Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tina comes towards Bani and asks her to slap her as she isn’t a good sister. Bani was about to sacrifice her life for her and she couldn’t give up on her love. She cries apologizing Bani. The sisters hug. Tina apologizes Samar as well. She asks Samar not to let Bani apart her, she is accepted the reality today. Samar says he wants to make Bani as his, at her will only. He kneels in front of her with his arms open and asks her to be his life partner. Bani says yes, both hug each other. Munna cheerfully says Bani has won this game of life as well. Tina now apologizes Munna for not being able to see his happiness. Munna says its alright. Tina asks Munna if he would keep her happy forever and be hers for a lifetime? Munna says no, she has already dumbed him; he will do what his heart says and his

heart tells him it only belongs to Tina! The couples cheer. They hear Vasundra shouting at someone to get out.

Vasundra brings Aryan to the hall, the family had gathered around. Vasundra says this isn’t Bihaan, this is Aryan Khanna! Vasundra asks Thapki if she is telling the truth or not. Aryan forbids the family not to hold Thapki responsible for it. Vasundra asks Samar to call the police, they will punish him. Panday ji goes to bring his gun and says he would punish him. He holds a gun towards Aryan and cries that Aryan has again killed them with the pain of Bihaan’s death. Munna comes between Panday ji and Aryan. He tells everyone this is his real elder brother. Tina asks if he was also involved. Munna says he had recognized Aryan on the first day, he came here for Munna. He was watching Aryan change here, the Aryan who even forgot his mother after his work was taking care of everyone. He requests them to punish Munna, he got his brother after many years and can’t lose him. Aryan places a hand over his shoulder and hug him.
Vasundra says Thapki brought this Aryan Khanna here. Thapki apologizes them and explains she had to do this for her family and her children. Vasundra slaps Thapki forbidding her to blame her family and children anymore. She was about to hold another hand over Thapki, Bani holds her hand in the mid-air. She says Thapki is right, it’s all her mistake. Thapki tells her to stay silent. Bani says her promise kept her silent till date, but today she can only see her tears and disgrace. She tells the family why Thapki brought Aryan Khanna here, for her and for Tina; she always knew he is Aryan and he always supported them. He got her mother daughter relationship back, he kept their family connected. She asks Vasundra and Panday ji if they couldn’t find Bihaan in him, if Tina couldn’t find a father in him. Tina agrees whatever Thapki did was for their happiness but what about their weddings. Bani says Thapki had been kidnapped by Kosi at the time of their wedding, only she and Aryan know about it. She tells Tina that she trusted Kosi and Kosi used her as a toy, she has tried her level best till date to improve her mistake. Tina also accepts her mistakes and comes to apologize Thapki. Thapki says she is alive only for them two and hug her daughters.
Aryan turns to leave. Munna asks where he is going. Aryan says his intentions have been accomplished, he got his brother and happiness to family. He advices Munna to take care of Tina. He apologizes for any of the mistakes if he has committed. Vasundra calls Bihaan from behind, Aryan turns to reply yes. Vasundra asks why he stopped when she called him Bihaan, why he called her mother. She says not from face, but from soul as well he is her Bihaan. This is the reason she never doubt him, would he leave her again so easily. Vasundra says for her and for their family he is Bihaan. She tells Thapki that Aryan truly loves her, he has truth in his family; and the one true to his family can never wrong anyone. Thapki says she can’t love anyone but Bihaan. Vasundra says this is Bihaan, Bihaan has sent him here. Everyone insist on Thapki to accept Aryan. Vasundra takes both Aryan and Thapki towards the temple. She says Thapki has fulfilled all her responsibilities as a daughter in law of the house, Aryan assures Thapki is his responsibility now. Thapki was confused, she envisions Bihaan nodding towards her with a thumbs up. She finally nods as well. The family cheers. Vasundra comes to fill Thapki’s hairline with sindoor. Munna asks for a selfie. Thapki says not for her but for them all.

In the end, Aryan and Thapki say together that Thapki is and will always be Thapki Pyaar Ki.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Miss Thapki pyaar ki very badly.

    1. KUDRAT

      Hello Divya di,
      How are you..
      Please don’t forget us please

  2. Fenil

    Aflatoon Episode Of TPK.
    Happy Ending.
    Bihaan’s Thumbs up act:*:*:*loved it.
    Sisters united again.
    Will miss Vasu , Balwindar,Thapki,Bihaan/Aryan,Dhruv.

    Specially i will miss preeti and [email protected]):[email protected]):-love u both beautiful innocent soul.

    More special Our Goat Raampyari.B)B):):):*:*

    i never comment here but i love this show.

    Will miss this beautiful journey Tha…tha…Thapki Pyar ki…!!

    I promise soon i will come with OS.


      tum yaha par …!? ek good news ke saath…!!(OS)….?….

      Beta agar tum OS likha toh. hus link ko mere wall par post karna math bhool na…??

    2. KUDRAT

      Wow !! fenil diii..
      OS.. Gajab
      Love you shah rukh..
      Thank you diii..
      Eagrly wating for OS..

      1. Fenil

        Dear Kudrat , I’m boy.
        yaa love SRK…i m working on OS.

    3. KUDRAT

      To Kya m Bhaiya bolo..
      But I love SRK..
      Now tell me what I do..

  3. Gonna miss this serial badly.bihaan and thapki,we always miss u

    1. KUDRAT

      Yes di..
      But I miss you..
      Please don’t go anywhere..

  4. THAPKI PYAR KI is ended……..what should i say really a emotionally overwhelmed episode.but cvs you just showed injustice towards BIHAAN,whatever happens who ever comes BIHAAN you are the hero the real hero… one can take your place…..MANISH you has to give complete justice to this character nobody can make BIHAAN better than you…..miss you badly dear GAJJAB BIHAAN……and your CHUK CHUK GADI THAPKI…..
    NAVAMI,SRUTI,SANTHOSH BHAI……share your thoughts and views about TPK…..



      THAHAAN hi nahi raha toh iss show ke baare mai miss karne ki baat kaha se aaya…?? good Start, bad ending… ?….
      main toh sirf Manyasa ko miss karoonga, saath mrin saare friends ko bhi…TPK show ko toh bilkul nahiiiiiiiii….?….?

    2. KUDRAT

      Pooja di, love you sooooooooo sooooooooo Sooo much..
      Don’t dare to forget Me..

  5. finally its end a mix feelings miss u manyasa all the best my stars ranjhana na na bgm will be missed thanks for beautiful memories and awesome friends love u and so all my thahaAnian family be in touch guys keep coming


      TPK ki saare BGM bahut achha tha…. sabse jyaada mujhe toh Bihaan ka BGM sun ne mein bahut achha lagtha tha…

      1. KUDRAT

        Vese to sare songs ache the..
        But I miss Rand a nd title track so much..

    2. KUDRAT

      Where you go Anu..
      I missed you sooooooooo much..

  6. Nice epi i miss you manish and jigyasha happy ending aap dono jarur kisi aur serial mai jarur aana

    1. KUDRAT

      Hello di..
      How are you..
      Please pray for them that next series bhi ek saath kre MANYASA..
      miss you..
      Take care..

  7. I am gonna really miss Thapki pyaar ki very badly.. .. Very emotional….. . Feeling really bad……. I am really gonna miss manish and jigyasa alot….. Such lovely show…..
    Thank you for giving lovely episodes… .. lovely moments.. . For us……
    And all the best for your future shows.. Waiting for your reentry in new shows…. .. .

  8. I loved this serial more for it’s off screen fun than on screen story.
    I’ll surely miss Manyasa!

    The link of part 2 and for other links see in the description of each video

  10. Hi I was a silent reader but today I’m about to cry,always read your comments bye will miss thapki and whole class
    BTW I’m from Pakistan

    1. KUDRAT

      Don’t cry..
      Hum Thahaan ko jinda rkenge..
      Thank for our writers..
      Please take care..

  11. So Aryan is Thapki’s husband which makes Munna Thapki’s brother in law and son-in-law.

    So Munna is Tina’s uncle by marriage.

    Meaning Tina married her uncle LOL

    1. What a odd!!! ? I agreed with Sheba ?

      1. KUDRAT

        Heera di, Sheba di..
        How are you..
        Please don’t go anywhere..
        Miss you all so much..

    2. Mona146

      same case is of saath nibhana sathiya where sisters married son and father thereby becoming saas and bahu as well. Serials are best in spoiling relations. I started watching this serial for thapki’s first love but they ruined everything and made it a saas bahu drama. It was supposed to be a journey of a stammering girl who dreams to be an anchor one day.

  12. Hi guys..finally our tpk ended..thahaan ended..feeling very bad..but iam very hurt to know aryan is not our bihaan..manyasa???always best couple..for me they are my favourite couple you you all other members of tpk…miss you manish&jigyasa…plz come together in next show..we are waiting…miss you my dear friends

    1. KUDRAT

      Jis di..
      How are you..
      Miss you dii..

  13. Finally this crap ended 🙂

    1. Mona146

      haha yes

  14. ???? finally we all say good bye tpk show. We gonna miss you all.

    1. KUDRAT

      Please don’t cry..
      Take care of yourself..

  15. Plz tell me Manyaza z issue is solved. I know they have some issues.

  16. We came to the end of our TPK show finally.. ?
    Nice part when Vasundra called Aryan as Bihan…
    Will miss Jigyasa’s & Manish’s performance.. & all your comment in this forum…
    See you.., friends… ?

    1. KUDRAT

      Dewi di,
      How are you..
      Miss you sooooooooo sooooooooo Sooo much dii..
      Please take care of yourself..
      Please don’t forget us..

  17. really going to miss thahaan and manyasa.

    1. KUDRAT

      I gonna miss u Rifa di,
      How are you..??
      Please don’t go anywhere..

      1. Hi kudrat how are you. ? How is your studies, and I also gonna miss you my cute sister

  18. Yesterday when Bihaan came to Aryaan I was thinking it would be better if he went to Thapki and yay that happened today because without Bihaans approval Thapki would never agree. How gorgeous did he look!!!
    This show had so much potential but the writers never followed on the good stories and just focused on pain. They kept jumping from one torture to another without focussing on the good points i.e. Thahaan s chemistry.
    Hope they all get decent shows soon esp Manish, I would actually love to see him in a show opposite Monica Khanna even they had really good chemistry but to be fair Manish seems to have good chemistry with everyone .

    Goodbye Fellow TPK fans, sorry if I have offended anyone ever, wish you all the very best!!! The only other program I watch is Udaan so sometimes comment on that so may come across
    any mutual fans on that page

    1. KUDRAT

      He Lucy dii..
      Where are you..
      I missed you sooooooooo much dii
      Please take care..

  19. finally show ended will miss thapki pyaar ki but real couple of this show was ankit bathla and jigyasa singh always miss there pair. they made show fantastic

  20. Plz tell me Manyaza z issue is solved. I know they have some issues.

    1. KUDRAT

      I think NO..
      That time fight is srsly very..
      Miss you..
      Please take care nd don’t worry..

  21. At last it end…and we miss our adorable on screen pair on air…the thahan…our thahan…miss u really..but the truth is that iam not really happy with the ending ,i needed real bihan back for logic and common sence is not satisfied with the aryan thapki pair…ofcourse i m a great fan of Manyasha..but i can t even think any one else in place of bihan…even if it is aryan …iam feeling bad truely..the writters really made the show a always creating tortures to thahan ,seperation, missundrstanding..ok fine it is indeed for a show to progress but…they didnt utilised the chemistry of pair..there was a magic in their can attract our minds..but cvs focused on pain always….unfortunate…was a nice story at begining expected more from was different from usual soaps..
    There was a power in the message the show conveyed..but at last it too became disgusting unlogical serial.where evil wins always and good hearted person suffer all time. … this the moral an art have to convey?… any one agree with me my frnds..? I needed tpk serial not to end but run with good plots…alas…it became a
    To my exteame dissapoinment it ended….
    I need my thahan back…as thapki and bihan..but it is not possible now..its truely hurting….coz they became part of our life…
    What to say now….
    All i wanted to say is best wishes to manish and jiggs…lv u both..and the pandey family…just cute it was….there will be no tpk from mondey…frnds….iam feeling soo bad to miss thahan and the tellyupdates….
    My forum frnds…pls dont forget our good moments..nd frndship…lv u all….

    1. I do agree with your statement.., Navami..

      1. KUDRAT

        Miss you both..
        Koe kahi nahi jaega..
        No one go anywhere..
        Understand you all..

      2. Navami

        Hi devi thanks dr…and kudrit my darl..
        Miss u both

  22. S..A...N...D...Y...1.2.3

    HOLA EVERYONE , first my dearest poooooja miss you my dear ALOT thanks for the sweet words I read your intro and thahaan gajab thank you so SO much my dear , so about me being missing all this time is that am watching new shows like savitri Devi and swabhimaan , so sorry I just being hating tpk from the day I realized that Aryan isn’t Bihaan so I literally stop watching and I come after I know this is last episode hoping maybe just maybe the cvs will let Bihaan come back but nope like always he disappointed me,
    anyway I really missed alll of you~ thahaans fans ~and all my {friends }hopefully we will meet again in new show bye ?

    1. KUDRAT

      Di please come back..
      Where you go..
      You deleted your TU account ..
      Di I miss so much..
      Please come back..

  23. Sukorian

    Hi I have to share normally I’m on Udaan page but I do watched tpk bcz of bihaan n thapki after the gap n his death I stopped watching regular but I couldn’t miss the last week n I will miss bihaan n thapki hope they will show season 2 with both bihaan n thapki in leas roles. Very emotional part nut rushed they could have done more n the lovely drama ended up was in my opinion a little bit fast I don’t liked her as thapki but she could have stayed there too. Bihaan n Vasu scene n Munna scene was great. I really liked munnas character n was happy he got his bro back.

    1. KUDRAT

      Gajab soKorean yha..
      Kya baat h..
      Thank you..

  24. luv u bihaan…..will miss u surely……

  25. I missed bihaan / hot Aryan bye bye?❤️????

  26. Yaar its seriously wrong ✖✖✖
    Bechare Samar Bani k to kuch lovely moments dikhate….

  27. I totally agree with navanee that aryan and thapki no no.kuch maza nahin ahya. The only think i m hapoy abt is not to see bimar romance. Shukar higging taak katham hogaya. Samar flat acting. Munna u good. I love my bihaan at the end. Aww he is just super adorable. Soo guys finalky thapki nah druve ki howi nah bihaan ki nah kabir ki or nah gorilla ki. Ahkir thapki married educated rich guy at the end

    1. Navami

      Thanks sam, you are right at last thapki married educated rich guy,.funny and seems little pain full which indirectly means bihan is no more…sad abt it..


    hiiiiiiiiiii …..✋✋✋..
    now it’s time to say good bye for TPK forum.. ???. lekin, iss forum se jaane se pehle mujhe bahut saare friends mila hai. friends se jyaada sab meri Bhai – Behan hain….??…
    yeh TPK forum mera sabse pehla TU forum hai….
    (TU forum par Puppy se hi meri pehle baat hua tha?)

    ( yeh iss forum meri pehli friend aur best FF?? writer )

    3. Vinlora
    (my yeh meri achhi? friend …hii dhost i miss u.?)

    (yeh toh iss TPK serial ki achhi bloopers writer thi aur hamesha mera taang keechne mein hi isse bahut maza aatha tha..??main iss ko BBR bhula tha tha. it means Blooper books Roshni)

    ( mera bhai aur mera dhost)

    6.Neha [Manyasa 29]
    (meri lovely Chotu sister..???)

    senior member. hmmm mujhe yaad hai main tum se ek baar bahut gussa hogaya tha.. reason tumhe patha hi hoga… lekin, hus ke baad sab teek hua. hum dono bhai behan hogaye..?

    8.Pooja prabha.
    yeh bhi TPK forum ki senior member hai.lekin humhare friendship bahut late se hua tha..??… …

    ek time pe aur bhi bahut saare THAHAAN fans yaha comment kartha tha aur main hunse baat kiya hain…???
    Renu( Renuverma)
    Truelove( Shwetha)
    Tinto mon
    Tamil ponnunga group
    after Kosi aur Sankar track ke baad bahut saare fans yaha par comments karna shuru kardiya…

    hiii DRS… iss ke baare mai main jyaada nahi jaantha hoon.???lekin, main TU forum par kosi track ke baad sab se jyaada baatein isi se kiya hai… lekin, aaj kal forum par nahi dikthi…!! patha nahi reason kya hai…???…?

    Tematerrrrrrrrrr…???? …
    yeh toh forum ki 24/7 Radio station hai. sab ko reply karthi hai…yeh tohSab ki choti behan…..!! “inn ki umar se toh patha nahi. lekin, baathon se toh choti hi hai..sab ko apni nazron se badi behan aur bada bhai maanthi hai..??”

    after kosidevi track se main yaha par aur bhi members ko comments karthe hue dekha hai….

    …..aur bhi hain mujhe teek se yaad nahi.?
    good bye TPK forum….. & dears brothers & Sisters see you soon in other forum…. TC…

    1. KUDRAT

      Gajab Bhaiya..
      Kya baat h..
      Thank you..

    2. Good bye bhai… take care.. hum tpk ki written updates me ab kabhi nhi milenge par kahi na kahi milte rahenge.. yeh duniya toh gol hai na

      1. SANTHOSH

        haan zarur….. main IG par bhi hoon…

      2. SANTHOSH


    3. Navami

      Hi santosh bhai , iam happy that u are remembring me also…

      1. SANTHOSH

        bhool ne ko baat hi nahi Navami…. aap sab hamesha mere yaad mein rahoge…??

    4. Aapko yaad thi mai? Mai sochti thi ki sab pta nhi kaha chale gye, tum roshni, fatarajo, aur baaki sab.. lagbhag 6 mnths baad aayi thi mai waapas is page par…

      1. SANTHOSH

        kaise yaad nahi hoga….? ek time pe hum sab kitini maze karthe they yaha par….??…. woh din ab nahi raha….

        ek aur baat ab waha electric power problem kaisa hai Vani….???

    5. RANdomfANCreationz

      Areh yaar so sweet of u thank u so much ???

  29. i miss u manysa vryy much
    &epi. is super
    with hppy ending..

  30. miss u ?manyasa
    luv u both

  31. I ask you all that what happen jigyasa Singh and manish gopli ? They will find other job actor on TVs soap???? I am from uk. I never hear from jigyasa and manish news . I am worried they might stop work actor or what?

  32. My favourite one story is Valentine party and out of house thapki and bihaan lovely story they spend time other each lived in small cow shed/house❤️?????. They are best. I never forget this.

  33. RANdomfANCreationz

    Vaise I didn’t watch this show but since I was a big fan of this show once upon a time I will comment as this is the last episode. Thahaan Jodi Hain Kamal Ki only if they got a much better show, Wanna see manyasa in a new show my fav off screen pair after NiMik hoping for a hat trick from ManYasa since they already did two shows together
    And yes SanThosh Ke Alawa Kisi Ne Mujhe Pechana ??? Sab Ko Bohot miss Kiya Lekin show Itna Bigar Diya CVs ne ?


      kathm hone ke 3 din baad aaya toh khoun pehachanega…!????……
      haan, yeh toh off screen mast jodi hain..????…. main toh ThaHaan ko miss nahi karunga. lekin, Manyasa ko bahut miss karunga…?….

  34. Hey. I’m sunny. I was a silent reader of TPK. I comment on Udaan page just like Sukorian (my Afa). I love love love nok jhoks which is y I watched TPK. I’m gonna miss Manyasa/Thahaan alot. Wish we could see them in another show together. I always watch the funny nok jhoks of thahaan back to back and its always always GAJAB.

    Plz do read my ff . Its about my fav jodis on colors. I promise to include so many nok jhoks.
    my ff is called Maahiya Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi. ?

  35. i comment this pg ist tym i m so sad tpk is going of air .i realy miss manyasa

  36. hlw to my dear frnds….m late but i was bzy….but want to cmnt on lst epi…i will miss evry one over here….all the thahaan fans are awsm….i jxt atrcted by the super cmnts of thahaan on this forum….pooja.navami.sandy.santhosh bhae.reshal.rits.juvi.fatarajo.vinolin…nd evryone….the tpk was osm in strting but wd the pasge of time it become wrse….even i did nt like the end ….its more wrse…. means they side lined our bihu nd make thayan stupid jodi…the mother son jodi….i hv a lot of complains for cvs but one of the most is they always shw us thahaan romnce in dreams so why not in last epi….they should atleast shw a romntic dnce sequnce for thahan fans in last epi….they are such cruel makers….hate the makers…

  37. Loved this show from the core of my heart???????????
    Will miss it a lot?????
    But happy for its happy ending ??????

  38. Loved this show from the core of my heart ??????❤??????
    Will miss it??????
    But happy for its successful run and happy ending?????

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