Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki taking her phone. Bihaan asks about Dhruv’s message. Dhruv says Thapki wanted to know about sarees shop, so I asked Shraddha and messaged her. He leaves. Preeti asks Thapki and Bihaan to come, pandit is calling. Pandit makes Bihaan do Shuddikaran rituals. Dhruv asks Thapki do you think puja will complete. Bihaan walks upstairs. Dhruv says here we go, 5 4 3 2 1….. Bihaan steps on the long nail which immerses his foot. He screams. Thapki and everyone get shocked. Thapki and Dhruv rush to Bihaan and hold him. Vasundara asks what happened. Bihaan says nail has hurt my foot. They worry seeing his bleeding foot. Vasundara says this ritual did not get completed. Preeti says then our puja won’t be completed. Thapki says no, I will complete the puja. She says pandit ji,

I m Bihaan’s wife, can I do this puja. Pandit says why not. Bihaan asks how. Thapki says you are with me, my strength. Thapki does the Shuddikaran ritual.

Pandit says puja got completed now, the danger will get off Bihaan now. Thapki sees Dhruv. He asks did you get Prasad. She says no, I came to greet tulsi mata, Prasad is given to those who are present in puja, not those who stop puja. Dhruv asks did puja get completed because of you. He puts gangajal on the plants and says all plants got pure by gangajal, if this was gangajal, what was that water with which you made house pure, it was plain water which I changed with gangajal, will you get more gangajal and purify house again, how will you clear Bihaan’s doubts, I m messaging you all day so that Bihaan gets doubt, I have sent you I love you message, I asked him to forward that message to Dadi, what will he think of us, run and stop Bihaan from reading that message. She runs and sees Bihaan with her phone. He asks did you delete Dhruv’s message. Dhruv hears them and smiles.

Bihaan says you did not see and deleted right, Dhruv told me about showroom message, I will ask Dhruv to resend it, come. Bihaan leaves. Thapki tells Dhruv that you have put gangajal in plants, but Bihaan and I did puja with pure heart, so our puja got completed, you can’t do anything. Dhruv says we will see.

Dadi asks Preeti why did she not add malai in her milk. Preeti says I forgot. The ceiling paint falls in glass and Preeti jokes. Dadi says I will tell Ballu and get ceiling repaired. Its morning, Bau ji talks to workers and asks them to do work carefully, don’t out cement here and there, its marriage house.

Bau ji tells Thapki to manage here, I m on imp call, ask them to keep machine that side. Thapki asks the men to keep machine there. Dhruv gives her a rose and smiles. He says happy first anniversary, don’t you remember we met today, I planned a romantic date to celebrate, just you, me and our love will be there. She asks are you in your senses. He says yes, you will come with me at any cost. Bihaan comes and says Ghazab, Dhruv is here to give you company, rose is beautiful, for whom is it. Dhruv looks at Thapki.

Dhruv says its for you Bihaan, so that you give this to Thapki, its special occasion. Bihaan says I don’t know such love. Dhruv says Thapki won’t get short of love till I m here. Shraddha thinks whats Dhruv doing with Thapki. Bihaan gives the rose to Thapki. Vasundara comes and sees them outside. She gets shocked seeing the man putting cement bags on the balcony. She shouts asking them to move. They all move and cement bag falls. Vasundara worries and tells Bau ji that its bad sign, something bad will happen. Bihaan says if my mum is with me, what will happen. Bau ji scolds the men asking them to work carefully. Preeti asks Bihaan to help her, and nail the outer wall for decorations. He agrees and stands on the ladder to fix nails.

Dhruv comes there and sees Bihaan. He goes to push Bihaan. Thapki gets shocked seeing this and runs to stop Dhruv. Dhruv just holds Bihaan and asks him to get down, you will fall. He scolds the man and shows care for Bihaan. He asks Bihaan not to do all this and take care. Bau ji calls Bihaan. Bihaan goes. Thapki stops Dhruv and says you are doing this wrong, you don’t think you will make me helpless by scaring me. He says you are making me helpless, come on date with me. She refuses. He says if Bihaan gets missing then… she says this won’t happen. He asks what will you do. She says I will be with him as shadow and I will give my life to save him.

Bihaan is kidnapped by Dhruv. Thapki asks Dhruv about Bihaan, where is he, please tell me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ooooooooo nooooooo???…..bad news for thahaan fans

    trp(1.3) increase (0.1) huva hai sab sapola???? ka kamaal hai dostho ….aane wale episode mai tho aur jyaada thapola scene dekhne ko milega humko??????????????????????????????????………

    aaj tho CVs ko jai ho ke badle mai DIE HO… DIE HO…DIE HO…. bolo?????

    trip of the week… .
    Colors TV:
    Kasam 5734 (Impressions)
    Udaan 2.2
    Shakti 2.1
    Ashoka 2.0
    Swaragini 1.9
    Sasural Simar Ka 1.4, Krishnadasi 1.4
    Thapki Pyaar Ki 1.3 (0.1 increase)
    Ishq Ka Rang Safed 0.5, Balika Vadhu 0.5
    Rival shows:
    Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2.5
    Taarak Mehta 2.4
    May I Come In Madam 0.8

    1. Manyasa29

      Kya ???????
      Udaan 2.2 ???
      I wonder who watches that sasural simar ka…..
      Mere hisaab se toh show ka time bhi matter Marta hai….like balika vadhu and ikrs ka time kitna jaldi hai….issliye bohot log office se hi nahi aate hinge tab tak…..???
      That’s why no one sees them????
      Btw….main isme se tpk ko chodd kar sirf taarak mehta hi dekhti hu……
      And ab lag raha hai ki tpk bhi band karna padega agar sapola track hi chalu raha toh???
      Wanted to comment yesterday…..but server problem !!

      1. Manyasa29

        Karta*( not Marta )..

    2. Lightsabre


    3. Lightsabre

      Hw much was trp increase with gorilla?

  2. what is Dhruv expecting to get out of all these doings…does he expect Thapki to kick her heels and run back into his arms??? are these writers trying to create something out of nothing??? how come Dhruv has become a psycho all of a sudden and sharda has gone quite? what next in thapki…Patali devi?

  3. @nisi-unakaaga dhan comment panren..ellaroda perum nyabagam vechuka enaku saamiyar dhaadila fire adhan pa subconscious memory power illaye

    1. Ohoooo….apdiya……?
      Enakaga comment pannunathukum romba thanks pa.., inime NE ennoda name ah marakka matta…. Marakavum Vida matten..

  4. Andha dhruv rose kudutha indha thapki ku adha pochu poda theriyaadha..loosu pulla.

    1. Unaku athu maddum than kannuku therinchutha!!! Antha cement bag keela vilum pothu thapki than munndi ninuchu oodum pothu bihaan kaiya pudichu iluthu kondu oodama than maddum escape aana sarinkira mathiri oodichu paaru oru ooddam,ithuve bihaan ah iruntha thapki kaiya pidichu iluthu kaapathirupan 🙂

      1. Sis ellarum ungala maari caring ga irukka mattanga…thapki ku bihaan mela akkaraiye illa….sis ku bihaan mela evalavu caring….Sis naan fine…thank U so much sis reply pannathukku…

      2. @fira-akkara thanma akkara than bihaan apdinale antha loosu thapkiya thavira ella ponnungalukum akkara than,,aana enna pirayoshanam avan than thapkiiii thapkiiii apdinu antha loosu mela kadhal kiruku pidichu thiriyurane 🙁

      3. @fira-caring thanma caring than bihaan apdinale antha loosu thapkiya thavira ella ponnungalukum avan mela caring than,aana enna panrathu avan than thapkiiii thapkiiii apdinu antha loosu mela kadhal kiruku pidichu thiriyurane 🙁 sari paravala nextuu jenmathila try panni papom 🙂

  5. ....???......

    c for colours channel aur c for cambo (double) offer……..
    I am talking about on going track….
    7-tpk- thapki-bihaan+dhruv
    8.30-udaan- chakor-vivan+suraj

    totally dragging channel…….

  6. hate u chipku from core of my heart


    Hey santosh u come in my dream yesterday


    who LEFT HIS 5 children alone at home & Finding Mum for them…
    plz ???? santosh dont come in my dream I want bihaan Not u ….

    Ja Thapki ke sapno mai
    Katrina Ke sapno mai
    mere nhi plz.

    AUR Ghumna firna band kar do apne baccho ka khyal rhko
    Rote honge SB ki kaise papa hai


    Are @roshni @vinlo @manyasa hi samjhao isko ki BUDHHAPE MAI BS SANT SANG KARNA CHAHIYE

    NOW BYE TO ALL??????

    1. hai ANU aisa hai kya…….

      hum thumaari sapno mai…!!!
      dikhne mai kaisa tha……?????
      sapne ne mai aaya bass…..!!!!???
      sapne ki aage ki khaani kya hai dosth…..!!!!???
      chalo kuch galath huva tho math bolo….!!!!!! (kyon ki roshni ki darr hai )

      Mai meri 5 bachcho ko boloonga ki…. “bachcho thumo pancho ne chintha math Karo aap ke liye Mai theesre maa laaya hoo abi sirf 2 baaki hai jaldi laahoonga abi rona bandh kardo”???????…….(app sabne meri taang keechthe-keechthe muje aur besharam kar rahi ho)?????????

      sapno ki hai ho…..????

      1. Lightsabre

        ” kuch galath hua to…..”?????????????
        San… u kyon ladkiyon ko chedne unke sapno mein jaa rahe ho. Badh mein kisi ne reject kiya to sapola math bann na??
        Chal… gud luck… sapnon ke rajkumar.
        Anu… was santosh dressd up as a prince n riding on a white horse ???

    2. Manyasa29

      Hi anu ???
      Actually yeh tpk waalo ka maths hi weak h…..
      Unka who three months bhi nov-dec me khatam hona chahiye tha and hua khatam march me?
      Uss logic me dekha jaaye toh tharuv ka meeting anniversary ko bhi time hai abhi????
      Waise….kya baat…..santhosh tumhare dreams me bhi aane laga….tum toh sach me santhosh ki deewani banti ja rahi ho?????

  7. surprise????……. hai dostho muje mera thapki? milgayi……

    2016 September 31st mai engagement…..
    2017 February 29th mai marriage….

    1. Congrats Santosh……
      All the best…. ☺☺

      1. And offcours we will make a new and different calendar for you….
        In that February will have 29 days in each year….

    2. Manyasa29

      Lol….29 feb nayi aayega 2017 me and 31 sept nahi hota????
      Nice way to fool us?????

      1. thum pakadliya yaarrrr… shayad thum chup??? hothe aur khoun khoun BAKRA???????? hotha tha dekhne ????mai maza hotha tha?????….

        yesterday server problem tha iss liye comments jyada nahi aaya hai…….

    3. Vinlora

      SANTHOSH chal jhoota????? 2016 September mein 31 aur 2017 February mein 29 th nahi hai. …shaadi kya kayaalo mein karega. …???
      Eaisa jhoota shock math de yaar….tera fan following jyada hai ?unka heart break ho jayega ????
      Aur meri duva hai ki tume tumhari thapki jaldi mil jaye. ..aur tumhari asli shaadi mein hume bulaana math bhool na?

    4. Arey… san… pls postpone it na… feb 29th ko mein busy hu. My friend mermaid is gettin married…. underwater theme weddin. Hmmm postpone it to feb 30th or 31st pls. Ya bhir keep it on ur birthday… april ?????.
      Btw… wats goin on in tpk. Didnt read full update. But stil… one qns… y didnt thapki block druvs numbr or save name as ” derranged stalker” … tht way even if nybdy sees the msgs thre wil b no prob. Akal kaha hai iski.
      PS: didnt log in?

      1. April 1****

  8. Agar cvs dhruv ka track khatam karde toh ma cvs ko 10 nariyal chadaungi

    1. track dekhe thum apna rang (MI)badaldiya?????……….!!!!????

      1. Manyasa29

        Good one santhosh???

    2. Aur track khatam nahi kiya to vo 10 nariyal unn logon ke sirr ( head) pe bhodna

  9. Manyasa29

    Another irritating and bakwas episode????

  10. Boring track……
    I think we have to watch more sapola scenes with Thapki. I think Druv kidnapped Bihaan so that he can manipulate and blackmail Thapki to go for a date. And meanwhile he will try to Make misunderstanding between Thahaan by stating They are together. ??
    Shraddha is skeptical about Dhruv’s intention… that’s good. ??
    Fed up with Dhruv drama. ???
    I don’t think this month Thahaan marriage will happen.

  11. Hy guys , jst let me knw whenever this storyline finished cz from today onwards I’m gnna stop watching this thapki. I’m fed up n bored right nw. Whenever thrs sm gd thing happen to thahaan let me knw . Off screen whatever hpns it doesn’t matter , bt on screen I wish to see thahaan . Yup dhruv sir also bt nt bothering them. Hp this storyline end soon.

  12. this serial is getting worse day by day!!!! whts all this…………………now i feel shradha is far more better than dhruv!! all days wht we c is that dhruv plans something thapki tries to spoil that plan…dhruv blackmail her using bihaan……process repeating!!!

  13. I quit the show till the end of this tharuv drama. I can’t see ths boring drama

  14. First love is always special..dhruv is not wrong..he was cheated by his own dear ones..seems the directors now have some common sense to reunite them..they r the best couple..even though dhruv is playing -ve he is fighting for his love which was snached from him:-) good luck dhruv.. Find ur love:) dhruv should be successful.. Bihan is disgustin..cheating his own brother and making his lover his wife..and everyone supporting it.. Feeling bad for this worthless way of potraying things in a country like INDIA.shame on u guys for the storyline..unite dhruv and thapki the blo*dy queen of everything.

    1. NoSugarCoating

      Cvs is trying to make druv a villain and finish him off for ever! This track is druvs sad end .

  15. and here i am liking the episodes.
    Jai ho CVs. Love Dhruv and Thapki.

  16. Druv is not made 4 tapki…totally hate this!!

  17. Arey ek baar shaadi kiya toh dus baar kyaom karwate he serials Mein?.this is how u drag the episode.pagal mat banao plse .going to b a nonsense serial

  18. Oh god……. Na mattum Thapki ah iruntha, Bihaan oda shadow mathiri, oru minute kuda avana vittu piriyama avana pathuten irupen….,. Athe samayathula,
    Bihaan kudave irukurathala antha saiththan (Dhruv) kitta irunthu Thapki ku pathukappu kadacha mathirium achu….. Ithu antha loose ku puriyave illa…..!

    1. Ama purinchidda maddum enna pannira pokuthu antha loosu,avan pakkathila ponale avan kooda sernthu hide and seek game thane veladum 🙂

    2. Hi nisi …I am fira…ungalukku romba aasai than….

    3. Hi nisi….I am fira….ungalukku romba aasai than…in shaa allah ungalukku nalla caring ana husband kidaikkatum bihaan maari?

      1. Inthama fira ipdi 4 nalla vaarthaila vaalthum pothu namma sangathu ponnunga ellarukum serthu vaalthalamla,un vaalthukal palicha ella ponnungalum santhosama irupangala 🙂

      2. Ok sis…in shaa allah…all Tamil ponnunga lukkum nalla caring gana husband kidaikattum….especially my sweet kana sis…..

  19. KANA…….

    Ne eppavu sweet person than da eniya porutha varaikum. Ne eppavum enaku nalla response kudupa.., ignore pannunatha illa, so like u so much dear……

    1. @nisi-apdiyaaa…..ummmmm oora therinjukitten ulagam purinju kitte kanmani yen kanmani……

      1. Hey Shobi kannu ennachu da…….

        Ne mela ennoda reply pathiya da…!
        Unaku reply panniruken ma….

      2. Nasreen nee enga poitta??? Paaru thalaivi nee illama ampudu payapullaiyum LKG pillainga mari sanda poddukidu irukunga 🙂
        Aeiii nisi and shobi nenga rendu perum naalaiku varum pothu parents ah koodidu varanum 🙂 eppa paru veladdu thanam konjam kooda payame illa 🙂

  20. Pls unite dhruv and thapki

  21. Very nice track. I will watch until this track goes on. After that will stop watching like i did earlier,
    because its for sure that once this track is over the trp will again start declining as always.
    Its a real torture to see Bihaan’s face on screen.

  22. It seems like Dhruv aka Ankit is the lifeline to bring the trp’s up everytime it goes down.

  23. Naalaila irunthu ellarum olunga forumku vanthiranumnu oruthi condition poddale!! Innaiku avalaye kanome intha latchanathila conditionssss 🙂
    Ash-varuviya maddiya?

    1. Poyaa! Veruppa irukku. Vandhalum edhapathi pesa. Adhayum neeye solidu.

  24. Does any one know how i can contact CVs, In CVs ko ek do aisi galiyaan tunga na apne aukat pe chale ayenga bc. Kitna torture karange ae hame, woh sapola ka chehra dekke mera sir goom jahta hai. Woh thapola? ka dance dekne ke baad mai apne sis. par binawaje qussa hogaya. BC CVs thahaan scene ko nahi dekata, tho kam se kam bihaan ka character ko itna buddhinash tho mat banoa. Iss se behtar aap is show ko hi band kardo?.

  25. can anyone tell me what is cvs& what is salaam I don’t understand and also the Tamil language plz friends either talk in English or Hindi ….anyways I am silent reader on this telly update page but I like reading your comments and you people are posting new upcoming news looking good …..plz friends give updates on tpk ….if you know anything and by the way on episode I just fed up on reading this thadhruv story ….dhruv is quite irritating …..on the show doing such a cheap thing to separate our thahaan but anyways I am not understanding why big San is like ki much hua hi n.a. ho in every scene dance …rose drama …he is being so innocent Y,?,??? ..waiting for a good than San [email protected]@♡♡♡♡♡

  26. I mean Sapola not salaam guys…

  27. I mean bihaan ki much hua hi n.a. ho ….sorry guys my net is being so slow

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