Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone grinding the haldi for the groom and smiling. Bau ji asks the men to get water drums, and tells Vasundara that they would need this. Bihaan says yes, repair work is also going on. He shows the men to take roll the drum and take it. Shraddha gets hurt and falls in haldi. Her face gets haldi and they all laugh. He says sorry, I was showing them to take drum this way. Dadi asks Shraddha to go and wash her face. Shraddha goes.

Dhruv stops Bihaan and gives him special juice. Bihaan asks whats the need. Dhruv asks him to drink it. Thapki worries and makes her dupatta stuck in the nail, to stop Bihaan. She asks Bihaan to help her. He keeps the glass and helps her. He says Ghazab, you made good excuse to call me, now say I love you. She sees Dhruv. He asks what are

you seeing Dhruv, say I love you. She says I love you and makes the glass fall. She says sorry, it fell by mistake. He says its fine, are you fine. She says yes. He says I will ask servant to clean it. Dhruv picks the glass piece and says you made it fall for no use, there was nothing in this juice, you can’t guess what I m going to do, think well. She goes.

Bihaan asks Thapki why is she always being with him, lets have a surprise. She says we don’t have to meet. He says who is third person here and holds her. Dhruv comes there and says Thapki forgot her phone downstairs, itys her dad’s call. Bihaan asks Thapki to answer, and make him talk as well. She tells Krishnakant that she is fine and happy, and asks him to bless her that this time happiness does not get away, Bihaan is fine and wants to talk. She sees Bihaan gone and says maybe he went somewhere. She looks for Bihaan and worries.

Bihaan asks Dhruv why did you get me here. Dhruv says so that Thapki can talk to her dad freely, your rasam got completed, keep haldi plate in temple. Bihaan goes. Shraddha puts haldi in a potli and adds special gift for him, that’s blades. She says when you put haldi back in plate, your hands will cut, you joked on me, now bear this. She leaves.

Bihaan comes there and checks the haldi potli. He puts haldi back in the plate. Dhruv looks on. Bihaan’s hand gets cut by the blade. He screams and takes out the blade. Dhruv starts the fan and makes haldi blow on him. Bihaan gets dizzy and faints. He says sorry, I added powder in haldi to make you faint, now Thapki has to agree to me. He takes Bihaan and puts him in some water drum. He closes the lid.

Preeti says now its groom’s side turn to grind haldi for Thapki. Thapki worries for Bihaan. Vasundara says he will come. Dhruv asks the man to get drum. Ashwin asks whats in this. Dhruv says its empty, it will be of some use. Thapki stops Dhruv and doubts on him. Dhruv says I m finding Bihaan, he would have done this work, why will I do anything. The man pushes drum and lid falls down. Dhruv gets worried, as Bihaan is inside that drum. He shuts the lid before Thapki sees Bihaan.

Dhruv sends the man and says no one will hear Bihaan’s voice near the mixer, I will enjoy romantic date with Thapki. He keeps drum there and goes. Shraddha comes to her room and Dhruv does not let her in. she says I have to use washroom, open the door. She thinks whats Dhruv doing. Thapki comes there. Dhruv says I knew you won’t let me wait for long. Sshe gets inside the room and sees decorations, flowers, balloons and candle. She asks for Bihaan. He says come, I promise I will tell you. She asks him again. He says he is safe, don’t worry, now we will celebrate our first anniversary and cut cake. He asks her not to spoil his good mood, else it will be bad for Bihaan. He asks her to light candle and says Bihaan is missing. She lights candle. He makes her cut the cake and feeds her. Shraddha sees them from the door key hole. Thapki says I had cake, now tell me where is Bihaan. Shraddha says it means Thapki knows Dhruv’s truth and he is blackmailing her.

Thapki asks Thapki about Bihaan, as he promised. He says promises are meant to be broken. He records their moments and says this will break your and Bihaan’s relation very soon.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. today’s episode was good …why update so late anyways thanks…..for written update amena

  2. What is this ye to sb kuch ult ho rha h thapki k sath plz un ko mila do

  3. Lmaooo what a joke! We got grown man being stopped from harming his own brother …….

  4. I wish Shraddha would make DHRUV suffer!!!! Such a BASTARD! !!!!?

  5. Lightsabre

    Uff… ye kya hai sapola wala silly track. Getin ridiculously unrealistic. Gud luck to shradda. Hope shel end this drama. Itz lyk watchin crime patrol…. kidnappin… druggin… sms blackmails… forcin 2 go on date… n now video blakmail?! ???? die ho cvs. Only a derranged mind can enjoy this nonsense. Btw… i saw tht all icons in tht “is druv justified ” wala post has turnd to cartoons. Funny. Wats with tu n its server san… luvleen… vani…. sumera anu pihoo sam etcetc… “HI”

    1. hai BBR….

      tpk track dekhar server bi kush nahi yaarrrr??????wo bi humari thara thapola track dekhthe huve bore hogaya hai?????????
      srever bi DIE HO????…. server bi DIE HO…….????

      1. Lightsabre

        @ san… yeh. Borin. Vaise tu aaj kiske sapnom mein ja rahe ho hero?!?

    2. wahi soch raha hoo????….
      thum batha ho na kaha javn main????……

      waise vinlo aur thum dhono ne anu ki ff mai bihaan ke liye compromise kiya na …..!!!
      wo kya compromise hai…❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❓❓❓❓❓❓

    3. Manyasa29

      Hello everyone…!!
      Yeh tpk dekh ke toh mood hi kharab ho jata hai roz??
      But …..I hope Shraddha does something now at least…..waise toh bohot dimaag chalta hai uska…but when it’s needed she never uses it…lol
      Plz CV’s jaldi se yeh thapola track khatam karo????

  6. Luvleen

    Hi Rosh n everyone else! Seriously I didn’t even read or watch cause I’m not going to until this track is over….tell me when it’s done. Maybe I might watch the “wedding” but that’s about it. Soo frustrating….even more frustrating than Kasam now! I’m watching Sakthi and that will do for me now since I’m super busy. Only have time for one show.

    1. Luvleen

      Roshni sorry I shorten your name! It’s an Aussie habit! ?

    2. Lightsabre

      “Rosh ” is fine ! Infct im mre usdd 2 tht than hearing my ful name.
      ?Uh… yeh… they r draggin the track too much…. AGAIN! Wen r thse ppl gona cum outa ths habit! ?Evn readin updatz is so much fuss ovr a wedding thts alredy ovr .?lunatics

    3. all serial WEDDING DRAGGING????……..

      indian sabi serial mai shaadi ko mazak banake raka hai……

      serials ki jai ho….???????

      1. Luvleen

        Lol seriously they really make weddings like the most dramatic of events! ?

  7. Ridiculous episode….
    When will they end Druv’s drama. It’s so boring.
    And why shraddha keeps silent towards Druv’s evil intentions. Before she was always running behind Druv and Thapki and making plans to seperate them.

    By the way I stopped to watch TPK… because of Druv’s track they spoiled his character. I watched Crime patrol instead TPK…. ??

  8. What the well.that bastard dhruv………why suffering the thapki. Shraddha was right to dhruv. There are made for each other. Thahaan forever.???????

  9. Dhruvs character is so irritating nowadays…They are just spoiling his character… Wish this track end soon

  10. B+ive dostho achcha track ayega wait karo…….
    godd news for AB fans….
    see IF news…

    Actor Ankit Bathla who essays the lead in Colors’ Thapki Pyaar Ki (Shoonya Square and SOL Productions) is the next to quit the show.
    Ankit, we hear has decided not to renew his contract after the completion of the first year.
    As per a reliable source, “Ankit is apparently disappointed as the makers did not proceed with the track that was earlier explained to him. His character was to stay positive till the end, but this did not happen. As a result of this, Ankit has had a word with the Producers, and has amicably got out of the show.”
    When contacted, Ankit confirmed the news saying, “Yes, there were certain creative issues related to my character and track. I was to stay positive till the end, and there were different things planned for me, Thapki,Bihaan and Shraddha in the show. But it did not happen. My character is very important and I will be shooting for my last episode in a week from now, will surely miss the set.
    In any case, I had to renew my contract, but will not be doing that now. I have had a word on this with my Producers.”
    When asked about his future plans, the actor replied, “Have not thought of anything now, for now I will just chill and party.”
    All the best, Ankit!!

    1. Lightsabre

      I totally agree with ankit. They spoiled his character under the pretence tht “druv suffered so its payback tym. Ths is gona b gr8” when the fact is… the writers wr experimenting with more masala hopin to raise the trps. So called creative team is runna outa tricks?. Gud luk ankit!

    2. Javeriathapkij

      Is it a prank or real news??

    3. Manyasa29

      These CV’s ….can’t they stick to one story ??
      It would be so nice….if dhruv’s character would have remained positive till end….
      Trp would have surely increased… with this nonsense story ….they always disappoint either tharuv or thahaan fans……….
      Well…happy for u ankit sir….all the very best for ur future projects !!

    4. Luvleen

      Oh no I thought at least they can change him back to being positive after he realises his mistakes? This means thaapki show is going to end soon…cause how will they replace Ankit. Sigh I really like Dhruv turning negative cause we can see his versatility in his acting…n he seems to act negative really well. Good luck to him than…

  11. kaha hai mere dostho abi tak sorahe hokya……!!!!??????????????????????????

    1. Lightsabre

      Ab tum sabke sapnom mein aa rahe ho to kaun jagega???. Tu bhi jaa… soja . 2 baje milte hai. Btw…go register!!!!

  12. SHRAPKI team decided to battle SAPOLA????……..

    1. Lightsabre

      Gud. I luv monica… shes a gr8 actress n improvises wel. I thnk they shud turn her positiv n utilise her talent. Though shradda is a bit of a psycho… i wud hate to see monica lev the show. Nywy… nw tht druvs no longer a saint.. then shraruv track seems fine 4 the futre. In the mean tym… wud b fun 2 c shraddas conniving brains work 4 a gud cause. Sick of mahaan atma-ness!

      1. Luvleen

        Yeah I like shradda’s acting as well

  13. ok….so now its confirmed that Ankit will quit the show…well on a personal front i like him, his acting but hated dhruv’s character coz he turned negative…. All the very best to Ankit for his future and his career….
    Now , come to track,,, I don’t wanna watch the show for a week atleast, coz dhruv hearting bihaan for his one sided love to thapki…
    And I think vasu’s dreamz comes true with Ankit aka dhruv’s death..I just hope that soon our thahaan united after death of dhruv and marriage will take place after dhruv’s death…. till then writer’s will continue dragging the love triangle track in the show…
    I will watch TPK from next week, till then I’m preparing for my MBA exams…lets see what will happen in the show?.

  14. Javeriathapkij

    This show will end soon story has become from bad to worst.Thapki and bihaan are already married whats the logic of remarriage who does that yarr?????
    Tpk stucked at the same point ,it has been a week since i read any update..and it is still there .
    Only good thing –shradha came to know about blackmailing part…

    1. Javeriathapkij

      And hello to my old friends..if any one of u remember me ??

      1. Lightsabre

        Whos this???????? eid ka chaand to nahi???

      2. Javeriathapkij

        Yes eid ka chand he samjh lo ?
        Yar show has become soooooooo i was busy last week

  15. Too much of dragging. Expose Dhruv and close this too boring.

  16. It is a fake news that dhurv is quitting the show, this news was posted by one of the fan. This idiot is getting more screen space than why he will quit. Agar a sach news hota to mai khushi se sabko ko mitai batthi. Woh C face ka kab bicha chorega sirf cvs ko pata. BC CVs


  18. Endha pakkiyo condition pottuchu ellarum kandippa comment panna varanumnu…aana andha madam ah rendu naala aale kaanom.

    1. Amampa, naa kooda reply panen. Vara vara form romba dull adikudhu. Oru 50% TPS, kalakku kalakinom. Ippo athanai perum enga ponangannu thetiyalai. Tpk maadhiriye boar adikudhu. Hey KANA enga poi tholanje. Poruppula porulalara nadandhuko. Pls. Chellam, seekiram vaa. Un comment padikkame kannellam eangi pochu. Mariyadhaya vandhudu.

  19. the makers have just spoiled the plot of the show initially by getting thapki married to bihaan. in the beginning the show was quite different and interesting. dhruv-thapki their news channel.. their love story was quite interesting.. but after thapki-bihaan’s marriage, the show has become a typical saas-bahu order to justify bihaan marrying thapki, the makers have completely sidelined dhruv..entry of shraddha actually made the serial worst.. the show has so many similarities from swaragini.thapki initially loved dhruv… she also confessed her love to him. but now she tells that she actually respected him but not loved him. thapki has transformed from thapki to mahaan by forgiving everyone who did wrong with her..dhruv turning negative is no wonder as the people around him did only bad to him…but his too much negativity is quite illogical. his love is true love for thapki.. but the way he selected to bring back thapki to his life is wrong. i wish the makers understand this. and also i dont think ankit should quit the show.his character was wrongly shaped by the makers..i think these are the several reasons for the dripping trps of the show

    1. Luvleen

      Hmmmm yeah and I reckon cause of the trp dropping they are going to end this show. It’s beyond ridiculous now. ?

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