Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki thinking about Dhruv’s words and love confession. Poonam comes to her and asks her to get ready for office. Thapki says she does not want to. Poonam checks her and says you don’t seem to have fever. Thapki thinks how to face Dhruv in office and she won’t go. Vasundara talks to parlor lady Nimmi and asks her for Thapki and her family. Nimmi praises Thapki and says she has just one thing since childhood. Vasundara does not let her complete and asks about her parents. Nimmi says they are very fair people, but they have financial problem, they have lost everything in Agra and are trying to settle here, they are very good people. Vasundara says problems will come and go, goodness is imp. She thanks her and ends calls.

Bihaan fixes bulb and Bua ji says make

it fine, it if stops and works, Vasundara will be angry. Bihaan breaks the bulb and says he will not let anyone make his mum angry. He says he will get new bulb and goes. Bau ji smiles. Vasundara comes there and asks Bau ji how did this bulb break. He says its good it broke. He asks what in her hand, its beautiful, such chunri is for new bride. She says she is fixing Dhruv’s relation. He asks why is she ruining someone’s life. She says Dhruv likes the girl, he said yes for marriage. He says I did not know, who is it. She says Thapki…

He recalls Thapki’s stammering and worries. She asks what happened, don’t you like it. He says no, I like her, she is a lovely girl, but do you know her problem. She recalls Nimmi’s words about financial problem and says I know everything, no problem matters infront of Thapki, her values matter, I m going to talk to her parents. He asks her to rush. She smiles. She takes Suman and Rachna along, and takes shagun and many gifts. They ask who is the girl. Vasundara says you know her, and Suman thinks who is she. Vasundara goes to Thapki’s home and meets Poonam. Poonam says sorry, I did not identify you.

She says she knows Thapki, she is Dhruv’s mum. Poonam welcomes her and Krishnakant greets her. Aditi comes and greets her. Vasundara says I have come for some special purpose. Krishnakant says tell us what we can do. Vasundara smiles and says she has to do, and wants their approval. Vasundara says this is the shagun, I have got Dhruv’s proposal for Thapki. Aditi smiles, and Thapki comes there. She gets shocked too. Suman and Rachna get shaken up.

Suman and Rachna think how can she fix Dhruv and Thapki’s marriage, Thapki stammers and Vasundara will not like it. she tells Vasundara that she has to tell something. Vasundara says later, and says sorry I came suddenly, but I liked her a lot. Thapki recalls Mishra family, and gets sad. Vasundara asks them to accept the shagun and say yes. Vasundara says maybe you need time to think, I will come later. Krishnakant says we are glad, and you gave big respect to us. Poonam says we did not think we will get such proposal for our daughter.

Krishnakant says its big happiness for us, but we have to tell something, you have met Thapki, you know… Vasundara says Thapki’s all problems are mine now. Krishnakant asks does she have any problem. Vasundara says I would have not got shagun then. Poonam accepts the shagun. Vasundara says I can’t get bahu like Thapki. Vasundara says time will make all problems go. She says your Thapki is ours now. They smile. She asks Thapki is she going to office and just sit for few mins. She goes the rituals and makes her wear the chunri. She does the tilak and other rituals. Thapki recalls her marriage breaking.

Vasundara makes her wear her bangles as shagun. Thapki’s family is happy. Vasundara says she will go now. Poonam asks Aditi to get sweets. Aditi says she got temple Prasad, and they have it being happy. Vasundara says Thapki will not stay here for long time, spend time with her and leaves. Thapki sits silent. Krishnakant says I can’t believe what happened here. Poonam says look at Thapki, you will get sure. He goes to Thapki and is happy. Thapki recalls everything of her bad times and Dhruv’s proposal. Poonam asks her to have sweets. Thapki gets up and says she does not want to marry, removing the shagun bangles. They get shocked.

Thapki resigns and tells Dhruv that she marry him. She returns Vasundara’s bangles and shagun chunri and asks him to forgive her. She leaves crying and Dhruv cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Precap is too sad

  2. plz update a little early this tv show is one of my favourites

  3. is she mad????

  4. Its too late update yar…and thapki plzz dont do this with dhruv he really cares for you…hmmm felling sad…hopes tomaaorow wil be good episode

  5. Thapki!? Why did you not think that you want to marry or not… forget your past… just think that dhruv fell in love with you and you must be happy. You always want to that a person to love you, so dhruv love you. So whats problem? I guess Vasundara, Rachna and Suman went to their house. And the bahus will talk to Vasundara about Thapki’s stammering. I hope Vasundara don’t get angry. I hope dhruv will ask to thapki that thapki love him or not. I hope she love him.

  6. Thanking loves druv
    But doesn’t want druv to face humilation coz of her

  7. Good but sad episib

  8. Gr8 episode bt sadness engulfed d end it depicts dat vasundra wll be creatin gr8 problems fr thapki

  9. Oh gosh! Really feeling sad for both drhuv n thapki!! Hope all problems solve soon n they both get married!! Can’t see both crying!! Precap is really annoying!! Hope drhuv gets to know wat thapki is thinking.. N he make her to say yes!!!!!!!!!

    1. No rushi prblms are strat when they get married

  10. Nice episode but… Precape Soooooooo saaaaaad . I wanna cry .
    Vasu misunderstood about thapki’s stamerring.ohhhhhh “ELLAM KAZHINJU INI ENTH SAMBAVIKKUM”.POOR THAPKI

  11. She goes to office for giving her resignation letter to dhruv

  12. Oh nooo! Dhruv really loves you Thapki, don’t do it to him

  13. Again.. When will vasundara kniw about Thapki’s stammering. Oh poor duruv..

  14. Pls thapki say yes …. Ur life will become happy

  15. Wat u thinking thapki u didnt like durv or u didnt like marraige

    1. Priya I think she loves dhruv but she always bothered about her weakness .ri8!

  16. thapki dnt do ths wit dhruv. He s good

  17. Don’t worry Dhruv one r the other day Thapki will say yes & u will have ur mom’s support too also (after knowing Thapki’s problem).
    U need to workhard to convince Thapki because she is doing all for ur sake, she dont want u to be ashamed infront of everyone & she dont want u to suffer.

  18. Don’t worry guys, I have a feeling vasundara will get help from bihaan to unite Dhruv and thapki. They belong with eachother!

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