Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki making a Taj Mahal by the candles/diyas. She recalls Dhruv. She cries and does not complete it. Shraddha asks what happened, its incomplete. Thapki says Taj is sign of love, and I lost trust on love, that’s why my Taj will always be incomplete like this. Bihaan looks on and completes the Taj Mahal. He says you lost trust on love, its not your mistake, like Taj is pure and true, likewise your heart is true, so your Taj won’t be incomplete. Dhruv looks on.

Shraddha says what a beautiful Taj mahal, Bihaan ji’’s respectable love made it complete. She asks Dhruv about truth or dare. He says does not matter. She says Thapki’s Taj got complete, you also tell about your love. He asks what. She asks him to close his eyes and see the face of the person he

loves. He sees Thapki’s face and looks at Thapki. Shraddha asks whose face did he see, mine? Dhruv goes away. Shraddha asks him to wait and goes after him. Bihaan says she came to ignite fire in our lives, she has gone, come. Bihaan and Thapki go back to cowshed.

Shraddha asks Dhruv whose face did he say. He says please, I don’t want to talk. She says it means you did not see my face, who is she, who is there in your mind and heart, tell me. He shouts Thapki, I have seen her, she is in my mind and heart, she is my first love, I loved her more than myself. She gets shocked and cries. Dhruv cries and apologizes to her.

He says sorry, I have hidden this truth so that it does not hurt you, the truth is I love Thapki a lot. We were going to get married, but fate had something else, then you came in my life, I could not stop this game of time, the truth is Thapki is my past, we don’t have any relation, she is in my heart, but our hearts are not joined. When I got married to you, I erased all her memories and left her and her love very far, I moved on. But what should I do of my heart, which is not ready to move on, how to convince myself that I have to forget my first love, if my life wants another love, I know you are hurt seeing me care for Thapki, it will need time to love someone else, to forget my first love, to heal my broken heart, this is the reason that I did not make any relation with you, I m away from you, trust me, Thapki is not the reason for our distance, I m the reason myself. Very soon I will make my past away, and end all this. She cries.

He says I will make sure no injustice happens with you, I need some time. He goes. She says I knew all this, but I did not know I will feel so hurt by hearing this from you. She wipes her tears and you need time right, I will make Thapki away from here, this is challenge for me to make Thapki very far.

Bihaan sits thinking. Thapki drops the glass and says sorry, I don’t know its slipping. He asks her to look at him, his hand did not shake when she drank poison, what happened now that she is so tensed. He says Shraddha did this as per her plan, she wanted to make you weak, you fall weak and lose, you don’t make her win, whatever Shraddha does, you don’t have to let her get over your mind. She says what is the need to say now, why did you play that game. He says its my mistake I stayed, why did you stay. She says I stayed because of you, you do wrong so I call you wrong. He calls her impossible and says Gulabo is better than you. He asks her to sleep. Bihaan recalls Shraddha’s question whether he loves Thapki. He thinks this can’t be love, we always fight, I won’t think of Shraddha’s useless words.

Its morning, Bihaan thinks where is Thapki. Thapki sees him and asks does he not have to go out today. He thinks why does she want to send me away, is she hiding something. He says I have much work, I have to go, I will come late. She says thank God, very good. He asks what. She says I mean, you go soon and then come early. He says yes, going. He goes out of the gate and hides to see. She takes the maid clothes and runs inside Pandey Nivaas. He gets shocked.

Vasundara scolds Thapki. Bihaan comes there and shouts Thapki. He comes inside the house and Thapki gets shocked seeing her. He asks what are you doing here and what are these clothes. Shraddha says these are maid clothes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG Bihaan is started to thinking about Thapki …and Love ???
    Anyway Tajmahal is beautiful… ??
    And why did Druv and Shraddha so sentimental today .One married according to his will and other cheated her boyfriend and wanted to marry rich celebrity ..perfect couple.. ??☺

  2. Thanks for fast updating..

  3. Nice bihaan pandey…as always a perfect husband…u do all perfectly like saving thapki or completing taj mahal or now finding out what thapki is hinding….well he is going to rock tomorrow i m sure…give good lesson to dat two chudials…n thapki atleast now be wid ur husband…he is totally lost in u girl…shraddha thank u for one thing dat atleast bcoz of u bihaan will realize his love for thapki….he loves her damm so much dat he can do anything for her……just want to c tom….epi….thahaan keep rockinggggg….

  4. wow yr… its getting interesting day by day
    but I thought Shraddha will understand dhruv but I was wrong
    n bihaan it is love yt… why can’t u understand it n thapki why u always call bihaan wrong why can’t u see his goodness n kindness
    percape is awesome finally truth is revealed infront of bihaan eagerly waiting what will happen next what will bihaan do next
    n nice plan bihaan to find the secret

  5. woow supperb tajmahal
    bihaan ….
    respectable love made it complete……??☺??????
    bihaan plz understand ur n love ….
    stupid shradha understand ur love
    ten y u …..? …..
    any way pracap wazz litil shock…
    thahaaaan rOckzzz lve u Manish ….?????

  6. koi seriously meri akhe for do… 😉
    what an epi

  7. Loved the Taj Mahal part Bihaan completed Thapki’s incomplete Taj Mahal which means it’s confirmed thahaan , love thahaan scenes a lot I felt bad for both Dhruv and Shradda but when Shraddha came back in her evil avatar uff , I hope while Shraddha tries to throw Thapki out hope she brings thahaan closer in that pretext

    1. Joyeeee.. phirse naam change kiya? Lol

      1. Haha reZmie u got me don’t know why all my relatives calling me that liked it Tho 😛

  8. YESS..!! Finally the truth will come out..
    And the best part when bihaan recalls shradha’s word..
    I hope he will REALIZE HIS FEELINGS ASAP..

  9. exactly Ally these two people surely deserves to be with each other and mommy dearest will live happily ever after.

  10. Wow atlast bihaan thinking about thapki,love..
    nice episode

  11. Oh!!! I was waiting for this precap from Friday..but now only got it…what will be his reaction yaar…..just slap her on behalf of me…..
    Ghazab…Bihaan u recalled bhabhi’s words…good….

  12. Liked very much bihans dialogues while completing Taj Mahal.

  13. Bihaan…accept the reality you are in love.i feel so sad about shrddha,i know she is a disgusting character…as a wife she has to faced discomfort from the side of her husband.Dont worry bhabhiji oneday Dhruv willbe turn into your life,before that you must changed your character.Anyway,Bihaan AND Shraddha….what a acting yaarr,your dedication,passion of acting amazing.Both of you have a great future in acting field,there is no doubt about it.waiting for next episode to see Bihaans reaction.very lovely TAJMAHAL.

  14. Like thapki and bihaan’s scene, specially when bihaan completes thapki’s taj mahal….and the way thapki made taj with candles,,,it was awesome….. Incredible…. But its too late to create love between thapki and bihaan…. Plz writers create some love, cosy moments between our thahaans…..precap is also nice but let’s see what happens in next episode…waiting for 2mrrow episode.

  15. I am waiting for next episode
    Bihaan kall THAPKI ki suchh janneke baad kya karega…?

  16. My vore for gold petal award
    Best actor RITHIK
    actress SWARA
    Serial SWARAGINI
    Child actor CHAKOR
    best debut BHIHAAN
    best couple THAHAAN

  17. dhruv and thapki should be joined. . it’s worse. . yar. . i don’t like bihan and thapki . .together,

  18. Rhadika Kumar

    superb episode. i just hate that shraddah still wants to destroy thapki. i cant wait for tomorrows episode.

  19. Thapki is the true definition of dumb ass ????

  20. superb episode…bihaan s awesome..very gud actor…i love both bihaan n shraddha…both r awesome actors…best future…i hate both dhruv n thapki…both r stupid n dumb….always a pair have one perfect one bad…hahaha

  21. Waiting for the episode wen thapki will realize that she is in love with Bihaan.Don’t know how long they will drag,three months not yet over,when she will go away from Bihaan,she will miss him and understand his importance.

  22. I want dhruv nd thapki to be married nd bihaan nd aditi are very good pairs

    1. I agree with ur post @ Samira

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