Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv pacifying Thapki and telling her what all Lord has give her till now. Music plays………… He gives her the Lord idol and keeps it in her bag. He cups her face and wipes her tears. Dhruv says there is someone who is hurt by her tears and pain, who does not see any weakness in her, whose weakness you have become.

He says there is someone who want to make you his future, and she feels what did she get from life, there is someone who feels if he gets you, then he will get life. You say no one loves you, there is someone who loves her a lot, whose life she has changed and wants to see her all the time, whom she taught smiling, the one who is infront of her, I love you Thapki. She gets stunned. A tear rolls down Dhruv’s eyes. They have an eyelock. Mere bina mai………..plays………….

It starts raining and he covers her under his coat. She looks at him. He says he just wants to say, he wants to be with her and make not just Tajmahal, but also get moon and stars for her. He makes her sit and holds her finger, to write on the sand, while her eyes are on him.

He looks at her and asks her to see the Taj mahal he made. She says you… he says I just said my feelings, I know it will be sudden for you, I understand, you can take time as much as you want. He says he will wait for her answer. She says she has to go home. He offers to drop her. She says no, I will go myself. He asks how will you go alone. She says I will manage and goes. She turns to see him, and leaves. Thapki is on the way and recalls Dhruv’s words. The auto stops and she sees Bihaan beating some man. She gets scared seeing the man wounded. Bihaan jokes on her stammering and asks her to go. She gets stunned seeing him beat the man. The auto driver drives off.

Thapki comes home and everyone eats pakodas. Aditi asks her to say how many fainted seeing her. Thapki is upset and says she will talk later. She goes. Dhruv is at his home. He wears red shirt and holds flowers. He looks around and smiles recalling Thapki giving him those flowers. He keeps the flowers in the vase. Vasundara comes and says she has come to take water, when did he come. He hides the flowers and asks her to go. She asks what is he hiding. He shows the flowers.

He says Thapki has given me the flowers in office, so I was thinking to keep it in my room. She smiles and asks did he think about Thapki, its fine, you can take time to think. He says yes. She says yes, I m saying you can think its big decision. He says yes Maa. She says yes, I said think well. He says I m saying yes for marriage, I mean I want to marry Thapki, I m saying yes yes but…. She gets stunned and smiles. He says you are not understanding. She gets glad and laughs. She says I was waiting to hear your yes and hugs him. She says she is very happy for him, she will meet Thapki’s parents and talk about marriage. She goes. He smiles seeing the flowers.

Poonam says we are lucky to get this proposal. Vasundara says Thapki is now ours, and makes her wear the shagun chunni. Thapki tells Poonam that she can’t marry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. 1st nice love story I love both superb like madhubala serial

    1. Y thapki is now nt marrying to dhruv…..she should marry him only. . .. Thapki zyada itraao mat aur seedhe se dhruv se shadi karlo!!!

  2. Awesome episode luv u Dhruv…..?wat a expression….wat s this thapki maan ja…na…

  3. Wow.. Superb epi awsome.. Very romantic duruv dialogue. Love this pair. Nice expression by Duruv. Bt y Thapki dont want to marry duruv.

  4. Heart touching epd wht a dialouge dhruv wow really cute…….wht a feeling ya…..both r rocking.thapki plz marry dhruv

  5. Wowwwww what w episodeeee fullllu enjoy….lovee u dhruvvvvv muhaaaaaaaaa

    1. Awoam…

  6. omg!!!! oh drhuv u r awesome!! fantastic n mind blowing epi!!! best epi of thapki pyaar ki!! drhuv confession!! oh god!! hope thapki gives a yes soon!! but she wont say soon but it will take time!!!!!

  7. Luv u both….Oh thapki say yes pls …..

  8. Nice epi ….enjoyed a lot !! Thapki no !…pl. marry Dhruv

  9. Awesome episode

  10. What a dialog by druv , excellent
    n wat expression by druv n vasundra wen he says s to thapki
    Thapki marry him plzzzzzzzzzz

  11. Wow awesome epi durv u r very cute …….. Ur expression heart touching but wat happen to thapki,,,,-,,,,,

  12. for the first time a guy accepted his love and did not take much time

  13. best episode ever love you dhruvki

  14. they are gonna marry very soon its in the spoiler

  15. Love today’s episode
    Thapki qubool kar le. …

  16. Thapki plz say yes to Dhruv,

  17. Thapki please say yes
    Ur made for each other

  18. Nice episode……… very touching…..

  19. superb…yes thapki you are moving on the right track, since vasundhara didn’t notice about stammering…let her know n understand the true feelings of dhruv…
    just hang on thapki n be strong <3:-*

  20. thapki please you say yes to dhuru. you and dhuru has made for each other. Please thapki its our request……………………………….. say yes to dhuru

  21. Wonderful expression of Dhruv just love it. And the dialog is awesome by Dhruv. Thapki understand ur love for Dhruv and yes please
    We want to see Dhruv and thapki’s romantic moments

  22. Bful love story…both dhruv n thspki are portraying it so so well.awesome job.o yes
    I shud not forget the mother vasundhra who has so many shades while spking..n a class to match a perfect saas.mother

  23. Whr is tdy update???

  24. yeah thrz no epi f todae

  25. Amena today’s update pls!!

  26. Wtg for tdy update plz amena

  27. Whr is todays update

  28. todays update pls pls

  29. Plz..update today’s epi…

  30. Y making late update fastly plzzzzzzzzzzz

  31. Ya guys whr update plzzzzzzzz fast…….

  32. Guys, where is today Update??

  33. No idea sue, i m eagerly waiting…….

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