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Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki trying to get an auto. Thapki recalls Bihaan saying I love you too to bike. Thapki says this is your bike. He says its my life, you also learn riding bike. She says I don’t need to learn riding, you are always with me. He says what if I m not with you. FB ends.

Thapki sees Bihaan’s bike and ties her dupatta. She wears the helmet and drives as Bihaan taught her the steps. The lady announces that competition will start in 10mins. Vasundara tells Bau ji how will Thapki come in 10mins. Suman and Preeti get a spoon and say we will tell organizers. Kosi tells Naman that we will win, let them get fake spoon, I will make them get disqualified. Vasundara stops Preeti and Suman from cheating and reminds them Thapki’s words, that this contest is of right and

wrong for us, we can win in other’s eyes, but we will lose in our own eyes, Thapki will come, as her relation with Bihaan can’t fail.

Kosi claps and tells Vasundara that competition will be won by race, not lecture, where is Thapki, she stammers, will she win. Vasundara says Thapki stammers, but her courage and intentions are strong, she will come on time. The lady says modak race has 5mins remaining, everyone get prepared. Kosi asks Vasundara is Thapki a spiderman or batman to come in 5mins. Vasundara says she is suhaagan, her every relation is true and Ganesh ji will help her. Thapki goes home and prays to ganesh ji.

She takes the spoon and rushes out. The lady says its just 2mins left now, if Thapki does not come, we will start competition without Pandey family. Kosi asks them to delay competition. The man says sorry, Pandey family can compete in other things. Kosi says fine, I have tried my best, it will happen whats in fate. The ladies say this year Pandeys can’t win, as Bihaan and Thapki are standing against. The modak race is about to begin.

Thapki arrives there, driving the bike. She removes her helmet. Everyone get shocked. Thapki says Pandey family will win this competition, Ganesh ji is with us. She gets down the bike and stumbles holding the bike. Bihaan holds the bike and looks at her. Ranjhana………….plays……… He says Ghazab, you have drove the bike. She says you taught me. He parks bike and goes. Vasundara asks Thapki are you fine, come, race is starting. Thapki shows the spoon. The man gives modak to everyone. Naman says don’t worry Kosi, I did arrangements, Thapki will not lose.

FB shows Naman hears a coin and sticks it below modak. He asks the man to give this one to Thapki, she can’t hold hot modak. FB ends. The man gives that modak to Thapki. Sankara says give it to me and takes that modak in her spoon. Kosi goes to Sankara and changes the modak. She signs to Naman. Naman asks Bihaan are you fine. Thapki sees Bihaan. Kosi changes modak. Bihaan says I m fine.

Everyone cheer for Thapki. Thapki feels the spoon getting hot. She looks at Bihaan and then Ganesh idol. She goes ahead holding the hot spoon. Kosi worries seeing Thapki going ahead. Kosi throws a stone in Thapki’s way. Hare Ram…..plays………… Thapki steps on the stone and finishes the race first. She reaches the idol and keeps the modak. She prays. Sankara comes next and keeps the modal. Kosi stops Bihaan from going to Thapki. Vasundara asks Thapki is she fine. Thapki says fine. Bau ji asks Thapki how did her face turn red. Suman asks how did you stumble. Thapki says there was stone in the way. Preeti says someone did this to make Thapki lose.

Thapki says Ganesh ji made us win. Vasundara says and your courage too, and hugs her. The lady announces Thapki won the first round. Bihaan smiles. The lady says we have to know if Thapki wins next rounds without her husband Bihaan, will she make Pandey family win. The lady says Sankara Jaiswal has come 2nd, we are proceeding with next round now. The weather turns bad and stormy. Everyone rush. The lady announces that next round will be conducted in Pandey Nivaas now, Balwinder gave his house to us and helped, thanks to him, you all prepare for the next round, that’s dance competition. At night, Kosi is angry.

Naman asks her to calm down. Kosi asks how, Thapki is sitting in my life as a Naagin. He says we have to make Thapki leave and then we can do anything with Bihaan easily, calm down and think, come with me. They leave. Thapki heard them and says it means my doubt was right, they are going to do something wrong with Bihaan, I have to be with Bihaan every moment.

Thapki says I have just one way to save Bihaan, that’s to expose the wrong people. She asks Ganesh ji to become her eyes and see their truth, everyone will be recorded in the eyes, which have camera fixed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hate the current tract it’s too boring we don’t get to see any thahaan scenes just that irritating Kosi and this days am
    Starting to hate bihaan as well plz cv bring this tract to an end

  2. Its like an OK episode…i think the competition will lead more Thahaans scenes…Writerji…enough pls don’t playing with our feelings…Manish…you always being GAJAB…

  3. today thahaan scene is nice hi to all new members and dear pooja I never forget u frnd u always near my heart . I will try to comment here when I will be free love u frnd miss other too may they Join us soon where is shadz?

  4. Boring track…..Nowadays I am losing all interest in the show…..l don’t like bihan’s behavior ….I want to beat the TPK writer….?

  5. Tambah mbulet koyok susur,kpan thahaan bersatu kembali????

    1. tambah ra karu karuan ceritane ,, wkwkwk
      btw im so glad there is an indonesian people read this updates?

      1. Yes. I am Indonesian too.
        I love thapki series. And always read the update.
        In Indonesia, thapki is popular tv serial.

  6. Me too swara.i also feel the same nwdys thapki has lost its intrsts

  7. Its becoming a dumb and senseless crap serial. And hate kosi she’s a horrible mom she’s just an idiotic creature including shankara


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