Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasu asking Kosi to go so far from them so that she don’t even come in Bihaan’s memories. Kosi is about to go. Bihaan stops her and comes to her. He says you have proved that a mother is not the one who gives birth to a baby, but the mother is the one who gives a upbringing to him. He says I will have feelings for you in my heart, and I don’t want to have relation with you even that of hatred. He says I have my mum who gave me life and requests her to go far from him. Kosi takes his bag and start walking. Everyone looks on. Bihaan is shattered. Kosi turns and looks at him and goes. Bihaan thinks one darkness is gone today, and determines to clear the misunderstandings between Thapki and him, and will make everything fine.

Thapki comes to meet Kosi on road

and says I am feeling sad seeing your condition. She says anyone who have humanity will feel bad, and says she suffered for 2 years. She says I forgave you for your every mistake, thinking you are my husband’s mother. She says you used to hate your husband and son, but why me? She says you have ruined my life, and that’s why you are all alone today. Kosi shows her hands and paints her face black. Thapki is shocked. Kosi says you are saying right, look at my hand, it is empty, but my face is black which is done by you. She accuses Thapki for Chacha ji being in coma, and says also for John who left her. She says Bihaan hates me because of you. I will take revenge from you everyone. She says she will bring a big thunderstorm and will shaken her up and her family, asks her to wait for that day as she is alive to ruin her. She promises to blacken her face that day.

Thapki looks on and says I will also wait for that day. She says my family and I can forgive you, but God will never forgive you and that day you will see his real justice and even me. Kosi looks on angrily. They go separate ways.

Thapki sees I am sorry Thapki written by diyas/lamp for her by Bihaan. Bihaan comes and apologizes to her while bending down on his knees. He asks her to forgive him for one last time. He says you told me that Kosi Maa is wrong, but I was blinded in her love that I couldn’t see anything and hurt you. I have snatched many things from me and even I lost much. He asks for a one last chance and asks her to return his life and his Thapki. Thapki gets emotional. Bihaan stands up. Tere Liye Hum Hai Jiye plays……….Bihaan asks her to accept him and says I can’t live without you. Thapki is about to hug him, but Sankara comes and hugs Bihaan from back. She says this is not Thapki, but Vani who got us married, and she is now Kabir’s wife. Thapki wipes her tears and leaves. Bihaan is about to go to her, but Sankara stops him and holds his hand. She says you are doing the same mistake which you had done with Thapki. Bihaan goes. Thapki goes to her room and is about to close the door, Vasu comes there and asks what happened? Thapki cries hugging her.

Vasu says you have proved that you was right, now time has come to make everything fine between you and Bihaan. Thapki says time has declared its decision, and says Bihaan is now married to Sankara. Vasu says don’t let Bihaan suffer for the mistake which he had never done. She asks her to clear the misunderstandings. Thapki says she will do right thing and will tell Bihaan that she is Thapki. Vasu asks her to clear the misunderstandings and says I am very proud of you, you are my daughter. Thapki says even I am proud that I am your daughter. Vasu tells her that there is also fight going on between Abhimaan and Swabhimaan. She tells about her friend Shardha who gave best education to her daughters. She promotes the new show Swabhimaan. Thapki hopes Shardha’s daughters get good sasural. Vasu hugs her and says I am sure that you will take care of home.

Vasu asks Thapki to tell everything to Bihaan and says all happiness will come back to you. Kabir hears her and says not so soon, my revenge is still incomplete.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Somuch of expectations before I seeing the episode but the cynic Shankar will spoiled everything…I hope vasuji will be unite them.
    Guys,somewhere I read that Manish has to take a 3days leave to this TPK set,I think he want to go his home town for refreshing his mind from this busy schedule.anyways Dear Maniii enjoy yourself with your family and friends …then come back soon with more energy,more fun and happiness…

  2. finally vani disappearing and thapki is coming but I knw until shabir is here no thahaan reunion excited for kosi return hi my lovely members love u all i m on bed rest feeling painful try to be fine soon my leg ah its paining love u all can’t tolerate kankar

    1. Take care anu . Get well soon ?

  3. Now sankara and kabir..

  4. Thapki’s marriage is a fake., but Bihan’s.. He won’t be so easily get free from Shankara.. Bihan has to find out Shankara’s real face. What’s going to hapen with Thapki’s letter in Vasundra’s cupboard…? Waiting for awesome way out from the writer to reunite Thapki n Bihan.. Showing us the cutest love story.. please..


    Hello to all thahaan fans, I know ke esa hi kuch hoga, friends muje legta h ke hme ab lagbhag 1 month kabir ke nonsence panti or Sankar ke pagelpanti jelni hogi, ab to new year ka hi sehara h, sayed cvs ke thori salry bedee to TPK m or THAHAAN life m kuch acha ho, verna esa na ho ke chke kabir katyl hae hae…… K nare lega n pre ok bye kd get well soon Anu di

  6. Aami123

    I hope Thapki tells the truth and sorry guys dat I haven’t been on Jere 4 ages missed u??

  7. Is bihan and sankara marriage complete? Dont know how marriage in india is complete or no, anyone can explain?

    1. Hi suzan though marriage was complete but ritual of mangalsutra n vermillion ie sindoor was not done so it can be a ground

  8. I was expecting Kabur to interrupt but turned out to be sankar. After all that Kosi still blames Thapki when she put Chacha n a coma lied to both sons and still can’t accept that she’s at fault. Disgusting woman

  9. Wow today episode was Amazing ? because I thought ? thapki will not forgive Bihaan ?I hope in next episode she will tell the family and bihaan that she is thapki and sanker and kabir truth come out plzzzzzzzzzz writer let the storyline moveeeee I want new track also I want thahaan united ❤️ SOoo exited for tomorrow episode ?

  10. wat is happening in this track but m happy for thahaan because kosi out but still kabir n sankar are in god pliz save thahaan from these EVIIILLLL………………..

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