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Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a guy dressed as a peon, giving tea to everyone in Dhruv’s office. He recalls planning with Ghanshyam, and turns out to be Ghanshyam’s son. He makes tea fall on the staff member and messages Dhruv from his phone to reach somewhere for work. Dhruv is leaving for office and forgets his phone. Thapki sees Dhruv’s phone ringing. She runs to give him and sees Dhruv gone. She gets the call again and answers it.

The man tells about Ghanshyam’s son Hiralal trying to kill Dhruv, so it would be good if he stays at home today. Thapki says he already left, it means he is in danger, and gets Aman’s message which Hiralal did. She calls Aman.

She asks Aman about the message. He says he did not send any message. She says it means Dhruv is in danger, call police

at that point. She thinks what to do, Bau ji, Sanjay and Ashwin are not at home, I will tell Bihaan, but It can get late, I will go and call Bihaan from on the way. She takes the auto and leaves. Paan sees her leaving. Suman and Preeti talk about her. Bihaan asks did she see Thapki. Preeti says yes, we will see her, let right time come.

Bihaan recalls Thapki’s words and thinks did she leave home. Paan tells him about Thapki rushing to bypass mountain, why did she go there. Bihaan thinks did she go to commit suicide. He asks him to manage at home, he will get Thapki home. Thapki realizes she has forgot her phone at home. Dhruv comes at the bypass mountain and looks around. The goons come there and surround him. Dhruv sees Ghanshyam and his son.

Thapki is still on the way and worries. The auto rickshaw stops far and she goes to look for Dhruv. Bihaan is on the way on his bike. Dhruv gets beaten up by the goons. Ghanshyam tries to kill him. Thapki sees this and gets shocked. The goons catch Thapki too. Ghanshyam beats Dhruv. Thapki shouts Dhruv Sir and asks them to leave her. Dhruv asks them to leave Thapki. Bihaan comes there on time and gets shocked. Bihaan beats the goons.

The goons push Bihaan down the cliff. Dhruv shouts Bihaan and runs to see him. Thapki and Dhruv get shocked and shout Bihaan. Dhruv asks where is he and asks him to answer him. They get worried.

The inspector says we got a body and asks Dhruv to see. Dhruv checks the belongings and sees Bihaan’s wallet. He shouts Bihaan……… Thapki cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I felt very sad.I don’t know wat happened to bihaan.

  2. Wow…yet another sacrifice by bihaan for everyone n he gain nothing good in return he is now going to pretend to die n hide

  3. Wow… Really bihaan is going to sacrifice for everyone n let me guess no one is going to appreciate his goodness again rt but not for me I love u bihaan

  4. Mohini Poojari

    Ye kya bakwas hi bihan aur tapki ko alag mat Karo yaar

  5. OMG…! Writers pls dont finish (kill) Bihaan’s character…i hate this precap..!!!!!

  6. Now… It’s gonna be too dramatic… What a childish turn… I didn’t like the way they tries to shock us… I am sure Bihaan is alive… Now Bihaan may lost his memory or Bihaan will come injured and Thapki will cure him or any Hill livers may found Bihaan and ….. MANY MORE…

    1. very true

  7. My god….what’s happening

  8. i hope thapki realises the fact that she loves bihaan and cares for him.
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz unite thabi

  9. very sad episode

  10. pls dont kill bihan he is so good & cute i just want 2 see bihan n thapki 2gether

  11. Omg…
    is bihaan really dead
    I will quit watching this soap..
    No bihan No TPK..
    writers plz not end bihaan character…
    he is the real hero of thapki..
    luv u thahaan

  12. Always thapki ND Dhruv s very good pair…how Dhruv love her nd how they celebrate nd cut d cake ? bfr their wedding…plz unite thapki ND Dhruv.dont make them separate nw too..i quit watching this serial ND also written update when bihaan marry thapki..after tht I read tdy Ly..still it s worse Ly..plz make thapki marry Dhruv..bcz of her stammering prblm how many problems she faces..

    1. Trisha after thahaans mrge trp is increase so reality is everybody loves thahaan

  13. im very sad bihaan….miss u

  14. we want bihaan thapki unitee………don’t kill bihaan..

  15. precap tho bakwas tha?… i don wana see bihaan die?… plz unite thapki n bihaan.. bihaan is the one who sacrifies fo evry one?…..

  16. Dont end his character…if Bihaan is not there,no story..

  17. Varsha Darshini

    Oh yaar if bihaan is dead story will be worst he can be a good body guard…

  18. Ye sab serial ki story ek jesi hi q hoti h

  19. Dead body ka face khrab h matlab wo bihan nhi h saman bihan ka milega
    Marlab jo dress wo pehen rha tha usse b to pehchan ho skti h ya jo dead bidy k pas saman milega use pehchan hogi kya bajwas h ye

  20. Nøooo..bihaaaan.. Omg.. Ur nevr die.. I lve bihaan plz.. Cme bke bihaan.. 🙁
    #bihaaan much

  21. I want to see bihaan alive n so that he enters d house soon when everyone is crying for him…pls writers i m begging u dnt kill bihaan or make him hide sumwhere so dat he can reunite dat dhruv wid thapki or he is losing his memory or sumthing else…pls bring him back ASAP n make thapki realize his luv for him she now know dat he is so caring n loving from inside n just pretends ti be rude…no bihaan n yess no trp n d serial will definately loose its craze n wud go down in few day…or may be off air…plz its a request from all bihaanki fans…reunite them..plzzzzzzzzz……

  22. Bihaan should come back .Thapki will get an opportunity to take care of him n knw him more…

  23. Stupid director..if u will kill ,i will stop watch serial…i love bihaan…dont kill or hide…bihaan will hide means i hate ds…i want bihaans cute joking attitude…dont be hide him…or anything else…unite thapki n bihaan soon…

  24. plzzzz don’t separate thapki and bihaan….

  25. Me kal episode deknahipae. Ethane me ethana sab hogaya. Writerji aap esakese karsakthe. Plzzz bring back bihaan. Plzzz dont end (kill) him. I like bihaan. Plzzzzzzzzz vapas laea bihaan ko.

  26. plzzzzzzz don’t end the character of bihaan he is soo cute ND nice

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