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Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kiran saying winner will the one who wins the maxium time. Bihaan says I will drink water and come, and keeps one phone with video call on. He signs Thapki. Kiran distributes the cards. Bihaan has Q Q and 10 cards, while Shraddha has K A Q cards. Bihaan sees her cards by the video feed in his phone. Shraddha cheats and exchanges the cards. Bihaan sees her cheating and says amazing, she is cheating me, she does not know I m her father in cheat. Shraddha says this time she will show cards. She keeps her cards, K A Q. Everyone get glad and clap for Shraddha. Bihaan says you are first to lose, as my cards are yet to show up. He keeps his cards, diamond, club with same number 4. He then shows the third card 4 spade. Bihaan wins. Ashwin and Sanjay ask Bihaan to make Shraddha

lose again, then he will win.

Shraddha says how did he win, how did he know my cards, I have to win. She gets a call and reacts angrily. The family looks on and gets shocked seeing her angry. Shraddha says sorry. Preeti and Suman praise Bihaan and say no one can make Bihaan lose. Shraddha gets enraged. Diwakar troubles Aditi. She gets angry and shows a knife to him. she says you married me by making me helpless, but don’t dare to think this as true marriage, else I will kill you.

Kiran says now we will know who wins. Bihaan thinks Shraddha got angry by losing once, if she loses now, she will show her truth. Bihaan sees her cards and the phone battery goes. He gets worried. Kiran asks him to show cards. Bihaan signs Thapki and tells about her phone getting off, stand behind Shraddha, we have to bring her truth out. Shraddha and Bihaan show the cards.

Thapki does not stand behind Shraddha. Bihaan keeps his cards Q Q 10. Shraddha smiles and doies cheating. Bihaan gets angry on Thapki. Shraddha says sorry Bihaan, this time you can’t win. She shows her winning card. She wins again, and the family gets happy. Kiran says no one could win playing with Bihaan till now. They all praise Shraddha. Ashwin and Sanjay say Bihaan lost to a girl. Shraddha says it happens, winning and losing is part of a game, we are from same family. Bihaan goes angrily.

Bau ji tells the note, Bihaan would be paired with Thapki. They all scold Bihaan for writing Thapki’s name. Thapki says she will fulfill this ritual, and sits on the weighing machine.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode

    1. Did u get precap????????

  2. Shradha won the game its irrting.

  3. Thapki plz helps to ur innocent husband.

  4. Idiot thapki

  5. Shraddha is a chudail she is smart to cheat infront of her to be in-law family..
    She will go well with vasundara (in cheating )..Sad for
    Bihaan he lost the game today with chudail Shraddha
    Friends I didn’t get precap why Thapki is so sad and crying …?

  6. Totally dissappointing episode,Thapki pls tried to understand Bihaan………

  7. No worries still thahaan has time
    But this shraddha should not win the final game…………she surely has to lose…..
    Can anyone explain d precap. Pls…

  8. I cudnt watch todays episode….and i cudnt undersran the precap…pls somebdy explain

  9. Frnds plz tell wts shwn in precap??
    I cnt understand.
    me frm Kerala plz telll

  10. I saw in browser that thapki notices the truth of vasu , more interestingly bihaan loves thapki ……..awesome

  11. Poor Bihaan…I feel bad about Thapki there is no need of this much innocence .Enikku precap manassilayilla any one can explain what’s that mean.tpk story is very boring…I miss THARUV s romance.Tharuv plz come back…Expect the coming episodes are good

  12. Don’t know why but this precap is quite funny in a very strange way,may be because of dadi’s voice :p

  13. wow…ty epi is awsn…bihan…omg…he is so hot and handsome guy…im so excited the sceen to challenge to shardha….he look to her….his eyes are look like chines guy…i just cant ctrl my laugh actuly he look at her angrily….and the end time the ph was switchoff like thapki backward the bihan’s plan….finally cheatibg shardha win….bt its quit interesting….
    nw i read spoiler….vasu insult thapki bzc of she agaisr to sharha….so thapki to c her real face…..
    and diwaker with aditi cme to insult thapki….bihan fight with diwaker and also support to her family…thapki realize the bihaan goodness tooo….
    so finally THAHANAN love blosseming to star
    thanaan rocz…….

    1. Sorry,we didn’t understand what u wrote ? I got a little . write it clearly plz…………..

  14. The precap is like their is a ritual in which there will be a weight machine (in which u compare 2 things )so in that on one side there will be a heavy sack and everyone should write a things name which will be heavier than the sack so bihaan write something else in the envelope but someone changes and right thapki s name that’s why everyone gets angry at him that how can he sell thapki but thapki cries and tell I will fulfill his wish and sits on it

  15. Good story like bihaan and thapki

  16. it is boring so plz unite thapki and dhruv

  17. Keep trying bihaan until u expose shraddha

  18. hai deepu.. Peracap etha ariyaan.. Njamal eniyum kurach epi w8 cheyandi varumen thonunada.. eni diwakar avda k varuna epi.. Oky ele..

  19. Its toooooooo boring. . Plz unite thapki dhruv.. and thapki don’t be a crybaby. U always keep crying on small things.. and plz don’t be so Satyawaadi.. ppl always cheated on you then why r u being so satyawaadi.. it really irritating to watch such things.

  20. Now a days goodness doesnt mean foolishness plz being good nd kind from heart doesnt mean having no brain to think….stop showing thapki like this…

  21. Useless thapki…good for nothing…total waste…why u r being so nice to shraddha even after knowing how evil she us…so plz help bihaan to expose her …becoz this shows how good n caring bihaan is but dnt care n only stuck wid ur so call satyavadi words which is of no use when u cannot helo ur family to rescue from evil hand n dhruv…understand dat bihaan is so nice n will love umore dan this world trust me…still i wud say thahaan rocks coz for u both i watch tpk…thapki bihaan ki

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