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Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki saying Dhruv that there can be nothing between them now. Dhruv cries being sad. Bihaan and Paan catch Diwakar. Diwakar shouts for help as they make him stand in the big frying pan and scare him. Diwakar says let me go please and apologizes to him. Bihaan says Thapki is my wife and her family is my family, if you point finger at them, then see…. Paan lights fire under the frying pan. Diwakar jumps down and says I m sorry, I will never point finger at Thapki Bhabhi. He runs from there.

Paan says Diwakar will not tell anyone now, but when will you speak up, when will you say you went to Thapki’s house to save their respect, till when will you earn bad name. Bihaan says I lost name and respect, its fine Thapki and her family will be okay, I m responsible

for their state. Paan wishes everyone saw Bihaan’s goodness.

Poonam tells Krishnakant that they did wrong to send Thapki with Bau ji and Vasundara. He says they have sent her as per the situation. Thapki sees Dadi coughing and goes to make kada for her. She recalls Dhruv and cries. She thinks of Dhruv’s words and does not light the stove after switching on the knob. Bihaan comes home and smells LPG. He goes to see in the kitchen and just then Thapki is about to light the stove. Bihaan holds Thapki and pulls her out.

He asks is she in her senses, she would have burnt. She says even now I m burning and dying every moment, just because of you, don’t come close to me, don’t dare to touch me, I hate you. She crosses the date on the calendar and says one day in this house got less. He leaves and sees Vasundara there. Vasundara says everyone wants to break this relation, I won’t let Thapki and Dhruv’s relation join again, I have to work hard to unite Bihaan and Thapki.

Thapki asks Vasundara about her bag. Vasundara says maybe its in Bihaan’s room and acts like getting hurt. Thapki asks her to take rest, she will get the bag. She goes to Bihaan’s room and sees him exercising. Vasundara locks Thapki in the room and goes. Suman and Preeti get shocked seeing this. Thaoki takes her bag and Bihaan sees her. Thapki finds the door locked. Vasundara asks Suman and Preeti what are they doing here and asks them to come for aarti. Dadi asks Suman about Thapki. Suman says she does not know.

Thapki calls out Vasundara to open the door. Bihaan checks the door and says its locked from outside. He calls out Maa to open the door. Bihaan says I think aarti is going on, they can’t hear us, wait for something, why did you come. Thapki says she has come to take her bag, else she does not like to see his face. He gets angry. Thapki asks someone to open the door. Bihaan exercises and gets under the dumbbell. Thapki gets shocked.

Vasundara calls media for reception. Bau ji gets angry. Dhruv asks Vasundara to tell the truth, as reception will happen of Thapki and Bihaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. love thapki bihaan jodi

  2. Oh god…
    I just want to punch Vasu…
    Thapki is looking good with Bihaan but Dhruvki is always cute…

  3. i hate vasundhara………….how can she hurt her own kid……………..

  4. nice episode… pls unite thapki and bihaan both of them look so cute….

  5. love you thapki pyaar ki
    Bihaan-thapki pair super

  6. Thapki and Bihan pair is good… I started to like them

  7. I hate this serial. The chemistry betwn thapki and Dhruv was awesome. Now its boring. I don’t know why this director every time do the same mistake. In his previous serial nauc also he broke the relationship. The serial went off air. The same thing will happen to this also. Please change your script otherwise no one will watch ur upcoming serial.

  8. I don’t love thapki bihan ka jodi. And I also love druvki… Pls rejoin druvki..

  9. I like the story & interesting to me.
    But acting ko thodasa improve karnahipadega.
    Esspecially BIHAAN ko. Muje lagaki he is giving same expressions when he was in angry & was in normal.

    Plz improve it bihaangi….
    Bcz i like you (bihaan) & thapiki.
    You Both are cute. Esakarnese bahuth cute lagega bihaangi……. karona plz….

    I like thapiki and bihaan pair..
    Waiting for next episode.

  10. ThBi jodi is nice.i am waiting for both together.luv u thBi!

  11. Thapki n bihaan jodi super. Pls start there love story

  12. I like thapki & dhruv nt bihaan. Bihaan sucks get influenced by his mother’s words & destroying his broyher’s happiness.

  13. I luv dhruvki
    But now i startrd luving bihaan and thapki pair

  14. I think Thapki and bihaan is the couple of the show not druv

  15. Pls bring dhruvki together soon as possible

  16. only love dhurvki …..bihan is a good boy bt I can not see him with thapki at any cost……plsss rejoin lovlycpl dhurvkiiiiiiii

  17. Bihaanki(bihaan & thapki )jodi is fab…dhruv was nice but i like more adventure and fighting romance is always pleasure to was where with dhruv it was missing n boring so…love u both bihaanki…keep going.

  18. I ♥♡♥ thapki ♥ (pyaar) ♥ ki

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