Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha scolding Tina for making Bani’s face red with the face pack. Balwinder asks what happened? Shraddha accuses Tina for adding mirchi in the face pack. Tina says I haven’t added it. Shraddha asks did I add it? She says I will make you confess your mistake else….She close the door and picks a stick to beat her. Bihaan comes and holds the stick at right time. Tina cries and hugs Bihaan. Bihaan asks her not to beat her and says she is a little girl. Tina says I haven’t done anything. Shraddha says she has done mistake and not accepting her mistake, we will send her to boarding school right now. Sankara says we can’t put our life in danger. Bihaan apologizes to Shraddha. Shraddha says she will go to boarding school right now. Dhruv comes and says Tina will

not go anywhere. He says Tina is Bihaan’s daughter, our daughter…everyone’s daughter. He asks her not to be harsh with her. Bihaan hugs Tina. Tina cries.

Thapki imagines Bihaan. Bihaan asks her to wear dupatta as his wife used to wear. Thapki says Bihaan….Principal calls Thapki from Bani’s school and asks her to come to school. Shraddha is packing her stuff. Dhruv comes and asks where you are going? Shraddha says she is going to her Papa’s house with Veer as he refused to send Tina to boarding school. He says she is a kid. Shraddha manipulates Dhruv against Tina and tells that she is a threat to Anu and Veer’s life. She thinks your kids are your weakness and I will take advantage of it. He asks what do you want? Shraddha says she wants to send Tina to boarding school so that she can learn some manners. Dhruv agrees and asks her to do as she thinks right. Shraddha thinks she will not let Tina enter Pandey house again. Tina tells Bihaan that she didn’t do anything wrong. Bihaan says he gets hurt whenever she cries. Dhruv comes and asks Bihaan to let Tina go to boarding school and asks him not to think him wrong. Bihaan is shocked.

He says you said that Tina will not go anywhere. Dhruv says I have taken this decision for her betterment and then we will call her back after 1 year. Bihaan is worried. Dhruv tells Tina that nobody will trouble her there. Tina says she will not go anywhere without her Papa and asks Bihaan to stop her as she can’t stay without her.

Principal informs Thapki that Bani have beaten the boys and this is not the first time. She says you seems to be decent, but from where her indecent behavior came? Thapki recalls Bihaan. Bani tells that the boys teased her. Thapki asks her to apologize to them. Bani apologizes. Principal asks Thapki to call her husband and says Bani’s anger is increasing day by day. Thapki tells Principal that she asked her daughter to apologize as she knows that she was wrong, and asks her to make the boys also realize their mistake. She says I am her father and mother, both and tells that Bani is topper in her school. She apologizes again.

Tina refuses to go, but she is made to sit in car. She cries. Shraddha and Sankara smiles. Veer and Anu cry. Bihaan promises her that he will come to take her back. Suddenly car stops as the road is blocked by the bricks. The woman who is taking Tina to school and the driver get down to clear the way. Bihaan comes and sits in the car decky.

Bani talks to God and says this is wrong…everyone have their father, but I am not having. Thapki says Bani…Bani says if I don’t meet my Papa then I will never talk to you again, please bring my Papa here. Just then her prayers are answered and Bihaan comes in car. Woman tells Tina that she will study here at Agra’s best boarding school. Tina looks at the school. Bani is in the school temple praying. Bihaan gets down the car and pats on Tina’s shoulder. He hugs her. Tina gets happy. Bihaan tells her that he came to take her back and asks her not to tell anyone. Bani is still praying and crying. Thapki also cries. Bani says I will not talk to you God. Thapki says lets go home and turns to go. She feels Bihaan’s presence. Bihaan sits in the car decky. Thapki turns to look at him.

Bihaan thinks why did Tina haven’t come till now and goes inside the school to check. Thapki comes there talking on phone. Bihaan looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Plz change the montage its better than that

  2. So finally bihaan and thapki will meet der

  3. Reminds me of SSEL where yuvraj and suhani meet after separation and kids are at same place.

  4. superb ,?today epi nice specially thahaan scence I know it short but still I am happy .Bani what a acting great and my bihan what i say your acting ,look outstanding?I really like this cute,innocent bihan but still miss my ghazab BIHAN?

  5. Intersting, bt miss a loooot old thahaan. Don’t like perents thahaan. Mis previous 1st & 2nd season. Pls unite them soon

  6. Want thahan back

  7. So now they are copying Lindsay Lohan’s movie Parent Trap 🙂

  8. Manish ki deewani

    shradha what type of woman u r .u also hurt ur own daughter because u don’t want that tina stay in pandey zoo.mothers never done like this but u uffffffffffffffff evil u don’t deserve to b a mum. but iam happy that tina is away from ur torture .druve i tthink that u care 4 bihu but u r also soooooooooooooooooooo selfish .if u love ur childrens then what about bihaan .today bihaan save tina .tihaan scenes r always so heart touching and emotional .MANI u always give ur best .
    our B PHOR BIHAAAAAAAAN PANDEY IS STILL S PHOR SMART .old bihaan flasbacksr the best part b phor bihaan b phor bindass type .
    bani i really feel bad 4 u .
    hello pooja ritz di garima vino shruti santhosh bhai kudrat .
    santhosh bhai u r rite . mai P phor PAK sai M phor MANISH ki fan hoo .kl shradha giri thi dekh lena mujhay bohat acha laga tha bhai so lets nachoooo

  9. The writers can’t make up their minds one minute shraddha stops Sankar from killing Tina as a baby but now she’s adamant in sending her away forever using the boarding school as an excuse. I actually prefer this Dhruv wasn’t happy Shraddha managed to convince him but in the long run Thahaan will find each other again cos of the move and they’ll be away from the evil 2

  10. Please make bihaan and thapki meet.

  11. Hello my sweetiss…
    aaj k kuch scenes mast the jese
    Y kya gundagardi h..
    aap to itni..
    bihaan ka flashbk sab s mast tha..
    hum h b 4 bihaan pandey..
    or ab to kal thahaan …
    mene kaha tha na next week s sab teek hona suru ho jae ga..

    rinku,anu,reshal,fataroj,vinni,sandy,vino,navmi,garima,leena,lucy,almabi,suhana,ratanmala,sakshi,santhosh bhaiya,alia,kiran,rifa and all my THAHAAN lovers..
    good night
    chalo ab sab so jao behut raat ho gae h…

    1. Thapki pyaar ki!! I am desperately waiting for bihaan to snap out of his depression. I don’t like this weak bihaan. I like the brave and confident bihaan. Hopefully he will see thapki soon so he wake up from his depressed state!!!

      1. He’s not depressed, he’s got some sort of head injury and the evil 2 gave the family wrong information so instead of healing him they are keeping him in such state with the medicine and by removing Thapki from his life by not mentioning her at all and removing all her pics. Hopefully now he’s away from the evil 2 the fog in his head might start to lift

  12. I liked bond Bihaan and Tina go far away from home for peace. Thakpi always think of Bihaan which was love. I agreed with Lucy comment. I hope shaddara and Sanker will hate /fight each other.

  13. Hi guys how are you all? I really want to wack those 2 shraddha and that fat bum sankar. That scare crow shraddha and that fat bum sankar are so evil and cruel hate them for treating tina so bad.

  14. Thahaan scenes were Gajab…I hope they will meet soon.
    Sandy,santhosh Bhai,kudrat,rinka…

  15. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    nice episode…very glad to see Bihan with her daughter….want to see thahaan reunion with their daughter,soon

  16. Bihaan you proved that the love which you have for your child is very good it is more than a mother love. I will be happy if both daughters are with you is best because thapki is not like that. You understand your child problem by looking at her eyes but thapki is not soon she is scolding the child. You understand the root course of problem and not believing anyone if the say bad about your child but thapki listen to others and give punishment to child you are really a good father and mother to your child

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