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Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Diwakar trying to get snacks and saying its kept so high. Aditi looks on and says you are short by height and thinking too. Aditi argues with Diwakar and his parents. He asks them to leave from her house, else Diwakar will get them insulted. She says you made Diwakar such creep. Diwakar raises hand on her shouting Aditi… Thapki holds his hand. Thapki and Bihaan look on angrily.

Thapki gives him a tight slap. She says this one was to blackmail my sister and marrying her. She slaps again and says this one to raise hand on my sister. Krishnakant and Poonam also look on. Thapki scolds Diwakar. She says Aditi, mum and dad told me everything and hugs Aditi. They cry. Thapki asks why did she hide all this. Aditi says sorry, I had to hide this to keep mum and dad’s respect.

Bihaan says now you won’t need to do this, as I will end that helplessness.

He asks Diwakar and his parents to know that they are safe as they are in this house. He drags Diwakar and Mishra out and pushes them on the road. He says now you are outside and I can’t control my hands, get lost. Diwakar says you came to my inlaws and insulting me. Bihaan lifts him in air holding his collar. They all look on. Bihaan gets angry. Krishnakant and Poonam ask Bihaan to leave Diwakar. Bihaan says see they are still saving you, they are good hearted. He drops Diwakar. Diwakar says we will go.

Bihaan says wait, and asks Thapki to give her bangles. He shouts Thapki… she says yes and gives her bangles. Bihaan asks Diwakar to wear it, else if I make you wear it, I will break your hands. Diwakar wears the bangles. The people laugh on Diwakar. Diwakar asks shall I go now. Bihaan stops him and says get makeup done, wear this chunri if you want to be safe. Diwakar wears chunri. People laugh.

Bihaan says the one who uses other’s helplessness and then when they get helpless, even Lord does not come to help them. He asks Diwakar to leave. He asks his parents do they also want such makeup. He asks them to get lost and if they come here again, they will not go on legs but in ambulance. Thapki thanks Bihaan.

Vasundara asks Kiran to write Dada ji’s name on the kite. Bau ji says dad will be glad seeing his kite. Dadi says I m glad you and Vasundara keeping his alive. Bau ji says but now I got old and can’t fly kite high. Suman says we will fly it. Dadi says no, kite should fly high and not get cut, we will give this responsibility to Thapki and Bihaan, we trust them. Vasundara says I know Thapki is smart, but Shraddha is also here, I think we should give the kite to her. Dadi says they both went to Maayka, whoever comes first will get this kite. Kiran writes Digambar Pandey on kite and shows Dadi. Vasundara calls Shraddha.

Krishnakant asks Thapki to wish everyone Makar Sankranti from their side and take care. She hugs her family. Krishnakant thanks Bihaan for helping them. Bihaan says its fine. Thapki tells Aditi that Diwakar will not trouble her now. Aditi thanks him. Thapki says we should leave soon. Bihaan asks shall I get helicopter to land in Pandey Nivaas. They leave on the bike.

Diwakar stops them on the way and holds a garland. Bihaan goes to him. Thapki worries. Bihaan asks why did you come again, do you have to die. Diwakar says no, I just realized you are my brother. I got this garland for you and makes him wear it. Bihaan asks whats this acting. Diwakar says I will explain how you are my brother, I cheated Aditi and married her, you also did the same, you cheated and married Thapki, we are brothers by our doings right.

He says Thapki is roaming with her husband on bike, but Bihaan is villain who ruined your life. He reminds her first true love Dhruv and asks did you forget Dhruv Pandey. Shraddha passes by and stops her car seeing them. Diwakar says Dhruv was excited to marry Thapki and Bihaan played game, he married you by cheat. Shraddha looks on from far. Diwakar says I feel bad for you. Bihaan gets angry and scolds him. Diwakar argues. Bihaan says see your intentions, you are comparing me with you, you married Aditi to insult her parents, I did not do this. Thapki cries. Bihaan looks at her. Bihaan scolds Diwakar and leaves with Thapki. Shraddha goes to Diwakar and asks him to join hands against Thapki. She says she will send him back to his inlaws and asks him to torture Thapki’s family. He agrees.

Vasundara calls Bihaan and asks them to get sweets. She asks Shraddha to go before Dadi comes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awesome epi….but precap disgusting… When will they stop this crap…either thapki should accept bihaan or go out from here before getting insulted…y even her parents didn’t remind her the three months….
    Its OK…but will they unite thahaan or not…..
    Will vasu get caught or not…..will shraddha and vasu get exposed or not…….don’t bring such stupid twists..make some interesting twists like thapki suspecting vasu , finding bihaan’s true nature… Etc……


  3. Will thapki become more determined in finding out the truth… ji …do something pl…
    At least expose shraddha yaar….

  4. Oh god now it will be evil vs evil (shraddha&diwakar).
    Love the way bihan helped thapki and aditi.

  5. Nice epi.Divakar u deserve that slap.
    Dushman Divakar+Evil Shraddha=000000000000
    They can’t do any thing against our Thapki.B coz she is not Thapki ,she is THAPKI BIHAAN PANDEY

  6. Aaj ka itna mazedaar episode Ko iss Churail Shraddha me kharap kar diya 😛 poor diwakar got bullied by Bihaan 😛 b for Bihaan b for bully d for diwakar d for dwarf t for Thapki did a good thing by giving t for thapar to diwakar 😛 now that s for shrewd s for Shraddha will team up with her best friend d for disturbing d for diwakar 😛
    For some reason I liked diwakar’s acting today lol 😛

  7. I also liked the way bihaan helped thapki’s family

    but at the same time diwaker is right bihaan also cheated thapki

    now waiting to watch what’s next gonna happen

    I hope thapki’s trust on bihaan grows stronger and will forget dhruv and move on with bihaan

    n bihaan u rocked as always
    love to watch u

  8. diwaker is right bihaan also cheated thapki

    now waiting to watch what’s next gonna happen

    I hope thapki’s trust on bihaan grows stronger and will forget dhruv and move on with bihaan

  9. Now i know what will happen….shraddha as being over smart sit beside dadi as vasu said to be noticed by dadi but as u say good always wins…thapki will come after shraddha but she will sit down beside dadis feet…so it obvious dat when she will open her eyes she will directly see our thapki first n dan she will fly dada ji’s name kite….i think she will try to cut it as vasu can even go to any extend to defeat thapki even she can stoop low n even ruin his father in law name to desyroy thapki…but bihaan is with her n he will help her as always…thahaan rockzzzzz

    1. But wat I want is dat chudial, dat stupid dayan shradha should get d kite………. And since she don’t know how to handle a kite she should be insulted and Vasundhara nose ? should be cut ……. And then our heroine thapki should get the kite……..?? I just wish ? dis happens…….

  10. Just watching only for bihaan…
    There were days when I wanted to see this show mainly for thapki and vasu as she was shown as a very positive character….. But now I hate her the most …….than this diwakar and shraddha….
    But one thing is she always backstabbs thapki ,so that thapki always remains a step ahead of her (which I like ) and she could never win thapki…at any cost…

  11. Lovely episode. Bihan is superb.

  12. Hi guys!!!!
    I am really shocked …..just now I read the spoiler that
    Vasu will cut thapki’s kite and will make bauji and dadi maaa feel that she is not fit for pandey bahu… let we throw her out…..
    Even they both agrees for vasu….
    But everyone gets shocked especially vasu and thapki , when bihaan supports his wife and says he too will go out along with his wife….
    Thapki realises bihaan’s goodness……
    But then twist comes when thapki refuses to go out of house and says she is bihaan’s wife legally and will be proposing him!!!!!! Shocking everybody…..
    Now how will bihaan react?????what will vasu do……

    Hi guys….I don’t know how much true this is…but kite seen we will see today… may be the rest also happens…hope for it…

    I was just shocked..and didn’t believe even thought that I am dreaming…
    Excited to see what is gonna happen next……
    If it happens then surely I say that CVS have some inner twists and turns that thapki would have known about vasu already….and just hiding it from all….
    Let’s see only god knows…..

    1. This is the link for the above spoiler…India forums

      1. OMG I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a joke , I hope it’s true 😛

      2. thanks for the link puppy here is a the update of that spoiler

        Colors much lovable show, Thapki Pyar Ki is all set to see some high voltage drama in its upcoming episodes

        The upcoming sequence will show how makar sankranti is being celebrated in full swing at pandey niwas and thapki (jigyasa singh) will be given a chance to fly a kite with dadaji’s name.

        Now in further upcoming events, we will see how vasundhra (jaya bhattacharya) and shradha (monica khanna) will make loose thapki by cutting the thread of that kite and very cleverly put blame on her and prove that she is not worthy of being a pandey bahu. Balvindar and dadi will agree to vasundhra and hence vasundhra will take advantage of this situation and throws her out of the house.

        Bihan (manish goplani) will support his wife and decided to go along with her shocking the whole Pandey Niwas especially vasundhra and thapki. Thapki realised how good bihaan is.

        But twist in tale comes when thapki suddenly refuse to go out of the house stating that she is Bihan’s wife legally and proposes bihan in front of whole family.

        How will bihan react to this situation?? Will thapki and bihan goes out?? Is really thapki has fallen in love?? Will vasundhra and shradha succeed in throwing thapki out of pandey niwas??

    2. thanks for telling us the very exciting twist in the show puppy

      1. Frnds this is fake yar some thahaan made such twist come ways hopefully
        its prank!!!
        I also believe this is true but not
        hope something happend in thahaan love story
        thahaan rocks

  13. Our country will never rise.unless we will rise our level of thoughts. This serial sucks…..

  14. Don’t like it at all. Too much cruelty and animity towards the steming people. Now that stupid diwaker join with with those ladies shows no hope of relief to poor thapki. Writer pls amend ur script and show positive attitude towards thapki and all like her

  15. Amena could you please update other serials episodes also? pls because you the only person update the episodes thapki quickly.please please

    1. Ab tumhara naazar lag Gaya show Ko that’s why they r not updating Thapki’s episodes fast today 😛

  16. Pls upload thapki pyar ki video like b4. Frm 2 weeks i have not seen . We work dats y we cant watch on tv. So we watch on online so pls upload episode.dont mis we love thapki pyar ki

  17. Where is our old hero ???? ” Dhruv “… and who will b aditi’s hero?? I thought bihaan and aditi , Dhruv n thapki will make a good pair.. but writer gave a twist. Now i’m confusd.. writer g pls story ko aage badaiye…we don’t want to see these silly fights and all.. plss make the story interesting… anyways today’s epi was very nice

    1. Me too totally agree with u Anaya.I too thought about DhruvThapki &AditiBihaan.It will be a nice story then.

  18. m totaly agree wid u anaya.. now i hate dis serial just because of vasu nd shradhha.. shradhha is too much bad looking. i dnt lyk her face. she dosent deserv dhruv. thapki nd dhruv’s pair is best…

    1. but now there is no chance of dhruv n thapki together so plz stop saying tharuv’s jodi is the best coz now its thahaan’s jodi

      n bihaan also looks gud

      1. Oh!!!today felt very sad for both thapki and bihaan…but I found that bihaan couldn’t see thapki avoiding him….felt very sad….and I loved the way he asked her to join him with her through the kite…. Really loved it….
        Though I hate shraddha but I couldn’t stop myself from appreciating her acting especially her eyes which broaden like something , sometimes looks getting scared as if really a chudail…..perfect role and superb acting…..

        Thahaan rocks……

      2. Sorry , instead of commenting , I replied u…

  19. Thahaan is the best…. ?

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