet mud was mixed with husk

  3. Dhruv got so happy on thinking that thapki is in office but it was momentry

  4. Actually dragging

  5. Stupid story just rounding at one point !! Thapki ka character just bakwas ha!! Ladies are more powerful than men!! Theyare like a goat!! Or wet cat!!

  6. It is better that thapki should leave panday nivas….either with bihaan or without him….bcoz this story would not be able to go ahead if thapki will stay in this house….

    Every time vasu nd shraddha tortures her….nd she say nthng

  7. Aur jb tak thapki nh jayegi….vasu ko shraddha ki schai malum nh hogi k wo kis tarah thapki k khilaf kr rhi thi usy…

  8. Hi everyone
    I just hope thaapki goes inside the house with everyone. I really want those 2 prats to be expose. Can’t wait till that day to come and really want to see their face and how they react.

  9. precape was good now the time has come that we all r waiting for….

  10. cant bare this anymore. pls atlst now stop yhis crap. when the marriage truth will revealed?? just cant see this chudail shradhha with cute dhruv. thapki ko apna 1st love milna chahiye. basu aur shradhha eise jit nhi sakte. othrwise al stop wathching this bakwas.

    1. well , someone loves other doesnt mean he should get that……love is not about making someone their’s , its all about the care , sacrifice , and much more …….maybe bihan and thapki not love each other yet but when they do , it will be a true love , may be much stronger than dhruv…..its just like MATHS , where shikar also loves ishaani but her true love was ranveer

    2. ya true
      druv is such a sweetheart
      pls reveal vassus truth

  11. kyu serial mai kisiko apna 1st love nhi milta, excepting vam. hate those concept.

  12. lol , bihaan bana bahaubali!!!!…..bihaan ko kya kya karna padega is thapki ke liye …..thapki itni achi h ki ..ese log samaj ke liye hanikarak hote h …..vese bihaan ka kya sirf ek baar kaam karne ka program tha…dubara kab kaam shuru karega

  13. who is the lead male actor in show dhruv ya bihaan coz both of them loves thapki

    1. hey bihaan is the main lead
      u can read in wikipedia as manish aka bihaan is main lead
      dhruv is second lead

    2. Clearly know bihaan is hero…
      otherways this question is senseless…

    3. lol, you still are asking that question, after all this….what do you think , why bihaan has so many scenes and dailouge than dhruv …..just because he loves her doesnt mean he is in lead ….bihaan has done all that what a lover can do…bihan and thapki are the main protogonist

  14. I can’t tolerate pandey family drama anymore. And side story of Aditi Divakar also boring.
    Creaters always ditch female characters…
    Come on guys we are living in 21st century. ☺☺
    Here girls like to stay independent.

    1. I agree with U ally!!!!!!!!

  15. Ha ha bihaan is going to be bahubaali…
    lol wts the cvs want to spoils the show..
    even better to next track is separation track then realisation of feelings…..
    eagerly waiting for thahaan love track

  16. Dragging dragging…
    looking forward to new promo…
    thahaan love track???????????????

  17. Oh cnt bear the thapkis mahaanatma act..
    plz bring cvs any truth of Vasu and shraddha

  18. precap is good……

  19. Bihaans f first and only love is thapki.

  20. Vasundara ka truth same ata hi nahi he.
    Just dragging

  21. Is thapki felt on dilution?
    wt she fed um up in reality how could opstacle her on mind to re think bihaan doing so for him! He needs her love plz let happens to think abt him then realize is he her friend or something morethan!!!!

  22. Reveal the truth of tht two devils……

  23. Nice episode. Good story but just dragging a bit.

  24. Hey guys iam new here.. I love thahaan .. Hope they will realise their love soon..

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