Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv getting Shraddha’s message at night. He says why is she calling me in garden at this time, I hope everything is okay. Bihaan gets message and says why is Shraddha us there at this time. Thapki asks any problem. Bihaan says come, we will see. Dhruv comes there and sees the decorations and candles. Bihaan and Thapki come there and see the arrangements. Shraddha says surprise, what happened… don’t be shocked, I planned this surprise. Dhruv asks for whom. She says for all of you. Dhruv asks why. Shraddha says we all got distance between us by recent happenings, especially between two brothers, and me and Thapki, I thought to sit and discuss, my dad always says that discussing things eases problems. Bihaan does not like the idea. Shraddha says don’t find me wrong

always, I m bahu of this house and want good for everyone. Thapki says you all talk. Bihaan asks Thapki to wait, Shraddha showed her worry for house infront of Dhruv, we will hear her, and see how problem solves problem, I mean how Shraddha solves problem, Thapki stay here for my sake. Shraddha says ideal couple, what a love, really, come and sit.

Shraddha says my dad always says that everyone should say whats in their heart, and if there is any problem, then it should be eradicated by root, so I thought to play a game tonight, truth or dare, we call in hindi as Sach ya Sahas, you have to say everything true that too by truthful heart. Thapki says no, I will go. Bihaan asks Thapki to wait, its fun to play with Bhabhi ji, start it. Shraddha says sure, and gets the bottle. She says I will rotate the bottle, when it stops and points to someone, that person has to choose between truth or dare, he has to say truth of his life whatever is asked, or if he chooses dare, then he has to do something daring what he is told to, lets play the game. She rotates the bottle and it points to her. She says I will choose truth option, ask me anything. She asks Bihaan to ask her, he may not get this chance again, you can bring my truth infront of everyone, don’t worry, we will not feel bad, but question should be related to love. Bihaan asks what matters more to you, money or love. Shraddha says money. Dhruv looks at her.

She says for me, my biggest asset is my love, if anyone tries to snatch my love, then I will burn that person to ashes. She asks Thapki why are you scared, I came here to make this firestick right. She asks Bihaan are you satisfied with this answer, we will take game ahead. She rotates the bottle and it points to Bihaan. She asks Bihaan to say truth or dare. He says I have to choose truth as well as you chose truth, then scores will be equal. Shraddha says fine, then say the biggest truth of your heart, do you love Thapki or not. Dhruv and Thapki look at Bihaan.

Shraddha asks Bihaan why to be scared if he is in love, come on we all have seen your worry for Thapki, you left a house, family and staying with her in cowshed, person does such big things when he is in love. She asks Bihaan to say that he loves Thapki a lot. Bihaan looks at Thapki, and says no, I don’t love Thapki, I respect Thapki, because she is such girl whose heart is clean and true, like a temple. Dhruv looks on. Bihaan says her heart has no cheat, there is just honesty. She says this is called respectable love, right Dhruv, are you enjoying. Dhruv says Bihaan’s turn is over, now shall we go ahead. Shraddha takes the game ahead and bottle points to Thapki.

Shraddha asks Thapki truth or dare, if Bihaan chose truth, you show something daring to make this evening more entertaining. She says you find ways to be close to Dhruv, now see how you and Dhruv come close. She asks Thapki to dance with someone’s husband. Thapki gets up. Shraddha says how desperate you are, you stood up hearing this dare. Thapki says no, I have to go. Bihaan asks Thapki to wait, I want to see what is Shraddha’s complete game, don’t worry, I m here. Shraddha says don’t worry Thapki, Bihaan is here, what a love, see Dhruv, Thapki agreed to her husband, now you agree to your wife, go and dance, I m sure Dhruv, Thapki would dance very nice. Dhruv recalls his dance with Thapki. She says there should be a song for you and plays sun saathiya………….

Shraddha asks Dhruv to hold Thapki’s hand. Bihaan says wait Bhabhi, when its about cross connection, why don’t we both dance. Shraddha says no, I m your Bhabhi, its just a game. Bihaan says yes, that’s what I m saying, its just a game. She says no thanks. He says then give some other dare to Thapki. She says fine, Dhruv you give dare to Thapki. Dhruv says no, its not needed. Shraddha says don’t spoil the game, ask her to sing, but she can’t sing as she has problem. She says give her any dare. Dhruv says Taj mahal was close to Thapki’s heart. He recalls giving a taj mahal miniature to Thapki. He asks Thapki to make it. Shraddha says great, we will know Thapki’s heart still has that Taj mahal or not. Thapki gets teary eyed and sees Dhruv.

Shraddha asks Dhruv who is in his heart. He shouts Thapki, she is my first love, we were getting married, but fate had something else. Dhruv and Shraddha cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sue raj nayak .we want tv series not saas bahu saga .suder jao murko bemot maroge tum. Jitne ₹ tu inke makeup pe karchta hae na agar utne mae kio acha writer,director,actor le aa to gazab ho jayega

  2. Well i couldn’t get Shraddha’s true intentions for this game…what was she actually planing??

  3. What an epi yaar and precap is superb pls unite dhruv and thapki I think it will not happen becoz they have changed the lead name to bihaan so we can see they are united or not

  4. Bihaan…….why donot tell your love in front of THAPKI,to this specal day…..your acting is awesome.i think shraddha bhabhiji willbe a start a new plan against Thapki,but,our hero will spoiled everything.

  5. Shraddha is trying to know Bihaans heart….. there by craeting rift between Druv and Thapki.
    But Bihaan answered nicely….. and trapped shradhha in her own trap of dancing Druv with Thapki.
    Wow Bihaan ??☺…….
    And what about Druv he married Shraddha himself and Love still Thapki disgusting…. He could have stay away from marriage until his wound in heart get over.. or could have wait for Thapki bcox all are aware that Thapki will go after 3 months.
    He is immature…….

    1. Sorry creating rift between Druv and Bihaan….

      1. No special for Valentine’s Day…
        Normal episode &confusing episode..

    2. Very true Dhruv actually spoilt shraddhas life ha I know she is bad ,but she was cheated for loveless marriage .dhruv just couldn’t say no to his mom n spoilt someone’s life,

  6. Nice epi..I watch this epi accidently,but I feel after a long break tpk back with a good epi.Usually even the duration is20mts they show unnecessary things but tdy there is no boring.Tharuv moments!!!!i missing that a lot.Precap is nice.shraddha deserve betrayal from Dhruv.Dhruv….still keep the true love….Thapki …..

  7. wow yr… what an episode
    really enjoyed it
    everyone today rocked
    Shraddha what a plan
    but I want bihaan to say that he loves thapki but its OK may be he himself don’t know that he is in love with thapki
    eagerly waiting for the new episode

  8. Wow spr episde ..finally thngs r going right….

    1. Hii afnaz..
      I m so hapie 2 see ur name
      bcz my bst bst frd name☺……..AfnAz…..??

  9. Actually shraddha Ki intention Keya hain?I think this time uski intention wrong nehi hain.Agar shraddha sudar gayi toh queen vasu ko Keya hoga??

    1. There are 2 possibilities, a. She may make thahaan unite so that thapki will not come in her way..,..
      B.she will make Dhruv misunderstand thapki…so that he hates her….
      But only CVS know exactly what shraddha wants to do….

  10. I think bihaan loves thapki n will only admit when thapki realises his worth..I don’t think she loved druv who is a mamas boy n shradda is the right person for him.

  11. Hi guys!!! I could see lots of tharuv fans coming back….but this is the special epi to create realisation of love btw thahaan yaar….even colors have promoted the leads of all the serials officially….yaar..and they have put thahaan pic in that….so don’t worry…. Thahaanians we will be getting our thahaan scenes a lot from now…..the colors pic link is….
    Always thahaan rocks…
    Nice nosecut given to shraddha that to 2 times
    He said he is in no love with thapki and then he will dance along with her…great she deserves it……keep rocking Bihaan…..great acting yaar……

  12. Lovely thapki &dhruv.

    1. Don’t worry tharvu real life main couple hogaya hai …
      Serial mai tho thahaan hi best couple hai

  13. Oh Nooo
    we dnt want tharuv reunion wt else cvs planned
    .. plz end this DS drama not interested.
    Shraddha plan to rift btwn brothers.
    it was good location to realise bihaans love to thapki y not he confess..

  14. Nice episode we want thahaan love story not tharuv

  15. Hi guys!!come on vote for our thahaan and tpk in colors yaar..use ur fb,twit ids

  16. Thahaan is the lead,they have officially announces it!!! And even Ankit(Dhruv) have admitted in a new year iv that he was asked to perform male lead’s brother come on don’t worry…..

    1. Puppy, you are the vitamin tablet for all thahaaniyans. Thank you to make us brisk.

    2. Hai puppy ….
      Thanks for the information
      THAHAAN rocks. …..

  17. Bihaan superb …bihaan ur fabulous…
    Unit of thapki and bihaan so nice pair

  18. One thing is good that today’s episode there was no negativity which is good. I thought TPK will air everyday from next week onwards,just now I checked then I understood. Hey tharuv fans don’t mind but if I m not wrong the lead pair of TPK is thahaan not tharuv as Ankit Bathla said in his interview that Dhruv and Thapki are not together, so not Dhruv, Bihaan is the lead. I know that tharuv was the initial pair honestly speaking I did wanted tharuv to reunite but now I don’t want that to happen as I watch TPK only for thahaan now, no thahaan no TPK
    And Shradhha-Bihaan pair looks so strange 😛 more of bhai-behan 😛 and I hope Shradda turns positive and then that Dhruv fall for shradda

    1. Hai fatarajo ……
      Where is your today FF…..

  19. Wt is the real intension of Shraddha. is she really reunite tharuv(never) or unite thahaan (may be). If cvs planned reunification (hope not) of tharuv we will stop to watch tpk sure.
    the bulger eye of the show was an thahaan.
    only the reason of if show hit that was thahaan

  20. wow….what a awesome epi…i love it…hatsofff to bihaan,shardha….wat a performance ya…..ususeval thapki druv r dummy pieces…i hate druv…he is totally waste…
    wat is love?????
    my point:love-trust,care,support,encourage…..
    bihaan always these do for thapki…he is a true soulmate…i like bihaan chr a lot…its acting its amazing…
    hi puppy…i always read ur cmd……u r the hope of thahhan makes of onscreen….i just want thahhan confession sceen….v also c all main lead vidhani,swasan…bt still v r waiting for thahaan only…plz cv make thahaan love sceens…its so dragging..
    im waiting…….

  21. Omg ..
    ethra dyz kaathirikanam thahaaan onnikan …..
    episode was nyz …
    bihaan tapki . ?

  22. koi meri akhe for do..bad dimag shradda….??

  23. Not bad.

    Hey where is lovers day spl fan fictions?

  24. Bihan should have asked shraddha about her ex boyfriend rithwik so that she would have been exposed in front of dhruv

  25. I truly want Tahaan to end up together. Seriously, if Dhruv really loved/loves Thapki he would have fought for her, which he didn’t. Bihaan literally went out of his way to help her and take care of her yet the writers and producers of the show are stretching it out unnecessarily… Let’s be honest, Shraddha is not the best person in the show, heck she’s just as bad as Vasundra Jii who’s the mother in law… but still, Dhruv deserves someone like her because he’s a coward!!!
    I am not saying this just because I started watching the show after the Thapki/Bihaan wedding and I ship those two, but let’s be honest, Dhruv never did nor will he or should he ever deserve Thapki… All he does for her are things that a friend would do, if he really loved and cared about her he would have fought for their love, which he didn’t jaa ke maa ke pallu mai beth giya!!

  26. Nice episode… Am very happy with today’s episode on seeing jhakaas acting of bihaan n not seeing bakwaas acting of diwakar…..pls take diwakar out of ths show..don’t like to watch his overacting….

  27. i liked the way bihaan answered his question coz dats wat love is i just hope thapki falls in love with bihaan and love story begins love u thahaan you are made for each other

  28. Thahaan rocks yaar bihan i luv ur acting u r so cute

  29. Before marriage thapki tell truth about shradda to dhruv but that time he dosen’t trust on her nd marriage with shradda. Now he become jelious with bihaan nd thapki .He neaver diserve thapki only bihaan diserve thapki, plz writter dont make any distance bwt thapki and bihaan and don’t change the lead this time .Thaan is made for each other ? B for bihaan nd B for Bhani real name of thapki,B?B

  30. This is not nice. Dhruv and shraddha r really very much wounded in heart .their feelings are very true.

  31. Shraddha could have included her immature mother-in-law in her childish game.

  32. hurts to hear Bihaan say that he don’t love Thapki that must really crush her heart it sure did mine.

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