Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara thinking she won’t let Thapki get fine soon. She adds lemon in milk to spoil it, so that Thapki does not get warm milk to drink. She says she wanted to make sweets for Dhruv. Thapki signs her to take the milk for Dhruv. Vasundara says no, you drink this one. Thapki asks her to take the glass and goes. Vasundara says you wanted to snatch my son’s happiness, see what I snatch from you now.

Diwakar says Aditi should have not kept this fast. Aditi gives him tea. She asks how can we go to Thapki’s house, invitation came for mum and dad, they should have sent us invitation, I can’t see your insult. She thinks she can’t let Diwakar go there. Diwakar says you really love me and holds her. She says my mannat and fast will break. He says I don’t believe

all this. The fan starts and she stands under it. The fan is about to fall down.

Shraddha says I will enjoy with the money and is glad seeing the shopping. Dhruv comes. She shows her shopping. He recalls Thapki. FB shows Thapki seeing magazine and liking high heels sandals. He gifted her the sandals she wanted. She gets glad and asks how did he knew it. He says who else will know this, you are my to be wife and I m in your heart. They smile. FB ends. Dhruv says its nice Shraddha. Vasundara looks on. Dhruv says I will freshen up and come. Shraddha wears the sandals and goes out for ramp walk.

Diwakar says our marriage has happened much time before, and goes to Aditi. She sees the fan falling down and pulls him. The fan falls down. He gets shocked. He thanks her for saving his life. She says I told you about the mannat, danger will be there if we break the mannat. He says yes, but things in your home are such damaged, get everything repaired and we will have our suhaagraat. She worries.

Thapki looks for something and its dark. Shraddha comes there and does not see Thapki. She steps on her hands. Thapki is unable to scream. The power comes. Bihaan sees this and gets shocked. Shraddha sees Thapki’s hands and moves. Thapki’s hands get wounded. Shraddha asks Thapki why did she sit here. Bihaan scolds Shraddha and asks her to see Thapki’s wounds. Shraddha asks him to talk with manners. Bihaan argues. Shraddha says Thapki should have told me, oh she can’t speak, she got mute. Bihaan says I will make you mute and fumes. Thapki cries and stops him. Bihaan asks Thapki to come.

Shraddha makes fun of Thapki and says I wish I could mute you forever. She taunts her and leaves. Thapki cries. Shraddha goes to room. Later, Shraddha sees Dhruv sleeping and messages him that she did not know he sleeps so soon, and has kept milk for him. He wakes up by her message on his phone. He reads it and turns to see her. He sees her sleeping.

Bihaan takes care of Thapki and applies ointment to her hand. She gets a message and looks at him. He smiles. She replies to him. He tries to cheer her up. She finally smiles and he gets glad.

Vasundara makes Thapki wear the cow’s bell asking her to ring the bell if she agrees to her solution of making Thapki’s presence known by the bell.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Nice episode only bcz of thahaan scene..vasu and shradha I just want to c ur punishment frm god for what u both did for thapki…. I don’t know what msgs they sent to one another.then bihaan how he made thapki to laugh…if anybody knows just say

  2. Ally

    I Hate Vasu and shraddha… Feeling bad for Thapki. ??? She cannot tell or express her feelings .These two took her advantage. Divakar – Aditi part really disgusting.??
    Love Thahaan…..???

  3. puppy

    Thahaan scenes were awesome….. Lovely scenes today….
    What is wrong with Dhruv…he said he will go ahead in marriage then y getting annoyed of thapki keeping sindoor….y do he recalling thapkiiiiii……. hatred growing for Dhruv day by day….

  4. lijiya

    I feel the story diverting the main plot day by day.where is the love perfect love of the poor girl?where is the trust between them?I quite to watch this show.I am moving with ishq ka rank safed today.when will unite thapki and dhruv sir I Wii watch it.ath varekkum see you guys.writer and director please not the rating scale of your thapki decreasing day by makes some interesting twist in your show,or makes twist what the audience want its better for you.

  5. I would give a thumbs up for today’s episode only because of Thahaan scenes. I really liked it when Bihaan argues for the sake of Thapki. I m waiting for tomorrow to watch this episode. And this Shraddha n Vasundhara r really ridiculous , but only one good thing about Shraddha is that she is indirectly bringing Thahaan closer.

  6. I just read the spoilers, how Thapki
    Is getting humiliated.i read that Thapki is in danger and Bihaan will safe her. I don’t know if I should be happy as Thahaan scene or not as this Vasundhara is humiliating Thapki.
    Can someone please replace the bell with a gold medal from Vasundhara’s hand 😛

  7. Malu

    Like only last part of today I also smiling both cute scenes fed up with last scenesssss..
    really awesome.
    devil Vasu wen realise demon shraddha????
    kill that girl really boring every day so much space for shraddha and Vasu. Thahaan only in last part this is not fair

  8. Sumu

    Same precap today also..
    but never bored because this tpk cvs do same before…
    interesting plotts cmg so excited

  9. moni

    I was really angry by todays epi coz thapki was suffering n dat shraddha was laughing…felt like hitting shraddha with her own sandle……but d creators knows how to make their fans happy…the last scene was incredibly awsome….bihaan is d man…i told dat only he can bring smile on thapki’s face in any situation….bihaan’s smile seeing thapki was breath taking..:-) n finally thapki smiling to bihaan’s funny monkey face sms……omg…loved it…bihaan with with ur thapki always….thahaan rockzzzzzz….

  10. Love thahaan scene they look so cute. Love you bhihaan!!!!! Love the way bhihaan talks specially by spelling the words it suits him so much. Why can’t druv see all this is happening bcoz of his selfish mother vasu! That shefish vasu needs to put in her place by sharadda then she will see the true colour of the witches sharadda and vasu she is such a cunning person.

  11. gina_baron

    How lovely to see Thapki laugh again! The little emojis added a lovely touch to the episode and showed a beautiful and caring side of Bihaan. I really hope Bihaan and Thapki can give their marriage a chance.

  12. Lovett_lily

    Vasundra, Shraddah & Druv shud all go to hell! Just HATE them soo Vasu n Shraddah are so evil n Druv becomes a brainless man! just wish Thapki get her voice back n start falling in love with Bihaan!

  13. moni

    And also ther will be a scene where thapki wud hang on d tarrace n bihaan will help her as always n after dat vasu will give her cow bells to wear i read it in thahaan facebook….hate dat vasu n shraddha…..

  14. Swathi

    Bad epi.Tpk deviates from its plot story.I miss THARUV a lot I started to watch this serial only to see them.But now…………I quit to watch this serial I only watch Naagin it’s superb ………..

  15. diya

    wer d story line is goin…writers not using their brains..thy r dependent totally on few online viewers who comment forgetting majority others who dont even think of commenting online and r just quitting this show bcoz of THAHAAN…THIS IS D REASON OF DROPPING TRP. trp increased gradually bacoz of tharuv thn people kept watching on hopes there r chances of tharuv being united but now wen no chances people hav STARTED QUITTING of luck show makers…this is an eye opener period ..get aware or u will go downline

  16. diya

    and till date bihaans character was so good..he had love for his full family,,and showing him falling in love wid thapki is falling of his character bcoz he knows dhruv n thapki love each other a lot,,and he was of a person who used to unite lovers not one who come in between lovers..

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