Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan and everyone coming inside the house. They see a lady sitting on the sofa and ask her who is she, why did she move Pandey Nivaas board. They all get shocked seeing Ram pyaari/goat tied, and a man sitting and sharpening the knives. They all asks him what is he doing. The man says I m going to cut this goat. Bihaan asks what is he saying. The man says this is just mutton for me. Thapki runs and stops the man. Bihaan scolds the man. They see the third person, ties in white ribbons. They see the maid. Bihaan asks who are you all, how dare you enter my house. Thapki asks who are they. Dadi asks them to answer.

Bihaan says enough of drama now, answer me, else I will call police. The lady turns to them and shows her face. She spits the betel waste on Pandey family

pic. Everyone get shocked. She says she is Toshi. Dadi asks who is she, from where did she come. Toshi says when I get angry, I don’t listen to anyone. Bihaan asks why did you come here. Toshi says we are here as this is our house now. Bihaan scolds her. Bau ji comes there and asks Bihaan who are they. Bau ji sees the new family, and gets shocked. Toshi smiles. Everyone tell Bau ji that this new family removed their name board, and has spit betel waste on family picture. Toshi says its good I did not spit on your face, you were staying in our house. Bihaan asks Bau ji to see.

Bau ji asks what proof do they have. The man shows the property papers on Toshi Devi’s name. Bihaan calls them mad people. He says they have come to steal everything, they made fake papers too, I will kick them out. Bau ji says no need to talk to them, Sanjay call police, we will know whose house is this. Bihaan and Thapki ask whats the need, let them proof this. Bau ji says I m doing this by thinking, I want to end this matter from root, let lawyer come, everything will be clear. He says I will go and get my papers.

Lawyer comes and checks papers. Bihaan asks him to say the other family’s papers are fake. Lawyer says no, papers are right, I m thinking how did two people get same house. Bihaan asks what will we do. Toshi says its our house, you all leave from here. Bihaan scolds them. Inspector scolds them and says it will be legal things done here, both families have to behave well. Lawyer asks them to stay together, two families can stay, they have rights. Bihaan asks how can this happen. Inspector says either stay here or leave the house. Bihaan says we will not leave the house. The man says we will also not leave. Lawyer says fine, I will try to solve this matter soon, if anyone has objection, they can leave the house. Toshi taunts them. Shraddha stops her from spitting and says this is our house, spitting is not allowed. Toshi says this is my house, I will spit anywhere.

Dadi and Bau ji think who are they, why did they come here. They see Toshi in Bau ji’s room and ask whats this. Toshi says this is my room, I took your house. The man takes Thapki and Bihaan’s room, and argues. Toshi says see what else do I take now. Dadi scolds her. Toshi signs Bau ji. Bau ji says leave them Maa, we will go. Toshi laughs. Bihaan says you will go out of my room. The man gets angry and scolds Bihaan. Bau ji comes and asks whats happening. Bihaan says I think I should explain him in their language. Bau ji says then what will be difference between them and us, come. Thapki says Bau ji is right. She asks the man not to think of their goodness as their weakness. Bihaan thinks why did Bau ji keep quiet.

Bau ji meets Toshi and says I could not talk to you, why did you come. She reminds him their old relation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aami123

    Thnx 4 wu omg i din even knw dat dey wr related

  2. Boaring episode.a complicated family drama will starts in TPK.oh…writerji,pls don’t drag this track,we are always fed up with this new family drama.

  3. Juggu

    Wow the track changed n thahaan got married wow…..tamil ponnunga la eppadi irukaanga …..nallaa irukeengala. …..missing u all. Badly.hw r u roshni di, jo, nusz, sandy, vinlo n others….ashu eppadi iruka. …naa thirumba vanthutean nu sollu 1 masathuk munnadi epdi poneno apdiye thirimbi vandhutenu sollu……juggu daa……tamil ponnunga valga…..

    1. Neeyum, kana.vum mattum en eadhirla vandheenga…..? avlothaan. Adhenna 2 perum 1 comt. Ezhudha vendiyadhu, sandhoshama reply panna, adhuku eadhir comt. Kanom. Enna vilayadareengala. Indhavati matum nee reply pannama poo , iruku unaku?

      1. Don’t wry chlm…
        Na INI daily unna pakka varen…..jugguvqi nambinor kai Vida padar….aprm oru obligation erumq…eruma andhq fb illa whatsapp account open panni thola……hehehe anbudan juggu…

      2. Ash nee yen ipdi panra???
        Fb open pannen plz

  4. looking forward the new family drama track………hope we get some thahaan scenes too……..
    apporam…..tamil girls lam epdi irukeenga……???
    @shobi-unaku special hello…….ennala unna contact ye panna mudila….how r u???

    1. I’m fine riya how about U?

      1. I am fine shobi

  5. Its better to stop the show ..what all dese drama.. just waste of tym…

  6. its kosi not toshi mujhe lgta hai ye vasu ki sautan hai aur bihan ki ma

  7. Boring ready now episode


    hai friends..

    1. Truelove

      Same to u. No funny comments today?? 🙁

  9. Truelove

    First I stopped watching show only written update but now I also stopped watching olvs. Show become really boring. I really miss thahaan nok-zok. When thahaan start to live in tabela to thapki’s confession, I think i was best time of tpk. I really miss that. Especially Sheena part was awesome. We want it back. Pehle sapola phir yeh aadivasi log. I think tpk’s writers and director living in jungle. 😛



      T for truelove? T for thahaan? ki truelove❤ jeetliya✌✌✌ bass…

      bandhar? C for CVs ne C for couple happy married life dikhane ke badle mai….. ??
      D for dragging aur D for dumping ⬇story dikha raha hai humko….???

      SWETHA means WHITE COLOUR (my mother tongue kannada language mai, hindhi mai kya patha nahi..??)

      vaise ladki ki naam bhi SANTHOSH rakh tha hai kya… ❗❓(u r friday cmt ke baare mai pooch raha hoo)mera poora naam santhoshA means HAPPY..???…

      1. Truelove

        In Hindi Sweta means pure and Santosh means satisfaction. I met some girls whose name were Santosh. Even if u remember in Diya or baati hum Saraj’s mother name is Santosh. Hehe. 😉 Some other names like Kiran snehal etc that always create misunderstanding about geneder. This type misunderstanding happen with me all time. 🙁

        CVs walo ne hamko f for fool bana Diya. Yeh new story h for humbug and I for irritating hai. ;P 😀

      2. Renuverma

        Hi santosh SHWETH IS white in hindi too n sanskrit too ?

      3. Renuverma

        Hi true love? pure is shudh in hindi
        N shweth is white.

  10. Hii guys what’s happening again family drama why r they in pandey nivas how r they

  11. always problem in boring

  12. I might be in the minority but I enjoyed today’s episode!!!


    this is first time mai ghar? mai hothe hue bhi TPK nahi dekha …kohi baath nahi abb hamesha THAHAAN??? tho ek saath hai , dragging track dekhe kya faida..❗❓

    TPK ki cvs??? ne story ko poora refresh kardiya hai abb dekhne mai interest bhi nahi hai, isliye muje bhi thoda refresh karna hai mind ko …..???….


    chalo achcha hi hua mai bhi chodkar jaane ka baath karthe- karthe mera yaha 9⃣ months poora hogaya ?muje bhi TPK se delivery hone ka time bhi haa gaya…??

    i miss you all dhosto ??…
    good bye..????..TC…

    huffffff… jathe -jathe aakri baar CVs ki JAI HO……????

  14. TPK serial is now in its death stage. This is when writers start inventing such ridiculous extensions to the story.

  15. What the hell is this
    This serial is becoming hell day by day.
    Missing Dhruv
    I hate this serial
    End this serial please

  16. ,please come back tharuv Sr ,look at your family and enjoy.karma is real

  17. Missing dhruv yaaar… coming to current track, i think toshi must be bauji’s ex and she must have captured vasundhara somewhere …

  18. Lightsabre

    Hey. I have totally lost my interst in this serial. ??
    Senseless illogical and stagnant – if i were a critic then tht wud b my description of the tpk now. While changin channel i saw one scene… thapki lecturin druvs employees 2 hav faith in bihaans abilities. Uh. I miss the macho bihaan who ws bold n came up wid smart ideas 2 support thapki ( wearin the blak handkerchief … makin shiv linga etc)…. nw it seems that ruk ruk kar bolne vali thapki ke alava yaha kisi ke mu par zubaan hi nahi hai . Though the serial is abt thapki ‘s empowerment … at this point its getin nauseating coz evrybdy else luks like an idiot in comparison! Entire family chup hai. N i gt the feelin writers wana show tht bihaan is more/ equally capabl as druv 2 run the chanl. But do v care?! Uh… show sumthn fresh CVs. Boring
    K guys. I dnt knw hw long il b comntin here.
    Hey juggu.
    Hi san vinlo loveleen renu pihoo manyasa sumera vani jo anu kana nages goms truelove clara.rach sivagami.. rest of TPs…. tharuv fans ( whom i respectfully keep disagreeing with ?) etc etc( sry if i misd ny name). Happy independence day ( bit late.sorry).take care

    1. Luvleen

      Hey Rosh n everyone else! ?????

  19. Dezine

    throw bihaan out of thapki’s life for 3 months and bring some luv between thapki and dhruv.. when thapki starts realising luv for dhruv then bring bihaan… again triangle luv story…. 😛 this time bihaan wud turn negative =D and try to throw dhruv out of thapki’s life..iss tarah serial 6 months chalegaa…. What the hell bihaan replaces dhurv all the time????? thapki-dhruv ke shaadi ke mandap mein bihaan replaces dhruv…. thapki ki dil mein bihaan replaces dhruv….thapki ki zindagi mein bihaan replaces dhruv…and now channel mein dhruv ko replace karegaa bihaan….?????? bihaan ka koi individuality nahi hoti hai kya??????????? hamesha dhruv kohi replace karta rehata hai kya??????

    the makers have killed tharuv fans by making dhruv exxxxxtremely negative……fading his character in the story…….so now either bring a triangle luv story or end this serial!!!!!!!!!!!

    and also dear friends about 3 serials are ready to launch on Colors… Shani, Devanshi,Sangharsh..

    So, I think our show Thapki bakwaaas Ki might end to make the way for any of the new show….

  20. Luvleen

    Happy Independence Day (belated) ????????

    Hmmmmmm ok so I was kinda looking forward to this track…cause I wanted to see who are bihaan’s family etc…there was no mention about it. But I guess Thapki will be putting her PI hat again and investigating about this family…argh you know what I really would have loved to have seen…maybe Bihaan n thaapki on honeymoon enjoying life a lil…come back then only this sort of drama can take place! Sigh writers who guys need to give audience a break!! Ppl keep asking for thahaan scenes and you give more problems. Just give it a break….??

  21. This is only my assumption that, here after tpk will be bettar than the previous track. Lets hope for the best

  22. Well Well Well, i like bihaan in suit. he is just super cute. i dont care about the drama. i just watch this serial for manish and thapki. thahaaan.

  23. RANdomfANCreationz

    hey all i m really fed up of the shows like they r adding good for nothing tracks i really miss thahaan nok jhoks and all that after love confession show was still going fine until that stupid gorilla track, and now i cant tolerate this show anymore not even reading updates i only read precap i m big fan of thahaan and watching the show means insulting thahaan because current track doesnt make any sense and what is that sautan and all those arhhh at least show thahaan’s happiness just took 2 months leap like that -_- i hope this show doesnt becomes like ishq ka rang safed or kaala teeka especially i m so fed up of these hindi dramas these days n all of ur comments, santosh, roshni, and all are amazing always makes me laugh stressbuster after reading tpk update is all of ur comments
    just came to say bye bye to this show and i am very disppointed that I had to hate this show in the end, but I m still very big fan of thahaan aka manyasa their interviews makes me laugh jigs so funny sometimes haha thumbs up for thahaan and boo for tpk

    1. Luvleen

      Sad you too have made decision to leave watching TPK! I know it’s a struggle to watch but I too watch mainly for Manish…but even the writers are not making full use of his talents. I’m going to stick through till this track is over n then let’s see…I’m still curios to stay.

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        I already stopped watching it a month ago and I used to stick with written updates only and watch the epi if I like it, but the way the current track is shaping up I don’t think they will show a good epi for a long time, and I m a big fan of jigyasa and I started liking manish also, they both r good actors and most importantly I just love thahaan pair a lot for other shows if I stop watching the show along with show I hate the pairs also after I quit watching it but in thahaan’s case their show is bad but I just can’t hate thahaan. They r one of my all time fav Hindi serial pair in current times

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