Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv telling Thapki that he got tensed seeing her walking towards dancers, and appreciates her for handing the situation well. Thapki says I have lost my child and will not let anything wrong happen infront of Devi Maa. She says Bihaan will not know that I am Thapki. Bihaan talks to Dadi while she is sleeping and tells that he will make Thapki confess her truth, and tells that he can’t live without her. Shraddha is applying face pack on Kosi. Kosi tells her that she is feeling burning sensation. Shraddha tells her that she will look good. Dhruv thinks he has added something in the face pack which will ruin her face and relation between them. He comes inside and asks Kosi not to worry, says Shraddha is an expert of styling, and that’s why looks so beautiful. Shraddha

blushes. He says you will glow after you take off this face pack. Shraddha puts cucumber on her eyes and asks her not to move. She goes.

Dhruv follows her and says I want to say something to you. I was just thinking we will have change from home made food. He asks will you come with me. Shraddha asks where you will take me. Dhruv says I thought five star hotel, but you can take me anywhere. Shraddha thinks may be Dhruv have earned so much money in few years. She agrees. Dhruv asks her to get ready and says he will book table for them. Shraddha gets happy and thinks Dhruv is coming near her with his wish, it is good that Thapki died, now I can enjoy. Thapki comes out from washroom after having bath and is about to zip up kameez, Bihaan comes and tries to zip her back. Thapki is shocked.

Thapki asks him to leave her and asks how dare he to touch her. Bihaan says he has full right to touch her as he loves only one girl Thapki. Thapki gets angry. Bihaan says you are beautiful like my Thapki and asks her to call him whenever she needs help as he feels closer to her. Thapki thinks even I loved only you Bihaan, but you made me away. Now I can’t get weak being Vani Oberoi.

Preeti and Suman come to Kosi and ask shall I have Chinese. Kosi turns to them. Preeti and Suman laugh seeing her. Kosi says she had applied face pack on her face and looks in the mirror. She gets shocked and thinks Shraddha makes her look like witch. Aditi comes to her room and tells that she wants her sign on some papers. Kosi asks her to take sign of Shraddha and asks her to go to hotel and take her sign. Aditi refuses, but Kosi scolds her. Shraddha and Dhruv are having food in the hotel. She tells him that she likes outings. Dhruv says I will take you regularly. Shraddha says if you would have been like this, then I would not have divorced you. She asks him not to propose her, else she will say yes.

Aditi comes there, and tells that Kosi sent her asking her to take signatures on the papers. Shraddha takes the papers. Aditi and Dhruv looks at each other. Shraddha gets angry. Aditi asks her to sign. Dhruv drinks juice. Shraddha thinks you can’t face anyone Aditi. She cleverly opens her dress zip with knife. Aditi finds out that her zip is open. Shraddha signs and gives papers back to
Aditi. Everyone stares Aditi and smile. Dhruv understands and covers up Aditi with his suit. He asks are you okay and asks her to go in his car. He tells Shraddha that he will settle down bill and go home. Shraddha scolds Aditi and calls her cheap. Aditi cries. Shraddha asks her to get out. Dhruv comes back and stops Aditi, and says I will drop you home. Aditi says it is okay and asks him to stay far from her. Dhruv thinks what happened to her suddenly. Aditi takes an auto and goes home. Dhruv and Shraddha comes back. Shraddha asks what happened to you? Why you are upset? Dhruv says I am fine.

Kosi shouts Shraddha. Shraddha asks what happened Kosi Mom? Why you are walking with ghunghat on her face. Kosi lifts ghunghat and scolds Shraddha. Shraddha is shocked. Dhruv smiles. Kosi asks what did you mix in the face pack that I got pimples. Dhruv says you will be fine in some days and asks her to keep ghunghat till then. Thapki comes and asks Kosi to apply ointment on her face and says she brought it as Suman told her about her. She asks Shraddha to be careful next time. Kosi takes the ointment and is thankful to Thapki. She asks Shraddha to learn something from her and asks her to thank Thapki. Shraddha says sorry to Kosi and thanks to Thapki/Vani. Kosi asks her to be careful next time. Thapki and Dhruv smiles and give high five to each other. Dhruv says it is a big success. Thapki says night is still remaining, don’t know what Bihaan would do.

Bihaan asks why she is getting affected as you loves me. Thapki comes and says yes I love you. Bihaan and Sankara looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Guys…Iam shocked when I see this precap.Bihaan proposes that idiotic Shankar.oh…am couldn’t able imagine that even in my dream.I think it will be his new plan for confessing her.but friends according to the spoilers Thapki will control her emotions and feelings…really feeling sad.
    Friends…Garima.Reshal,Jo,Sruthi,Sanity….what do you think about this???Thapki ,will able to continue this drama.B for Bihaan B for Best.

  2. It’s clearly evident that Aditi & dhruv will be paired & off course shraddha will be kept out.Aditi Ki parents ko foreign bhej dia.Toh aditi ko kyun nehi bheja?Dhruv Ki sath Rasleela rachane k liye?

  3. Iam soo sad ….Bihan huge Shankar…Plisss throw out Shankar…

  4. Areh? In the last precap it seems bihan hears thapki’s talking to dhruv that she is thapki. Why in this episode there’s no that scene? Where’s that scene gone?

    1. yaaa…. you right…where’s the scenes gone yaaa???

    2. That’s because they clubbed two scenes together n fooled us… Maybe thapki’s confession and bihaan’s smile after talking to thapki is shown…

    3. I mean bihan’s smile after talking to dadi

  5. great episode.well done .

  6. pls end this Sankara character. I hate her.

  7. Super epi….I love tharuv bonding. Feeling bad for aditi…idiot shraddha….

  8. Superb epiiisode dhruvvv rocked

  9. I have never liked Bihaan. His is a self centre person.
    I love Dhruv, I wish he get back to Thopki, they deserve to be together

    1. Dear stry me dhruv n thapki wala chapter khatam hoke jamana ho chuka hai…vo jst ek track tha tharv ka…vo bhi thahaan ko milane k liye…as v all knw k bihaan pehele select hua tha as d main lead n thn dhurv tharuv jaisa kabhi nhi hoga…i m watching this show from strt n as a view a viewers its gud nw k dhurv is back n ab uski nayi love stry suru hogi…so better enjy d new track…of thahaan n adiruv….dono bhai with dono behen ? it will become i m happy n love today epi too

  10. That Shankar is getting on my nerves she is spoiling the show. She needs to b out

  11. Just realised that the writers show how clever Thapki is but then make her not see the obvious. She knows that Bihaan knows that she is Thapki but she won’t admit it but doesn’t she think why hasn’t he asked about the baby

  12. thapki looks sweet with bihaan,they looks good together, when i found out that thaaki is real girl of dhuruv, i was so sad, and for 1 week i stop watching thaapkis serial, but i get over the shocked of knowing that she and dhuruv r in frendship for real, but i really love to see thaapki with bihaan, i love eevrittryone and also dadi,i ddint watch the serial for a month now but i daily read the written update ty to the one who send this update! stay blessed!

    1. Sorry dear bt one request is there to u n all d friends (thapki viewers) pls dont stop watching d show n only read wu…becz of this might b d show having trp issue …if possible so pls start watching thapki pyaar ki at 6:30..on tv..becz ryt nw d show need tht

  13. Why can’t all the episodes be uploaded so we can watch online

  14. Manish ki deewani

    Hi pooja I also read that spoiler but I didn’t like this precap bcz bihaan propose that Shankar I know its bihaan’s new plan to expose vaani
    I can’t bear that crack idiot brainless Shankar plz kicked them (kosi & Shankar )from pandey niwas

  15. Manish ki deewani

    And sharada u r so cheap u r the cheapest woman in the world hw could u do this I olso feel bad 4 aditi this is 4 sharada not 4 Monica
    And what is happened with u its good bcz u deserve all this

  16. New couple not only aditi druv..
    But shankar bihaan.. SO BORED to watch this!!!! ?

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