Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan asking Vasu, what they are doing with jewellery? Vasu tells him that they have kept everyone’s jewellery for the big challenge. Vasu says you have taken challenge for us, and asks why we can’t contribute. Bihaan says this is our ancestral jewellery, how can you sell this. Vasu says a woman’s ornament is her happy family and these things have no value infront of our family’s happiness. Bihaan asks her to keep her hand on his hand and says he will earn 50 crores Rs. Vasu gets emotional and keeps hand on his head. Thapki comes there. Preeti says why did you come here? Bihaan says she is an owner and can come anywhere. He asks why did you come here, to give new wound or to sprinkle salt on old wounds. Thapki comes inside and tells them that she came to talk to

Vasu here. She asks her to add her old jewellery in the valuables. Bihaan stops Vasu. Thapki looks on.

Bihaan says 1 minute and goes to get something. Everyone looks at the bottle. Preeti asks what is in your awesome hand. Bihaan shows the acid. Everyone is shocked. Bihaan takes Thapki’s old jewellery and throws it on floor. He then open the bottle cap. Vasu asks what you are doing? Bihaan throws acid on the jewellery. He says I am illiterate, and moti buddhi, I will die, but will not take your help. I will complete this challenge on my own, and will slap 5 crores rupees on your husband’s son. This is the promise which I made to myself and you. Thapki is teary eyes.

Later Aditi thinks of giving her jewellery to Vasu. She then thinks to take her pregnancy tablets. Shraddha comes there and looks at the jewellery. She says we will not get 5 lakh rupees even if you well this. She says if you want to get 5 crores Rs. and gives her number of many women. Aditi asks who are they? Shraddha says these are lonely and rich woman, and asks her to send Dhruv to spend night with them. She asks her to think and says Dhruv will earn lots of money and family will feel proud of you. Aditi raises her hand to slap her. Shraddha stops her hand and asks her to think about sharing Dhruv with other women. Aditi cries.

Later Bihaan and Thapki looks at each other and recalls the past happenings. A fb is shown, Bihaan telling Thapki that they will make their own world and will never separate from each other. Fb ends. They hold the gold fish bowl and reminisces the past. Vasu comes and says this is beautiful. Bihaan goes. Vasu asks why did you bring it? Thapki says she brought it as Bihaan once said. She says it brings positivity, happiness etc. Vasu asks her not to get upset with Bihaan. Thapki hopes everything is fine soon.

Neha is playing with the watch and says she remembers everything. Sankara comes there holding knife and scares Neha. Neha shouts and asks who are you? Sankara tells her that she is Bihaan’s wife Sankara. Neha asks do you want to kill me. Sankara says I want to help you and throws knife on bed. She opens her saree pallu and takes out Bihaan and Thapki’s pics. She shows her Bihaan’s pic and asks her to kill Thapki for killing Bihaan. She shows Thapki’s pic. Neha looks at the pic and says this is my Thapki didi. Sankara says she is very bad and evil, cunning and a betrayal. She says Thapki is with Bihaan. Bihaan takes her name even after marrying me. She asks her to kill Thapki and puts her pic on bed. She then gives knife on Neha’s hand and asks her to stab Thapki to kill Bihaan. She says your revenge will be completed then. Neha looks at the pic and stabs it repeatedly. Sankara smirks.

Neha tells Sankara that God fish will become reason of Thapki’s death and then Bihaan’s game will end.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Boring episode

    Thapki why are you getting tear eyed for he is your BIhaan you know him better than anyone you know what he is capable of, you should know he likes making you cry on a daily basis LOL

  2. Waste episode

  3. Pointless episode, writers one minute they show are being harsh to Bihaan and then she comes with her jewellery in front of him ridiculous, also Shraddha can she get any lower absolutely disgusting

  4. Who pours acid on Gold? I know you’re unpadh and gavar mate but have some respect for your ancestral jewellery

    No Kabir, gonna give this one a skip

    1. Lol yeah I wish I read the episode update and saved 20 mins LOL
      At least I know to do that tomorrow

    2. Its surprising how he conveniently has access to acid 😛

    3. Don’t expect anything good from illiterate goon Bihaan.He( is),(was )and always (remain) mannerless forever.

  5. When will shraddha get her comeuppance? Why is aditi always shown weak in front of her? Same goes for shankara, no one sees her conspiring. Boring

  6. No progress… no point in watching. Sherlock here I come!

  7. So boring….just to extend the episode they had made the beautiful story at the beginning become horrible day by day…the SW have no creative idea at all..pathetic!!

  8. that mad girl planning to kill thapki how could she?? Omg cvs turn mad a girl who is mentally disable plan to kill thapki lol I can’t digest and about leap I think neha will die or may be kill by vasu or thapki and bihan take the blame and in some situation he shown dead everyone consider that he is no more but he return with new identity that’s my thinking lets see what will cvs do thahaan forever and jigs herself said in iv that ur thahaan yes she pronounced thahaan will be together no one can come in between them.

    1. Manish ki deewani

      anu i also saw the iv in which she said ur thahaan.i’m soooo happy when she said this .Manish also said in one of his iv he also hope that thapki and bihaan unite again’
      i also heard about leap but Manish and Sheban both tell that leap is of 10 years i’m still confused about thier stoy .but may ur prediction comes true .

  9. Manish ki deewani

    omg after so long i saw a smile on Bihaan face and that is in real not in dream.and they show this scene with old thahaan scene i saw it again and again just for ur smile keep smiling Bihaan.
    shradha ur thoughs r really cheap.sankara for u GO TO HELL.
    hello pooja garima vino shruti santhosh bhai ritz belated happy makarsankranti.
    last year they celebrate it but tthis year is only only negativity no happiness.

    1. hi yar 10 yr OMG my thahaan will be turn old hate u cvs and yeah thahaan scene was awesome as usual I love mani smile . Last year they had celebrate makar sankranti new year diwali also but just coz of ugly face of kankar they hadnt shown any happy family moment just dragging and dragging ONE MORE THING had u saw that shadi wala ladoo segment that’s superb mani eager to eat that ladoo and the way he made jigs eat that I loved it. Hope manyasa unite they r just awesome mani is in jaipur but he has to be save while flying kites. . . Our cutie no one can be like him yar neither that sapola nor this anaconda . Only manu is our hero and of course tpk also

      1. Manish ki deewani

        hello anu .ya when i heard 10 years leap that time i want to kill cvs hw and why they do this .but still exited to see Bihaan in new look becoz he always look dashing and cute .
        last year evil shradha is there but also thahaan r together and solve problem together.i really miss old Bihaan thahaan and last shradhaan [shradha and bihaan] scene tashan walay dever bhabhi.miss old tpk now there is only draging and unlimited torture limitless.but still hope 4 best
        i didn’t saw this segment if u have any link plz tell me.
        and 4 MANYASA they r the cutest couple whenever me and my mother saw thier ivs she always wishes that they became real couple she is also a big fan of them .i also wish the same but i also know they r only BFF i respect thier friendship but wish ti wish hoti hai
        rite mani smile is sooooooo cute he is the hero not only of tpk also of our heart
        lagta hai kuch ziada hi bol gai
        enjoy ur sunday
        can u plz tell me hw to make account on insta

  10. Navami

    Dont understand whats going on…….dragging … lost its charm….mind wants thahan forever….

  11. yes I know how to create account install instagram app and then sign up using fb account then follow others and keep positing vidEos photo etc. Don’t forget to follow me MY INSTA ACCOUNT IS @manish_goplanifp happy Sunday and u can find that video on insta by searching MADIHA CREATION NAME ID love u be happy

  12. I am happy because after a long time I can saw a beautiful smile on Bihaans face.belated Makarasakranrthi wishes dear garima,reshal,vino,sruti,anu,santhosh Bhai and all thahaanians.a special wish for Dear Manish.
    Yes reshal there is a 10years leap tobe going on TPK.after that we can see a new Bihaan in a completely a new look.looking forward.

    1. Manish ki deewani

      wish u the same dear ….wasai kitnay kites udha liay tm nai…kaisay celebrate kia tm nai

  13. hi my other frnds miss you all pooja garima vinlo santy bhai roshni kaha ho sb thahaan ko alag dhk ke patal lok pe to ni gaye. Ana to patali devi ko le ana jo kankar ko mar de love u guys miss you all

    1. Manish ki deewani

      hahaha lagta hai patali devi ko hi bulana parhay gha sachi muchi wali k simar wali
      santhosh bhai to new k baad gayab hi ho gay lagta hai abhi tk new mana rahay hai
      thanks dear .wnen i made account i definetely folloe u.

  14. just saw jigs ig story where she had read eye and written coming soON AND I READ ON SPOILER THAT tpk will turn supernatural what??? Cvs pgla gaya hai

    1. Manish ki deewani

      sachi mai ab ye hamay kia dikana chahatay hai ….god better know them …..hate tpk cvs from the core bad shaid thapki ko maki bana dai again gorilla drama phir naagin hi baaki hai may b thapki end mai kahi naagin hi na bn jaye .they never show real things always illogical twist and turns now they have to change the title thapki pyaar ki sai thapki kisi ki b nahi
      cvs plz use ur brain

  15. Hy anu i miss you dear thanks pooja same to you hy freinds manish ki divani vino sri lee na how are you.
    Today i am so happy bihaan please allways keep smile on your face boring track hona sa i watch ff and the most beutifull is density for love please yar make it season2 i miss it so much yar.

  16. And anu manish ki divani i didn’t understand what are you talking about thapki pyar ki please tell me yar.

    1. Manish ki deewani

      garima hello.hw r u .yr pehlay hm tpk leap k baray mai baat kr rahay thay maish and sheban both said that they take 10 years leaps and now anu read in spoiler that they turn tpk into supernature .bs is ki kamhi this …..torture torture and just torture
      BTW hws ur makar sankaranti hw u celebrate this

  17. Oh make tpk supernature
    Tpk dragging so much nowdays.
    I enjoy it many kites are are flying its enjoyable to saw him
    And cvs drag to much but i does not stop watch it till manish is in there.

  18. And thanks manish ki divani.

  19. hey garima and manish ki deewani I read that neha will pour some pond water which has some evil powers and change it with fish tank and then that fish will take revenge from thapki or thapki will turn chudail such hilarious drama ab thapki ka mata se chudail bnegi and ye manish ki deewani nagin will come as sapola daughter don’t want that he become father of naag aka son I want pn ko waris thahaan hi de sapola ni

  20. Hi guys
    How are you all? Hey annu what are the cv’s trying to do turn tpk in sasural simar ki. Lol next we will hear that there will be Alein invasion and I reaaly hope that thaahan gets adapted by alein so that they will be together forever so that no one gets in their way. And that shraddha is a dirty kutti yak.

    1. really not reaaly and abducted not adapted.

  21. Hi suva and anu seariously it lok’s like a dream.

    1. Hi Garima?

  22. Alister La Frenais

    Well it has come to pass, the serial has descended into utter rubbish. Let us have a few flashbacks.
    Flashback 1. Thapki, when first thrown out of the house and then met with an accident, she was befriended by an elderly lady who left all her wealth and business to Thapki. To seek revenge Thapki took on the guise of Vaani Oberoi.
    Flashback 2. Having taken revenge to some extent she discarded her guise of Vaani and assumed her identity as Thapki.
    Flashback 3. Thapki is fully aware that her sham marriage is not legally binding, yet she allows Kabir to dominate her and push her around. What became of her vast fortune and her businesses, her Hotel etc. Why is Thapki behaving like a penniless beggar.
    Flashback 4. Why is the whole Pandey family, including Dhruv allowing themselves to be shunted about like penniless beggars. What became of Baoji’s business and income from his rental housing portfolio.
    Flashback 5. The writers have reverted to theme of ‘let us get Thapki’ First it was Shraddha that wanted to kill Thapki, now it is Shankar who is wants to kill Thapki. Last night’s episode was not only boring it was stale and had no entertainment value what-so-ever.

  23. this show was going good until they mafe that idiotic goon bihaan the lead.worse male lead

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