Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neha stabbing Thapki’s pic when Sankara provokes her against Thapki. Thapki comes there. Sankara gets scared and gets up from bed. Thapki asks what you are doing here? Sankara says she came to ask about her well being. Sankara looks at the knife and picks it up from bed. Thapki asks Neha if Sankara told her anything. Neha says no. She asks about the gold fish. Thapki says you can see it anytime as I am keeping it in hall.

Later in the night, Neha picks the gold fish bowl. Sankara asks where are you going holding this, I asked you to kill Thapki and not this gold fish. Neha asks Sankara to come with her and goes to pond near by their house. Sankara says you came here to get water, we have water 24 hours a day. Neha asks Sankara to see what she does and asks her

to throw the gold fish bowl water. Sankara throws it. Neha fills the pond water in the gold fish bowl. She asks did you understand, this will become the reason of Thapki’s death and then Bihaan’s game will end. Sankara laughs and asks if you have gone mad? How this fish will kill Thapki, and says this fish will kill Thapki.

Neha says this fish is under the influence of this magical water, just think that Thapki’s life is in this fish. Sankara says it is good, I want to see how Thapki will die. Neha says we have to make Thapki drink this water and then we can do anything with Thapki and can kill her also. Sankara says I am big mad than you and don’t trust your words. I will go now. Neha says you will trust me when this fish do its work. Thapki gets worried for Neha, and thinks even fish bowl is missing, don’t know what has happened? Sankara and Neha comes back home. Thapki asks where did you go? Sankara says we went out for a walk.

Thapki says Kabir is worried and says fish bowl is missing from home. She then sees fish bowl in Neha’s hands. She asks where did you take it? Sankara says she wanted to fish along with her and that’s why took her. Thapki says it is risky to take glass bowl and takes it. Kabir comes and asks where did you go? Neha says she went out. Sankara says she can go with me naa. Kabir says no, without informing me. He looks at the fish bowl. Neha says it is Thapki. Kabir asks what do you mean? Neha says I named this fish as Thapki as it is cute and innocent like it. Kabir says lets go. Neha strangely looks at Thapki and sings machhli jal ki rani hai. Kabir takes her inside. Thapki stops Sankara and tells that Kabir and I will take care of neha, and asks her not to do anything wrong with her. Sankara says she is your nanand, I know. She asked me so I took her out. Thapki says you didn’t hear what I said…she says nothing wrong should happen with Neha and asks her to mend her ways. Sankara looks at gold fish and smiles.

Kabir takes Neha to room and says this is your room from now, and asks her to take care of herself. Neha says good night. Kabir says okay, I will switch off lights. Neha gets up from bed and goes to see gold fish. She tells gold fish, everyone slept and you are awake till now, asks it to sleep, says you have so much work to do from tomorrow.. Sankara comes back to Neha and gives a bowl. Neha takes out water from the gold fish bowl and asks her to make Thapki drink this water. She says just as she drinks this water, Thapki’s life will be connected to this fish, and then her life is in my clutches. Sankara says I couldn’t understand anything. Neha sings machli jal ki and acts mad.

Next morning, Bihaan takes loan from his employees. Kabir comes and asks what he is doing? Man says he is giving loan to bihaan. Kabir says this is called begging, or looting people’s money. Bihaan asks him to shut up. He tells Bihaan that these people are scared and don’t want to give money to Bihaan now. He tells the people standing that Bihaan have become good now and will not beat or fight with you. He asks them to decide. Everyone take their money and leave. Kabir says this is your real value, if fear is removed from your name, then you have nothing.

Thapki asks Bihaan why he asked money from people and says it is not easy to earn money through honesty specially for people like him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. oh now thapki piyar k turns into machli piyar k or jadu nahri piyar k nafrat k etc……wht the hellvis going on….a straight forwd love story is turning into superstitious things…wao…hats off to makers….each and every chrctr of this series in the start of the shw had its own charm but now nothing is there only garbage …dumb people…i heared abt the leap but whts the next alrdy they had taken two leap bt after leap the story becomes more worse thn before…why they dont solve the problems without ading leaps or more chracters….i think after this leap the next leap will be the end of tpk.

  2. Wth did I just read? If this the route this show is gonna go down then I’m done. Even Kabir’s character isn’t good enough for me to watch this show.

    The only saving grace was that I’m glad Kabir called Bihan out and proved to him what he ThaBir fans have been saying along. He’s a useless gunda vasooli bhai.

  3. Haaaaaaah Kabir proved today that Bihan is useless. Golden heart my foot. He’s a mannerless, uncouth gunda who should’ve been in jail a long while back

    1. Kabir ne jo kaha 1001 percent sahi kaha.ek gunde mawali bihaan ki jo hasiyat thi wohi to kabir ne dikhaya usko.Jo itne dinon se kabir fans keh rahe the wohi baat to kabir ne bhi kal bola.Agar bihaan crorepati bhi ban jaye na tab bhi kala dilwala aadmi hi rahega.

    2. Yeah I loved that last part the whole episode was boring till that last Kabir and Bihaan part.

      Looks like in tomorrows episode Thapki is angry with him but probably an act she wants to make him work honest and make the money, like how she did to make him take the bet in the 1st place.

      Seems like living in the shed with Thapki didn’t teach him anything she has to teach him it all from scratch again which shows he won’t ever change, that leopard can never change his spots

  4. What was that rubbish?! I get Neha’s mentally ill and they need show that but if they’re actually gonna show superstitious rubbish then I’m done with this show.

    1. I liked the relationship between Kabir and his sister Neha but looks like the writers are going off the deep end with her character.

      I thought the gorilla escaping and falling in love with Thapki was bad enough this is a whole another level.

      This shows that anything stupid and idiotic can happen in this show meaning Thapki and Bihaan will end up together.

      1. Exactly! AT this point i think Kabirs character is just being wasted, may as well have him it the show

  5. Pathetic story line. They need to move on from the regressive rubbish and show Thapki divorcing Kabir. Bihan divorcing Sankara, showing regret and guilt what he’s done, atoning his sins. Possibly going to prison and Kabir facilitating that and completing his revenge. Then they can show Bihan trying to earn a honest living. Kabir falling for Thapki, her being good friends with him and then him trying to ger out of friends zone, when he. Whine to succeed in that and she starts falling for him, they can show Bihan coming back from prison and earning by fair means. Possible both Kabir and Bihan competing for Thapki’s love then. Not this regressive shit.

  6. Thabir rock! Kabir showed Bihan his true face today. Bihan doesmt deserve someone like Thapki, Sankara is as good as that mannerless gave can do….pls cvs show Thapki givivng Kabir a chance.she is too blind in bihans love. this show is thapki par ki not bihan par ka. make it about thapki

  7. just like always.. dragging the story with black magic sequel.. only to extend the episode. ..abandon the quality.. ??

  8. Wow i loved the last part.I trully enjoyed what kabir said to bihaan and shows the real status to bihaan.
    Yesterday the so called nice guy bihaan comes with acid to burn the jweleries.The spineless man who don’t have a status to earn a penny but shows his aggressiveness by burning all the thapki’s jweleries.he could have been easily refused the help but no instead of refusing he chose to destroy them.He don’t know the difference between hard earned money and vasooli or begging money.
    But Today welldone kabir you rocked man.You point out the real things .
    Cvs,an honest request from kabir fans.Do not destroy the bro-sis adorable bonding.we kabir fans love them so much why u are trying hard to make neha a negative character???Please keep their bonding pure.Do not try to spoil neha and kabir’s character.You have already two vamps in katyal niwas do whatever you like with them.why unnecessary involving neha into all this black magic drama??yesterday you completely butchered neha’s character by turning her as budding evil with black magic.STOP THIS AND SPARE US FROM THIS TORTURE .START FOCUS ON KABIR REVENGE DRAMA FOR NEHA NOT NEHA TURN INTO NEW WITCH VAMP.

  9. What?? Seriously?? Neha is mentally ill how could writer turn her to makes things and sankara evil plan again….but totally ridiculous. Drink fish water ??? superstitious act….omg!! The story line getting no sense… so what happen to vano oberai status that brave lady thapki become weak day by day…. to many evil characters sankara neha kabir shradha… and dhruv missing…. whr dadima? Come on writer…. get some senseable story for audience pls….

  10. Surely Neha has recovered from her trauma if she has the brains to come up with whatever fish crap they are showing.
    And lying about where she went to Kabir and Thapki, and saving Sankar.

  11. What the hell is happening here!!!!kabir,Shankar,neha a number of disgusting characters they were always tried to spoil the charm of the drama…the another boshful news is TPK going on a supernatural way.its completely ridiculous.
    Writers pls stop this folly drama.. We want our Thahaan back.pls shows some mercy on Thahaanians .its a humple request.

  12. Bihaaan BihaanBihaanBihaan Bihaan Bihaan Bihaan, is best
    bihaan is awesome
    Bihaan is great
    Bihaan is nice
    Bihaan is Lovely
    Bihaan is honest
    Bihaan is hero
    Bihaan is wonderful
    Bihaan is awesome
    Bihaan is superb
    Bihaan is friendly
    Bihaan is cute
    Bihaan is life
    Bihaan is for forever and ever and ever.

    BIHAAN show k jaan tha, hain aur rahaygah.

    Bihaan kay agay sub chanay bechtay hain.

  13. I was laughing while watching tpk cvs ko mai M 4 maChli ni M 4 magarmach ke age dal du how dare that mannerless thapki talking to our hero khud to kauwa kabir ke sath roMance kr ri neha ka khyal my foot aao biHu ek new roop mai lo in kaAni se revenge kaani bikhari hoge tm thapki tmne asli vani ke sare property hadap li aur biHu ko bikhari bol ri aur woh chuha kabir dhoke se PN hadap liye namardi to usne dikhayi bde aye 2nO mere biHu ki insult krne wale

    1. @anu tum sahi bol rahi ho.. thapki ne bihaan ko sab k samne insult kiya chahe intentionally ho but kiya toh. then thapki abuser kyu nhi bani?agar bihaan aisa karta toh sab usko abuser bolte lol… aur namard toh wo hota hai jo piche se war karta hai jaise ki chuha kk… loan lene me kya burai hai? hum aam aadmiyo ko jab loan ki zarurat pare toh hum bank me jate hai ya kisi friends k pass to kya hum beggar ban gaye? cvs ko illogical dialogues milta kaha se hai? aur rahi baat neha ki toh hum ab ye hi soch sakte hai ki neha k family ka marne ka zimedar wo khud hai kyu ki jis tarah se wo black magic karegi kisi bhala insaan nhi kar sakta, ek din k andar sankar ki baato me aa gayi, ab toh wo mentally stable v hai. ha agar aisa bihu kiya hota kisi pe bharosa neha jaisa, phir se sab usko bolta 3 saal ka bacha hai kya jo kisi k baato me aa gaya..even kabir k pass v koi proof nhi tha, wo v toh neha k baato me hi aaya tha..and lastly mujhe ye black magic and all ghatiya lag raha, I just hate it to the cvs ki jai ho


  15. Wao Kabir….in hypocrisy you crossed thapki today…hats off.. .you come n by cheating snatch everything and teach morality now…kya baat…kyaa baat…haa maan liya Bihaan gunda hai but kabir is a cheat….coward using one woman…waiting for neha truth to come out….but Bihaan is the HEART N SOUL OF TOO….. .forever AND CVS this supernatural thing is out of place….and Neha doing that??

  16. Some people could not differentiate between villain and hero
    Now some will.
    Say bihaan was begging in front of those people but it was crystal clear that bihaan with full politeness and humanity again some will say where is humanity said that he will return their money
    And what was the need was there for kabir to poke his nose in whatever bihaan is doing he challenged him.and bihaan accepted it so now kabir is needed to just wait so that for that day when bihaan will throw that money on kabir s face as he said
    And haan who is worth of whomwe thahaanians and bihaanians know well
    From.the start only bihaan was always on a receiving end
    Here bihaan is not coward but its kabir using a woman to fulfil.his revenge shame on him
    We bihaanians know it infact we are 101 percent sure that he is not resonsible for neha s condition neha is herself is the culprit and it wiil be proved at the end of this track
    We are not bothered or concerned about kabir but feel pity on him as he himself will be ashamed for whatever he is doing with thahaan
    The way kabir has entered in thahaan life he will go from their life in no time
    Thahaan was is and will be always thahaan
    And bihaanwas is andwill be the heart and soul of tpk
    And not even thapki

    1. @pooja you are right darling… zara socho toh… leave about bihaan.. but we are literate people right.. can any literate person earn 5 crores honestly in 1 month is it possible? then how come bihaan? and this time bihaan didn’t threaten people to get money, he wanted to borrow and return later… he first wanted to arrange money somehow within 1 month and then pay slowly.. he didn’t do anything wrong this time.. we know kk has given the challenge purposefully and nothing else.. he knows it’s impossible to earn that much money for anyone honestly.. so those who are supporting kabir in the challenge have no right to call themselves honest then because by honesty you could only earn 1% of it within the given time.. and I don’t get the PZ family.. they don’t have self respect at all. whoever asks them to leave they will leave, whoever ask to come,they will.. only bihaan had self respect, so he had backed off the challenge.. he didn’t want to fall into kk trap again and see 5 crores is nothing but a trap only.. but mahan aatma thapki has to jump in between always.. she also insulted bihaan twice like bihaan did… so their insulting each other has matched now. rest cvs knows where the show will lead.. Ohh supernatural!!

    2. Hi there pooja2109
      Well said and well executed. I totally agree with you. That kabir is disgusting, he uses ladies to fulfil his revenge and that thaapki is letting him. I’ve got the feeling that neha is hiding something, maybe she’s not who we think she is. Maybe she’s acting that she’s mad. I guess we just have to wait and see.

  17. What the heck what’s going on now.
    I’m thinking that if neha is really mad. Maybe she’s not and acting that she is. I don’t know what to think anymore, lol when I watched the episode I was laughing my head of, even neha sounded like mad psyco when she was singing that weird song. Sorry I didn’t meant to but couldn’t stop myself.

  18. AAj bihan ki asli aukat yaad dilai hai kabir ne… yeh voodoo show ko boring bana dega yar
    STOP IT…

  19. End of the day kabir challenged him to earn 5 crores it didn’t stipulate how he should earn the 5 crores, so therefore it’s none of his business how Bihaan gets it, he didn’t say he wasn’t going to repay it and even if he did beg that’s got nothing to do with Kabir. Also I heard there are new writers on the show, you’d think writers jobs is to come up with interesting and creative storylines to increase viewership not to make it utter tripe and honestly I thought the story can’t get any worse boy was I wrong!

    1. LOL the justifications people come up with to defend a criminal. In that case, he could just as well rob a bank or kidnap a few rich people or even become a pimp. After all isn’t that the next step up in his profession?

      1. Lol at the end of the day his not a wimp and a coward who uses woman to do do their dirty things such as revenge. Kabir is too busy taking revenge that he little knows who his sister really is. She’s fake, a lair and using her brother the way he is using thaapki.

      2. Kabir fans keep saying Bihaan is this that and the other so if he does do all the above mentioned in their eyes that’s what he is so what difference does it make to them he’s been tarred anyway. So isn’t that what you would expect him to do anyway if he was a proper criminal? Kabir fans only want to see the flaws of Bihaan and it’s ok for them to justify Kabir. Like Bihaan fans will only see his goodness and even though I don’t like the way his character has been shaped the Cheeky and mischievous Bihaan for me is still above his flaws.
        Even in real life if we naturally like someone we can ignore their flaws but naturally if we dislike someone their flaws will be amplified. If someone we loved made mistakes we will justify it if someone we hate made the same mistakes we will vilify them it’s just human nature

  20. tpk cvs gone mad we all manishians and bihaanian know biHu very well woh to kbi kisi ke sath galat ni kr skta namardi aur bikhari agar koyi hai to woh thapki aur kabir jo khudko bohot honest khte aur woh Pz wale sapola uski biwi ma bAuji sb kauwe ke team me chale jaye bdki chutki ne bribe leke dhoke deni ki try kiya sankar ne jeEte huye match ko harwa diya thapki ne bi kaBir ka full support kiya ye jante ki kaBir ne biHu ko hurt kiya woh being a captain kK ko nikal skti thi par bdi ayi imandari ki murt I hate her and whole family who deceived BiHu biHu just go away from PN AND RETURN AS A NEW GUY AND LET show u in front of pz animals and kaAni and shankar

    1. Manish ki deewani

      anu dear rite ye pandey zoo walay Bihaan ka unconditional love deserve nahi kartay or ye thapki or sankara dono ye alap alapti rehti hai mai bihaan sai pyaar krti hoo mai bihaan sai pyaar krti hoo yk.dono hi sath danay k waqt baag ghai or thapki doosro k liay hamesha mahaan atma bn jati hai or insult krnay time is ki b zubaan nahi rukti apney sooooooo callesd husband ki trha or is spolay or us ki biwi to jaye badh mai or vasu maa b thapki ki team mai chali ghai really they love him ?bhabhi lalchi eik no ki .baugi to bs vasu maa ki vaja sai gay thay .oyr r sirf shradha thi jo shuru sai end tk bihu k sath thi.baki to saray jaye badh mai exept baugi .yr in short they don’t deserve love of bihu .
      or ye ziada prha likha anaconda isay to kudh ko tameez nahi hai to hamaray bihu ko kya kehta rehta hai lagta hai scl college mai kabhi kuch nahi sikaya k kisi insaan ki respect kasay ki jati hai insaaniat b nahi hai is mai
      i wish bihu in sai dooooooooooooor chala jaye first give divorce to idiotic sankara goberdevi

      1. hahaha reshal darling that was epic… school college me nhi sikhaya… mana ki bihaan orphan tha, janam dene wali maa raste me fek di, vasu maa ne usko apne liye bachpan se use kiya, school college nhi bheja,mana ki bauji usse pyaar karte hai but unhone usse gunda bana diya aur apna beta dhruv ko padha likha banaya, ek dhruv usko manta tha but wo v usko marne ki koshish ki aur bihaan ne uske liye goli khaya… toh isme manners nhi hai but hum log isi bihaan character ko mante hai kyu ki hume pata hai wo iss show ka kya hai, usne apni khuddari pe sawal uthne nhi diya, kisi ko jan bujh k dhoka nhi diya ya jhoot nhi bola,thapki se shadi dhoke se ki but apni maa k liye, but phir khud thapki ko dhruv se milane k liye dead hone ka natak kiya but tab thapki khud usse wapas le aayi ghar thappar maar k but padha likha kk kaise mannerless ban gaya!! 😉 tumne bahut acha bola dear

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