Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suman saying Vasundara that she did not get Thapki anywhere. Shraddha asks Vasundara to let her read Durga Chalisa. Thapki calls out Shraddha and says open the door, you will shame Maa and everyone doing this. Dadi asks Vasundara who will read Durga Chalisa. Vasundara says Shraddha. Shraddha could not do aarti and keeps it. she takes small aarti and starts reading Durga Chalisa. She gets stuck and sings wrong. Vasundara looks on and signs her. Thapki knocks the door. Shraddha sings dum maaro dum… Dadi asks what is she saying. They all get shocked.

The ladies say Vasundara trusts Shraddha. Bihaan opens the door. Vasundara sees Thapki and signs her to come. The lady says last time Thapki and Bihaan saved Shraddha, where are they. Vasundara signs Shraddha to go, and

sends her away. Thapki goes to do the aarti. She sings Durga Chalisa.

Vasundara sees Shraddha and Thapki. Shraddha asks Bihaan why did he get Thapki. He says because you ruined my Maa’s respect, I joined hands with you to take keys from you, else how would I free Thapki from your clutches. She says oh, so this was your plan, why did you come late. He says if I came early, how would I see this, how would everyone know your real place, remember well, whatever bitterness is between you and Thapki, if this affects Maa, it won’t be good, that’s why….. He sprays black on the flower and asks her not to think he is like her. He asks her to listen Durga Chalisa paath.

Thapki ends the Durga Chalisa. She stammers at the end. Vasundara pats on her back and smiles. Thapki gets glad. Dadi tells Bau ji that mata Rani came our house, and while leaving, she united this saas bahu. They all pray. Vasundara scolds Shraddha. She asks Shraddha to learn something from Thapki, she stammers, but she is so true and good, what is the use of your beautiful voice, who is useless. Thapki says Shraddha did mistake. Vasundara says this mistake has no forgiveness. Thapki says Shraddha will regret for her mistake, come with me. They go. Shraddha gets angry on Vasundara and says don’t think I m Thapki, I will not bear your scolding, I will make Vasundara deaf.

Shraddha reads news of the battery, the mobile blast made people deaf. She says I will make Vasundara deaf by this wrong batteries, I will find this in chor bazaar, Vasundara’s time is over now. She throws paper there and goes. Thapki comes there and says what was Shraddha checking in old papers. She sees that faulty battery of mobile burst. She says why did Shraddha read this news.

Bihaan talks to his friends and drinks wine. Thapki comes and sees them. His friends hide wine glasses seeing Thapki. Bihaan asks them to drink, its my room, see match well and enjoy. Thapki stops them and says none can drink wine here like this. She goes and gets snacks. She says we will drink wine together, that too with this namkeen. She takes a wine glass and drinks. She coughs. Bihaan gets shocked. Thapki asks them to drink. Bihaan asks his friends to leave, and switches off tv. They leave. He asks Thapki what was all this. She says your friends, your room, I had to take care of them.

He says you become Savitri and then drink wine. She says its cold tulsi kada, I filled it in all bottles on Dadi’s saying, did you not feel the difference. He breaks the bottle angrily and holds the pointed glass near her neck. He asks her not to get clever, he will not take her actions light thinking its joke, he will not bear anything now, he is not old Bihaan now. She moves back and stands against the wall. They have an eyelock. Darmiyaan…….plays………… he gets away and says I will not bear anything again, stay away from me. He goes. She gets teary eyed.

Shraddha sees the wooden pieces and axe, and says my doubt was right.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Saru

      Very true. Sometimes the writers are so much in hurry to update that they forget who is who. But it happens sometimes so to excuse them is our gratefulness.

  1. Fatarajo

    Hey all please don’t kill me after what I m going to say, I know show ka track is not good n dragging but nowadays I m enjoying tis show at least for last 3 days,and today’s episode thahaan scenes in the end was very cute and awesome. Loved it, I want Love confession track asap

    • Hi fatarajo How are you? I guess you’re right even I want to hear their love Confession. I know that bihaan is angry with thaapki but the thing is that he still loves her, he just acting that he doesn’t care for thaapki but deep down he really does.

  2. sag

    superb episode specially thahaan scenes…
    because something is better then nothing 😜

    today I suddenly remember the Best Friend of bhihan,
    who always understand and always with our hero…


  3. Syed Hussain

    Yesterday episode was very disappoinment as well as precap, i was very afraid that this serial will loose its audience, but when i watch todays episode i felt very happy. todays episode was one among the episode from the begining till end, espicially the last two breaks of thahaan was just amazing, we can feel their love in each other, it seems that thapki has slowly getting the feeling of love. u rocks thahaan.

  4. sayli dhule

    Dadi is going to send our thahaan on holiday trip ?????? Its wedding ? function of their relatives sorry Dadi ask bihaan and thapki to attend the wedding ? but bihaan refuse and ask Dadi can he go alone but Dadi ask too take thapki with him. Now bihaan can’t refuse Dadi and they both have to go for wedding ? and they both will come close together

    Excited to watch ???????
    Thahaan ???????

    • Parvini

      Now will that really happen..heck they were supposed to.have special with movie stars that never showed.

      I like bhiaan and thapki love story..don’t get me wrong but the writers are killing us with illogical situationso.

      It’s has gotten back on track the last 2 days. But get the point already and let the real love couple support each other.

      Show druv and Sharradha or over come obstacles from outside as a team.while supporting each other’s weaknesses.

      • Parvini

        It didn’t post correct..

        Sorry typo.

        Show the love between thapki and Bhiaan together. Which will help druv and Sharradha be a couple.

        Lol..still hate Sharradha but as apossible alternative.

        And have the loving thahaan over come together all obstacles

  5. Ally

    Writers are sick no common sense. Shrewd Shraddha don’t have a sense to sing Songs related to situation it’s unbelievable!!!!!
    She could have sing any Bhakti songs instead of Dum maro Dum. Writers are really crazy.

  6. .vinlora

    Nice episode. finally all thahaan fans got releif today…I’m glad that bihhaan didnot join hands with shraddha..meine kaha tha na he was fooling shraddha. good yarr… don’t worry guyz nw story will be more interesting with thahaan nok jok. ..and today I have seen something in thapki’s eyes…some strange feeling for bihaan….kya yahi pyaar hai thapki? ??hope so… thahaan. ..

  7. I hope vasu dosent get deaf anyway thapki will save her nd tell her shraddha truth…. bihaan had a good plan shraddha thought he will help her she is so retarted

  8. santhosh

    TPK not ending in may…….. news from India forums
    Monica khanna (shraddha) confirmed the show not ending in MAY. …..rumours is the fake

  9. Hi guys How are you all?
    I just new bihaan was acting to take the keys from that psyco shraddha. Lol seriously when shraddha sang dam maro dam it was so funny.?

  10. OMG!!! TPK getting off air….I can’t think about it ?…today thahaann scenes are not bad…I will never help shradha.. Bihan u rocks….

  11. Wow thapki is doing good job and behan also yes I know it that one day vasundra will know that thapki is right and shraddha is wrong good thapki prove it you are a perfect bahu

  12. oh! its Bihaans plan to get key from shraddha bhabhiji……the last part of the episode is really well,poor shraddha….day after day she is going to make trouble for herself.Nonethless,its a high spirited episode.i would feel so much of excitement to watch T for THAHAANS T for TRIP.

  13. Mishani ?

    A much better episode than recent ones.

    Actually loved when Vasu gave a Thapki Pyar Ki. That was very sweet.

    Thapki seems energised now to not be such a doormat,

    Bihan is crazy – attacking Thapki like that with a broken bottle. Honestly, I usually love their eye lock scenes, but he was just a big bully today. He really needs to grow up. And Thapki should probably leave the house now that her job of convincing Vasu that her shortcomings do not define her is complete.

  14. nasreen

    i think bihaan is acting because he want to know is she loves him or not.. but he always support for thakpi . i love thahaan forever.. keep support bihaan fot thapki. And great suprise vasu is now thapki side. mmmm…… nice…..

    • Bihaan

      because thapki gave him and his family dhoka, and now he hates her…but his inner soul which still loves her is helping and caring her

  15. santhosh

    Some interesting. .. shakthi serial coming soon. ……
    which serial end. …….!!!!!!!!!!!???????
    I think IKRS serial in danger zone becoz low TRP in colours Chanel and also not repeat telecast in some few days. ……

  16. Appy

    Tpk not getting off air. Balika vadhu & nagin ending this may. & sakti will replacing balika vadhu
    I missed 2days epi. Thanks for the written updates… Poor shradhha… Cez hospitalized in real…

  17. Bihaan

    Arhh…i want to know if bihaan hates her then why dont he tell his family that she lies about second chance and give her divorce( may be he is preventing them from getting hurt), ….adn why thapki is still in PN , she only wants to know the truth and then wants to prove vasu …now what?….atleast give an appropriate reason thapki, plz…she still not confirmed that she wants to gain bihaan’s trust again(and again for what , if sh will leave him soon)

  18. gina_baron

    A man holds a broken bottle to his wife’s throat, romantic music plays. What message are the writers of this series trying to convey? Isn’t there enough violence against women in society? I find this linking of ‘violence/aggression against women’ and ‘romance’ very worrying indeed…

    • bihaan

      violence was till he getting close to her but when she was pinned to the wall, they both get eyelock and got memerised and then both realize their situation and awkwardness, guilty,sadness overcome the environment

  19. don’t understand how the men who love their mothers so much could be so disrespectful to other women,
    How do Bihaan expect Thapki to fall in love with him when he keeps throwing insults and threats?.
    How do Dhruv expect Sharaddha to wait for his love? why would any woman succumb to these conditions?
    There is no sense in any of these actions’

    • bihaan

      bihaan now hates her , he does not want her now , and wants to go away from her…..and respect is given to a person not gender…and what thapki did to him ,he believes she is not worth of respect….its exactly same situation just like in starting days when bihaan was culprit and thapki was victum now the role reversed

      • if someone wants to get away from someone they would not be following them around like a puppy dog. He don’t hate her,he just can’t handle rejection because he is immature and self centered.
        i am aware that respect is not given by gender however it should not be taken away because of gender,therefore i should be applied in both cases as deserve.
        Can a woman ask a man to wait until she thinks it the right time to consummate a marriage i wonder if the situation was the other way around?
        How would someone expect Thapki to fall out and into love so as not to hurt Bihaan feelings whereas the marriage was based on a lie in the first place and yet we speak about unbiases in gender

  20. Ferdousi

    The episodes are getting much better. Writers keep up the good work. As for Thapki she’s staying because her work is not done yet she is trying to change Shraddha and secondly she has stronf feelings for Bihaan.

  21. nimz

    i really need dhruv and thapki back.pls..pls..they are so cuteeeeee….and pls save aditi from diwakar and make bihan aditi jodi.tht vl b gud

    • .vinlora

      Bihaan aditi ki jodi banani hoti tho shuru se hi banaathe. …ab tho no chance…thahaan forever. …shaayad Dhruv aditi ki jodi ban sakthi hai….

  22. Tiara tharaa

    Nice episode. Shraddhas ‘dum maro dum’ song was too good. Thapki did a good job . Vasu give thapki pyaar ki. And thahaan was nice, but broken glass piece towards thapki was not good.

  23. Appy

    I dont lyk bihan’s charactr bt vry much love manish & ankit also. Which bihan did with thapki that was a crime. In real life nobody can forgive that man. But he iz the lead so it would b thahan. But dont make it dhruv & shradhha. Pls pls now just end diwakar’s drama & unite dhruv & aditi. That will b a lovely one. Othrwise if shradhha will cntinueing this show, m gonna kill the directr.

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