Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Panday family takes bauji home. Dhruv told aswin to take bauji to his room. Bihaan want to say that he will take bauji to his room but dhruv stops him. bihaan and thapki got sad. At night, everyone except thahaan was at bauji’s room taking his care. Bihaan enters into room but vasu stops him angily. Dadima felt bad for him. bihaan told thapki that he will watch bauji by standing out. Two ladies came and ask about bauji’s health.

They said that 9 out of 10 people died in coma. You have less time so take care of bauji as much as you can. Dadima cry. Bihaan feels bad but he controls his anger. Thapki came in between and says that I am younger than you all but I believe that 1 person who came out coma is our bauji. Ladies blessed her and leave. Thapki was standing alone in balcony, dhruv came there and ask her why she is doing this. Why she favoring wrong person. Bihaan was passing by and stops.

Thapki told dhruv that she didn’t have any proof to prove bihaan innocent right now so he won’t believe him.(bihaan get glad) she wanted to ask help from him. but she know that he will not help her. dhruv says he is ready to help her.(bihaan looks on shocked) but not to prove that she is saying truth but for prove that she is with wrong person. Bihaan get sad and leave.

Precap: dhruv ask thapki what help she need. Thapki says she wants to come on his tv show.

Credit to: truelove

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  1. I’m confused…What happen to the cake scenario? Did they get to feed it to Bauji?

    1. Yes……Dadi gave it to Bauji
      After that Bauji heartbeat became stable…..


  2. omg what a precap
    no tharuv want seriously
    want to hit cvs with that blue chappal so that they get idea to write thahaan love


    1. hmmm right

      when dhruv ready to help to thapki that time I also think that “relationship change” track started parallaly but when he clear the reason that he wants to prove that thapki taken rong side this time. it means no thruv

      1. I hope they wont bring in a jealous bihaan

  3. What a terrible update I didn’t see the show today and I was depending no the update oh well????

  4. OMG….why everyone wanted to see Bihaan as a culprit. Bihaan brought up in Pandey family….. But no one believe him… so sad ..
    I think vasu is trying to get rid of Bihaan.. by blaming him for Bauji’s condition… she used situation well.

  5. This is not at all fair….writers are tried to play with our feelings.iam totally distracted….

    1. pooja they r

      actually everythingless

      1. Lol…finally trp wil also bcom less?

  6. Nice episode:-).shocking precap! Oh truelove is it written by u? Tab hi mein kahon ke amena ne kabhi bhi “thahaan” nahi likha.aur ye update bhi itni der se hua hai:-).but it was good

  7. Aparna12 appu

    I didn’t saw the episode on TV…but i don’t think this is the starting..where is the cake scene n thapki seeing the culprit footprint..pls anyone reply

    1. Aparna! I saw the episode on tv at 10:30 am today.not on colours on net.there was the scene when dadima feed bauji the cake thahaan made.and then his condition get stabled

      1. Aparna12 appu

        Thanks Maria 🙂

  8. Just chill guyz….no tharuv track nothing …..thapki wants to prove bihaan innocent and wants to punish the real culprit…so she wants to come on Dhruv sirs tv show maybe it’s a part of her master plan….don’t worry guyz by the end of this murder mystery there will be thapki realisation and thahaan confession for sure….thahaan forever. .

    1. For a minute there even i was excited thinking shes gona do sumthin smart….but knowing these writers i think she may start singing tht famous hum apke hai song with altered lyrics “burkha dedo… joote leloo

      1. ha…santhosh…u seem to b havin the same line of thoughts too. wrs sag..thapki n all their share of spoofs?

      2. Yar nothing special in yesterdays epi same goofs cake aand chapal…but yeah pandey family has very illiterate neighbours having no ethics?

      3. And another one. … burke ke peeche kya hain ….Chappal ke neeche kya hain…..

      4. Yesterday update late na iss liye SAG abi tak nazar nahi aaya hain

      5. @ vinlora I know thahaan forever bu due to running track I losing my patience…

        @ roshni n santhosh u both find perfect song

        burke ke peeche kya hain ….Chappal ke neeche kya hain….. 😛 😛 😛

        n burka dedo… joote lelo 😛

        I find another one

        Tujhe Aaj Bhi Pakkad Na Payi…
        Kisise Ab Kya Kehna
        Dhruv ki help bhi kam Na Aayi
        Kisi Se Ab Kya Kehna… 😉

    2. Cvs ge namm mele karune yavaga barutho gottilla……..!!!!!!!?????

      1. by the tym they show karuna i wud b stirrin in my grave as an old dead lady

      2. Lol…santhosh ….chappal ke niche kya hai? Aise hi episodes banayenge to writers ke gaal hi honge chappal ke niche?

      1. Yes saw it just chapal chapal nd chapal ????

      2. Santhosh Give Me Yeh Taali
        Apne cvs ka Bheja Hai Khaali
        Aajke Episode me bhi #Chappals Hai Dikhne Wali…

        😛 o_O

      3. Sag…tum to sher aur shayari bhi likhte ho yaar. Wah wah

      4. Is thapki gona come on tv and request ppl “aap sab logon se meri binthi hai ki aap apne samne khade huye vyakti ke chappal ko zara khor se dekhe..kk kya aisi (shows blue chappal) chappal pehan rakha hai?kkkya ek hi chappal pehana hai?pppe pe please hamare bauji ko insaaf dene mein madath kijiye. Is chappal khojne mein mujhe pupupuri india ki madat chahiye”

  9. I read it somewhere that Manish goplani is leaving TPK….if its true then TPK will go off air soon..?….

  10. guyz TPK is not going off air.

    here’s the link-

    watch the last part of video

    1. Thank godness !! I just love TPK and thahaan !!

  11. tv show main bi chappal dikana hain kya thapki madam. ….

    up coming episode….

    Chappal ki deewani ne ab chappal se matching dress bhi pehen liya…..

    1. Lol!!!!!!!!!!

    2. hahahhe

      I want 2 say…

      Hamari mange puri karo….

      chappal track band karo….

      1. Gali Gali Me Shor hai…

        current track Bor hai….

        phirse 😀

        Gali Gali Me Shor hai…

        apne cvs chor hai…

  12. thapki looks lovely in saris but she must be most comfortable in her salwars. So she is back to her old dresses.

  13. Please, please, please can someone post a comprehensive update on this episode for the benefit of the non-Hindi speakers???

  14. Nothing new in epi story stucked at the same point CHAPAL and CAKE

    Oh buaji was in coma how he ate that alien cake??? a normal person would have choked And by some miracle the chamtkari cake washed out all the poison frm baujis body hahah
    And yeah i saw upcomings again chapal drama all the burka women wearing same chappal like seriously???????
    Mr writer what else is left thapki romancing chappal and having kids with chapal? no we want thahaaaaaan story but all u can write about is CHAPAL anf that is very veru very very ugly yuck…..

    1. romancing chappal n kids


      yesterday’s episode was torture..!!!

      SBAS Headlines-ThaHaan ki bhagam bhaag
      hai ki thamne ka naam nehi le rahi…ek jodi
      chappal ne ThaHaan ke honsh uda diye
      hai…lekin ek bar phir burqe ka raaz haath
      ate ate reh gaya…

      1. haha.hey!

      2. Hahahah

  15. kya update tha yeh…it did not had any begining…n it was not described properly…plz bring Amena…thus writer is not good at any sense…n sorry for that..

  16. IKRS off air its confirm news…. yesterday I saw the new serial SHAKTHI promo air on 30th may show time 8 pm Monday to Friday UDAAN r BV change the show time…. telecast at 6:30 pm

    Coming to the episode. ……

    copyright comment…..I like this comment. …

    pehle chappal chappal kar rahi thi…ab chappal ke nishaan ke peeche parr gaye hai lagta hai journalism aur LLB ke saath saath Thapki ne shoe making factory mein bhi kaam kiya hai…isiliye usse footprints ki itni pehchaan hai

    1. it’s good news tpk not going to air off

      but u notice is bar burkha man ne another type ki chappal pehni thi….

      how we gat same footprint form another typs slipper ?

  17. Episode was just ok… But precap is shocking… I don’t wan’t tharuv together . Just thahaan ?❤️

    1. luked like they wantd bihaan to feel a bit insecure

  18. Hmmmm….. pretty quiet here today! Well sinz I saw the episode ystrdy (tht too fast forwrded thru thr useless usual mumbo jombo).. I dont knw if Il recollect all the blunders. Heres wat I picked up

    1) the dr lets the entire pagal parivaar inside the so called icu while the patient is crashing …… aaand then….. he lets dadi feed bau ji!!!!!! Gosh…. this takes “hunger pangs ” to a whole new level ! Did the dr think bau ji ws worsening due to a fatal attack of hunger pangs?! Uff… bau jis luv for cake is sure worser than pretty zintas pregnancy pica inthe song “pone baara baje ” frm salaam namaste.

    Doesnt tak a medical degree to knw swallowing is a counscious effort….I wud like to know how a comatosed bau ji swallowed the cake…. hmmm dadi ma sure must hav stuck her hand deep into the
    throat n then to the stomach to achieve tht feat!

    2) I thnk the writers editd out some melodramatic dialogues like “tumare cake ne bauji ko bachaya” … I hope they update themslvs with public opinions.
    The way I saw the scene : thapki makes dadi ma feed bau ji….. bau jis condition worsens….he chokes as the cake entered the wind pipe/trachea…. dr injects medicines…fixes the situation and says ” ab bauji khatre se (refering to tht khatarnak cake) se bahar hai”. Evry1 thnks the cake ws magical! Yey thapki saves the day!

    3) I hv herd of alcoholic…..chocoholic…. lekin chappaholic pehli baar dek rahi hu! Thapki is obsessd with chappals? wat u dont bliv me? Do u recal an episode wr bihaan fals off the cliff n fakes his own death n thspki sees his footprint in hosp n solvs the mystry. Bihaan ke akhon mein pyaar nazar nahi ayi…. lekin isko chappal ka print nazar atha hai! Forget the eyelocks… is ladki ko har jaga chappal hi nazar athi kai. Hmmm and does she lift ppls feet to chek the print.

    4)CHAPPAL BLUNDERS unlimited….. further points

    4a) our thapki J ( j for javera) n nimisha said it…. thapki hs the othr chappal…so it shud hv been a funny combination of shoe print n footprint ;-p

    4 b)we saw thahaan on the bike. Hot sunny day….I thnk bihaan ws sweatin. To ye keechad (mud) kaha se ayi?

    4b) y didnt the burkha man wipe off his feet at the entranz? Ok… if he did leave a trail then the prints shud hav led him to the room with a suspicious burnt pataka lying on the floor ryt? Infact that trail wud hav taken them to wrevr he last was.

    4c) icus r suppose to b kept sterile….ddint the dr or house keepin notice a person spreadin muddy prints evrywr.

    4d) hmmm Yey chappal mein aisi kya khaas baat hai? Does it hav gucci written on the sole? Luked like a grooveless flat heel whch nybdy cud own.did she chek the nurses footwr to see if she left it?! Godd… this chappal must be so unique ki insaan ke pas 100 saal mein ek hi baar haat lagta hai.i think God thru it doen from heaven hopin jt wud hit the writers head but alas….burkha man ke haat lag gaya!

    5 ) I thot tht wen thapki says the printz indicated foul play..then sanjay wud mention tht there wr suspicious (possibly) gunshot sounds whch turned out to be crackers inthe next room. But no…isko to amnesia hai. This guy left his bau ji… insted of buyin meds decided to go n investigatd the mysterious noise whch he presumably thot wr gun shots n came bak with…… absolutely no info?! Reminds me tht famous dialogue from old comedy serial kichdi : praful tu gadha hai gadha. Way too many gadhas in tpk. The kinda zest with whch he ws runnin towrds the gunsht sounds….I ws wonderin if he hs a bullet proof vest or cud dodge bullets like neo in matrix.personally i wud prefer runin “away” frm danger.

    And yeh…hosp authorities had no prob with the sound.quite a normal daily phenomenon eh!

    6) take bau ji home??? coz munni bai mbbs is a better doc than evrybdy intht hosp?!!! i wud hav askd to heighten security insted. this is like neglecting treatmnt n sayin : bauji bimari ke vajaise mar jayenge… burkha man ko kyon takleef dena!

    7) wats wrong with bau ji anywys?he luks like he has severe brin damage. nope …the word “coma” is misused here.

    8) deviation from preset charctr profile:

    a) bihaan was sorta a rowdy… now prefers to hold on to his wifes pallu n cry insted of gettin his goon friends to track down burkha man.time for testosterone injections! be a man! i can imagine him singin for burkha man ” ddlj song : mere khwabon mein jo aye”. koi andekha anjana burkhe ke piche se pukare…. gile gile chappalon ka nishhan chod jaye.usse kaho kabhi samne to aye.(sag…help with the musicals.bit short of tym today)
    b) dadi in initial episodes seem to hv a say over vasu….now is seems too o docile.

    c) smart media man druv hu condcuted sting operation cant even ask for cctv footage

    9) uff…this vasu sure points hr finger a lot….no wonder y bihaan hates it wen ppl do tht! maa ko to kuch kah bhi nahi sakta!

    10) bunch of ladies utter mean and hurtful things (nobdy wud say tht unless to inflict pain on purpose) and insted of askin them to shut up…thapki gives a lecture on optimism. shraddas face exprsn ws apt. i thnk they ran off thinkin ” mar gaye! ashirvad deke bhagte hai nahi to ye bhaashan raat tak chalegi”. wy to go thapki!!some use of thos lectures!!

    hmmmm…. thse r the stuffs i remmbr nw. in a bit of a hurry bt i type fast..hence the long comment. bt forgv typo errors etc…no tymt o read wt i rot.

    i wana add the promo…. wil come bk a bit later.ciao…gota rush.thapki sag santosh nimisha n al…pls take ovr.
    PS: thnx for all those comments of appreciation ystrdy guys.its a spl feelin wen u knwu hv broguht a smile on some1s face!!!!

    1. Hahah good yar??,this much blunders i didnt even notice may b bcz of lack of interest ….yesterdays episode was completely useless so many blunders and senseless dialouges waste of time i turned off my tv when dhruv scene came ???

      1. even i neva thought it wud turn out 2 b this long. wen i saw the episode i thot “boring regular episode with medical blundrs n chappal chappal chappal”. turns out thse ppl r nevr short of bloopers

      2. n sag n santhosh…. lol @ thapki musicals

      3. agreed thapki

        kal pata hi nahi chala

        episode me blunder hai ya blunder me episode…

        same feeling when I seen dhruv scene but relexd when he said I will help you because I went to prove u rong. . .

        but b prepared for upcoming track relationship change or something like that….

    2. omg…..

      I wonder how u pick up each n every blunder..
      our thapki (javeria) was right !!! u have deferent skills
      n I found ur bloopers r more interesting then episode 🙂

      hmm munni bai mbbs is chappaholic from starting..
      rest of all points was Bullseye…

      1. Lol… “blundr mein episode”???. Soo true. It really dosnt tak ny effort to pick up blundrs in ths show. Sometyms i wondr y i watch it. Sinz i cn record it i used to watch 3-4 episods togthr by fast forwrdin it… saves me from the drag. Ul b jealous to knw tht i dnt see aditi dwakr drama at al. Thnk god they r gone now. Seriously yaar.. trps wil fal unles thse writrs eat a piece of thapkis cak and revive thos dead brain cells!

    3. sumera nd nimisha still not here
      I think it’s due to late updates…. o_O

      1. Yeh…late update n plus i thnk nimisha is in a different tym zone

    4. Ha ha ha ha ha. ……..

      Day by day dumping …….

      1. If this chappal ki dastan dosnt end n i show keeps getin so brainless n borin then il gona watch it max onz in a week.

  19. @Thapki: see only fools waych such serials. So if you trying to investigate that how come bauji ate the cake even though he was in come then you are simply wasting your time.
    Maybe the cake was mixed in the glucose saline that was been given to him.
    lol 😛

  20. Prasobir Mandal

    so i guess after a very long time we are gonna see Dhruv sir’s news channel which was the original plot of the show, which made innumerable fans to fall in love with the show before being screwed by some unwanted family drama

  21. Every one comments negatively…. phir bi CVS Thahaan love story ko laane main pagal pan dikha raha hain …….

  22. romantic???? tht ws traumatic! ;-P

  23. Unite thaaruv…waithing for them…

  24. If tharuv is united then no one is going to watch tpk & rating will be 0 then they have to go air off . So they won’t do it but if they even try like santoshs comment us 7 no ki chapel se us CVS ke moo pe me jhorse marungi aur us burkhe wale ke pas jakar writer ko Marne ke liye quotation due doongi aur title thapki pyar ki se chapel pyar ki banega

    1. and you are the one of the no one i guess.
      come on dude dont consider yourself as no one.
      you are someone 🙂
      and yes there are an innumerable fans still waiting for Tharuv reunion and am one of that.
      also i know that will not happen.
      But see you Thahaan union, the trp is going down day by day.
      The continuous decreasing is a proof of that

      1. hey sujoy What u say tRp increase bcoz of tharuv k fine but u cant denied that BIHAAN entry and Trp increases his rude cute behaviour
        chuk chuk gadi Mahan aatma
        words enjoy by viewers ok.
        trp ia decreasing bcoz of SHRADDHA & This family drama
        thahaan r reason why the show is coming on tv
        ANOTHER REASON WOULD BE THAT MANY PPL didnt watch tpk on Tv they read updates or watch online understand
        so dont say bad about thahaan
        i also love tharuv but i didnt say bad to them ok

        i love thahaan a lot tharuv love decreases so cant tolerate anyone saying bad to thahaan ok

    2. hey devika u add ur name as chotu loved it
      and yes we all love thahaan the magical couple

  25. hahahe bihaan ne jitna aasu bahaye utne me to 15, 20 RAIN N RAINBOW ho jate…

    1. I mean rain n rainbow scenes ho jate

  26. Why was d update late

  27. I think burqa person is sweetshop owner whom bauji has sent to jail

  28. Trp decreases these days due to “CHAPPAL TRACK”…don’t forgot when in Tpk they had started thahaan track I mean bihan’ realization for thapki in that particular week trp was very good inspire of IPL fever…so..nonone can think that trp decreases due to thahaan reunitation….it is due to chappal track because they want luv track not dragging……?

  29. Trp decreases these days due to “CHAPPAL TRACK”…don’t forgot when in Tpk they had started thahaan track I mean bihan’ realization for thapki in that particular week trp was very good inspite of IPL fever…so..nonone can think that trp decreases due to thahaan reunitation….it is due to chappal track because people want luv track not dragging……? .Hopes the writer realize it soon & show thapki’s realization for bihan…

  30. Burqa person is revealed. He is none other than bihaan real father & baujis brother. Interesting twist in the track, Hope u guys will liked it. But again we have to wait for thahaan confession.

  31. Latest is burqa wala is Bihaan’s real dad and Bauji’s younger brother . Go figure.

    1. Huh???? !!! R u kiddin? Lol…is this the same brother whos sanjay n ashwins fathr? Did he abandon them too? Hmmm is today april first by any chanz?!??

  32. Another shocking twist. ….

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